Karl Rove against defunding Obamacare, says let it collapse under its own weight

Last night Karl Rove told Hannity that we shouldn’t defund Obamacare, that we should just let it collapse under its own weight:

SEAN HANNITY: Let me ask you one question about this budget. Senator Mike Lee of Utah is saying that Republicans, as this battle moves forward, this is the last opportunity because all spending begins in the House, with Congress, they have the power of the purse. He’s saying defund Obamacare, fund the rest of the government. I know they’ve voted 35 times to repeal it, but this is the one thing they can do constitutionally that would have some teeth. I think it’s a good idea, what do you think?

KARL ROVE: You know what? I’m suspect about it because it gives the president the bully pulpit and a gigantic stick on which to beat us, because all he has to do is say, ‘Look, this law was passed, it’s on the books. I’m going to veto your continuing resolution that doesn’t fund Obamacare, and it’s on you for shutting down the government.’

HANNITY: But it would be on him.

ROVE: No it wouldn’t. He would turn it around just like Bill Clinton turned it around on us. I would rather make him continue to be the guy who is trying to ask for more spending and keep the spending flat at 967 as his budget agreement that he signed set in motion.

HANNITY: I think this is our last chance to get rid of it. If we — once this is law, I don’t think we can get rid of it.

ROVE: Look, I think it will collapse in and of itself if we keep the pressure on. (Hannity, July 25, 2013)

Jeffrey Lord said this shows the difference between Reaganites and the GOP Establishment, agreeing with Hannity that defunding Obamacare will be a litmus test:

Not to put too fine a point on this, but this is a crystal clear example…the latest of decades worth of this kind of thing…of the difference between Reaganites and the GOP Establishment.

As a matter of fact, Mark Levin suggests Rove is actually working with Boehner and McConnell on this, with the GOP leaders using Rove as a way of getting themselves off the hook on this issue without having to do the dirty work themselves out in the open.

Suffice to say, this is not going to go over well. Yesterday Sean Hannity suggested on his radio show that defunding Obamacare is a litmus test issue. Hannity is right.

When I look at the two strategies, one thing jumps out at me clear as day. One strategy is based out of fear and doubt and the other is based in strength and confidence. Reagan was a great communicator and Rove/Bush…well, communication seemed to be one of their biggest problems.

Yeah, I think I won’t go with Rove on this one.

One other point. Last night, Mark Levin asked a caller who was advocating this ‘collapse under its own weight’ idea, when has a social program ever collapsed under its own weight? It’s not going to happen and I think that’s a fantastic rebuttal.

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128 thoughts on “Karl Rove against defunding Obamacare, says let it collapse under its own weight

  1. I’m sure that Mr. Rove has the funds to wait it out, but many Americans are not so fortunate!

  2. It’s a law.  We will collapse before it does.  Rove you and the rest of the RINO’s should go home and form one of your famous circular firing squads, oh and take Krauthammer with you.

  3. It’s one or the other, Karl. The defunding route ensures less pain to the American people. Why cause more pain than they’re already going to feel? Plus, letting obeymecare collapse under its own weight may be the straw the broke the camel’s back for our ailing economy.

  4. Has Medicaid or Medicare “collapsed under its own weight?” Has Social Security collapsed under its own weight? No Federal program EVER goes away if you keep shoveling money into it. The deficits will simply explode and we’ll sink deeper and deeper into debt as more and more Americans become dependent on this monstrosity. So sure, keep funding it, and you’ll never, EVER, see it go away. Until, that is, we finally DO go broke because of it.

  5. Rove and the GOP are one trick ponies that don’t learn from their mistakes!  They act like teenage girls trying to win a popularity contest by morphing into anything they believe will help them become cool, and in doing so they have betrayed their base and their numbers are dropping faster than Odumbo’s!  Here’s a concept that would resonate…take a freaking stand and quit being a bunch of meely-mouthed, wishy-washy sissies!  Unless they wise-up fast…they are going to become extinct because frankly we don’t need demoncrat-lite as an option, nor do we the people want it!

  6. When was the last time Rove got anything correct?  If it wasn’t for chad, he would have been the guy who lost the election against Gore. He is interesting, entertaining with his white board, but he does not understand the electorate for whom he thinks he represents.
    He is anti-grassroots, Tea Party, Conservatives, Libertarians, but loves big donors (though most of them cover both sides).
    Rove is a one-trick pony whose license to perform expired long ago.

  7. Rove (Bush’s) are RINOs – stop thinking these POS are stupid and scared to do the right thing – they’re not – they’re working with the Demonic-rats to push Totalitarianism ideology.
    This dope thinks Obamacare will collapse but from what? RINOs and Demonic-rats will always fund it…just like the POS Boehner goose stepping to every CR or debt ceiling debate.
    Wake up we’re being taken for a ride…41’s NWO is being implemented.

    1. fraggle “Every other industrialized country has healthcare for its citizens.”  Are you really serious??? We have the best healthcare in the history of mankind.  Go to a country where there is socialized medicine, the people aren’t citizens, they are subjects.  When Palin said something about “death panels” she was crucified.  They are not “death panels”, they are Quality of Life Panels.  They can decide who lives and dies on a case to case determination.  With the baby boomers hitting Medicare, they will determine who lives and dies.  Like Sebelius said,  “Some will live, some will die,” when she refused to grant a organ transplant to the small child facing death. It was overturned by a court order, but is definitely a sign of what is coming with Obamacare. When the government has the power of life and death over its citizens, that is not freedom, it is control We are the last bastion of freedom in the world and when we go down, its over folks.

      1. volsense fraggle That is why the money people of these industrialized socialist country come to the US to get things done. Yes, private US Hospitals.. Very recent case is the birth of the royalty in the UK. They have National Healthcare. Did the princess go to the National Hospital, the one that the serfs go, hell no. She went to a private hospital where only the  upper class can afford ???

      2. volsense fraggle I don’t think this poster really cares about “freedom,” but more about the collective.   Just as long as “everyone” has healthcare, who cares that its crappy and some people die?  All for the cause.

    2. fraggle So, why do they come here for healthcare?  Why do Canadians give birth across the border?  
      Why don’t you try the NHS and get back to us?  Tell us how they treated your cancer and/or how your hip operation went.  I would love to get this perspective from one who touts “other countries” healthcare.

  8. It might become more popular as free money goes to poor people and then whiny media outlets say Republicans are trying to take money away from lazy people.

  9. I say let Karl Rove collapse under HIS own weight. So glad I am no longer a Republican. Look what that phony Ryan I doing with WELFARE AMNESTY.

    1. fireme You are a Democrat now? What a socialist.
      Actually, I bet you are still a Republican. Just list some of the politicians you support. We’ll see that you are a Republican.

  10. Wrong, Karl. The economy will collapse under the Obamacaretax just like it was designed to. Notice he spells his name with a K just like Marx?

    1. Dr. Strangelove The fact that Karl Rove and Karl Marx are both named Karl probably has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
      I mean, Ted Cruz and Ted Kaczynski both spell their name “Ted,” but I’m willing to be Ted Cruz isn’t a murderous environmentalist terrorist. Although you never know.

      1. notpilgrims Dr. Strangelove  
        The very fact that you felt it necessary to point that out simply amuses me. Subtlety and a little humor are hard things to grasp in your household, I suspect.

  11. Total nonsense!  How many other incompetent and ineffective government bureaucracies have been deserted or dissolved?  Government instead just keeps throwing more money at them.  That’s ALWAYS government’s solution.  If something isn’t working it’s because it doesn’t have enough money.

  12. Given that Rove is an establishment Republican, a RINO, would we expect anything else than him telling people to roll over and let Dear Leader continue to shove it up our butts?
    Soon, there will be no more chances to get rid of CommieCare and then the Tyrant and the fascist democrats hands will be closed around our necks.

  13. So now let’s see. In the last couple of election cycles, how many Rove backed GOP candidates were actually elected??? 1 point something percent???I have about as much confidence in his strategies as I do in a government project that was awarded to the lowest bidder. My money is with the people who have the brains, and Rove and the rest of those “whited wall” politicians are not the ones who are sending any tingles up my leg.

  14. It took the Soviet Union with its own version of ObamaCare 70 years to collapse of its own weight and even then it took a big push from Ronald Reagan and Blessed Pope John Paul II with help from Margaret Thatcher to force its collapse.
    Do we have another 70 years to wait for this insanity to collapse of its own weight all the while Karl Rove and other Big Whig consultants who – I have no doubt – pocket a lot of money from the other side to sidetrack the conservative point of view on this and other issues?
    Had we listened to Karl Rove back in 1980, Reagan would not have become president would he?
    Yet, we keep having “Mr. Conservative” Sean Hannity trot out this Bushie, Karl Rove, night after night to give a completely one-sided view of everything and it’s not nor has it ever been a conservative point of view.
    With a second party like this, we’ll be saddled with a thousand years of darkness just as Ronald Reagan predicted many years ago.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  15. Rove thinks we are fools. Keep the pressure on? You mean like having the Boehner profess that he absolutely trusts Obama?

  16. Dear Karl, Unfortunately your money and “private” physicians will care for your fat a$$ even though you deserve naught.
    Dear Americans, Medical treatment for patients is going to be a CASH only “pay as you go” service in the future. Its already starting with small practices. You pay and take it up with your insurance carrier for reimbursement.
    Eventually Obama will be the most hated man on the planet (ObamaCare alone) when the middle class are the new poor and there will be real meaning to the old accusation of the 1%.

  17. Rove is either dumber than a mud fence or he’s trying to pull the wool over Hannity and America’s eyes.  Either way, who gives a poot what Rove says or even thinks.  RINO doesn’t even begin to describe him.

    1. Apparently, Hannity cares what Rove thinks so much so that I think he has a bedroom set up next to the studio for Rove to sleep over so he won’t have to keep catching the Night Owl every night to appear on Hannity’s show every night.  And, apparently, it doesn’t take much for Rove to pull the wool over Hannity’s eyes.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      1. JohnCraven Right, JohnCraven.  At least he’s a good reason not to watch Hannity’s “you know” show.

  18. Rove is a disgrace.  His advice should NEVER be listened to.  He’s the one that pushed for weak Mitt and Ryan.  I am pretty sure he is in Boehner’s ear telling him to not defund Obamacare.  Everytime Lee or Cruz push for something great, always count on Rinos to block for Obama.  Boot these traitors(Graham, Boehner, Lamar) out of office next year.

  19. Questions for Karl.  How many Americans will die while waiting for medical care while he waits for ObamaCare to collapse?  How many doctors will leave practice while Rove waits for ObamaCare to collapse?  How many millions with the US lose because foreigners will no longer travel here for the best health care in the world?  MN has their head buried so deep in the ground they won’t even look at tax revenues in not just the medical area but hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, etc. etc because foreigners travel from all over the world to go to the Mayo Clinic and our research centers.

  20. Rove is dead wrong it won’t work R’s tried this logic with Clinton and it backfired. Anyone who is against defunding Obamacare is an enemy to the republic! Congress can defund ObamaTax while STILL funding parts of govt and programs the people dont have a problem with through the continuing resolution. What Rove and others are saying is a lie. 
    I have the video of Rove on STR if anyone is interested…  http://wp.me/p1VRSn-4GB

    1. Keyes  
      Idiot making copious amounts of money all with a 98% loss record.  
      The bigger idiots are the candidates who seek his council and endorsement..  This guy is poison.  
      At 98%, I question whether he is not actually working for the DNC.

  21. Our government will just raise taxes to pay for the debacle.  When have they ever had a government program “collapse under its own weight”?

    1. ADatum24601 
      I nominate this for comment of the month!  Succinct, humorous, and effective.  Hats off.

  22. “Reagan was a great communicator and Rove/Bush…well, communication seemed to be one of their biggest problems.”

  23. Rove has declared himself King of the RINOs.  Just another big Government progressive.

  24. Like the Post Office or Medicare? Crap doesn’t collapse when it keeps being propped up.

  25. Last week it was reported that 900 Billion dollars was wasted annually.  How about a cut of 900 billion dollars or shut er down.  How can Obama contest promoting WASTE from his bully pulpit?  He can’t!

      1. PVG suzy000 Obama is a communist with a sycophantic, fellow travelling media, he can literally do anything he wants.  who’s going to resist him, Boehner?  Cantor?

  26. Whoever coined the nickname “Meathead” hd this stooge in mind. For the life of me I can’t figure out why anybody asks his opinion on anything! A biggr rino was never hatched!

      1. South Bronx mcgurn But another reason I do not watch Hannity. At least it looks as if Sean gets his talking points from the Great One.

  27. Another Horrible Poll For Obamacare, Just 18% Think The Law Will Improve Their Health Care “At Least Somewhat”. (CBS)

    1. Rshill7 Oh but we can’t stop funding! Just let it drag on for another year or so cuz we don’t want anybody to get mad at us. SHUT IT DOWN!

  28. rove, you are not one of the Illuminati. You are one of the Illegitimati.
    I’d write this in all caps and bright red if I could:
    rove, you gross traitor and fool, WE are the ones it will collapse on!
    May your mother choose to abort you in the 4th trimester.

  29. In theory Rove has a good point.  If we defund it and the public believes we screwed them out of a good thing, we will be voted out of office and the funding will start back up.  It’s still the law.
    Maybe it would be best to let the train wreck happen so people will learn what a disaster it is.  But, liberals always have an excuse, just like Obama has an excuse for the economy doing so poorly.  None of it’s his fault.  If we allow Obacare to continue, the train wreck will be blamed on us, greedy businesses, states not implementing the exchanges, and etc.  The fix will not be to kill the bill, but rather to make adjustments that will only be designed to pacify the public or to destroy the system even more.  No government program is ever shut down just because it’s a failure or it can’t be paid for.  
    Part of me wants the train wreck to happen so people will see how much they were lied to.  But if we do that we run the risk of never being able to undo it, and people will have to suffer the consequences of the bill.  I’d rather not see the impact this is going to have.  But if we defund it, it’s still the law.
    Not sure which way is the best way to go.

  30. You know what Karl NO one wants to know WHAT you think. Defund NOW! For the life of me I don’t understand why Sean keeps having this idiot on.

    1. trouble06 He has no real choice, like pretty much everyone else who  works for FOX.

    2. trouble06 Talking to statists is what Hannity does. It makes him look like a conservative superhero by comparison, but all he’s doing is legitimizing them.

  31. This idiot is one of the main reason I have stopped watching Fox News, but I also have to blame the republicans for showing their hand too early. The reason this idiot is on Fox doing the bidding for the big government loving rinos and democrats is because they know that this if used is the best weapon the GOP has and the democrats know it. I find it really curious that Karl resurfaces only when a good idea is floated around?

    1. Proudhispanicconservative 

      It is fair warning to Republicans reps who have yet to sell-out … Republican reps who may be considering supporting a bill to defund Obamacare.  It is fair warning to reconsider the opposing of the Republican leadership IF career opportunities within the party are desired.

  32. So says the guy who let his boss be defined by the Left.  Rove is to blame for the 24 percent approval rating that Bush had upon leaving office.
    His 2012 track record is terrible as well.  
    Not surprising though, fighting the Left is not the strong suit of the Rovians (Christie, Romney, etc).

    1. PhillyCon Leftist wackos (but I repeat myself) used to literally rush the stage wherever Rove was appearing back in the Bush days, and none of that seems to have taught him a damn thing about what he’s up against.

      1. South Bronx PhillyCon Yes, you’d think he would “know” better.  It just illustrates what a fraud and a coward he is.

        1. PhillyCon South Bronx he’s in it for the buck, just like the rest of those crooks.

        2. PhillyCon South Bronx they’ve all become Willie Sutton, they go into or hang around government cuz that’s where the money is…

        3. South Bronx PhillyCon Sad thing is that a good majority of primary GOP voters still listen to this guy.  He still has sway with the low infos on our side.

        4. PhillyCon South Bronx true conservatism requires an advanced degree, most folks don’t have the time or the inclination.

        5. South Bronx PhillyCon Exactly.  Part of the problem is that conservatism doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker.

      2. South Bronx PhillyCon   He’s not up against the Left, not exactly. He’s leaning on the Left.

    2. PhillyCon

      Why is “Republican” George W. Bush not warning Americans in regards to the Islamic appeasing/Marxist ideology of Barack Obama.  Bush’s political history implies he is not ignorant.  RINOs (Democrat plants/sell-out Republicans) have deceptively infiltrated the Republican Party.  Conservatives no longer have a home where they have representation in the democratic process.  It is time that a Conservation Party emerges with VETTED candidates.

      Obama Finally Gets Some Love… From George W. Bush
      November 9, 2010
      George W. Bush sat out the 2008 presidential race,
      and the 2010 midterms.
      But now that the voting is done, we’ve got a sense
      of what the former president thinks about the man who replaced him.
      In his 497-page memoir, Decision Points, Bush heaps
      praise on Barack Obama. …
      In Decision Points, Bush praises Obama’s “smart,
      disciplined, high-tech campaign to get his young supporters to the polls.” He
      writes that: “On election night, I was moved by images of black men and women
      crying on TV. Barack Obama had campaigned on hope, and that was what he had
      given many Americans.”
      Ultimately, argues Bush, Obama represented the
      future while McCain was the face of the past. “Like Dad in 1992 and Bob Dole in
      1996, John McCain was on the wrong side of generational politics,” argues Bush.
      “Electing him would have meant skipping back a generation. By contrast,
      47-year-old Barack Obama represented a generational step forward.”

  33. Frank Luntz and Mike Murphy are calling the shots for the establishment republicans these days.

  34. “The
    best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich

  35. “Last night, Mark Levin asked a caller who was advocating this ‘collapse
    under its own weight’ idea, when has a social program ever collapsed
    under its own weight?”
    Hence the reason every entitlement program we have is underfunded by trillions and rife with fraud and waste.

    1. Laurel A 

      Laurel … I apologize … I clicked “unlike” by mistake.  Hey … I agree with every word of your posts.

    2. Laurel A Yep.  It took Detroit 50 years to get decrepit enough that the media even noticed.  Also, look at Britain: unlike a few really intelligent folks like colliemum, most Brits still seem to think they can turn the corner on NHS problems.

      1. K-Bob Laurel A Heard today they are proposing to build a new sports stadium in Detroit to “revive” it.  Why don’t they just toss money out of a plane instead.

      2. K-Bob Laurel A Britain and Canada stun me. They fail to notice that most people receiving good healthcare are paying out of pocket. Take note that Kate had that baby in a private hospital and not through NHS.
        What is worse though is people blindly refusing to learn from those blatant in your face glaringly obvious mistakes in this country.

  36. The trouble with letting Obamacare collapse under it’s own weight is that collapse crushes millions of people. The law needs to be repealed. Period! Rove is taking the cowards way out. And also if it isn’t repealed, then when it collapses stupid politicians will just continually band aid it. Remember it was Milton Friedman who said “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program” so I can only imagine what would happen with this permanent one.

    DSue to it’s lack of popularity it is a ripe issue for Republicans to take the WH with if handled properly. I’m starting to wonder if a fresh blood Cruz/Lee ticket might be the way to go. Both know this issues as well as others and won’t knuckle under to stupidity and cowardice. With a little pressure we could get them to grab true conservatives for their top positions like Palin*, etc.

    *If I had three wishes I would make Sarah Palin press secretary for one year just for entertainment value. Could you see her chewing up and spitting out the idiot WH press corp (pronounced corpse if you are an Obamanite) among others?!!!!

      1. Tamikosmom Laurel A Or a temporary tax, like the one instituted to rebuild after the Johnstown Flood, still on the books.

        1. CalCoolidge Tamikosmom Laurel A Like funding the war.  Now it’s a Constitutional amendment.

    1. Laurel A Repealed and defunded. I prefer a President Palin with Cruz and Lee remaining where they are to lead a revitalized constitutionally conservative Congress.

  37. That’s what I was going to say. When has a government program ever collapsed? They’ll borrow to fund if they have to early on. Rove is a coward.

  38. The anti-conservative speaks! Unfortunately he represents the RINO leadership in the Congress and the GOP. They pretend to side with the base while working assiduously to undermine it. Go back to the original comments of people like Bonehead and McDuck and the others. They always said it could not even be repealed in those days, just amended and made more palatable. They are charlatans and frauds.

  39. And I keep hoping Rove will collapse under HIS weight, but he’s still here too! And unfortunately people at FOX keep asking this loser for advice.

    1. SheerPolitics 
      FOX is akin to a RINO.  This network gives a superficial appearance of being in opposition to the other MAJOR Obama mouthpiece networks but … dig deeper and it will be revealed that in reality ALL the MAJOR media outlets in America are one in furthering an Islamic appeasing/Marxist agenda.

  40. Yeah, that works great for you you rich pig! What about the rest of us???
    At what EXPENSE will it cost me and my family before it “collapses under its own weight”??
    Why is ANYONE listening to this liberal fool?

  41. Obamacare is the law of the land and Obama will use his bully pulpit no matter what happens.
    We all know he postponed employer mandate till 2015 to help the democrats.
    He violated Article II of the constitution and since it’s the law of the land we should go after him on those grounds.
    From Article II      He shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,

  42. You could say the same thing about every other government bloat, SS, Medicare, take your pick. They’re all still there! And if we don’t kill this thing, it will be there forever too.

  43. It appears that many of the Republican representatives are against a Conservative ideology and are one with agendas of the Obama administration.
    Thank you Mike Lee for your efforts to defund Obamacare.  One it is implemented … there is no turning back despite what Karl Rove implies.

    Richard Burr: Mike Lee Government Shutdown Threat ‘Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of’
    Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) on Thursday didn’t just reject efforts by a faction of Senate Republicans to shut down the government unless the president’s health care law is defunded — he called it the “dumbest idea” he’d ever heard of.
    Burr was asked by Associated Press reporter Andrew Taylor if he was part of an effort, led by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), to block a continuing resolution that would keep the federal government open beyond Sept. 30 if it includes funding for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. ,,,,

  44. The Republican Party is collapsing over its own weight…led by nitwits like Rove, Priebus, and McConnell.
    This is all representative of how the Republicans and Dems are all political expediency over betterment of their country.  Power and influence are paramount.  Patriotism is not.

    1. Sooner or later the TP Conservatives are going to realize who the real enemy is : the RINO, GOP etablishment. Until that fact is faced its all Bah, BAH, BAH

  45. It’s all a dog and pony show!!   To further Obama’s Islamic appeasing/Marxist agenda … the RINOs (Democrat plants/Republican sell-outs) plan is to give Obama EVERYTHING when it comes to casting Republican votes on the issues but give the false impression there is a strategy.  In other words … an illusion of a two party system is just that … an illusion.
    American wake up!!  Recall Republican representatives who are furthering the Obama agenda that is destroying the American Way!!  Take to the streets en masse!  Peacefully but forcefully protest the manipulation of the democracy!!

    1. wodiej I’d encourage you to join the club but its just so darn full at the moment.

    1. Rshill7

       2 Corinthians 11:13-15 – “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

  46. Defund it and let Obama veto it.  At least by defunding it will show who has some backbone in the House.

  47. Why would anyone want to trust our economy, our health care, and our privacy to “letting it fall under its own weight”?  WHY?  DEFUND IT AND let it fall under its own weight..  DO NOT TAKE CHANCES!

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