Kavanaugh misconduct letter-writer anonymous no more, makes media debut on cusp of confirmation

The anonymous letter about Judge Brett Kavanaugh and an alleged incident that is supposed to have occurred when he was a teenage kid in high school and has no other corroborating evidence or witnesses was the last-ditch wrench the Democrats were attempting to throw into the otherwise unstoppable confirmation of his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Having released the anonymous letter only after the many FBI investigations, administration vetting, hearings, questions, and tesimony were concluded, the obvious objective was to permanently tarnish Kavanaugh on the court, and start his lifetime appointment off with a built-in hook upon which to hang objections in any future case involving women. A pre-configured “but misogyny” argument the media and left could use indefinitely to undermine this American institution (something they decry in Trump but happily engage in themselves.)

But the media-blitz roll-out must not have been working as planned, because the alleged victim whose protestations of desperate desire for privacy kept her anonymous has now let those worries dissolve and come out swinging, complete with a Washington Post story, a supposed set of therapist’s notes, a pricey, big name attorney, and a ready-for-primetime shine.

Christine Blasey Ford is her name, and she’s a liberal democrat academic from California, SHOCKINGLY. Some parts of her story sound entirely plausible, others … not so much. Example of not so much?

In an interview, her husband, Russell Ford, said that in the 2012 sessions, she recounted being trapped in a room with two drunken boys, one of whom pinned her to a bed, molested her and prevented her from screaming. He said he recalled that his wife used Kavanaugh’s last name and voiced concern that Kavanaugh — then a federal judge — might one day be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Y’all. Really? She happened to mention Supreme Court hearings in 2012??

The story contains no corroboration outside of her husband, the supposed therapy notes, and a vague reference to a lie detector test, which they say show she is telling the truth but does not specify what they asked, or even if the test specifically mentioned Brett Kavanaugh as being implicated.

You probably remember when the Washington Post previously ran an accusation of sexual misconduct against candidate Roy Moore, a republican in Alabama. You may also remember that there were multiple accusers, corroborating evidence, and a failure on Moore’s part to categorically deny them. It was, in short, a vastly different situation and if the Democrats think it was a template, they’ve got another think coming.

The effort is a fail, it looks like. Republicans have already stated today that the article changes nothing.

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