Krauthammer: Forget about a Benghazi Select Committee — it’s too late, Obama has won…

Krauthammer says he’s as outraged as everyone else about what happened in Benghazi, but that a select committee should have been started a long time ago and that now it’s too late, politically speaking, to start one. He says the country doesn’t care about it any longer and that the Obama administration has won by running out the clock on it. He also blames Republicans for letting it slip away.

Stephen Hayes disagrees with Krauthammer that it’s too late and argues that there are simply too many big questions that need answers.


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153 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Forget about a Benghazi Select Committee — it’s too late, Obama has won…

  1. One of the cases for the individualist conception is that its derived political systems minimize to “least harm” that which evil men can do.

  2. Boehner made a deal with Obama in Dec. of 2012 to sit on Benghazi and we will never see a select committee unless Boehner is ousted. Obama debriefed Boehner in December on classified info causing Boehner to back down. Obama did this to Romney in the middle of the Presidential debates about Benghazi and this is why Romney stopped hammering Obama. See…..Obama’s ploy is this…..debrief the enemy to shut them up….it works every time. When will our side start wising up?

  3. Mr. Krauthammer, we are not now and have never approached it as a political issue. Four, count them, four Americans lives were lost because someone “screwed up.” We the people deserve to know the truth about whom that was. Period! You can make it about something else but this is a murder/terrorism case and we will not go quietly into the night. Someone lied and four Americans died! You may not have the stomach for it but we do and we want to know the truth.

  4. By having 4 committees investigate the same scandal, Boehner is employing too many cooks in an attempt to spoil the broth. He is either doing this deliberately to allow the scandal to fade away, or he wants to save it until just before the election. Either way he’s engaging in base politics. The victims deserve more than this. Boehner needs to go.

    1. WHAT DIFFERNCE DOES IT MAKE!!! Coming to your local voting bootth 2016
      Every day until then American should be up and aware of the lies and deception that is the government.

  5. Shame on you Mr. Krauthammer. Throwing in the towel is not a strategy you have employed in your personal life and it is not one our opposition uses. Where there is injustice there is no time limit. These people need to be exposed and defeated. They also need to be tried for their crimes and sentenced appropriately.

    1. Isn’t it interesting how a Democrat scandal becomes “old news” the day after it happens, but a minor Republican misstep (like Romney’s dog) never gets old? Why do Republicans like Krauthammer keep insisting that we play by the Democrats’ rules? It doesn’t make sense.

    2. he never “suggested” to throw in the towel, he rather made a political and realistic observation on how the GOP has basically helped the Obama Admin to get away with something like this

  6. i have a hunch that the admin. has something on Bohener which they made an agreement not to go after each other ad that’s why Bohener helped Obama to run out the clock

  7. I think that the biggest problem is that it will most certainly happen again. When it does, have we learned to not trust these snakes? Forgetting about it is a major disservice.

  8. Hayes is right. We the people want and deserve to know the truth!! Especially since there is going to be someone connected to it run for POTUS!!! …as in Hillary. Hillary watch our men die. She watched and did NOTHING!!! Do you really think she should be rewarded for that Krauthammer?? I don’t. I want the truth exposed and the people responsible punished. PERIOD.

  9. He is right. Water under this bridge. A horrid disservice to the Americans who died. But how was such a mass deception of the American people engineered?

    Is it not the role of a “free” press to expose that? Kruthammer does not seem to want to go there.

    Fox was part of securing Obama’s “win”. They kept this at the surface level. They too led Americans to think it was partisanship. They did not call out the other networks for their lies and mis-information.

    1. Lets all say it together then…WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE
      only in the movies of Tom Cruz and Jack Nicholson does a moment like Hillary’s get a rise…

  10. I disagree with Krauthammer occasionally but on this one I don’t see how he is out of bounds. His argument is justified. Most of America HAS forgotten about it. Is that hard to believe? Most are drones. Its gone in their minds. I think they have to still do a select committee but will it be the big issue that it should be? How could it? The MSM has been throwing dirt over this from the beginning. They got Obama reelected. What Charles is saying isn’t outside of a very glaring reality.

    1. So by saying from the insight of this attack it was successfully swept under the rug and We should be so impressed with Kraut’s word…
      Nonsense, and the fact that he is this arrogant show that this is just a paying gig for him. He should be using his air time to tout the opposite.

      You knew things weren’t good for him when after a lifetime of being a paraplegic, he comes out publicly within the few last year, to talk about the dive/in his glory days ( college years)
      When I saw him speak of it … was cold and not inspiring in any way. Not that he needs to be inspiring because of what happened but dont bring it up use to to profit and not show any form of reflection. This is who he is. Just a man after a buck

      We need to separate from this need for greed sheeple.
      We need to stand on Principles

      Ted Cruz has not an ounce of greed or self feeding ego in his body. And I would love for Ted to respond to Krauthammer even though its below him to stoop so low to throw in the towel. You would think Krauthammer of all people wouldn’t message to throw in the towel.

      1. Like I said. There should be a select committee. From the beginning. I’m arguing the fact that he is right when he says the country may have moved on. I hate that that could be true. Trust me. Let’s face it…is that so far fetched? I mean we elected a man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama as our next president after Bush and seven years removed from 9/11. Then reelected him again!! After everything he has done. So why would it be far fetched that America will let him escape on this one? Again, I’m not saying don’t go after it but don’t expect the dumbed down distracted part of america to give a ****. The media will take care of the rest.

        1. I disagree. I think the people who were concerned about it then are still concerned about it. Krauthammer always undermines America and conservatives when it matters most. He is no champion of conservatism by any means. Besides that I quit listening to any kind of predictions of his because he’s usually dead wrong. He is only good at predicting the obvious.

          1. He’s a paid puppet…… when he makes national statements like that you wonder who is pulling the strings

          1. Would you please think harder about what I was trying to say? I can’t figure out how to make it any more simple with out confusing you more than you are now.

            1. I know your intentions are good and Ive seen you post good stuff. But Krauthammer showed his ass here in my opinion and to even agree that the machine got away with murder in any way feeds the machine and they love it.

  11. Funny, but I don’t recall Krauthammer calling for a select committee 3 or 4 months ago and especially not last year. So now he aquinences to Obama, hands him a victory and just because the GOP failed to heed the advice that Charles never promoted.

    More important, he’s wrong. A select committee may not have the time to get Obama, but even if true certainly folks like Lerner may get charge. But the real importance of a select committee is the lefty MSM MUST cover it. From the day it is form to after Obama leaves office, this committee will generate headlines that can only help the GOP in 2014 and 2016.

    It’s time for a Benghazi select committee.

    1. There are a lot of things I THOUGHT the MSM would have to cover but didn’t. If they did they misreported. The MSM is throwing propaganda haymaker’s and its worked. Three or four huge scandals that would have destroyed any other administration. Just one of them would’ve. I NEVER underestimate the power of MSM anymore. Never.

      1. I hear you and based on the recent past, it’s true. But based on my experience in the media, they will cover the select committee. They may not want to, but with the first hearing of a proposed select committee, the feeding frenzy will begin and none of the elite media leftists will surrender the story to their competition.

        Go back and look at all the negative and the numerous investigative reports on the Clinton’s when Bill was president. He was a lefty, but even in the MSM hounded him with their coverage. The same will occur if a Benghazi select committee is created IMO.

  12. It is true Rep. (“retiring”) Mike Rodgers (R-Mich, Chairman of House Intell. Committee), wife was the CEO of the company the State Dept. contracted for intell and security? Is this why nothing is being done? It is just one big cesspool.

  13. There was never enough outrage because it was covered up by the complicit, sycophant media.

    1. You’re right, Dr. S., but, you know something, covering something up is actually quite hard work. It requires too much work – and money – attempting to be consistent in the message. That approach has resulted in a President resigning (“I am not a crook.”). It can hit a financial bottom-line.

      Even more effective and far, far easier and simpler than covering something up is ignoring it.

      How can Americans be outraged if nobody tells them about what’s going on?

      Another good reason to ignore is that they know full well that if they report on the bad behaviour of the sheriff, the sheriff just might “happen” to find a law with which to charge them, causing them to spend large amounts of money unnecessarily on lawyers and other legal fees.

      Beyond that, what they’ve learned is that, to keep their business successful, they make nice-nice with the establishment politicians by telling them how wonderful and fantastic they are.

      In other words, keep them ignorant and keep them happy and you’ll be successful.

      1. Whether the media is omitting, minimizing or just outright lying, they are covering up the agenda of the leftist regime in DC.

  14. I’m sorry, but more often than not, Charles Krauthammer is part of the problem. He may take a conservative position (on some issues), but he is a mouthpiece for the RINO Establishment that absolutely refuses to fight – which is why the country is going to crap.

    I guess this genius believes that if a President lies and covers up his crimes long enough, then he should be allowed to get away with it.

    Sorry, but these comments by Krauthammer are disgraceful.

    And I for one am sick and tired of the RINO parade that is on Fox News. Would be nice to have at least one conservative network, because Fox sure is not.

  15. Just the fact that nothing substantial has happened in uncovering the truths behind Benghazi is a crime in itself. An ongoing crime.

  16. Another reason I don’t watch FOXY News, and besides, I have NO CABLE!
    Let’s forget about the Holocaust, that happened a long time ago. What a fool! Maybe he had a long discussion with Hank Aaron, who thinks we are no different than KKK members if we disagree with the Dictator..

    1. cable is just liberal propaganda. and coming here and just watching a few foxnews interviews is annoying.

  17. I think Charles of the Hammer Kraut is just trying to protect his Pals high up in the GOP Establishment who may be IMPLICATED in the Benghazi scandal

    not necessarily responsible for any deaths but responsible in that they knew and SIGNED OFF on what Obama and Hillary were really doing in that Benghazi Consulate, without Congressional authorization

    Notice that Boehner has bought a flash Condo in FL, and several of his GOP Cronies are retiring this year, not standing for re-election, including Rep Mike Rogers from the HOR Intel Committee

    IMV, they KNOW that the lid will be blowing off this Benghazi scandal eventually … (even soon?) and are evacuating early …

    1. PS – the following is speculation but has been on my mind, since realizing that the GOPe and their Chamber of Commerce Cronies are clearly both pro-amnesty and pro-commoncore

      if it turns out that Boehner does step down this year, I would like to see Rep Louis Gohmert from TX take over as Speaker.

      I know many are enthused by Gowdy (as am I over his staunch work on Benghazi and the IRS scandals) but he is pro-amnesty and appears to be putting the interests of the Chamber of Commerce before those of American citizens/Veterans, whose employment prospects should come FIRST.

      I think it is possible that the GOP Establishment are grooming Gowdy to take over from Boehner,( if Boehner ends up stepping down, that is) and all the loud rhetoric is happening, in part, to bring Conservatives on board with his possible elevation in the future …

      The GOP Establishment/Chamber Cronies will be happy if they know Gowdy is *theirs* on the amnesty issue

  18. Translation:

    Hey, I discovered a few crumbs of credibility I still had laying around, and so I thought I’d set fire to the little suckers.

    They didn’t burn very long.

    Anyone need a speech written?

  19. As corollaries to Dr. Krauthammer’s comment:

    “The Armenian massacre? It happened such a long time ago in such a distant and remote area of the world. It’s too late. They ran out the clock.”

    Immediately after the concentration camps were found in northern Europe after WWII, what if someone said, “It’s too late. We needed a select committee but nothing happened. They ran out the clock. No one can be brought to justice.”

    I am totally baffled by Dr. Krauthammer’s comment. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Again, he should know better than to make obstructionist comments like that.

  20. I guess anyone can have mind cramps; myself included, for Sure. But, in my humble opinion, to restrict Truth with a timeline, is a fool`s errand….

  21. So, if enough time passes, then we shouldn’t worry about murders, right?

    I can just hear the accused murderer now: “But, your honour, that happened such a long time ago. Who cares about it anymore?”

    To me, that kind of comment is equivalent to obstruction of justice and, from what I understand, that, in itself, is a crime.

    Dr. Krauthammer should know better.

  22. Krauthammer has an opinion, but I totally disagree. It is never too late to uncover the truth. Obama and Hillary have not won, unless you believe in honoring liars.

    Forget politics, we have an administration that lies and lies and people die.

    We want the truth, Boehner authorize a Select Committee or resign ASAP- that means Now

    Finally, Krauthammer look into the eyes of the families that have suffered from a lying government. Ask them if it is too late. Shame on anyone that wants to move on.

  23. I want to know and so does millions of others…it is late but not too late..bring it! The truth is all that matters!

  24. It is never too late, good people died…heroes all! Obama lied…people died!

  25. Hillary Clinton IS the Face of Benghazi.
    This Administration is Corrupt. Is there NO MAN who will ‘out’ this administration? Everything IS done in the name of POLITICS!
    So Many Sick Bastards that have ruined this country!
    And they go on to collect pensions and build monuments to themselves!

  26. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? It’s over when we say it’s over, Mr. Krauthammer.

      1. Don’t you remember? It was the Armenians who bombed Pearl Harbour! They used small, balsa-wood airplanes with rubber-bands.

        Then some old hippies with bongs invaded Austria and Poland and the Sudetenland.

        The Swiss then walked into southern Oregon, um, Salem in particular, if I recall.

  27. It’s never too late for justice to be done, Dr. Krauthammer.

    “Make no mistake. Justice will be done,” Obama said, speaking from the Rose Garden alongside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (Sept. 2012)

    We’re still waiting, Mr. President.
    Ambassador Steven’s family is waiting, as well as the families of those brave men who defended the U.S. Consulate at Benghazi. Still waiting for justice to be done, and still waiting to know why you and your Madam Secretary of State failed to protect our ambassador and our consulate!

  28. It’s not about political points, it’s about the families of those who were murdered finding out the truth. Krauthammer is wrong, the truth matters to their loved ones, no matter when it comes out.

    1. Freedom, separate the issue of the pain the families feel, with what should have been done at the time.

      This country should have absolutely come un-glued at the way this administration handled this. This entire nation should have gone ballistic. The simple fact is, it didn’t. I don’t know about you, but I think it says something about us, as a nation. As a people, actually.

      1. I think the nation did go ballistic. It’s just that the media didn’t. Obama could commit murder on the White House lawn, and the media would not report it. It’s that bad. So I think the people were outraged… the media was covering for their precious… so much so that Candy Crawley inserted herself into the debate to protect her precious. The media is 80% of the problem in America. Imho.

  29. Why is that I, like others here, feel I have to preface my comments with, “as much as I like Krauthammer”. But here I’ll do it again: As much as I like Krauthammer, and as smart as the guy is, I just wish that sometimes he would actually think before he starts yet again to agree with the tactics of the left as a fait accompli. Drives me nuts!


      1. A broken clock is right twice a day. I’ll never say as much as I like him because I don’t.

    1. He’s not doing that, las1.

      He’s saying timing is everything, and he’s right. The time to go after these bastards was when it happened, while the fires were still burning.

      1. I do respect him but… Sure CK is right. That is all true…. But he’s mistaken if he thinks its over. There is more… much more to come out about Bengazi. CK’s solution now is for the Republicans to look at the broader foreign policy. But that ain’t gonna happen. If they can’t go after them about Bengazi… they will NOT look at the broader foreign policy.

        And another thing… CK is deluded when he calls Obama feckless and incoherent on policy, or his administration incompetent, as he has in the past. CK is a smart guy… sooner or later he will have to state the obvious, that Obama is a subversive… and an Islamist subversive who has the White House absolutely crawling with Muslim Brotherhood. But CK won’t say the obvious because he likes the kudos and accolades of the media elites around him starting with George Will.

        Their inability to state the glaringly obvious about Obama’s deliberate undermining and subversion of America is very frustrating. No one is saying it, not in Congress, not in Media or print. Only in the blogosphere and alternative media are they stating the truth. And CK does not want to sully his reputation referencing those “extemists” in the blogosphere. Eventually he will just blurt it out … that given all this so-called administration is doing, it appears to him that it is deliberate and not feckless. Then I will embrace him whole heartedly.

        They are all like CK in the media… it’s just that CK is one of the really bright ones.

        1. Have you ever considered the possibility that Krauthammer is using his position as a well known commentator, to make sure that the discussion remains alive?

          1. Probably like you I have this love/hate thing with CK. When they won’t state the obvious, it’s hard to understand what they think their job is.

    2. I think you preface your comments with, “as much as I like Krauthammer,” because you respect what he has to say. You may disagree with him sometimes, but he is one of the Conservatives out there, who never change. He always states what he believes. I like that about him.

  30. Obama won the battle when he was reelected. This is bigger than a battle and as much as I like Krauthammer, he doesn’t have the power to wave the white flag. Those who left our people without security to be slaughtered must be held accountable as well as those who lied to the world about the video

  31. As usual, the kraut is right. It is simply too late, at this point in time, to make a good bowl of oatmeal out of this thing. All of us were outraged when we found out the truth about what happened. That would have been the time.

    1. But the law is dispassionate. Justice has nothing whatsoever to do with our level of outrage.

      For myself and many others, the very fact that this goes unanswered only heaps on more outrage; it does not diminish the original anger.

      If the government will not follow the law, we must alter or abolish it.

  32. Well, Mr. Krauthammer, if you happen to read this story on The Right Scoop, you will undoubtedly scroll down to these comments. There’s not a single one (so far) that agrees with your statement. I guess you can see what Americans are thinking now. We’re not “tired” of this story. We’ve been fighting for the truth, and we’re not giving up until we get it.

      1. Holy smoke! It’s like I could hear you count to 100 before typing.

        Better open that steam valve a notch. Otherwise you’ll have to jettison the core or something.

    1. Timing is everything, faxxmaxx. In more ways than one. I just came home and made that comment, without reading all the ones you and the other members had already made. I don’t usually do that. Usually, I read all your comments first. But I guess it doesn’t matter at this point.

      Forgive me, but it was my honest response to what Mr, Krauthammer said. All of you know we should have pushed this thing in the extreme, while all Americans were on top of the story, and absolutely livid, at the behavior of our President, his advisers, and the State Department, especially Hilarious Hillary.

      Four Americans were killed by our enemies, without any visible support from our worthless President, or our worthless State Department. Our Military was standing ready, just waiting for the call. F-16s were on the ramp, engines warming. All they needed, was the go signal. Permission to launch. They never got it.

      Four Americans died, because no one acted. It was the saddest day in the history of this great nation. Here is why. It showed that even a country as great as these United States we live in, is only as great as the leaders we elect to lead us. Never was this more evident, than in Benghazi.

      Our soldiers and our foreign diplomats and State Department employees don’t ask for much. They are often sent to posts in countries far, far away from the lives we live in Kansas or Pennsylvania. That they personally choose to do that, says something about them. Something very personal.

      What it says is this. While you and I are living a perfectly comfortable life in suburban America, and enjoying our pickup trucks and widescreens, they are out there. In harm’s way. Sure, it is their choice. But why did they make that choice in the first place?

      I think they made that choice because they believe in the Freedom this country offers, to anyone who is able to reach it’s shores. I would hope, legally, but then that is a discussion for another evening perhaps.

      It really is a little late now, to try and revive the spirit about this thing that we all felt at the time. Myself, and most of you I am sure, are perfectly willing to go after these bastards for what they did. Bengahazi hurt America more than any recent thing in memory. It was certainly the worst thing that happened to this nation since the Twin Towers coming down at the hands of Terrorists.
      But the kraut is right on this one. We simply dragged it out to long, and at this point, its almost what Hillary said. “what does it matter, at this point?”

      For sure, it matters a lot to me, and it matters a lot to you, and it certainly matters a lot to the families of the four Americans who were murdered in the service of their country.

      If it were up to me, I would gather Obama and Hillary and all the worthless State Department employees who were part of this, in the situation room of the White House, and have some new recruits practice their flamethrower techniques. I would want to make sure that one person was with them.

      The General who had control of those forces that could have gone in and saved four Americans, but didn’t pull the trigger. Him, I would roast on a spit.

  33. A government for and by the people. no longer exists. The sheer volume of UNANSWERED government scandals, corruption and torts, have desensitized an already apathetic citizenry to stark demoralization. If we as a society, continue to accept a “do nothing” congressional policy, we are just as GUILTY as they are.

    1. He spends so much time off the reservation that it is making it harder and harder for me to still consider him a member of the tribe.

  34. We still have upcoming elections in November and I’m hoping and praying the political rats in the house of representatives get thrown out of office.

  35. With that logic…I guess it was too late to go after Nixon because he’d won his second election… wait….

    1. If Boehner, Krauthammer, and company were at Independence Hall in 1776, we would all still be British subjects.

    2. ….and his Attorney General, John Mitchell, went to jail for aiding in the cover-up of a “third rate burglary”.

        1. Like Ben Shapiro loves to repeat… if it were not for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

      1. Yeah, the whole thing was ridiculous. Nixon had nothing to do with the break-in.
        His mistake was he should have just held a press conference when he learned about it and said he would be cooperating fully.
        Dems break into Rep. headquarters every election and you never hear a peep about it.

  36. The same Krauthammer that said Obamacare wasn’t worth fighting over and would collapse on its own. He’s supposed to be a great chess player, I have to wonder if his entire strategic gambit involves strategic retreat.

    People like and defend this guy. On rhetoric and talking points he is good, but can someone tell me the last time he was actually RIGHT when it came to strategy ? Yeah, thought so.

    How about we put all of the scandals under one select committee and impeach the King, and be done with it ?

  37. Krauthhammer is wrong. These families deserve answers, facts. And it will expose 0bama and the WHOLE Democratic Party and Establishment DC for what it really is.


    1. and its not the act but the cover up that is the problem. It doesnt surprise republicans that terrorism is alive and growing. How did they know not to invade the area? And the cover up makes you wonder.

  38. He’s right as far as there should have been a select committee over a year and a half ago- but as far as it being too late? BULL CRAP!
    Maybe in the bubble air of news rooms all around the country but here in the REAL world- we’re still PI$$ED and we are NOT going to let it go!

    You tell the families Mr. Krauthammer that YOU think they ought to give up and leave it alone. Tell them to their Faces! Tell Pat Smith! I’d love to see that. Tell Mr. Woods. Go for it.

    Bull crap. Those of us who have been fighting for truth since day one will NEVER give UP.

    1. Hey West Coast, I knew that if and when you looked into this post that your blood pressure would go through the roof. You are not alone in feeling the outrage but seeing all the work you’ve done in shedding light on this atrocity you have to be absolutely livid. Thinking of you.

      1. Sorry NY. I just refreshed and now saw this from an hour ago. Oh dang it East Coast, this makes me bawl. There have been better and more powerful people working on this and damit my heart breaks for them everytime someone says crap like this.
        Thank you for being so sweet always. ((((((())))))))s.

        I feel a spur of energy from this now though. Makes me that much more determined. TY East Coast. ♥

        1. Consider the possibility that Dr. K might be usin` that Psyc. Degree of his a bit, in reverse…Now Wipe those tears, We`ve got TONS to Do ! ! ! !

      1. Awww!! You’re sweet.
        This story won’t die. No matter how much they want it to. 4 dead Americans are not political points. They’re heroes who’s families deserve the truth.

        thank you my friend.

    2. Sorry I`m late to this party…As far as your comment; You Got THAT RIGHT, Cowgirl ! ! ! A Zillion Likes from ALL of US… I`m Sure, Sister Soldier for TRUTH ! ! ! !

        1. AD, because I know what it’s like to have justice delayed and therefore denied, I am on my knees pleading with the Lord that he will make you successful.

          1. I pray someone will be successful. There’s been better people than me working on this, and I have been praying for truth to come out no matter who brings it. Thank you Gary.

  39. Just when old Saurkraut dips his toe in to conservative territory, he yells
    “ouch!” and pulls his foot out and back in to lefty spin. I say BS! It is
    never too late to right a wrong. Onward march against this thug regime
    and ALL its players on both sides.

    1. Krauthhammer is what you would call a centerist. If he was in Congress he’d be one of those reach across the aisle guys. This is not a fight for the soul of our country to guys like this so we can’t consider he’s really on our side. Conservatives that is.

      1. In my book a “centrist” is someone who doesn’t have
        any true convictions. It really is very easy to determine
        what is right and wrong, even in politics.

  40. It’s been 20 MONTHS since Benghazi and blame should be placed on spineless John Boehner and his congressional minions (including Darrell Issa) for squandering time & effort to get to the bottom of the death of a US Ambassador and three other patriots. It is beyond pathetic that we don’t have answers to what happened that night, including what the hell the president was up to before heading off for a fundraiser.

    As for Krauthammer, it wouldn’t bother me in the least if jumped back across the aisle and started speech writing for his favorite libs again.

    1. The Families Deserve it! Damn our Special Forces and way better people than me have been fighting for the truth since the begining. None of us are going away as much as the pos’ in Washington want us to.

  41. Boehnor and McConnell need to go with Cantor and McCarthy. This is why I AM SO FRUSTRATED by people worrying about 2016 !!!

  42. Krauthammer is wrong on this one. I continue to be irate and will NEVER forget the Benghazi incident!

  43. Charles is getting old and tired. It is NEVER to late. We hunted the Natzis for decades and still are…. Good night Charles. You’ve put in your time, now retire…

  44. I tell you Dick Morris has a new show out of Philly he comes on at 3pm ET right after Rush and he does a post Rush talk where he talks about Rush’s daily topic, but he has been on fire and shockingly extremely right …. He is starting a wave of voter fraud fever.
    And his contempt for Hillary….. its strong… It seems daily he is up in a roar about her. Worth taking a listen to as I never liked him up until now…
    You can hear the hate for liberalism

    1. So Dick Morris spends the first 30 minutes of his show talking about the NFL and/or Rush’s golf game?

  45. I did not see the video, but read the blurb. If I use Krauthammer’s analogy: when my kid’s old enough to take exams at school, I should advise him, if there are too many questions and if their too hard, just give up. And what? Fail?

    I think Krauthammer is inexorably moving back to his Mondale speech-writing days.

    1. He will never be totally on our side. Unlike Reagan who saw the evil of the Democrat party and did a total turn around, Krauthhammer is still a lib at heart who is occasionally upset with Obama’s handling of the leftist agenda.

  46. Make no mistake, the ruling class wants to bury Benghazi in order to protect the Presidential prospects of Hillary Clinton.

    Whether Charles is consciously protecting Hillary, or is allowing his peers and friends in the beltway elite social circle influence his opinion, his conclusion that the Democrats have won, only serves to give Hillary cover.

    Here is some glaring irony for you. Hillary Clinton was part of the Congressional Watergate investigation of Richard Nixon. Apparently Hillary was fired from the investigation for unethical behavior.

    Jerry Zeifman, the man who served as chief counsel to the House
    Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings, has tried to tell the
    story of his former staffer’s behavior during those proceedings for
    years. Zeifman claims he fired Hillary for unethical behavior and that
    she conspired to deny Richard Nixon counsel during the hearings:

    Here is the entire article by Ed Morrissey:

  47. Out of the respect for the fallen, I hope Benghazi and the ghost of those that risked their lives never leaves those alive and well and responsible

  48. Sure Krauthammer, let’s just role over and play dead! Why aren’t you urging Americans to fight? There are NO concessions from us….only from you, and perhaps this is because you are among the establishment RINOs!

  49. Krauthammer is wrong again as he usually is. It is never the right time to confront the leftist, always delay or back away and fight on some other (mythical) issue another day. A servant of the GOPe RINOs.

  50. Benghzi cant go away or America will elect Hillary. What needs to go away is the media obsession with the depressed crazies going postal every other day. These people that commit these crimes are being fed by the media the ideas in the first place.
    I dont like Krauthammer……Get him out of media…..retire him already.

  51. The average American is completely clueless and doesn’t care to live in a free country. So let’s all just give up and accept serfdom. Spit.

  52. No! Wrong! Incorrect!

    Did Nixon get to stay in the White House because too much time had passed? Do the cops just give up on murders and let the killers slide? No!

    The dead deserve justice!

    1. Yes, the dead deserve justice, and so do their families. Put yourself in their shoes and tell me, “what difference does it make, now!” — Hillary, you piece of crap!!

    1. If Hillary indeed runs…someone should make it a point to create giant pictures of each of the men she allowed to die at Benghazi! She should have to see those men’s faces at EVERY campaign stop! She should have to face members of their families…and still have the gall to utter, “what difference does it make”! It makes a TON of difference to those who loved them!

      1. AND the bloody handprint on the pillar
        AND the phone that just keeps on ringing in the middle of the night….maybe a voice saying ‘”let it roll to voicemail, we have a fundraiser to plan”.

  53. Krauthammer, running out the clock is exactly what demoncrats do! Where is this imaginary clock that runs out on justice, but stays wide open any time the demoncrats think they have something on an opponent?! Don’t be spineless like your beltway, GOPe colleagues! Those four Americans deserve the truth to come out so that their families can have closure and so that the American citizenry can see what they voted into office…a treasonous marxist!

  54. I guess we know the length of time it takes to cover up the reason for the death of an Ambassador and three other Americans. Too bad Nixon didn’t know this about Watergate.

  55. The country doesn’t care about it any longer????
    Are you kidding me??????
    You seem to have acquired a short attention span, Mr. K. and now I am wondering if your soul is alright.

    REMEMBER the heroes of Benghazi!
    Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Chris Stevens

  56. This attitude of “oh well, they won” must make our military feel very comfortable. Knowing that when push comes to shove their country is not behind them surely is encouraging.

  57. I disagree with him too and won’t let it drop the truth comes out in the end it always does and justice will be met!

  58. The Great Oz has spoken, LOL. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

    The Bush Mafia has issued their orders. Bill Clinton is the Bush family’s other son.

  59. Ever since this man went after Palin, I knew he was a putz. Four dead and our Military is now in a position of distrust. You Mr. Krauthammer have been in DC too long.

  60. I’m a big fan of Krauthammer but in this case I don’t agree with him at all.
    Don’t forget who was Secretary of State at the time and who is thinking about running for President. Letting her off the hook at this time certainly would give her a huge sigh of relief and further encourage this style of delaying tactics that make a mockery of our laws. I don’t think there is a statute of limitations on this and it should be criminally pursued with all the vigor at the disposal of our country if we are to retain any credibility at all as a nation of laws.

  61. This is the problem with the establishment GOP. They want to give up the fight before they landed a punch. In the Presidential race the Democrats brought up some long forgotten prank in the 60s where Romney and his frinds cut a hippies hair. They also hammer him that he had a dog cage on his car. I hate the Left and their policies but at least they fight. BTW I would have run ads on all animal lover sites last election how Obama admits he ate dog and used his own audio book. These Democrats are lucky I’m not a GOP consultant. I wouldn’t leave any skin on their bones.

  62. While I agree a select committee should have been started a long time ago, I disagree its to late. The lying, hiding, and providing cover for each other and their actions continues! Those actions say all I need in order to keep pushing on this subject until the truth is found and those responsible are held accountable and punished!

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