Jordan woman dies after brother stabbed her 20 times in face and chest in honor killing

She didn’t stay at home enough, that was her Islamic ‘crime’. So her brother stabbed her in the face and chest 20 times after slitting her throat to restore family honor:

DAILY MAIL – A woman died after being stabbed 20 times in the face and chest by her brother in an apparent ‘honour killing’ because she went out of the house alone, police in Jordan said.

Authorities said the man confessed to slitting his sister’s throat and stabbing her repeatedly to ‘cleanse the family honour’.

Local media said he had become enraged because she spent too little time at home.

A police spokesman said: ‘People last night found the body of a girl in her twenties.

‘She had been stabbed 20 times in face and chest before she had her throat slit.

‘Police arrested her brother, who confessed to committing the crime because his sister spent so little time at the family home.

‘His confession indicates that he sought to cleanse the family honour.’

It is the second so-killed honour killing in the country in the past two weeks.

On April 15, police said they found…


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27 thoughts on “Jordan woman dies after brother stabbed her 20 times in face and chest in honor killing

  1. The Islamic religion is Satan’s most creative plot. Political Correctness is in second or third place. Both are actually very similar. First and foremost, they are both completely based on deception, which actually is, as old old truism says, the root of all evil. 
    Secondly, they both use Jihad, the tactics of warfare, and the art of lying and deception, which in Islam is called Taqiyya, and in Political Correctness is often passed off as spin or media bias. Both use Holy God’s principals of love and goodness as “smokescreens” to hide their true evil intentions.

  2. Islam is a hateful hate group from its beginning to now.   It is the anti-Christ spirit in operation.  
    There is nothing good about it.  Nothing.

  3. We have to stop using both the Left’s
    and Jihadists terminology. In this clase “honor” needs to be in
    quotes. I’d rather see it replaced with what it is, a horror
    killing. What animal slices his own sister’s throat?

  4. The religion of peace, err  lets just call it what it is shall we. The religion of bloody pieces of human flesh loped off in the name of Allah by ignorant barbarians too twisted and deficient in logic and reason to comprehend the ultimate TRUTH that is the source of all creation.

  5. I think Americans are being sold down the river by linguists….Arabic and English do not translate correctly….the English words ‘ honor   martyr   God ‘    are not the same in Arabic    ……when they say ‘honor’ it means some thing different from honor in English…similarly the Arabic word for suicide bomber is not translatable into the English word martyr (which has an entirely different context and meaning in Christendom wherein the English language was fashioned)   ….and God does not translate into Alla    –  they are not equivalent……………to say they are more or less equivalent would be to say that Baal and/or Moloch are more or less equivalent to Jesus Christ.   The spiritual life exists and it matters more than you think.

  6. The article reports “…sex outside marriage is still considered to bring an intolerable shame on a conservative Muslim family.”
    Gotta love how the media loves to use the word “conservative” when describing murderous Muslims. I guess the fact that leftist politics, leftist social control, leftist coercion, leftist entitlement ethics and leftist political correctness, and the leftist practice of shaming and shunning and leftist disregard for life… all better describe authoritative, doctrinaire, and pious Muslims.  But meh!  Let’s call them conservative.  They’ve got a narrative to uphold.

    1. Las1 Exactly and also like the way they refer to the Nazi party as “right-wing”

  7. Islam the religion of murder is from the pit of Hell and satanic in origin, Therefore, we must fight the forces of darkness  with the Sword of the spirit and pray for conversion of those who adhere to it while fighting those who would do us harm and this includes anyone who fails to see Islam for what it really is.

  8. They are not protecting a ‘woman’s’ or family ‘honor’.  The men are protecting their hold on these women through fear.  
    I hope this idiot goes straight to HELL!

    1. RobHorine What is sad is that his Muslim sister went there first! Very sad. Christ wants their souls as much as ours. Problem is when they covert to the TRUE way their family kills them. Very sad indeed

  9. How muslims have the nerve to pretend they have any honor at all is beyond me. I do not accept that a person can be a member of a religion like this if they do not support these incidents.
    Citizens of Western nations who pretend that islam is respectable, or even safe, are crazy or stupid, take your pick.

      1. RobHorine lawngreen   It’s Jordan…  his chances of getting off are better if he was in another Arab country… but he’ll get a maximum of a year or two in jail.

        1. Las1 RobHorine
          Yes, unfortunately. The best guarantee of rights now is to be a criminal.

        2. lawngreen Las1 RobHorine Even in America lawngreen. If you are an illegal alien you can get in-state tuition (but not our returning military), work for cash, not file tax returns with income but receive tax credits (taxpayer money)  not pay income taxes, not be deported, released if you have serious criminal offenses because of politics so you are free to victimize more Americans.

    1. lawngreen As suggested above, their definition of honor would seem a perversion of ours.

  10. Beasts. A Christian girls stays out all the time and she will probably have a talk with the parents to find out why or maybe grounded. Muslims will pour acid on your face, rape you, and then stab you twenty times in the face and slit your throat. Shouldn’t this be headline news on Good Morning America? hahahaha, sorry its till early.

  11. Well, a Muslim killing someone… you sure don’t hear about that much these days.
    What a disease.

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