Judge Jeanine Pirro SLAMS Florida prosecutor Angela Corey over Zimmerman case

Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey for canceling the grand jury and charging Zimmerman herself, noting it looks a lot like she capitulated to public pressure instead of filing legitimate charges. She also blasted Corey for firing the employee who made it known that all the evidence wasn’t given to the defense and making it difficult on the defense to acquire all the evidence.

Watch below:

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91 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro SLAMS Florida prosecutor Angela Corey over Zimmerman case

  1. i think its over,the jury has spoke,and if the kids mom and dad want to file a civil suit,because this is america,they can,but what i dont get,is the word their were no blacks on the jury,what does that mean,if they were black they would have found him guilty,even if the evidence wasnt there,if you remember oj got off with a bunch of old white people,this is over,nothing more will be done,hes not going to jail.even a non-educated person should understand the words NOT GUILTY,

  2. On CNN a gal who spoke to T.Martin (RIP), explained that she was on the phone telling the fellow to run, thinking,  Mr. Zimmerman  was a sex predator, looking for a piece of meat,  perhaps he would follow Martin to his “residence” and have his lil brother for a treat, therefore,  he  was “compelled to  go after Zimmerman. No one talks about how stoned this poor hoodlum was, or the fact that he attacked a certified, concerned Neighborhood Watch. Who was doing the assaulting, who was bleeding? But to frame this unfortunate death of a future career criminal as an incident of  hitting on a local patrol  guy by a stoned, energetic  punk, suspecting him to be a homosexual predator will be too much for the coalition of the race hustlers. They want to keep it simple and use it to impose more restrictions on gun owners, the hell with this deprived gangsta chasing a craka …or what ever else they like to call anyone who is not one of them…in closing who are the racists?

  3. I can add another comment: The Blacks that intimidate today Hispanics all over the country, taunting them, beating them, are picking on innocent people, property owners, people who go to work. Tomorrow, hispanic gangsters will start shooting for fun Black kids because they will try to show that they will not overlook the intimidation. They will try to put the Blacks in place, as it happened recently in Compton,  Angeles County where the town was badly  ruled by utterly corrupt  Blacks for ages, it used to be one of the worst hot spots in California. During the last few years more poor Hispanics moved in, now the Blacks have to mind their steps because the Hispanics  have guns and often shoot at Black kids just because they do not like them walking on the streets. Talk about racial profiling. Where is the fornicating  Rev. Jackson, the  extortionist Rev. Sharpton, the Columbia University terrorist Eric Holder? AWOL! I am not kidding!

  4. Yes! Stand your ground!  He was lucky he had a piece. The punk could have left him dead on the pavement. Those who were never intimidated by young hoodlums cannot understand what goes through one’s head when it happens, it is even scarier when it happens to women. This young villain in training was not profiled, he  was the attacker, but with affirmative action, and assorted twists in the legal system including political pressures, a young burglar has become a new symbol for the Black March to Freedom. Sadly, they do not realize that many disagree with their views and the manner in which they allow themselves to be used like “useful idiots” by the headline chasing race hustlers who could not care when dozens of kids are wasted in Chicago, mainly Black on Black, but get all huffy when a man who is both white and Hispanic, defends himself. This is sick, but they better get it in their heads, some people will defend themselves, others will just let them do the beating and even say thank you!

  5. She was doing fine… right up the the last line.
    Trayvon Martin wasn’t killed because he went out to buy skittles and walked across a lawn where he had a right to be.  That’s like saying, “He was killed because he was breathing, and it was raining, and it was dark, and Zimmerman had a name that ended in ‘Z’.  Those are irrelevant facts.
    Martin was killed because he spent 4 minutes circling back to attack someone, because he hit GZ in the nose, breaking it, knocking GZ to the ground.  TM is dead because he jumped on GZ and began beating him in the face and pounding his head on the concrete.  TM is dead because when GZ screamed for help, he didn’t stop his criminal attack.  He’s dead because he didn’t stop when Goode told him to get off.  He’s dead because he created in GZ fear that his life was in danger.  Trayvon Martin is dead because he was a vicious, violent gangsta wannabe thug who attacked someone for fun.

    1. BambiB You’re disgusting. You don’t know that anymore than the courts do. He was acquitted because no one knows what happened except George ZImmerman and he obviously isn’t going to say anything about it. Nice job making a complete mockery of the facts.

      1. Anon_Rav3n BambiBpoint out which facts were wrong?  The evidence and witnesses pretty much back up Z’s story
        TM is dead because of stupidity, And you want Z to be guilty so bad you are failing to grasp the obvious.

      2. Anon_Rav3n BambiB You can tell yourself that – but there is no more likely scenario.  George Zimmerman gave video statements proximate to the time of the event – long before he knew whether anyone saw anything.  When told there was video of the event, his response was, “Thanks god!”  The only variation in his statements were inconsequential (“TM came out of the bushes/the dark/nowhere.”)
        All of the injuries were on Zimmerman.  The only injury to Martin was the gunshot that stopped the attack.
        I’m sure there are race-baiting morons who have a different version:
        “GZ saw TM and thought, “I need to get me a piece of that tail.  But first, I have to establish an alibi.  I think I’ll call the non-emergency number and get a cop out here.”
        TM, realizing he was being followed by GZ  (the sexual predator), fled into the darkness. Terrified after GZ (the sepredator) lost sight of him, TM became confused and got lost.  He wandered the grounds for four minutes until GZ caught sight of him.  That’s when GZ rushed up to TM and hit TM in the fist with his face.  GZ then grabbed TM and dragged him down on top of himself to make other people think HE was the one being attacked.  He knew that Goode would step out on his back porch and see what was happening, so he made sure to keep TM on top.   He grabbed TM’s arms and pumped them up and down, smashing himself in the face with TM’s hands so Goode would see that and think TM was hitting him, when in reality, TM was on top  screaming for help and  trying to get away.  Thinking, “Maybe a broken nose and a bruised face aren’t enough to show I was in fear of death or great bodily injury”, GZ thought.  “I better smash my head on the concrete to make TM look even more guilty!”  
        Estimating that the cops would arrive at any minute, and recognizing that other witnesses would soon appear, GZ judged that he had just enough time to pull out his gun and shoot TM.  TM tried to write a statement that GZ had faked the entire attack, but GZ wasn’t having any of that.  He jumped on top of TM and held his hands out so TM couldn’t write anything.  
        Within minutes, the cops arrived and GZ told them his prepared story which was masterfully consistent with all the evidence and all witness statements at his trial.”
        George Zimmerman – MASTER criminal!

    1. Have you seen the most recent images of Mr. martin, tattoos, strong built, etc… I saw them and it is clear, the fella saw Zim, a short-meatball, and figured he can punch him crazy and whip the daylight out of him, because if he was on dope, thinking Zim was a sex predator, according to the Gal who spoke with Peirce Morgan, CNN, she warned him that perhaps of a fella was after him he may be a pervert- if you are that well built, why take chances, he was a hoodlum in training, to anyone who spent time with gangster, there is no doubt what happened, you cannot be an upcoming gang-banger, a full time  Blood unless you immediately hit back.  The parents know it but collect fees from appearances, being used in a sinister and cynical way to  become a tool to be used for another agenda.  Sadly, they are manipulated and being utterly  irresponsible  parents, producing a ganagster who was elevated to sainthood.

  6. a 17 year old on a candy run?  Walking between houses in the dark?  if you saw a man walking in your backyard at night in the rain, would you consider that ‘suspicious activity’?

  7. He had the right but no business to be there, the real fellow was a gangsta in waiting, a burglar and a doper, his footprints  reveal that he was on a path to a life of crime, but facts can never stand in a way of an administration approved talking points.  What came out of his digital communications reveal that he was not this pretty kid playing, but a wannabe hoodlum.  The media wanted a televise Lynch and got instead a menu of ideas they can run for he next 20 years, facts cannot stand in the way of the truth.

  8. I really liked this rant by Pirro right up until the end: “Meanwhile, a 17-year-old who simply went for a candy run, in a place he had a right to be, is dead.” Oh, poor sweet baby!

    (BTW, ms. pirro, George Zimmerman not only had a right to be where HE was, he had a responsibility to be doing what he was doing.)

    How many “17-yrear-olds on a candy run” do you know who would respond to being followed by security by making a violent, felonious, potentially lethal assault on the security?

    trayvon’s violent, felonious, potentially deadly assault on Zimmerman does not sound to me like the sweet innocent teenager that even pirro is painting trayvon as.
    trayvon’s response is more like that of a frustrated burglar with a feeling that his race makes him legally invulnerable, or possibly a druggie whose drug use has shredded whatever reasoning power he had to begin with.
    Or a third possibility: remember the “girlfriend” on the witness stand? That person was functionally sociopathic – she was not a part of our civilization. And that is an underlying issue rarely addressed. I’ve heard police officers with inner-city experience say that their jurisdiction is not America any more. We call out muslims for acting like 7th century primitives. How did trayvon conduct himself? How did his “girlfriend” and mother and Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and the rest of the race-baiters respond? Did they act like civilized people?
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

    1. lawngreenI really liked this rant by Pirro right up until the end: “Meanwhile, a 17-year-old who simply went for a candy run, in a place he had a right to be, is dead.”
      Exactly, I said to myself- wtf is that..  That was, and still is not the issue of TM right to walk on a street after buying some candy. and on that last sentence with no frame of context to put that sentence in perspective of the situation and events that occurred.

      1. RReaganRepublic lawngreen Having spent time with real gangsters, newly minted, auditioning, wannabes and I knew from the get go that the whole story isnot on display. Slowly a trickle of photos came out, they did their best to portray this cute boy as a that innocent kid, but once more recent photos of a mean looking, nasty punk, a hoodlum auditioning to become a career villain,  it was easier to figure. I never followed this case day to day because I know these types from  rehab centers,  youth hall, the hood and the  courts.  The last few photos showed the full time villain, his parents tried to hide from the trial. surfaced. The text, the dope, the  stolen jewel, the school record, proved that even if the lefty Judge, the nasty Prosecutor could not prevail when the case was presented to a jury with less than the full evidence. I can only imagine if the defense had all the material the jury would have been able to return a not guilt in one hour.  The pattern of the  Ms.Brawley, La Cross, and many other showcase trials is clear.  Race merchants had their day. Dishonest prosecutors with big political aspirations. The jury did not follow the political script.

      2. RReaganRepublic lawngreen
        Having spent time with real gangsters, newly minted ones,  auditioning
        wannabes and I knew from the get go that the whole story  was not on
        display. Slowly a trickle of photos came out, they did their best to
        portray this cute boy as a that innocent kid, but once more recent
        photos of a mean looking, nasty punk, a  menacing hoodlum were displayed
        it was easier to figure.  I never followed this case  day  by  day
        because I know these types from  rehab centers,  youth halls, the hood
        and the  courts.  The last few photos showed the full time villain, his
        parents  and prosecutors tried to hide from the trial eventually 
        surfaced. The text, the dope, the  stolen jewels, the school record,
        proved that even if the lefty Judge, the nasty Prosecutor could not
        prevail when the case was presented to a jury with less than the full
        evidence. Zimmerman was assaulted, the “innocent boy” could have walked
        away or phone 911 asking for help, instead, he bashed Zimmerman’s skull
        on the concrete. If he did the same to another gangsta in the hood, he’s
        be ‘served” as they say over there.  I can only imagine that  if the
        defense had all the material – the jury would have been able to return a
        not guilt in one hour.  The pattern of the  Ms.Brawley, La Cross, and
        many other showcase trials is clear.  Race merchants had their day.
        Dishonest prosecutors with big political aspirations. The jury did not
        follow the political script. It is a miracle that an innocent man walked
        free.  perhaps these punks should learn that if they assault people,
        they can also fire back.

      3. RReaganRepublic  I suspect a lot of us on the Right are scratching our heads over that. I expect this sort of thing from politicians, but I thought pirro was solid.

  9. Wow, they DA suppressed evidence, bypassed the due process of a grad jury, failed to make full disclosure to the defense, and after a jury announced the verdict of Not Guilty, goes to the media to vent their disappointment of their idea of what should have happened. Let me think…the same type of liberal thinkers had no problem with the Not Guilty verdict of one O.J. Simpson, and then went on a tirade when a civil law suit was launched. Now that the wind is blowing the opposite direction, the left is up in arms and calling for demonstrations, more occupy movements and anything that can be viewed as bending the law but not breaking it. News flash to the liberal left…you have been breaking the law for a long time, but you care less about justice and more about your agenda. More abortions, more taxes to fund even illegal activities, more lies that are perpetuated by a corrupt media, more suppression of anything Christian, and more speed towards this countries doom and gloom. And if this happens, of course it will be the conservative right that gets blamed. God help us all.

  10. Martin , the experienced burglar, did not simply “go for a candy run”. There is nothing about a ‘candy run’ that involves attempting to murder a complete stranger.

    1. OnTheMark Yes it is! And I am sadden about the Judge’s comments on Sunday evening further saying something totally out of line with logic and reason.  I wonder if Donald Trump and Judge Pirro know each other because Trump also said something so unreasonable this morning on Fox and Friends but both of their comments sounded very similar.

  11. I saw that hag yammering endlessly after the verdict the other night and had to change channels or throw something at the tv. This was all about HER and her aspirations for something bigger. I hope it’s the “big house” based on the info released by the IT guy who was fired!  It’s downright criminal the way she/her office REMOVED evidence that would benefit the defense.

  12. She’s another Mike Nifong. Charges were brought for political reasons and to pander to a certain constituency. It’s as simple as that.

    1. LarryFarlow ….and lets hope she ends up far worse that the fate of Nifong. Like he did, she will soon find the gang that propped her up for this will go back to the shadows.

  13. Lou Dobbs did the same thing. 
    If you are going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

  14. I lost alot of respect for Judge Jeanine over the weekend.  I watched her before the verdict, she was pandering to every pro-Trayvon guest she could find.  Thank God the jurors displayed more spine than Judge Jeanine over the weekend.

    1. Matt2Matt My feelings, exactly! She went on to say ‘she’s more for the prosecution side.’ (paraphrased) I thought judges were impartial?

    2. Matt2Matt I thought I was missing something. I was stunned at the things coming out of her mouth and figured I was misunderstanding. I also lost respect for her.

      1. tvlgds Matt2Matt  Sounds like either she’s afraid or she’s caving like a lot of other “sunshine conservatives”. Disgusting. I’ve been a big fan of hers. Now she’s a “conditional” or “situational” conservative.

        1. lawngreen tvlgds Matt2Matt  I can’t figure this out -she usually pulls no punches, but she seemed programmed with this spiel.

  15. If you know your Magna Carta, you’ll be aware that “no official shall place a man on trial … without producing credible witnesses to the truth of it.”
    But the rights enjoyed by free men in the England of King John in 1215 are harder to come by in the State of Florida eight centuries later.”  (Mark Steyn – http://www.ocregister.com/articles/case-516709-zimmerman-child.html)
    It seems that Angela Corey, at the behest of others, perpetrated a
    violation of George Zimmerman’s rights not to have submitted her dubious case to
    the Grand Jury that was already impaneled at the time. 
    The charges Corey put in her infamous Affidavit and indeed the entire
    Prosecution case were almost entirely based upon accusation, assumption and
    allusion and sentiment (aka the Crump-Julison-Martin narrative) not fact, not
    sworn testimony, not witness statements.
    The fact that she and the rest of the Prosecution team repeated their nasty
    little fictional narrative after the verdict makes these people stink even more.

  16. Please be advised that courts are no longer a place for justice to be rendered.
    They now exist for political theater.

    1. yazz55 absolutely right, which is why it is an absolute miracle justice was served in this case.

      1. Matt2Matt yazz55 I was honeslty stunned at the verdict since it was the absolute correct one.  I was so afraid justice would not be served in order to prevent the threatened riots, etc.

  17. why this need to excuse the thug Trayvon …  this thug wanna be was going to kill someone in the not too distant future …  George Z. saved 2 lives that night …

  18. The prosecutor skipped the Grand Jury because she knew they would say there wasn’t a case and they would shut her down.  She withheld evidence because she knew it helped Zimmerman.  She fired the employee that revealed that she was hiding evidence illegally  because she wanted him to keep his mouth shut.
    These are the types of prosecutors that need to be pushing a broom somewhere rather than charging people with crimes.  She wanted a conviction regardless of guilt, and I’m sure it was because Holder and Obama pushed her into it.  No legitimate prosecutor would have tried this case, especially without taking it to a Grand Jury first.  She reminds me of Mike Nifong for wrongfully trying to throw Duke soccer players in prison for a crime they didn’t commit just so he could get re-elected.  He was disbarred, and so should this rotten bitch (can I say that?).

    1. kong1967 Did you notice how disgustingly dressed for the press that cow was? Her jewelry and getup were laughable and belonged in a wax museum…I thought it was Gloria Allred’s sister or something…I hope she get sued into nothingness.

      1. JohnQueue Lol, no I didn’t notice that.  Good eye.  
        Good comparison, too.  Gloria Allred is a joke.  
        Not only do I hope she gets sued, I hope she gets disbarred (although highly unlikely).

      1. tvlgds  Yeah, I wasn’t really sure about her until she asked Zimmerman if he was going to testify (before the defense had rested it’s case), and then she allowed the introduction of manslaughter and child abuse.

  19. Hey guys…I checked up on her and guess what?  She is a Republican….BOOM!   If she is looking for political gain, it would serve her well to change parties.  No self-respecting Conservative would ever vote for this unscrupulous and shifty woman.  She makes the perfect liberal.

      1. She may have been pressured but so was the Sheriff who was fired. She has been making poor choices since she was “hired” by Jeb. I’m a conservative, not just a Republican. She has been overcharging for years. The woman is corrupt and has no respect for the law, or the state she serves. Disbar and investigate her criminal actions.

        1. DawgfanInFL  There are prosecutors that don’t give a rat’s behind about the truth.  All they care about is getting a conviction so it makes their record look good.  Those are the prosecutors that should be fired and thrown in prison, because I’m sure there are more than a few people wrongfully in prison because of them.

        2. kong1967DawgfanInFL 
           “There are prosecutors that don’t give a rat’s behind about the truth.
           All they care about is racking up convictions so it makes their record
          look good.”
          Case in point. Our ex-‘RINO’ (now Democrat), Governor Charlie Christ now works for Morgan & Morgan, probably the best known batch of ‘Ambulance Chasers’ in the state. They advertise they will sue anybody for anything (if the profits are right). 😉 😉

        3. He’s probably looking for that MSNBC job like good ‘ole Joe. After he resigned mid-term to spend quality time with the family, he joined the Levin-Papantanio Firm. If you fail in politics head back to the ambulance chasers. Lawyers, can’t live with them, can’t stand your ground.

    1. suzy000  I don’t think they came to the decision to prosecute on their own.  I’m sure Holder and Obama (indirectly) were behind it.  If she’s a Republican she just told her voters that she’s not conservative at all.  A conservative believes in the right to have a gun and the right to defend yourself, of which she clearly showed she does not believe.  If she does believe that, then she is a traitor for caving in to public and political pressure despite her beliefs and despite Florida law on “stand your ground”.

      1. kong1967 suzy000  
        She’s just a political hack, just like the hacks in Washington who gave her, her marching orders.
        When the rest of the real truth comes out, Obama and Holder will throw her ‘under the bus’ so fast, she won’t even have time to change parties (or panties, for that matter). 😉

        1. tinlizzieowner Yeah, I’m finding out that she is known for overcharging and for making everything political.  That begs the question of why she even has a job.

        2. kong1967 tinlizzieowner 
          She has a job because Obama and Holder can blackmail her into doing their bidding, that’s why.

        3. tinlizzieowner kong1967 suzy000 do they make panties that large? I wonder if Obama would have said ” if I had a son he would look like Trayvonn” if he knew what was on Trayvonn’s phone ?

        4. gingertifl tinlizzieowner kong1967 suzy000
          “do they make panties that large?”
          To answer your first question, down here in Florida, we can buy dumpster bags that will hold 3,000 lbs of house renovation waste. 😉 😉
          As for the second question? What makes you think Obama didn’t already know what was on Trayvon Martin’s phone? 😉

    2. suzy000 One thing to keep in mind, just because someone is registered one way doesn’t mean they vote that way. She’s a Bushie so had to be “republican” for him to appoint.

  20. It makes one wonder how many other innocent people are currently sitting in Florida jails . Or caught up in the legal system…

    1. Just type her name in the subject line, you would be amazed at what comes up. She is a repeat offender.

  21. She’s politically ambitious and most likely has been promised money and backing for a climb up the political ladder. The only problem is that she is a pathological liar, used as a political jack hammer, an assassin, and a diseased tart.

    1. UrFecalFecal She cant go higher in Fl.  I think she is holding out for a Federal appointment.

  22. This pig with lipstick was told from way up the chain to press charges. Why? Another false flag by the current administration in D.C. Think about this. While we were all directed to look at the shinny mirror ball of this case. What didn’t we hear anything about? IRS,NSA,BENGHAZI. No one was watching the scum in the White House. Nothing like a couple weeks to cover things up. Quit falling for this trick people. Remember what Raun Emanual once said; “never let a tragedy go to waste”
    Remember the Sandy Hook shooting? Does any one remember the mysterious man behind the school in camo pants and black coat they picked up. Who was this man and why wasn’t he ever mentioned again. All while we were in the midst of a fierce gun debate. What better way to sway people to gun control than killing twenty children. I put nothing past Barry Saroto(Obama). Keep looking around.Dont always watch what they want you to watch.

    1. RoadKing99 
      Don’t forget the amnesty bill.
      There were also two people that threw gas canisters at the Aurora shooting last year. Don’t know if one of the gas throwers was the shooter or not, but that means there was at least one more person involved with that. I honestly believe O and his bunch had something to do with both of those shootings.

  23. It was a “difficult case” because YOU made it one, Angela Corey. These race baiters need to face criminal charges so they will stop it. Corey ruined an innocent man’s life for political reasons. She needs to face charges….is it even possible?

    1. badbadlibs Look what happened to Nyblom or whatever the heck his name was in the Duke Lacrosse scamdal (Yes, the spelling is intentional!)

  24. Theatre, Judge Pirro? I’d call it more of a circus, and Angela Corey fits the role of the Circus Clown to a Tee…except not a whole lotta folks are laughing…Time for her to go…

    1. doofuschmartz  
      Well, there were jugglers, clowns, and lots of high-wire stuff, but no acrobats, lion tamers, monkeys, seals, or cotton candy.  So it was more like one of those travelling Amusement Parks.

        1. K-Bob Orangeone doofuschmartz In the streets actually and more are on them now.  Can’t you see and hear the Minnesota monkeys and seals rioting in Mpls yet?

  25. Great as always judge……except your last sentence where you say Trayvon just went for a candy run.

    1. Keyes Technically he did. This was a tragedy but in the the end it was Martin who the trial clearly showed he attacked Zimmerman, a community watch member, and that cost him his life.

    2. Keyes I agree. Then she got into why George should not be allowed to have his gun returned. Her opening was good, but a fair amount of the remainder let me down. A lot.

      1. sybilll Keyes Me too…it is just too easy for everyone to try and play both sides in an effort to seem fair.

      2. sybilll Keyes 
        I must have been daydreaming through part of this video. I didn’t catch her say that! That makes me lose a lot of respect for her.

    1. MadJack From what I’ve just read about the details, there’s a serious conspiracy just to get him arrested so that he may be sued for wrongful death.

  26. blah blah blah,its over,get over it.or are we going to change the constitution,to please angry people,this happens everyday,with no mention

    1. Well, I think it would be wise to keep the pressure on Corey. She needs to be disbarred and investigated for her criminal actions. No matter the crime, everyone deserves a fair trial. Her actions were improper, before, during and after this case. It is the responsibility of all Florida citizens to keep our doorstep clean. Inaction in regards to this woman’s unethical behavior could lead to this same mess happening again and again.

      1. DawgfanInFL  I wonder how many appeals this unethical pig is going to cost the state of Florida? She has to go

    2. DebbyMorge 
      So we should just accept it, then, like they do all of the killings in Chicago?

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