Kellyanne Conway defends Trump on Rob Porter scandal by citing employment stats

Kellyanne Conway got grilled pretty thoroughly by Jake Tapper this morning over the Rob Porter situation, but much of what she said was that she wasn’t sure about the facts, and maybe Jake Tapper has been beating his wife, and also unemployment among women is lower, so there!

Watch below:

I noticed Kellyanne Conway uses the weird tactic of personalizing accusations against anyone questioning her – she told Tapper it would be really weird if she heard awful accusations, like wife beating, against him too. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but it seems like it’s meant to rattle them.

In any case, the timeline here just doesn’t help Conway – it really appears as if the Trump admin just didn’t care much about these allegations until they were in the media and in public view. Conway citing employment stats among women won’t do much to change that fact.

But it doesn’t matter. Trump’s base is entrenched to defend anything he does, and the opposition is entrenched to blindly accept any allegations. This is all meaningless pantomime because we have completely closed ourselves off to rational debate. Yay!!!

UPDATE: OK, I forgot to point out a very important counterpoint to all I said above, which is that the Democrats who are pretending to have their panties in a bunch over how the Trump administration treated women are utter and complete hypocrites.

Here’s why:

They made excuses for that scumbag for decades premised purely on the basis that he supported policies that were supposedly “pro-women” in their view. So screw those a-holes too.

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