Key Trump director QUITS as campaign RESTRUCTURES in a PANIC over last primary states…

The Donald is now really worried that their pitiful lack of a groundgame might cost them the nomination, so they’re dropping $20 million into the last primary states and restructuring the campaign.

And that forced a key field director to quit in protest to working under a new campaign management hire:

…sources inside the Trump campaign said the moves are increasingly alienating staff loyal to the original team headed by campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, which had guided Trump from the political fringe to the precipice of the GOP presidential nomination with relatively little campaign infrastructure or spending.

One key Lewandowski loyalist, national field director Stuart Jolly, on Monday submitted a letter of resignation, according to the sources, who characterized Jolly as displeased with the reorganization. Under the new structure, Jolly would have reported to Wiley, who was hired last week by Manafort as political director. In turn, Wiley, who previously ran Scott Walker’s disappointing presidential campaign, will report to Manafort, who was hired late last month and quickly boasted “I work directly for the boss.”

One operative who has worked with the campaign and was briefed on the changes said “Stuart will not work with Rick Wiley. It just wasn’t going to happen.” The operative added that the change had sparked particular concern among the campaign’s field staff, many of whom were hired by Jolly and maintained close contact with him — a rarity on a campaign with a reputation for top-down communication.

“Stuart is the only guy who has worked with the field staff, and they are loyal to him,” said the operative. “He is the only guy who understands how this works. It is going to be a huge shock when he leaves.”

Why is Trump so bad at organization?! This makes me much more curious about why he won’t release his taxes, and whether he’s actually worth anything near what he says he is. If he runs his businesses the same way he runs this campaign…

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