KERRY: What are you guys worried about? The world is safer than ever! Go back to watching Netflix

John Kerry made this unbelievable comment in a hearing today on Capitol Hill:

Our citizens, our world today is actually, despite ISIL, despite the visible killings that you see and how horrific they are, we are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans and to people in the world than normally, less deaths, less violent deaths today than through the last century.

It’s amazing to me how this administration continues to play down the Islamo-Nazi threat as if everything is OK and we should all just move along and go back to watching Netflix. I mean, what is the reason to make a statement like that at a time like this?

Meanwhile, Christians and other ‘infidels’ – even Muslims – all over the Middle East and N. Africa are getting slaughtered every day by these Islamo-Nazis while the temporary ISIS caliphate keeps continues to expand.

Seriously, who really cares about the fact that people might statistically be safer now than sometime before? Who cares about people who are at peace? It’s the ones who are being beheaded and burned to death, the ones who are being raped and raped again that we should be fighting for. Because sooner or later these Islamic terrorist will be gunning for us in our own country on a level we haven’t seen before. They may not kill 3,000 people by blowing up buildings like they have done before. But just imagine people in many big cities being killed by a pipe-bomb or a stabbing or by a car plowing into a group of pedestrians or by an AK-47. It’s coming, sooner than later, especially if we keep listening to dufuses like Kerry and Obama who play down the threat because they are complicit in it.

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