Krauthammer: If Obamacare truly self-destructs, it will set back American liberalism for a decade at least…

Oh how I’d love for Krauthammer to be right tonight. He says that while it’s not certain, it’s likely that Obamacare will continue to go downhill and self-destruct and if it does, there’s more at stake than Obama’s legacy. He believes that it could set back American liberalism for a decade, if not a generation. He explains why below:

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74 thoughts on “Krauthammer: If Obamacare truly self-destructs, it will set back American liberalism for a decade at least…

  1. Nice bit of sugar coating by a DC insider.

    It is not “Liberalism” Krauthammer. It is full blown Marxism.

    Failing to call it so, makes Krautammer as guilty of subversion and treason as Hussein himself.

  2. I’m afraid that some people still don’t get it. The whole purpose of this “(Un) Affordable Care Act” is to totally collapse the insurance industry, the whole health care industry and eventually the entire country and then bringing about their “Utopia” (actually a dystopia). Some people just don’t get how any President can hate his own country (at least as founded). He despises this country.

  3. I’m sorry beyond words for Megyn Kelly, Kirsten Powers, Mary Landrieu (sp?), and all other “principled liberals”. They want to do what’s right in their eyes, but they can’t open their eyes all the way, see the real world, and throw away the blinders that have allowed them to delude themselves, and as many nearby folk as they can. If any can find and accept basic truths, they can find complete truth in the bible of Jehovah and Jesus. Please ladies, seek any one small truth as a start, and go on from there.

      1. I’m sorry you’ve taken offense. Both women, and many others, try to see reality. Kelly succeeds more often than Powers, but both try, and I pray for both of them to pull free of liberalism.

    1. HUH? Kelly a liberal?!!! You are clearly misinformed! Try again…..perhaps next time with some reality to your “facts”!

      1. I’m sorry you’ve taken offense. Krauthammer migrated from left to right. Kelly has made it most of the way, which translates into most of the time. Yesterday she struggled to see and speak truth while also trying to excuse Obama for his many (actually continual) “mistakes”. She knows his awful doings are done deliberately, but what I believe to be childhood teachings make her want Obie to be only mistaken. Powers too tries to see clearly, but fails more often than she succeeds. Hope for both of them, and I’ll pray while you hope.

  4. May be my thinking is wrong but if the libs plan in all this is to go to single payer, then they should have developed a site/system that is somewhat workable for the people to convince them that the government can handle things better.

  5. The only way we can set “statism” (a la Mark Levin) back a decade is if the Republican Party works hard to hang all these failures around the necks of the democrats, attributing it to liberals.

    We also know that the Republican Party is also in danger of demise.

  6. Of course there was no honesty or moments of being humble. As Bob Beckel said, the people paying higher premiums are “chump change”. They don’t care, which flies in the face for the “supposed” purpose of the bill to begin with. Once again, they lie and say the insurance companies are choosing to drop the plans because they can’t sell them, not because of the law. Yeah, if your premium goes up by $5 your plan loses protection from the grandfather clause and MUST be cancelled.

    I find myself hating lying power hungry liberals more and more every day.

    1. My deductible just went from $5500 to $10000…..boy do I wish I could keep my old plan! Obama lied, my kids cried!

      1. I had a liberal tell me last night that the trade off for higher premiums is that you won’t have to pay a co-pay when you visit the doctor. I’d never heard that and don’t believe it, but even then I’d rather pay a $20 co-pay than $5,000 extra in premiums and an elevated $7,500 deductible in a year.

  7. Why should Nobama show any honesty or candor? He’s got the corrupt media always singing his praises or covering for him. Liberalism is a disease.

    1. Usually, but there has been a wave of backlash coming from unlikely sources in the leftist media. I hope it gets stronger. I think they are afraid of Obama, but his power only lies within them. If they turn on him, he’s done.

      1. I’m afraid they’re never going to give up on their boy-king. Not really. They knew all of this years ago. They knew about Benghazi and look at how they covered for him last fall, in order to get him re-elected. They’ll hide everything about Hillary to get her into office. The media remains without integrity and honesty – being made up of communists and socialists.

        1. I agree with that, but CNN has allowed reports that look really really bad for Obama. MSNBC won’t do that. There are some cracks that could expand.

      2. Why would the news media be afraid of him now ? Your right when you say his power lies with them , and if they turn it’s all over , I think we will see this soon .

        1. Because I think he exerts more pressure on them than what the public sees. I can’t remember what network it was, but the reporter said that if you cross the administration they call and threaten you, even with your job. James Rosen, for example, is why they would be afraid.

          Don’t get me wrong, I think they kissed his butt willingly for years. But now that some are speaking out, they are finding out that he has no tolerance for freedom of the press. Of course, this has been known because if you don’t kiss his rear he will ban you from his events.

    1. Entirely. You’d be hard pressed to find a single liberal speech that wasn’t full of rhetoric and lies. No facts, just emotion and half truths at best.

  8. They are putting millions more on Medicaid so they will vote for communism forever. The takers are winning and it is all part of Obama’s plan to destroy the middle class.

    1. I knew he had this plan but I figured it would take a decade to succeed. Wrong. This is going to destroy the middle class in a hurry if the public doesn’t turn on it and demand it to be repealed.

  9. Sick of Kraut. Can’t digest him. Won’t read his book. Pretends to be conservative so people will read his articles. Worked for Mondale. Maybe he can be on Weiner Nation and talk about sex addiction for 3 hours. The Dickey brothers are really controlling the old guy! Spends plenty of time bashing Cruz. Spent over 30 min. talking about how he wasn’t going to talk about Obamascare. I wonder why Cumulus gave him the 3 PM time slot next year? Is he really working for the enemy?

  10. The goal is to collapse the system. That’s why the libs intentionally designed and implemented a plan they knew would fail. That was the whole point.

  11. I dunno. Even if and WHEN Obamacare bites the dust, there are still enough stupid people in America to keep liberalism alive.

  12. And yet, still no talking head on fox news is calling for the repeal of it. They are even reluctant to say delay it. Cruz and Lee have been vindicated, but Krauthammer, Rove, etc, will never admit this, because of their pride.

  13. I think that having his minions saying he “didn’t know” or was “unaware” is as good of an admission of incompetence we will ever hear. I work in the real world and no CEO would ever get away with that crappola. I’m actually stunned at the level of mediocrity with which we let these people get away.

  14. I hope he’s correct – but liberals are like cockroaches – they are everywhere

    I am surprised Liberals are pro-abortion

    I would think they would promote making babies ad infinitum, just to increase their numbers and subsequently liberal (LIV) voters

    1. They back themselves into a corner with that one. That’s why they decided to import millions of Mexican Socialistas to make up for it.

    2. They have encouraged making babies, just look at the result of Johnson’s Great Society. There are 4 generations of blacks on welfare that continue to have children they don’t raise them to be worthwhile competent citizens.

  15. CBS reported that more than 2 million Americans are being told they
    cannot renew their current insurance policies because of ObamaCare –
    more than triple the number of people said to be buying ObamaCare. This
    is a FAILURE!

    1. Funny – You beat me to the cockroach line – I kept mine anyway – Sorry
      BUT you must be pretty smart!

      1. I am pretty smart, and you’re pretty smart to recognize that. LOL!!!

        Liberals are cockroaches, I thought it was more of a description than a witty comment. 😉

        1. Like REAL Cockroaches they live off other things left around
          (other peoples work/money) and scatter at the light (facts)

          That’s pretty accurate if I do say so myself!

  16. John Kennedy motivated Americans and an entire nation to build ships and fly to the moon and back 6 years after he died. Two guys in a garage got together and engineered a method whereby every human being on the planet could have a computer and connect with every other human on the planet.

    Obama cannot inspire the building of a website in his lifetime.

    A spiritual pauper, a modern day freak, abandoned by a father who scurried from his birth and the mother like a cockroach; a mother so filled with disgust at the sight of him the she abandoned him over and over; an intellectual and moral cripple whose great success has been failure. the lining symbol of an entire nation of the despised.

    And yet suddenly I pity the vicious and treacherous black prince of Chicago as I would pity any rabid dog running unrestrained, foaming at the mouth, growling, threatening and snapping at any creature in his path in order to spread the disease which has characterized his entire life. Then the feeling passes. Click-click….

    1. There’s some important differences. Flying to the moon is (was) possible. Reaching utopia through socialized medicine isn’t.

  17. the GOPe is dreaming that Obamacare will self-destruct……..Obama will never allow it……….and if it does, he’ll put in a one payer system…….which was the goal…….the GOPe just doesn’t have “it” to fight Obamacare…… they are dreaming……………

    1. I agree that the plan all along was for The Abominable Carrot Act to fail and dump everyone into a single payer system…that is why it is critical that it fail NOW before the insurance infrastructure and health care infrastructure are too damaged to recover. I hope the medical world has Plan B ready to implement if Sense and Sensibility (Conservatism) are successful in stopping this nightmare.

  18. Aside from Obama’s hard left anti-American Marxist radicalism and his incipient Islamist sympathies… his psychopathic narcissism explains absolutely everything we need to know about Obama. From this very basic understanding of who Obama is, no one could possibly ask the question that Megyn Kelly asks: why can’t Obama just be honest that he got it wrong?

    There is plenty of evidence, screaming evidence, from the very beginning of Obama’s “incarnation” on American soil to demonstrate Obama’s dangerous narcissistic psychopathology. If a layman can see that, why on earth cannot a clinically trained psychiatrist like Charles Krauthammer see that.

    Take off your political pundit’s hat there Charles, and put on your psychiatrist’s hat.

  19. Obama will NEVER admit he’s wrong. He’s a narcissist high maintenance guy. He needs the adulation of everyone. Saying he’s wrong means that someone else will get credit or worse, that he’ll leave himself open to attack and be blamed for something. Obama will never go down that path. He’s the blamer in chief.

  20. With all respect to Mr. Krauthammer, the government, including the GOP, will pour billions into ObamaCare. It will never fail, the country will from the weight of its own debt. There is a reason the Dems asked for the debt ceiling to be raised by $4 Trillion and a reason the GOP has the McConnell plan to permanently eliminate a debt ceiling and spend us into h211. The website alone came in at over 600% of the original and now tens of millions more is being spent on fixing the disaster.

    1. For Obamacare to collapse it will at some point have to be defunded. What happens when the Obamacare tab runs billions above schedule and Obama demands another “clean” debt limit increase to “pay the bills” and avoid being a nation of “deadbeats”? With open-ended entitlements the obligation is incurred then after the fact Congress authorizes the bills to be paid so Republicans will have to stand their ground and defund at some point, but we know they won’t. This whole argument that we can let Obamacare implode is a fallacy perpetrated by RINOs. It won’t die on its own. Principled politicians will have to make a stand to kill it.

      1. Once people have signed up you can’t defund it any more. The GOP tossed that option into the ocean and have left us with Trillions in debt on an on-going basis.

    2. OneThinDime, you are exactly right. Daniel Hannon is or was a member of the British Parliament was on Hannity and other programs in 2008. While on these programs he stated that these programs do not fail. What happens is that Congress will have to keep spending money to FIX the system. As a matter of fact he stated that this will take all of the Congress’s attention as in this is all they will be doing. The citizens will be complaining very loudly and something must be done. The repubs will go along or be considered racist or all of the other things that are said about them. In order for the socialist medicine to go away it must be ripped out by its roots. This will take a conservative House and Senate and a Conservative President.
      What is the possibility of this happening? Well, if we work hard enough to replace the current crop of RHINO’s we have a chance!!!

  21. Meh, you already see the Democrats spinning Obamacare failure as “just a web site problem”, “canceled policies were lousy”, etc.

    The press is picking it up.

    Sure, Fox points out the lies, but I watched Piers Morgan talk to Bill Maher last night on CNN… those people are spinning things hard in the opposite direction.

    Can you guess what your average Jersey Shore viewer is going to understand of this mess?

      1. That’s what Zeke Emanuel said as well. I just did not see that one coming. I was shocked he said it. I thought at least Emanuel was a bit brighter than the average LIVs who make up Obama’s benighted constituency. He is actually brighter for sure. He is both brighter and darker. That’s the best way to describe the brain trust for Obamacare.

    1. You actually watched Morgan & Maher last night? You’re a strong, brave man. Neither my stomach nor my brain could have taken it.

  22. Typical DC-centric analysis. Whether Obama “succeeds” or “fails” (and that conclusion depends on whether you understand his neo-Marxism) is irrelevant. He has permanently damaged liberty and thus the economy. And that damage to us can’t be recouped.

  23. I have a tendency to disagree with the Krauthammer. ObamaCare is NOT their core. It is merely the precursor to the Single Payer plan, which IS the core of the liberal progressive gameplan to gain central government control of everything.

    When and if ObamaCare collapses, the plan is set to jump in and save the world as they know it and at the same time promote Hillary as their champion.

    1. Did you catch Sebelius saying that purchasing private insurance is illegal? I have to hit rewind to hear that again. I think she just played their card. The Dems plan to m the private market illegal.

        1. I think she said it was illegal to be on the exchange if you have “affordable” insurance available through your employer which she has. Followed up with what the Congressman had available through federal was affordable.
          I have to listen to her full testimony and then check the rules to see if they inserted something. I’ve read the law, more than once, and never picked up that private purchase was now illegal. Of course, I won’t be surprised if they did.

    2. Agreed…single payer is their goal, but it’s an intermediate goal to a wider strategy to destroy America. Why do we not hear about this single payer aspect of the issue in the media? (as if I have to ask).

      This big Healthcare dot gov fiasco is not a fiasco at all to Obama. These so-called “glitches” mask the bigger disaster of outrageously costly plans. that’s the real fiasco. What better way to deal with bad PR about costly plans than to mask it with techno-speak about “glitches” with a website and blunt the impact of these costly plans to the public.

      And the Obamacare plan itself is Stalinist in its malevolence. It’s called “wrecking”. We call it sabotage. Obama is wrecking the private insurance industry on a scale that is breathtaking in order to implement single payer. Yet with these subversives in the MSM… nothing to see here folks!

      But I’ll state something even more malevolent. Single payer is not the goal. Healthcare in ANY form is not the goal for Obama…the implementation of Obamacare is a tactic in the overall strategy to destroy America and bring it to its knees on every front. Immigration is another… as is foreign policy… as is education. Transformation means authoritarian control and the utter gutting of any hint of American exceptionalism.

      The goal is transformation into tyranny… not some pesky nationalized healthcare. Healthcare is simply a means to an end.

    3. Krauthammer will be inconsolable if progressive liberalism implodes.

      For a guy that tells everyone how smart he is and takes snide, immature swipes at Rush he has been on the wrong side of every policy debate since he supposedly became a ‘conservative.’

      Reminds me of joe bite-me and his track record on foreign affairs.

      It took him until the state of the Union address before he realized what oBumbler was? You’ve got to be kidding me right?

      Debt ceiling debates
      Mike Lee
      Ted Cruz
      Immigration debates
      ‘phony’ scandals
      scaring ‘moderates’ away from the party
      interminably mocking the Tea Party

      Sure he is great at a cocktail party, but where has he ever come down on the side of a principled fight / push back against the progressive socialists?

      Vichy moderate ‘republican’


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