Karl Rove responds to accusations of him being at war with the Tea Party

Karl Rove was on Hannity tonight to discuss the New York Times article and accusations of him being at war with the Tea Party. He made a strong argument that he is not at war with the Tea Party and went through a list of Tea Party candidates that he and his Super PACs have funded.


Here are some tweets from Dana Loesch in response to his interview with respect to the Akin race in Missouri:

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162 thoughts on “Karl Rove responds to accusations of him being at war with the Tea Party

  1. Rollie Pollie Rove is going to be on the O’Reilly Factor tonight (2/7). He is certainly making his rounds on the media, which is a good sign that his a$$ is on fire.

  2. I would love to see Rove call Levin’s show. But judging by the smirk on Rove’s face at the mention of Levin’s name, ain’t gonna happen. Rove will learn the hard way that Mark Levin is THE voice of CONSERVATISM AND LIBERTY!

  3. The most conservative candidate that can win, translation: The incumbent a.k.a. The Establishment. Karl Rove is a Socialist. He may not consciously be a socialist the way Obama is but he wants to consolidate his power which by default influences him to favor Socialist policies. W is a Socialist, Romney is a Socialist. It’s soft and slow Socialism but it’s still Socialism and in always ends the same.

  4. Dana Loesch is right to rip Rove. Many on the right misunderstood what was going on in Missouri. They attacked Akin. Even Hannity said on his radio show, on Monday, after a good trashing of Obama and the republicans falling for his games that nobody likes Akin on the right and he is not advocating another Akin.

    Well Hannity, Dana supported Akin because he won the primary and he still had a chance. But idiots abandoned him and left him out in the cold. In the end, Akin also started to attack the GOP and did not want their help. But the fact was the GOP made sure to destroy the race and it began from the beginning.

    I’ll have to tune into her show’s podcast to see what else she had to say. Dana was on top of this race, being as she has a radio talk show that is from Saint Louis, speaks at tea party events and was working to elect Akin after he won the Republican primary.

    Dana has been real mad at Claire McCaskill, but also another idiot in Missouri John Danforth. Danforth was attacking Akin and trying to influence the race so Akin would lose. He is another Charlie Crist.

    What she wrote about the grassroots ending up fighting in Missouri and still at odds is all too common now in many races across the country. Here in Kansas, next door to Missouri, two conservative reps ran in 2010 to replace Senator Sam Brownback who ran for governor and won. Well they tried to one up each other and the race descended into a mess. Todd Tihart got some tea party support and Jerry Moran got other tea party support. Jeff Flake, Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn went for Jerry Moran, but Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and Karl Rove went for Todd Tihart. Yeah, Karl. So the race became polarizing with the grassroots split. In the end, the people of Kansas chose Jerry Moran and he won the general easily. Todd ended up getting a job with the Kansas Republicans which his successor in the House, Mike Pompeo, had done. The grassroots might not be that divided by now, but there were bad feelings after that election primary. Moran ended up as one of five senators in the tea party senate caucus created by Rand Paul.

    This past year the Kansas tea party had to fight off the establishment because they doubled down and started trying to get their guys into the state capitol. A former rino governor Bill Graves started endorsing just about everyone opposing the candidates Governor Sam Brownback endorsed. In the end, Brownback’s conservative endorsements did far better than the rino moderate backed candidates by former Governor Bill Graves.

    Each state’s republican party have their own issues and situations that are far removed from Washington. But it is all to common the grassroots infighting. And Rove and the idiot big wigs have no idea what goes on.

    1. The RINOs are perfectly willing to let a conservative lose to a democrat to get rid of them and us conservatives have to do the same. If its RINO or dem let the dem win to get rid of the RINO.

  5. HIS object is not for the most Conservative. He is without principal. That’s good you’re going after your brother Rove Hannity even though your good friend Mark Levin wants him to just go away along with all the Bushes in which I agree.

  6. This is the same guy who defended George W. Bush so well, that when he left the Whitehouse, the entire party was, and still is, in disarray.

    Get out Karl. Take your whiteboard and get out of the limelight NOW!!!!

  7. What really gets my goat is that Rove must think conservative voters are as gullible and dumb as Democrat voters when its comes to swallowing political establisment lies.

  8. Rove is full of crap, period!
    He is just another in a long line of Republican RINO, inside-the-beltway, Democrat-wannabe’s who will do anything to save the power they have and to continue to line their pockets at the public’s expense. A pox on BOTH parties and just about everyone in DC.
    We the People are on our own and must fight RINOs and Demunists to take back our Republic.
    (I just wish I could loosen up and say what I really think!)

  9. Dana is right on! I’m here in MO as well, and I’m so tired of hearing many in the GOP using Todd akin as their whipping boy!

    There was so much more going on here with the primaries and the party that rove doesn’t address or take responsibility for!

  10. Rove on Hannity, imagine that. This is why I am saying Hannity needs to stand up and stop supporting the RINOs like Rove. Lets see Rove sit down with Levin, I would pay money to see that.

  11. Well, folks, Jabba The Hut has spoken! Instead of Obama’s ‘uh,uh,uh!’, we have now heard Rove’s ‘but, but, but!’.

    Rove did NOT explain himself. He tried to defend his PAC’s theology, which as I saw and heard, is ‘Establish First, all else be damned!’

    Karl Rove needs to go quietly into the night, and watch The Tea Party continue the process of saving America, from inside the belly of the beast.

  12. Hannity is trying to be a neutral observer between the establishment and grassroots. I think he’s handling it well. He has a responsibility to try and not make the situation worse or at least look worse than it is in terms of the GOP civil war. Believe me, there will be blood on the carpet if Rove and his gang try and trash conservatives in primaries.

    1. I tend to give Hannity the benefit of the doubt. His mistake and I can’t even call it that is having guests on his show. He has to be civil to them at least. He has to be seen as a fair and balanced guy. Having said that, I don’t watch him much. He is a Conservaitive and not a Republican. He’s been taking a beating on this list and frankly there is one way to aleviate that problem and that is to not watch him.

      We all know that there is and has always been a split in the Republican Party. We Conservatives were and still are expected to bite the bullet and be good little soldiers. However, the Republicans do not fight for their principles. They just pretend that this is just a temporary blip in the timeline of America. We all know it isn’t. Sooooooo it’s time to find fighters and support them. Especially ones that understand how to deal with the press.

      1. Hannity is gutless and spineless along with his masters at FOX News. FOX dumps Dick Morris (with good reason) but not Rove and Hannity has him on to ‘splain things about this article? I call BS on that garbage. FOX News is a pale shadow of itself and deserves to lose viewers by the thousands.

        If Hannity had anything in him, he would put his money where his big mouth is, get off FOX News and go it on his radio show alone.

        1. Don’t understand why Levin is so fond of Sean. Can’t stand his show, either one. He harps on the same mindless points ad nauseam. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but not the brightest bulb in the box. IMHO.

    2. Hannity works for Ailes who is the Bush crime family’s mouth piece. Hannity does what Ailes tells him to do. And Tokyo Rove’s intention is to intimidate the serfs that resistance is futile, corrupt crony capitalism is here to stay.

      2016 is Jeb’s turn as far as the Bush Crime family is concerned. The donations from Tokyo Rove’s pack come directly from Barbara Bush’s rolodex.

      The plan was always for Etch-a-sketch to lose because after 8 years of Obama the country would finally be ready for another Bush, Jeb. Jeb was always the ONE who was supposed to be president not W.

      Corrupt Al Cardenas former chairman of the GOP in Florida, who was elected chairman at CPAC despite not having conservative values is a corrupt lobbyist, aka corrupt crony capitalist. He set up Jebbie to speak at CPAC where once again Jebbie will tell the serfs that “The Age of Reagan is over!


      Little Jebbie is still the governor of Florida. He has neutered Governor Scott who was a TEA Party and not an establishment candidate. The gopE convention was in Governor Scott’s state and little Jebbie didn’t even allow him to take out the garbage. Why was Jebbie speaking at the gopE convention? He’s a washed up gopE dinosaur. His dinosaur Sununu is responsible for the “Rules Change” to shut out the grassroots at the convention that would make Stalin proud.

      Who do you think orchestrated the redistricting of Allen West’s congressional seat? Who do you think is responsible for moving up the Florida primary last year? The immigration plan isn’t Marco Rubio’s plan it’s little Jebbie’s plan.


      In 2010 Florida went total TEA Party. EVERY establishment candidate lost. Next day Jebbie was pissed off and went to work screwing the TEA Party. He bought off Attorney General Pam Bondi and Marco Rubio was always a Bush client who went rogue when little Jebbie told him to wait his turn for Orange Charlie. All was forgiven if he pushed for Etch-a-sketch.

      Yes, all is working according to the well oiled orchestrated Bush Crime family plan.

      Nobody was more irate when Reagan won the nomination than spoiled brat GHW Bush who has made it his mission in life to cut the ground out from under any conservative before they can gain any traction. His motto is, “Better a Democrat than someone who is not one of us!” The Bush crime family will not allow this insurrection to prevail.

      Read “The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty” by Peter Schweizer. He’s the guy who wrote “Throw Them All Out” which forced the corrupt congress to change how they can invest and profit on their inside information and partnered with Steve Bannon on “Boomtown.”

      Corrupt crony capitalism is here to stay serfs! GHW Bush means it. Over his dead body will the serfs win.

    3. We don’t need observers on the sidelines directing traffic we need voices in the media trying to charge forward like Mark Levin and others, if you ain’t doing that you are bump in the way!

  13. I remember listening to him bad mouth Sharon ANgle and the Im not a witch chick complaining that we were wasting our time backing candidates that cant win. He was very adamant about it, but now he uses them as props to show how much support he has for TP candidates. The guy is a snake and hes just trying to do damage control after the NYT article came out.

  14. Eager to see Sarah lead the fight to destroy the liberal-elitist GOPers and begin the fight to save America.

    Closed primaries would be a good start to stop the leftwing socialists from choosing OUR candidates.

  15. Strange, but you never hear Democrats screaming that bad candidates like Joe Biden, Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, or Elizabeth Warren should ever get out of a race. In fact, I’ve never even HEARD of a weak liberal Democrat being forced out of a race by the Democratic party. Seems that EVERY liberal Democratic candidate gets the full support of the party and is never asked to pull out because they can’t win. Most often than not, most of these candidates DO win simply because they fight a dirtier campaign than their opponent (just look at Al Franken for that). Maybe it’s about time for the Republicans to learn something from the Democrats on how to win a race.

    1. Chalk it up the the difference between leftists and conservatives. Conservatives fight about principle. That’s why they are divided. It looks ugly, it looks petty, it has all the ingredients that the left will use against us. But the fight between real conservatives and the establishment highlight the true values that exists in the movement.

      Contrast that to liberals. They are united in their evil. When they have a bad candidate, they rally around him. They have no values and principles other than their hatred of Christian America and it’s political repository, conservatism.

      Unlike conservatives, Democrats know their true enemy. This is the only time Democrats have ever applied a Christian principle: If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Mark 3:25. Like Satan’s house, the House of Democrat also remains united; while the Republicans are stuck sifting the wheat from the tares.

  16. Did I actually hear Hannity call him Brother Rove (0:44)? And Rove called Steelman “Deb” – twice (1:31, 3:06), Mourdock “Todd” (6:17), and actually called Hannity “Neil” (4:55). Lastly, he even shrugs off Mark Levin (3:36). Yeah, this man really has it together.

    Here’s the Whiteboard analysis:

    Rove incorrect: 85%

    Rove ignorant of facts: 90%

    Rove lying: 90%

    Rove arrogant and rude: 100%

    Rove spot on: 0%

    An, an and, he, he, he’s, loo, loo look. Bedee bedee bedat’s all folks.

  17. This is actually good news. Means he’s feeling the conservative heat baby. You guys should’ve seen Bill Kristol last night on Special Report. I couldn’t believe what I heard. He discredited the establishment and their claim that Tea Party candidates are losing elections for Republicans. He made the point that seven establishment candidates lost and only two Tea Party people lost and mentioned how the establishment wouldn’t have the house without them. He also mentioned how the Republicans loved the tea party in 2010 but once with majority they went the establishment way in 2012 and lost. He blamed McConnell for his horrible leadership and incompetence. Wow!! Is what I thought. These RINO’s are feeling the heat folks. And yes I know Kristol is establishment. I think we are burning their asses finally.

        1. It was crazy. I asked my little four month old if I was dreaming. She smiled and then sucked her thumb which means yes daddy I heard the same thing. Whew.

          Kristol laid out the the truth better than anyone else so far. I was truly amazed.

        2. I don’t know who the idiot guy was but he sounded like another Juan Williams! This is the first time I’ve agreed with anything Bill Kristol had to say in more than 2 years!

    1. I 100% agree. He put a whippin’ on that journalist from The Washington Post. I thought he was gonna punch him in the mouth. He articulated how stupid it is for Rove and McConnell and company to try and silence The Tea Party after all they did for the GOP in 2010.

      He is establishment for certain but for about five minutes he nailed it.

  18. Look at what happens when they decide it wasn’t the best one that can win–they do not support the winning candidate. The establishment then does more damage than dems. Democrats can just use establishment arguments for ads.

  19. Rove and his elitist oligarch hierarchy echelon band of cronies in and of the GOP RINO establishment, will be defeated, period.

    They do not own Republican Party. These are the same liberal progressive Republican Party RINO nitwit drones that fought and tried to defeat Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan for decades. And they are trying to do the same to the grass roots Conservative Tea Party candidates and movement, aka We the People.

    It’s funny how Rove doesn’t mention or list any of the 7 plus US Senate establishment candidates they he backed in 2012, yet lost.. As compared to just a few conservative candidates that lost..

    Bring it on Rove.. You think you were in a fight last election.. You aint seen nothing yet..

    1. You can’t be serious?

      What impact did the 2010 T-Party victors have on policy? NONE!

      How many of your T-P representatives are battling tooth and nail for the 2nd Amendment? Like NONE. How many of your conservatives voted against using drones in America? I think it was 4.

      You conservatives who stick with the GOP are the most Stupid members of the Stupid Party. You work yourself silly and get nothing in return. You’re as mentally imbalanced as an Obama-bot.

      1. wow.. Insults and denigration, are true hallmarks of immaturity, and unintelligence.. but then again, you are a liberal progressive, aka RINO..

        The list of Reagan Tea Party Conservatives who were elected in the US Senate and House, overwhelmingly stand for, and uphold Constitutional Conservatie core values and principles of Individual Freedom and Liberty, of Free Market Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Limited govt, Lower taxes, Financial and Fiscal responsibility and accountability by elected officials, and adherence to the rule of law, US Constitutional Law.

        I suggest that you liberal progressive RINOs, join the Obamacratic party, since you are so inclined to be like them.

  20. I never seen “dough boy” stutter so much…what a POS. We need to keep Rove in the hot seat. Mark Levin hit it right on the head…our side has been losing since this a$$wipe contaminated our party. Sean Hannity did good, but he needs to press Rove harder next time.

    Rove can stick his chart up his a$$. Rove’s group rode on the Tea Party Coattails back in 2010 and it’s an insult to see him try to take credit for it. Pathetic that Crossroads only gave money to two real Republican candidates in 2012. No money for the House members/candidates…Allen West? Mia Love? *crickets*

    Now he is accusing grassroots groups of pocketing the money? Those sound like fighting words to me.

    I’m not sure if Todd Akin would have won, but one of the main reasons why he lost is because the RNC and Rove’s group left him to die…no money and no help. You gotta hand to the Democrats, they will back each other up no matter how bad the situation is.

    Anyone giving Rove money needs to get their head examined. You’d think these people would want a return on their investment. Seriously…giving Rove money is like sending it to the Bank of Nigeria.

    1. You are right on chatterbox. I’m in MO, and they did leave akin swinging in the wind. If the party had just supported him, with money, coaching, etc., I really think we could have won that seat! He would have been helped on framing the issues, where to go for interviews, etc., and would have never done that hack show! But as always, if a Christian conservative is in the race, GOP is embarrassed and their on their own! Bachman and West come to mind. Rove, we don’t need YOUR kind of help!

  21. Karl who? We have no use for people like this man, and haven’t for years. This is why we hardly watch Hannity anymore, because of the people he has on his show.

  22. Karl Rove is once again showing how self-righteous and full of crap he is. No thanks, Karl, I will pick my own candidate. I don’t need one loser telling me to vote for another RINO loser. What you really need to do is just what the GOP really needs to do: Start listening to the voters, period. The RINOs in the GOP now (each and every Rep in Washington) need to be voted out and REAL conservatives voted in.

  23. My impression as a viewer. Karl Rove was talking so fast, and moving his marking boards around so frenetically that I question whether he was telling the truth or not. Sounded to me like a ”big dodge” was in progress…Guys like Rove are absolute masters of deception and in the manipulation of facts. More inside the beltway dog and pony show. Rove has never appreciated the Tea Party, nor has he ever taken a stand in defending the Tea party. He is no “straight shooter”.

  24. Did Rove just accuse grass root organisations of using donations for paying themselves rather than supporting candidates?

    Obviously Rove is back-pedalling here, but let’s not forget a few things he and his henchpeople did:
    * shutting Sarah Palin out totally and utterly, to the point where candidates were allegedly told that even having her appear with them would mean no funding;
    * absolutely no support for Allen West when reportedly Pelosi and the dem funding machine ploughed millions into the campaign for his opponent.

    Let’s not forget that Rove and his machine were utterly surprised by the 2010 results and have been trying to both diminish that effect by corrupting some of the elected TEA party representatives in D.C. and by trying to prevent this happening again in 2012 – adn 2014 and 2016.

    Note well Rove using Rubio as example for how much he ‘loves’ the TEA Party.
    Rubio! Of course Rove would support a Bush-anointed candidate.

    He is lying, he is back pedalling, and he and his ‘advisers’ and side kicks really really should be shown the door.

  25. lets just cut to the chase and see if we can get sarah palin to run for president that would get us on the right track….

  26. Maybe Hannity will have Dana Loesch on to tell her story of what went down in MO? I would believe her over Karl Rove.

  27. Dana Loesch is exactly right. Congressman Akin was at least a true conservative but I guess he did not vote the way that Karl wanted him to. So Karl you again gave us tax cheat and Obama supporter McCaskill.

  28. DO NOT BELIEVE anything Rove says! He is a has-been. He is not a conservative and he is election poison for anyone he promotes and supports! He is FULL OF CRAP!!!

  29. If BS was music Rove would be a brass band. In my opinion Rove and his ilk came up with this group because Governor Palin did not resign with fox and by her comments after. Rove, the Bush clan and the elite GOP establishment want to keep control and all the perks that go along with it I include the democrats in that to. Governor Palin is a threat to the establishment, Rove as well as the libs.

  30. I’m so done with Karl Rove and the Bushes. Can’t they just move along, their time has been up a while ago.

  31. If the GOP practiced what they preach on the stump during the campaign season, there wouldn’t be a tea party.

    If moderates were fiscally responsible, there wouldn’t be a tea party.

    moderate equals closet liberal.

    electable candidate equals politician that will vote for bloated budgets and pork with votes paid for by tax payers.

    reasonable equals willing to play the washington dc game

  32. It’s hard to get conservatives to agree on one candidate but I’m happy to see many many conservatives agree that Karl Rove is an overused political hack, failure and we reject him!

    1. if he thinks that we conservatives will support his chosen candidate then he’s got another thing coming – i’ll sit home before I vote for another RINO from the rove/law camp.

    2. So, next time Rove opens his mouth about a candidate, we need to ignore instead of bashing that particular candidate. Too many conservatives still listen to this guy, IMO.

  33. I don’t watch Hannity did he have some one else debate the other side? If they didn’t then this is when I call bullcrap on the foxnews claim of being fair and balance.

    1. good point-

      If his other friend Levin were given the option to appear in a “taped” debate, I’m sure he would accept, but Rove would probably piss himself.

  34. Rove has shown his true colors – do not be spun. It IS time to go to war with the ‘GOP Establishment.’ Only THEN we will have any chance to take back the party. The alternative, they will never realize but is true, is that if we strike out on our own true party they will NEVER win. The “majority electorate,” however, would get the tin pan dictators it deserves if the 47% keeps wanting a free lunch. May they be the first to the camps…

  35. Rove has shown his true colors – do not be spun. It IS time to go to war with the ‘GOP Establishment.’ Only THEN we will have any chance to take back the party. The alternative, they will never realize but is true, is that if we strike out on our own true party they will NEVER win. The “majority electorate,” however, would get the tin pan dictators it deserves if the 47% keeps wanting a free lunch. May they be the first to the camps…

  36. A lot of spinning by Rove. It seems all he wants to talk about is Akin. He couldn’t even get Sarah Steelman’s name right. His talk about supporting Tea Party candidates is just not credible.

    1. he isn’t credible because he may have gave tea party candidates money but that was after the fact when the primary was over and his candidates lost! He supported other establishment/moderate republican type candidates during the primary gave them money not the tea party candidate, sure when tea party candidate running against the democrat he had no choice. And every time his candidate lost and the tea party candidate won he would get on foxnews and tell everyone Oh what a big mistake the voters made! I’ll never forget how many times that happened, so he can shove that white board where the sun don’t shine..

  37. I knew he would lie when I heard he was going to be on Hannity tonight. Why does Sean let him get away with this stuff unchallenged? He accuses the lib media of doing that with dems.

  38. Rove clearly has no idea what he is talking about which is par for the course. Levin has dealt with him very well the past couple of nights. As for Dana she really needs to get a grip. Akin was a bad candidate and had they had a run off (as Akin did not get 50% of the primary vote) I believe Steelman would have won (Palin power).
    In any event Rove will be a spent force by 2014 just watch and see.

  39. Karl Rove is a bald face fraud in an attempt to cover his own a$$! First of all he says that Todd Akin was a bad candidate because he was a huge ear marker. Really, Karl a huge earmarker. As a representative it is Constitutional to get money for your distrist, you dumba$$. When Todd Akin misspoke concerning the abortion issue Karl Rove found that comment personally offensive. In Karen Handel’s had public policy position with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization and in her book, Planned Bullyhood, she describes how Karl Rove worked with Planned Parenthood when it was decided among the organization to not provide grants or funding to planned parenthood because donors were disappointed that the organization was giving grants to an organization that provided abortions and many of the donors were Catholics and pro-life groups. And the amounts give to PPH was so small compared to Susan G. Komen took in. Once this hit the media Karl Rove worked with Planned Parenthood to say that Karen Handel made the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood using Ms. Handel as a scapegoat working with Planned Parenthood and democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. So Karl Rove was personally offended by Todd Akin comment.

    He also worked against Ted Cruz in Texas because Dewhurst was supported by Jeb Bush and Karl Rove, sound familiar supporting Spector over Toomey. I hope no one believes this pack of lies he told tonight and recognize that he was just covering his own, well you know what. I find it interesting that FOX dropped Dick Morris but not Karl Rove. Why give him a platform to continue spreading his crap, FOX? This is a huge mistake. And now we have to ensure a long campaign for Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. I will not watch FOX if they continually push these candidates just so the Big Corporations can feel good. I will not feel under as much pressure in losing our country in 2016 so I will not vote for any one of them.

    1. Hannity just lets him lie.

      Thanks for the info about the KOMEN thing. I remember that and how even after they said that Planned Parenthood could keep getting the money, they were forced out!

      1. It’s the fact of Hannity’s providing a forum for liars to go unchallenged that convinced me to cancel my cable subscription — almost two years ago.

        Yes, I know, Bob Beckel and Juan Williams are such “nice” human beings, they deserve to have a forum where their lying bullsh%t can enter the airwaves without being called out for the lies they regurgitate.

        Sayonara, FOX, you’re useless! redundant! and Hannity is but a caricature of his former self.

      2. It will be interesting if Hannity “lets” Mark address this when he starts having Mark on. It’s the issue of the day and if Mark appears soon then Hannity will have to eat crow by having him correct Rove’s lying record.

        1. I hope Scoop posts Levin’s appearances on Hannity as I cancelled my dish some months back. Like you, I’m looking forward to seeing how Levin deals with Hannity’s soft peddalling Rove.

    2. Agree with your well stated facts. Mark Levin exposed Mr Rove’s plans pretty well on his radio program a yesterday, I feel sure we can trust Mr Levin’s analysis about Mr Rove, Law and the GOP plans, to the letter. To add further evidence of the total breakdown and lack of courage coming from the GOP is their caving on everything obama and the dems want regardless of the law, or cost, with little to no resistance what so ever.

      1. Totally agree, TIMERUNNER! Its so bad with the GOPe that no one knows what they stand for anymore espescilly them. I mean they cave on everything!

    3. The fix is in. Fox is moving to the left to further the narrative that conservatives are extreme. It’s all about political power, and both sides will do whatever it takes to regain it, at the expense of lawful governance and principled leadership.

      Some had said over a year ago that it was over and we could no longer rely on politicians to fix society’s ills- that it would be up to us in our communities, yet here we are trying to look for our would-be “savior”. I don’t see any substantive victories in the near future, and we’re 1 mile from a cliff going top speed towards it. It’s time to buckle up unless it’s even remotely possible to slam the brakes hard and turn the wheel- and HOLD. Nothing short of that will be a solution.

      1. But we are not like the drones and the liberals. We are not looking for a savior, just a leader who can articulate Conservatism and it’s principles and enforce the Constitution. Simple. But, not so simple if your Karl Rove, and the Bushs’.

        1. There are a couple different perspectives. I’m pretty much at the point that the worst is inevitable. Sure, we will need leaders to get move us in a direction away from it, but I don’t think we can stop a collapse. What I mean to say is that if we’re looking for any politician to prevent this, we’re being foolish. It’s time to think about what will happen when society collapses, and all are demanding a solution from government. Government’s solution will be to crush individuality; we have to be prepared to assert it through politicians that have the backbone to withstand the hate that will come. Kasich is one example of one who failed, and they will become even more rare.

          1. I really wasn’t surprised by Kasich move, Stewie. His answer early on was not definite. But, he is suppose to be a fiscal hawk! Makes you wonder. These Govenors who caved to this mandate should not go the Republican Govenors retreat because they are fake republicans.

  40. My question is who decides who is the most conservative candidate that can win; Rove’s superpac?

    I wish Sean would have asked about Romney because the last 2 presidential nominees lost. The fact Obama is in his second term was not the fault of the base but the establishment.

    1. Exactly my point. He thought all of the people running for Texas was good? Yeah, right. The others are nothing like Ted Cruz.

  41. I just love it. People here are into what people can and can’t say yet moan and groan about when a kid is suspended for playing superheroes with a pretend granade.

    And who is the one to pick that? The guy that sucks at picking winners. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  42. Regardless, as a Hoosier that worked on Richard Mourdock’s campaign, I do partially agree with Rove that we need people that most likely can debate without running their mouths. Simply say:”I am against abortion except in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is threatened”

    1. Yeah, just ignore the fact that the Tea Party wasn’t backing Akin.

      Richard Murdoch was bashed by Lugar. Why can’t Lugar get over himself and support who the people picked?

      1. Mourdock was leading most of the way until he made that comment and it went national. Believe it or not, for Indiana being a red state, a lot of people tend to be moderates in Indiana.

        1. His statement came right after the Akins disaster, so the media and their friends painted Mourdock with the same brush.

    2. The fact is though he had no support from the GOPe and was undermined by the aged charlatan absentee Senator and his supporters.

      1. Regardless if he had support from the establishment or Lugar, Mourdock was leading in every poll until his comment where after he dropped to being 11% behind Joe Donnelly.

    3. If its not abortion … the Left will find some other issue to demagogue. The media is stacked against conservatives.

      I don’t see how “oracle” Rove/and or the establishment GOP can game plan against an unknown.

      Good luck with that.

      1. Mourdock was winning until the comment because the guy ran on nothing but the economy in his 2 year campaign. What I stated should be what they should say during he debates.

        1. Read what they did to Rubio on a much smaller scale and in similar fashion. This is what I mean when I said, “the media will find another issue to demonize if its not abortion.”

          h/t Rightscoop.

          Whatever the reason, Rubio fell for it, and he went into circumstances where his ideological enemies had total control over the post-interview spin—and however articulate he was in the live talk, those snippets hammering him on wedge social issues would become the canonical impression of that interview.


          1. That is on him giving an interview to a liberal news outlet. I am talking about actual debates which is where Mourdock and Romney went wrong on that issue.

            1. Debates are usually run by liberals with liberal moderators. Remember, Candy Crowley?

              So, I would argue its the same concept. Liberals are in control. The sooner we understand this fact and act accordingly, as the Breitbart article is arguing, the better (or more effective) our communications strategy will be.

    4. Simply say:”I am against abortion except in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is threatened”

      Why should someone say that if they don’t believe it? Because it offends shrinking violets who think that all life is sacred unless the child is conceived in rape, because evidently rape-conceived children have different DNA and are somehow less human I guess. It’s a morally inconsistent position, no matter how “nice” it sounds.

      Further, though Mourdock didn’t speak elegantly, what he said was a far cry from Akin’s stupidity.

    5. Here’s how to handle the abortion issues. Don’t even talk about it and when asked about it say : “This election isn’t about abortion, it’s about the economy, jobs, prosperity” blah blah. I like Mourdock but he fell into a trap with his comments.

    1. It’s time for Rove to hang up his little white board and use it as a dartboard, for all I care. He may have shuck and jive security with FNC, but he will be tuned out by me.

      1. Me too!! I’m getting really tired of him saying ‘subjectively’ that they always support the most ELECTABLE conservative. Problem is his view of electable and conservative both differ from mine!!

    1. She had a ton of money from her running for President. If she had spent some time in her own district, I don’t think it would have been that close.

      1. she was in debt after the prez debates.. most of her money came from people who believed in her for her campaign

      2. Not sure where you are from but I live less than 30 minutes from Michele Bachmann’s district. She spends a lot of time in her district and worked very hard to get the new Stillwater bridge crossing to WI approved. Her opponent was very well funded, received F on his TV ads yet they continued to be run.

        Michele Bachmann received ZERO support from the GOP and many, including me, contributed to her campaign even though we didn’t live in her district.

        1. It was obvious that she was a wingman for Mitt Romney with how she would attack every one but Mitt Romney.

          She had a ton of people complaining her office doesn’t respond and has a problem of huge turnover.

          1. You might want to take a look at the RNC footage. Michele Bachmann supported Ron Paul.

            Edit: I’m not sure what you mean by a “ton” of people. Rep Bachmann’s staff is extremely responsive even to people that do not live in her district. Turnover is not uncommon especially being a Republican that has just been redistricted to include a chunk of selfish liberals destined on causing problems.

            1. Michele supported Ron Paul? Well color me comatose. I never saw THAT. In any event, her twitter feed is evidence that she is accutely in tune with her constituents. Make no mistake, I love, love Sarah Palin, but if there were some infighting incited in c4p forum, I’d have to see specific citations of Michele’s malfeasance.

              1. Michele stood with the MN delegation that cast votes for Ron Paul, even though the MN voters chose Santorum. I didn’t see her publicly announce anything but she did support the Paul rather than the Romney delegates at the RNC.

  43. Of course Rove has to spin this. But the NYT article is behind the times hoping for conflict in the GOP. We’ve all known for a long time that Rove serves the Statist establishment.

    P.S. I wonder why Dana is in Europe.

        1. Who? Rove? Because, that’s who went to the NYT and then has the nerve to act like he’s a victim of the NYT.

          1. So very not unlike Obuma of Rove; also so inside the beltway like… Blame the hand picked messenger for the message.

  44. Also, I would like to point out that this is what you risk when you have 3 people running and don’t have a run-off.

  45. Yup. As a Sarah Palin supporter I know for a fact he is saying BS!

    In fact, I could have sworn I read he gave money to all 3 who were running in the primary for the GOP nomination!

  46. I like Dana Loesch, but keep in mind that she went off the rails during that MO senate primary. She was attacking everyone who didn’t support Akin.

    1. Dana made it clear that she had to work with the cards that were dealt. Let’s not fault her for the mistakes Missouri voters made. Just saying. That’s what I remember.

    2. People, Dana is one seriously sharp, beautiful, patriotic, “True Conservative” Defender of Constitution! I agree with her 100% and think she shines through when she gets passionate, Mark Levin like if you ask me. I stand with Dana all day long over the establishment elites like Rove. Speak for us Dana, we love you! Tea Party Patriot!

  47. Rove has bitten off more than he can chew and now he is back pedaling.Bye Rover.Time for you to move on fat boy.

    1. When the RINOS attacked Colonel Allen West, the the GOP faded for me. George Soros money along with the RINOs defeated West. Rove is a liar and never will be relevant to true Conservatives. RINOS are now the third party and will never win another national election again. Never forget that the Bush regime led by Rove was responsible for setting the stage that allowed Obama, the most anti-American pathological liar in our history, to be elected to two (2) terms.

      1. “RINOS are now the third party.” I really like that, mind if I use that in the future? It is so true and we need to drive that thought home every chance we get.

        1. The only people who don’t know the RINOs are the third party are the RINOs themselves. Rove, Boehner, McConnell and Cantor are perfect examples of why we are in the financial distress we are in and cower so badly to Obama, they should be known as “Cave” men. Calling them jokes would be a compliment.

          1. This is not unlike Democrats not realizing they are either full blown Socialists at a minimum or Marxists at worst. These different shades of Progressivism is what is ruining this country.

          2. I wish that was true, but you want to know who else doesn’t know? The 80% of their voters who have never heard of the Tea Party, have no idea who Karl Rove is, and will continue to vote Republican just like the democrats’ 80% do the same thing.

            You can not defeat their numbers and they will not be educated.

            You simply can’t do it without taking over one of these two parties (or hell, both of them).

            It can’t be done third party.

            Sorry, but them’s the facts, and you need to put effort where it can work.

    2. Totally agree!

      Rove ≠ Teaparty (as he would have you think)

      This man, like many other politicians, may have started out good, but now is ONLY concerned with holding onto his own power and influence over others, and not the greater good.

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