Jonathan Hoenig shoots down Eric Bolling’s ABSURD plan to make Mexico pay for Trump’s wall

Libertarian and proud “capitalist pig” Jonathan Hoenig shut down Eric Bolling’s absurd plan to make Mexico pay for Trump’s wall on his show, “Cashin’ In” today, and it was pretty funny.

Watch below:

[wpvideo RXZLS6j2 w=755]

Hoenig responded by getting at the heart of Bolling’s philosophical error: “Eric I think you’re looking at it from a nationalist’s perspective – WE don’t BUY anything!” That’s exactly right – it’s American companies who buy all that oil. In order to make this scheme work, Emperor Trump would have to command companies to pay Mexico LESS than the market price, and send the rest to Trump!! How is that not edging towards government control of the means of production? And what does that sound like? COMMUNISM!!!

But hey, all that’s cool because Eric Bolling just wants to make America Great, who cares if we give government more power over our lives to do it.

When his idiotic plan isn’t met with applause, Bolling stupidly concludes that we “have to do SOMETHING” which is the most brilliant political argument ever, really.

Ironically, he had pitched this idea before, but with a $2 cut:

Why did he have to go down to 50 cents? That cuts the money gained by his despotic scheme by 75%!

But the real underlying problem with all of this is that Trump’s plan is so stupid and impractical that Eric Bolling has to come up with his OWN plan to prop up his emperor’s idiocy. And he still pretends he’s objective LOL!!

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