KRAUTHAMMER: Delusional Obama hit NEW LOW lumping Republicans in with Iranians and that’s SAYING SOMETHING

Krauthammer was on tonight nailing Obama for lumping in Republicans with the ‘Death to America’ chanters in Iran, saying he’s hit a new low and pointing out how delusional he is for pretending that it’s not the Ayatollahs themselves that are leading the ‘Death to America’ chants.


This is one thing Krauth always gets wrong. It’s not delusion on Obama’s part, it’s deception and lies. Obama isn’t an idiot. He knows that it’s the Ayatollahs, the Revolutionary Guard, the leadership of Iran that are leading these chants, who want to destroy America as well as Israel. He’s just lying about it to make his point and the media just continue to give him a pass on it (which is why he does it in the first place).

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