Katy Tur just exposed herself ON-AIR!

Not only did we catch Katy Tur professing her ignorance about politics on Monday, but today she decided to up the ante and just take a biased left-wing position on air.

While the MSNBC panel discusses the transgender bathroom issue, she declares that it’s a “civil rights issue” to shut down Charlie Sykes, who is simply and correctly, calling Obama’s rule an overreach by the federal government. At the end of the clip, she then concludes by indignantly batting her eyelashes as she takes a stand for people confused about their gender to use whatever bathrooms they want.

She is obviously and clearly taking the left-wing side on the issue when she demands that Charlie Sykes agree it’s a “civil rights issue.” Once that premiss is granted, there is no debate. But that’s THE ENTIRE DEBATE. She’s painting it as virtuous democrats who affirm civil rights and evil, awful, terrible conservatives who are opposed to civil rights.

But that’s mischaracterizing the debate absurdly and tilting it to the left’s favor.

The debate is WHETHER a transgender person has a civil right to choose whatever bathroom they want.

For Katy Tur to mischaracterize the debate in the way she did is to reveal brazenly that she is not an objective journalist, but a biased, partisan hack.

I mean, really, at least lie to us more convincingly, Katy.

UPDATE!! We are reminded by our eagle-eyed readers that Katy’s dad is the surly Zoey Tur, a transgender dude who threatened to visit violence upon Ben Shapiro for calling him what his doctor called him when he was born – a dude.

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