Judge Jeanine BLASTS the Obama administration for denying death benefits to military families

Judge Jeanine delivered another fantastic monologue, blasting the administration for denying death benefits to military families. But not only that, she went after Congress as well over this entire debacle and said that every one of them needs to be thrown out for letting it come to this.


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37 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine BLASTS the Obama administration for denying death benefits to military families

  1. “With all due respect” is a phrase that should NEVER AGAIN be applied to our current crop of politicians, the “traditional” American media, or academia, which trained these hate-filled marxist monsters. Exceptions noted: Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mike Lee, and several others. Not enough exceptions, IMO, to fill a short bus.

    I like Judge Pirro’s ideas about withholding pay and perks until the mess is fixed. And her suggestion about suing the freeloading scum who brought us to this point. That includes moochelle and hussein obama. Jail for the obamas and eric holder.

    As far as the marxist scum in academia, as Charlie Daniels says of another group in one of his songs, “Shoulda done somethin’ ’bout you a long time ago”. Better late than never.

    1. They ALL need to be removed from their posts immediately! Clean house, every career politician needs to go!

  2. The judge is spot on in her comments, but there are some things she left out. Every Soldier, Airmen, Sailor and Marine agrees to do whatever is necessary to ensure freedom doesn’t fade away. From the highly disgusting burning of human waste, to the valiant effort in helping those that can’t fight back, each and every veteran places upon their shoulders responsibilities that most politicians couldn’t possibly fathom. Even those politicians that have served are quick to forget the sacrifices made by all our military people. (almost on a daily basis). Most military people will carry with them the nightmares of friends lost in battle; disabled mentally, physically and spiritually. Many carry the physical scars. Yet, as judge Jeanine spoke so eloquently, these highly paid jerks will live off the spoils of their efforts to enslave the American people while our fallen heroes lye waiting for a burial which is the least they are owed. At times, during her commentary, I wept for the treatment of our veterans, then became mad because I am only one of the veterans that these jerks are abusing. Throw them out, no to easy, make them suffer the way many vets have suffered would be more appropriate.

  3. Judge Jeanine? You probably don’t read this blog, there is only so much time in a day, but I, for one, would vote for you in a heartbeat, for any position. You… and Joe the plumber, and Mary the homemaker, Sally the librarian, James the iron worker, etc. etc. That is the way OUR Congress was intended to be run, of the people for the people, and by the people, NOT career politicians and lawyers.
    My father served for 6 years in WWII, his younger brother, the uncle I never met, breathed his last breath somewhere in the ETO, I joined the Navy at 17 and served.
    I say, I’m praying that history will indeed repeat itself and all of the traitors, infiltrators, Muslim Brotherhood’ers, and every stinking person who want’s to “fundamentally transform” America into their own warped image, gets thrown into G.I.T.M.O. WHERE THEY BELONG!

  4. As always she is spot on. The one thing that is near and dear to my heart is her going after the leadership at the Joints Chief of Staffs.

    I will keep beating this drum till I can’t beat it no more, but our military leadership has turned into yes men and women. They are the epitome of political correctness and in the last 20 years have done our military service members more harm than what could be done on the battlefield. You only have to look to Wesley Clark and Colin Powell for an example of ineptness.

    The military leadership is succumbing to the civilian leadership in turning over billets that were once military and making them civilian positions. The more I look around at our military environment today the infestation of civilian taking over military positions will one day be paid in military blood and they will ignore the incompetence of those holding those civilian positions. The union won’t allow the senior military leadership get rid of incompetence. Your sons and daughters will serve at the behest of those civilians in management and not those wearing a uniform. The civilians in those positions are only there to act as political commissars and ensure that the military leadership understand that their jobs and careers are in jeopardy should they act otherwise.

    In my delusional state I could say that the goal is to undermine the defense of our nation and if it is, they should get high marks for treachery.

    1. “In my delusional state I could say that the goal is to undermine the defense of our nation and if it is, they should get high marks for treachery.”

      Nope, NO DELUSION! They are weakening our military so when the time comes we will be on our knees! Which is also why they need to attack and usurp the 2nd Amendment!

    2. I’m praying that the ghost of General Chesty Puller will invade the mind of one of the General staff at the D.O.D. If Chesty were alive today, he would’ve already stormed the White House and perp-walked this imposture into gitmo, where he belongs. General Puller would NEVER allow him men to be disrespected let alone allow them to be in a war with their hands tied.
      Enough is enough. This republic belongs to we the people. It’s is NOT for the self serving mutants walking the halls of Congress laughing at us behind closed doors. We the people MUST stop electing career politicians and lawyers to OUR Congress. Congress was never intended to be anyone’s career. The lawyers in Congress, ( Senate=70% lawyers, House over 35%), give us 3000+ page bills that no one understands. These people, who we sent to speak in our stead, use their positions instead to enrich themselves and forget about us. They lie to us, they steal our money, and make fools of us daily. If Americans don’t wake up and throw them all out next year, this country will not survive.

  5. Bam! She does it again…Judge Jeanine gets stronger in her opening each week. The pendulum continues to swing back toward the right and the public is beginning to wake up. We will not go quietly into the night. We are awake and we are watching, waiting to indeed, throw the bums out!

  6. She’s right again . The 51 percenters better wake up , do they care about they Sons and Daughters , and how there being treated by this administration ,and who some have paid the ultimate price for our country .

    1. If the military, the people doing “The ones” bidding over sea’s are treated this way just imagine how this regime will treat those whom are not, I.E. the average citizen on our streets…

      1. The government is doing it know , and most look out for themselves . Like Pinocchio I did that , and if it goes wrong you did it . Nice guy , he really cares with all HIS phony scandals . That should tell people something , but it dont .

  7. Put Obama on Funeral detail for a few months.
    Let him carry the bodies to the arms of a loved one.

    Maybe not a good idea.
    The weak little bastard would probably drop the casket.
    Or he would tell the widow,”It was all due to a video”

  8. Bet Judge Jeanine’s ratings are through the roof!

    Americans are tired of Obama’s shenanigans and relieved to hear someone with the courage to tell the truth.

    Americans are also tired of the propaganda and political correctness of the other news agencies.

    That’s one reason FOX News has better ratings than MSNBC and the rest of the networks.

    There’s another reason.

  9. No money for fallen American warriors, yet plenty of money for illegals like Auntie Zeituni and Uncle Omar

    Obama’s Illegal Aunt: Zeituni She came illegally, lived in public housing for years, collected welfare, even got $51k in disability. And still she is angry at America. This case is beyond depressing. And it underlines what many eople see today: that in the old days, immigrants came to America to lend a hand to our growing nation. But far too many today merely come for a handout STILL does not work, STILL receives disability, still claims to have “no money”.

    1. Plenty of money for such as the Boston Bombers and their family… for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, etc.

  10. Excellent monologue.
    I also like the way she handled the ‘law pimp’ for that Crotch Rocket Riding ‘wana-be’ Heck’s Angel, who stopped directly in front of the SUV, try to pee on her leg and tell her it was raining.
    😉 😉
    This is the gal I’d like to see running Eric Holder’s ‘Just-Us’ Dept.

  11. Thanks for This One Scoop ! ! ! JUDGE…THANK YOU, Ma am !!! May the Good Lord BLESS Our Troops, Vets, and their Families, Wherever the are….

      1. We have a great Army. The best fighting machine on the planet. We have a Commander in Chief (and his cronies) who makes them fight (and die) with their hands tied. 🙁

          1. Oh yes, I know where you’re coming from. The Egyptian Army has leaders who fight to win. 😉

    1. I`ve been researchin` the plausability for “Courtmartial of CiC”…still searchin`, with Optimism. However, if Repubs win Senate in 2014, b.o. may be impeached in short order

  12. Obama should have been impeached long ago for Treason.

    Benghazi. Extortion 17. U.N. Firearm Treaty. Cyber spying. Countless Executive Orders moving power from the people to himself. Fast & Furious. Bailout & fiscal irresponsibility. TPP which will annihilate the U.S. Constitution & sovereignty of this nation. Gov’t shutdown – There are three branches of the gov’t & Obama is controlling all three. Congress voted on budget & passed everything but ACA. Obama still won’t negotiate & has overstepped his authority.

    Impeach the imposture.

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