Just like Benghazi, Susan Rice spews Obama Bergdahl propaganda on Sunday talk shows

Susan Rice argued yesterday that Bowe Bergdahl was a legitimate POW, saying he was captured on the battlefield:

Of course this is contrary to what those who worked with Bergdahl in 2009 said about his disappearance. They argue he went AWOL and deserves to be punished for his crimes.

She then argued that the reason Obama broke federal law and didn’t notify Congress was due to Bergdahl’s ‘health issues’, saying they couldn’t wait 30 days to get him, inferring he might die or something:

Sorry, but this one I just don’t believe for a second. Obama simply didn’t want to notify Congress because he knew they wouldn’t approve of the release of 5 Taliban leaders in exchange for an America-hating AWOL Taliban sympathizer.

And lastly, when asked if she negotiated with terrorists, she dodged that one trying to argue that the Obama administration only negotiated with the government of Qatar and not with terrorists:

I don’t know why they just don’t admit it directly. If they are willing to negotiate with Iran in the open, then they should admit we negotiated with the Taliban instead of hiding behind Qatar. Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve negotiated with the Taliban.

So the same woman who they sent out to lie about Benghazi, they sent out to lie about the Bergdahl transfer. It’s like they are giving the middle finger to the American people.

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