John McCain PRAISES how Democrats passed Obamacare, says ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES…

John McCain has crossed the line again, praising the process the Democrats used to pass Obamacare which is pretty unbelievable considering the lies and the bullying done to get it passed. Heck they didn’t even read it! And on top of that he said we should RESPECT that process. I’m not kidding.

He even decided to be more ‘respectful’ and called it “Affordable Care Act” rather than Obamacare. And all this was in response to the filibuster by Ted Cruz.


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165 thoughts on “John McCain PRAISES how Democrats passed Obamacare, says ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES…

  1. It’s amazing what time will do. As a young man Mccain endured five years of torture but would break. Today as a nasty misguided old man he can’t wait 5 minutes after Cruz’s speech to throw in with tyranny and the Left.

    1. That is disgusting of you to say. This is a decorated man. Screw you and your hatred of anyone who disagrees with you, like this man. And we wonder why Republican moderates are becoming a scarcity….because idiots like you continue berate such a commendable position.

      1. No its not. Its the truth. McCain was a war hero 45 years ago. Now he works with the establishment left against conservatives and the sane GOP that recognizes and is willing to confront government tyranny. McCain is not a moderate. He’s a liberal Republican and a war hawk, He deserves no respect because he offers none to those in his own party with whom he disagrees. He attacks Cruz and Lee personally and runs to the press trying to undermine them by leaking . I addition he lied about his positions on Obamacare and immigration to get elected once again by Arizona. The man is a menace. Just because he’s a war hero doesn’t mean he gets a free pass.

  2. This doddering old fool needs to go to a home and soon. He has so over-used his POW days. I knew a fellow who was one of the first taken in that war at the age of 19 so he was held longer than McCain in those prisons and he never used that experience to gain notoriety or to climb the ladder. This young smart patriotic fellow I knew went back to college and stayed in the service to further serve his country. McCain in his quest to continue to be so important trots out and attacks his fellow Republicans, tries to push the Democratic Party’s agendas (immigration, and attends special meetings with Democrats. How the Democrats and Obama must be laughing behind his back on how they are able to use him. McCain looks like the little boy who is jealous of anyone else getting attention instead of him.

  3. What did those Vietnamese do to him…?

    He’s getting strong-armed hard by some dems. Boehner too. What the hell do they have on these guys?

  4. After this torching by a concerned American citizen I’m pretty sure Mr McCain will be staying away from local town halls. The citizen reminds me of Van Dam.

  5. This old, senile, pompous, ass is nothing but an elitist no good traitor to the GOP and Conservative movement. I simply despise this man and everything he stands for.

    1. He is more than a traitor to the GOP and conservative movement. He is a traitor to the Constitution, and our rights.

      He is happy to cooperate w/ the marxist democrats in their imposition of socialism on the entire country.

      He has long outlived the credit he accrued while wearing a Navy uniform.

  6. I just called The Hobbits office and told this jerk we Republicans are tired of hie verbal abuses and that what he needed to do is resign or switch parties, that he is a disgrace to party, America and to his office Also I told him if I lived in his district I’d be working day and night to primary his behind.

    No one answered the office phone so I had to leave a message.

    Thank you Sen.Ted Cruz. for exposing these jerks.

  7. John McCain is no hero. John McCain is siding with Islamic Jihadists in the Middle East and selling out his countrymen and women to the Marxist, Muslim Brotherhood member in the White House. According to an Egyptian Newspaper, he’s a member, and I believe it. John McCain will leave the United States Senate as a disgrace.

  8. Geez Loueeze, All he is doing here is Ass-Kissing the Democratic Socialist. It seems he turned into his daughter.

  9. John McCain is one of the most contemptible men in Congress, republican or democrat. Not only is he a moron and quite likely senile, his rhetoric is reprehensible. Anyone who supported this man has good reason to question their judgment.

  10. I remember sitting up on election night 2008 and wondered why an American
    so heroic in his service and captivity could be defeated by essentially a
    nobody. In fact, as a veteran it was emotional for me. Now it’s all so clear to
    me. John McCain is 20 years past his prime and I fear watching him with the
    Syrian rebels he might be feeling the affects of dementia. Truly. . He’s a huge
    embarrassment. This statement admiring the liberals for the way they passed
    Obamacare is delusional. Arizona you were duped…but don’t feel bad…so were
    many of us. JD Hayworth….you’re looking better every day.

  11. I can’t believe I voted for that idiot. Now that he’s probably going to retire, the real McCain is coming out.

  12. Old man old man it’s time to go! You are being used, which is what democrats do to all old people, and you are no difference. Or a better idea is to just become a democrat and leave the republican party now before you expire.

  13. John McCaint is an @SS and shill of the democrat party they have owned him ever since he was released from his communist sympathizers.

    I think this is because McCaint truly has Stockholm syndrome, he surely displays it everyday.

  14. I feel nothing but contempt for this man. He is a war hero, but his life is defined now by how much hatred he has for America. I think he came back angry and bitter. He is a miserable man, not to mention unstable. Please people of AZ stop electing this man and force him into retirement.

  15. I’ve had it with this guy and anything he has to say. I’m a Viet Vet and all I can say is so what. That was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone. This guy really annoys me. Yes, he was a POW, well yaba daba doo. Even when he was supposedly getting tortured every day, did you ever see him without a Marlboro. I never wanted to be captured, and always kept a canister round for my 79 in my side pocket for me – just in case. Well all I can say to those who say that John Boy is an American Hero, is “Well so was Benedict Arnold until he ratted out General George, and piss of McCain, and take your daughter with you.”

    1. People confuse courage and decency. The two aren’t necessarily related. McCain has courage and grit, but he is a miserable human being.

  16. He’s right! Sad but true. Keep it up Gop and we will have another Democrat president next time around.

    1. Benedict Arnold, like McCain, was a hero of the Revolution. He was wounded in battle, and until turning traitor, acquitted himself like a warrior.

      Fittingly, his two main “monuments” include a bronze plaque, which all Generals of the Revolutionary war earned, only his no longer bears his name. The other is a statue of a boot, indicating his wound received in honorable combat. It also does not bear his name.

  17. How do you spell “cave”? John McCain! “Please go home, “Build that dang fence” McCain! You have overstayed your welcome! Signed, Your Employer”

  18. I don’t think McCains mind is firing on all cylinders,and hasn’t in some time.I think his stay at the Hanoi Hilton broke his fighting spirit.It just took a long time for it to show.

      1. Indeed he is.I did not even bother to listen to the video,because I can imagine what kind of putrid stupidity was dripping from his lips.

  19. McCain is the reason we got Obama in the first place! He didn’t want to stand in the way of the nation electing the first black prez. He was a traitor to his party then, and still is! McCain I have a news flash for you…the American people were against Obamacare from its inception, but your comrads like Chucky, Reid and Pelosi pushed it through illegally! You aren’t even considered a RINO…YOU Mr. McTraitor belong on the other side of the aisle….so get that big D next to your name and leave the party once and for all because we can not stand you!

  20. Respect for military service has its place and it has its limits. Mccain has overstayed his welcome, and has milked his service for all that it is worth. We the American people have been more than gracious, but when you side with the enemy in an effort to throw the American taxpayers under the bus,….you cross the line for the last time.

  21. It’s like the old guard republicans are daring their conservative base to form a 3rd party so thy can help their democrat buddies win future elections. The old guard republicans seem perfectly happy riding shotgun and letting the democrats stay in the driver’s seat. They are consummate traitors.

    1. Believe me, we are! Both McCain and Flake are traitors to Arizonans and Americans! This senile flip flopper is the biggest backdoor-dealing clown in Congress! He might as well move to California and join his socialist friends like Nazi Pelosi and Barbara Boxer!

    2. That would be great and there was talk of doing that but I am not sure you can recall a federal member of congress. I would like to be wrong however I think if I was, there would be recalls going on all over the country right now.

        1. Actually I just looked it up and as far a members of congress , it actually has never been tried. Some states have recalls but mostly it’s for State reps so the Supreme Court has never made a decision on congress cause it has not been brought to them. Usually it has been handled with impeachment so try and google recall laws and let me know what you find. Maybe it is time for someone to research this subject further:)

  22. You people in AZ should be ashamed of yourselves for putting this dangerous clown back in office. He spent over 10 million dollars in propaganda ads and you took the bait. I wish he still lived in the Hanoi Hilton. Maybe he could be a busboy. How many jets did he crash? How many power lines in Spain did he hit? How many US ships did he destroy? We now see the true John McShame!

    1. Ashamed? Yes! But, for McCain! We Arizonans are not pleased with this traitor either! McCain’s a coward who don’t even have the guts to meet his constituents. His last Town Hall was invitation only, where only the liberal media and the elites were invited.

    2. Just STFU spin43, you stupid twit! McCain suffered for his country. He’s 100x the hero you’ll ever be.

  23. You turncoat, McCrapper (I call him this because all he does is crap on people). You are not a hero–you threw that mantle way decades ago. I’m sick of people pausing in their discussions about him to remember Vietnam. Heros fight against evil. What you did in Vietnam was preserve your own life. Now you are behaving the same way–preserving what you can for yourself while your constituents have to endure failed policies, which ruin their opportunities and their lives. You are a hypocrite and a traitor to this nation. You disgust me and I hope that others will begin to see you in this bright light that exposes for what you really are. Up against men like Cruz you are indistinguishable. I may not be posting for awhile–I am truly angry and sick to my stomach over what these buffoons are doing to my country. I am trying so hard not to hate them in the extreme.

    1. You’re an idiot, Scolded for the Truth. McCain went to Vietnam to fight for your freedom, you POS. His only crime is not believing in the same things as you do. Just go to hell.

      1. Nothing wrong with not “believing” as we do. But it is hypocritical of him to label himself a “Republican.” He is nothing more than a Democrat shill now. He was always a “Progressive” – just managed to fool the people of Arizona all these years.

      2. John MicCain you are a nasty person…no wonder you chose this username! He might have fought for this country at one time, but he HAS changed! Educate yourself on who he sides with…Schumer and Reid for starters!

      3. He fought for my freedom–that’s debatable; not everyone who goes into battle is actually fighting for your freedom–most, but not all. Also, you must not know much about John’s life at the Naval Academy. Nonetheless, what he did 45 years ago does not erase all the lies he has told to constituents or policies that he supports today nor does it excuse his behavior against a real freedom fighter like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee at. al. Over the last thirty years, he has done nothing to fight for my freedom/liberty; in fact, it is just the opposite. All that he does bleeds freedom from me and my fellow citizens who deserve much, much better from an elected representative.

        As for my going to Hell, that is not within your power to determine nor is it possible. Though I am not perfect, my Savior is. Finally, please know that I would never wish for you or anyone else to go to Hell. That determination is within God’s purview only.

  24. Thanks Arizona voters. on the last election there was an opportunity to replace cainboy with someone who would have been still a progressive but not with power. no complain now when more craziness comes.

    1. It’s even worse than you say. In the primary we had a chance to elect Congressman J.D. Hayworth senator from Arizona. What a force for good Hayworth would have been, especially compared to McCain.

      You wouldn’t know McCain in the primaries against another Republican. He fights like a wolverine. He pours his wealth into lies and misrepresentations against his opponent, while promising that he has seen the light and will change his evil ways. I wish he had fought that way when he ran for president, but no matter who won the ’08 election, it turns out we would have ended up with a psycho in the White House.

      1. well azgirl, we are two peas in a pathetic pod….i live hawaii, and heaven cannot cry enough tears at the pathetic politics in this supposed ‘aloha’ state

        1. Try living in IL…ugh Durbin is the worst, but the political machine is alive and well at the local level and Obama brought that to DC.

      2. Many people now believe McCain “not trying very hard” in 08 was actually his way of handing the election over to Obama. It’s also why Sarah Palin frightened them so much that they had to stifle her, they were afraid they might actually win.

    2. McCain is a turncoat, and was flipped by Sleazy Reid and slimey Schumer! We Arizonans are angry as hell and will make sure McCain gets a ‘warm’ welcome–with rotten eggs and dead fish!

  25. If McCain respects the fact that elections have consequences, then why doesn’t he respect the actions of Republicans who were elected to a majority in the House? Is it only when Democrats win an election that elections have consequences?

    1. Exactly, and it is not the House Republican’s lot (or the Senate Republicans for that matter) to surrender what power they do have just because they don’t control all branches of government.
      As Andy McCarthy pointed out in a recent article, the House Republicans don’t just control 1/2 of 1/3 of the government. They have complete control of those powers to which the Constitution grants the House, primacy.

  26. It passed because you followed every procedure? Ummm, how about READING IT YOU JACKA**!!

    McCain, you are a disgrace to a free nation and you would be more at home in the old USSR. You are all Washington and all party politics with no connection to the real world. You know, like the citizens of the Unites States that you’re dumping on!

  27. Cement-head McCain is at it again. His, and Goober Graham’s, line “elections have consequences” is getting old. Didn’t they ever hear of “checks and balances” to avoid one party rule?

  28. Socialised medicine deserves “RESPECT”? I wonder if McCain looks in the mirror once in a while and whether he actually listens to himself every now and then. If he does, does he not see and hear how strikingly similar to the Vietcong, at whose hand he allegedly suffered all those years ago, he is becoming?

    The American people need to revisit Richard Condon’s work, The Manchurian Candidate (the 2004 adaptation isn’t bad either). McCain bears a creepy resemblance to the subject of that work, day by day.

  29. OH, John. You didn’t fight as hard as you could, and the way it was passed was not fair or honorable. You are rather despicably “forgetting” your history. And you’re not a fan of Ted Cruz because each time he steps out of his house, he’s a living, breathing reminder that what he stands for is what you used to be able to fool millions of voters into thinking you were all about.

    I swear the more this man talks, the more I understand why he shares a name with the white porcelain “throne” in my home!

  30. I know Palin is biting her lip about now…boy, she wants to come out and verbally hammer this guy. I wish she would!

    1. I’m sorry. I like Sarah, but I am getting fed-up with her constant defense of him–his actions are indefensible. I would think that she knows or should know he was using her to get himself elected. Without her on the ticket, he would have lost by an even greater margin.

        1. No. Anytime she is asked about McCain, she defends him and talks about their personal friendship. Sorry, but I won’t be swayed. She has a friendship with a man who is literally destroying people’s lives. She is free to have friendships with anyone she pleases, but I don’t have to accept everything she does. In my opinion, anyone who remains close friends with this soiled senator either needs him for some reason or is inconsistent with the values he/she portrays to the public. I am not saying that she BAD. I have no reason to doubt that she is a wonderful mother and wife. I would support her in a race for Alaskan senator, though I think the size of her family and their need for her holds her back; however, I have never believed that she is ready for any higher office than senator. She is a great voice for conservatism, but her relationship with McCain causes some of us to distrust her to some extent. The degree of this distrust will be based on her friendships–we are all judged by our associations, whether we like it or not.

          1. “Anytime” is also overselling. She is very selective in what she has to say about McCain. This is obvious from here carefully-chosen words. She has no “association” with the man, and has exposed the way his campaign dealt with her.

            Her campaign endorsement of him (which was a one-time deal) was pre-arranged, and she honored her committment. I’d expect nothing less.

            Anything she’s had to say involving his name since has been exactly the way a statesman would respond. Listen to how respectfully Ted Cruz treats his opponents. Those are lessons learned from Reagan and Thatcher.

            Don’t confuse comity with some sort of “association” or true friendship. The masterful can eviscerate without seeming the least bit angry or personal about it. This is how you win.

  31. Reid ordered him to go out and sing our praises.

    What a boot licker the maverick turned out to be. Pathetic

  32. It isn’t lady like or even printable what I would like to do to this man.

    and folks he is precisely the reason why that I will never ever again vote the party line while holding my nose. Voting the party line is only applicable if the party isn’t in need of reform. The Republican Party is beyond reforming and can pound sand. If there is no one worthy to vote for then I simply won’t bother.

  33. Can I entice any of you for a $100 donation to the hit squad for disposal of grumpy dumb bastards?

    Anyone? ? ?

    Just checking!

  34. Elected officials and their staffers shouldn’t get the luxury of the exchanges, they should be mandated to get health care from the V.A.

  35. McCain is an attention w-h-o-r-e ! Makes you wonder if he did get elected president if we would be calling it McCain-care .

  36. If Obamacare is so great … why didn’t McCain vote for it? Then he should go on one of the exchanges as well.

  37. Arizona, if you don’t send this man packing at your next convenience, I will pronounce you almost as stupid as the Nevadans who haven’t disposed of Reid.

    1. I, until my dying day, will always believe my mother died in 2008 to avoid voting for McCain, whom she despised, and Obama, when once educated by me called him the Manchurian candidate.

      1. I’m sorry about the loss of your Mom, Laurel. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman that loved her country.

        I’m sure your Mom would be proud of all you have done to educate Americans and help our country.

  38. John McCain is an embarrassment. My question is “Why did he have to come to the floor to go against his own side?” He couldn’t just hold his tongue?? He had to give the progressives ammunition against his own side?? Just go away John and take your daughter with you.

    1. He came to the floor because he is a self-righteous glory-hound who has been bought and paid for by the likes of Harry Reid, who had the unmitigated gaul to ask Ted Cruz if he could have 15 minutes to talk during the filibuster.

  39. There is no way I am watching this garbage. I was listening to Rush in my auto and he played a couple of clips.
    John McCain is a traitor to the conservative cause. And so is any other republican who doesn’t stand with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Vitter, Roberts, Sessions,
    Rubio, etc.
    They have no idea how angry conservatives are right now. However, they are all
    going to find out in 2014.

      1. Thanks! I see the list is comprised of the “usual suspects”.
        Are any up for election in 2014? Or 2016? Perhaps they
        could be recalled over this traitorous act?


    And you don’t have to REMIND US what the CONSEQUENCES of an ELECTION looks like either you RINO presidential LOSER!

  41. Good and bad, as defined by the small mind of John McCain:

    Using the senate rules to filibuster an unconstitutional tyranical law – Bad

    Using arcane parlimentary procedures to pass a monstrous unconstitutional bill that nobody read – Good

    John McCain – Bad

  42. The Arizona sun has melted this old farts brain.
    If the Senate required a competency test half of these windbags would FAIL.

      1. What does Sarah Palin have to do with Arizona and McCain?? The ass used her to try and prop up his Progressive agenda and by being awake, in case you haven’t heard, McCain likely won’t run again in 2016 so I hope Arizona is awake when they chose a new Senator! Sarah Palin is a patriot and if she wasn’t muzzled by McCain he may have won which by the looks of him now, wouldn’t have been much better except we would have a VP with a brain!

        1. I think Rocco is refering to her endorsement of McCain during his 2010 primary challenge and senate election.

      2. PDS much? Her endorsement helped push Cruz forward, out of anonymity. And she’s been supporting him all through this defunding effort. Just because you aren’t paying attnetion to her doesn’t mean she’s not fully engaged.

  43. I can’t decide which I like better John McCain or raw sewage. Just kiddin’, raw sewage it is.

    Cruz did an interview with Rush just now. Dang, I hope he can get some shut-eye now. What an honorable effort, only to be thwarted by dishonorable men and women.

    1. OK, I can’t STAND him any more than the next guy, but THAT’S over the top dude. You had BETTER be careful with what you say, because that is a threat against a sitting Senator and that is a federal felony.

      1. It was not a threat, more like a hope. He has shamed himself and he is not standing for conservative values. I would just like to see real conservatives in congress, supporting what the founding fathers intended for this dying country.

        Sorry if I offended you. Was not intended…

  44. bullying ??

    I think you meant “bribering”- (but that’s not a real word)
    Whatever you call it – McLame was in on it.
    (maybe it is a word under common core – I wouldn’t know – I had Nuns teach me)

    1. One thing I learned after the 2008 election is that McLame took Soros campaign contributions, too. Not as much as Dems but this tells me he is on board with them. I think Rshill7 is right – raw sewage is better than this crapweasel.

  45. If the GOP thinks I’ll vote for whoever they send up for POTUS next go, they can think again. Why? John McCain.

  46. this guy needs to be captured and put on bread and water for about…… oh, I’d say the rest of his life. But on the bright side, theres nothing like a kick in the groin to awaken people to see just how this socalled two party system has become as corrupt as it can be. I’ll say this, if there were more independent voters(regardless of your beliefs), we’d be much better off than we are now.

  47. I love how its the law yet Obama had the :
    1) The employee mandate was removed
    2) Big business was exempt
    3) Congress had a carve out and 75% of the cost picked up.
    Yep it the law. John McCain the quisling leader.

  48. jon mcain is a pos and a sore loser nobody loves you jon mcain you are a pitiful pos and need to leave the senate you are not representing anyone your own district has denounced you and don’t want you.

  49. What an incompetent buffoon. Thank God he lost in 2008. It saved the nation a disastrous presidency, it saved the career of Sarah Palin, it gave rise to the Tea Party, it showed the public that conservatives could win in 2010 and that that they were the crucial force in the country in 2012 (by staying home). Now constitutional conservatives are an independent force for good and they control the national agenda.
    There is no need for loser’s like McCain.

  50. McLame is a complete disgrace. What a worthless boob. He’s a DIRC: Democrat in Republican Clothing. He’s a traitor and deserves to be destroyed in the primaries.
    I hope Arizona gets their act together and removes this abomination… and they can take Flake too. These people are poisonous and screwed up mentally. Evil has supplanted reason or honor in their small brains. They are the enemy!!!

      1. And thanks to Palin we had Cruz just complete an epic journey on the road to restoring freedom in America!

          1. He did indeed in the primary or he would not have won. He gives her the credit because he is an honest man unlike those who would deny the truth..

      2. Well, as the kids say, “Sarah Palin made a mistake and kissed a snake”. We all are guilty of that. However, by now, we should have had our blinders removed. We know that the media lies and supports socialism/Marxism/communism. We know that some candidates talk conservatism while running, then do the opposite after elected. We need to find better candidates and vet them more thoroughly. 2014 elections will be extremely interesting.
        Palin was on Cavuto and he pressed her on McCain; she hemmed
        and hawed and changed the subject. She kept talking about others in the campaign, namely Steve Schmidt.
        I was disappointed.
        However, she still has a voice for conservatism that I appreciate.

        1. I saw the Cavuto and Hannity interviews, they both gave her the opportunity to weigh in on Hanoi John, and the “fearless” hockey mom declined. Gutless.

  51. To this day I cannot figure out why Sarah wanted to associate with this RINO of RINOs. I guess he hoodwinked her like he hood winked us all! Well a tree will be known by it’s fruit!

    1. I do not believe she was hoodwinked at all and frankly it was a Blessing that she was chosen for the VP slot. It changed the course of history for America, for the good!

      1. I absolutely agree that Sarah being thrust into the public eye was a good thing for America. When I say hoodwinked I meant to put the emphasis on McCain not Sarah. Even she admits that the McCain campaign tried to silence her.

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