Krauthammer: Obama Siding With Mullahs Over Congress

“He’s arguing with the Mullahs against the Congress and that shows to me a total lack of seriousness.”
– Charles Krauthammer, speaking about President Obama

Appearing on Fox News’ Special Report Friday, Charles Krauthammer answered the question about Obama’s Iran policy by saying that Iran is confident about how “supine” Obama is, called the agreement a farce, and said Obama was siding with the Mullahs over Congress.

The only surprising thing here is that the Iranians are so confident about how supine Obama is on this. They stick a finger in his eye and announce it publicly. There is nothing in the agreement that stops the Iranians from enriching more uranium and produce the machines that enrich the uranium. That was the problem at the beginning. That’s what made the agreement a farce at the start. Unless you go after the uranium enrichment, unless you curtail or destroy the machines that enrich the uranium, you have done nothing to stop the progress of Iran. So, at the same time there are reports of Iran using loopholes in the agreement to get all kinds of new commerce going. We know there are Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Russian and even European concerns that are now talking with Iran about a wide range of relations. They know that the sanctions have been weakened. And Obama speaks as if he can turn them on at will. He can’t.

And for Obama to take the side of the Mullahs against the Congress. If he was really serious about this, then why wouldn’t he use the fact that Congress is being tough and say Congress is the bad cop? You go to the Iranians and say, ‘Look, I’m trying to be reasonable but the Congress is out of control and they want to wreck your economy unless you shut down your program. I can’t hold them back. So are you going to negotiate seriously or not?’ But instead of doing that, he’s arguing with the Mullahs against the Congress and that shows to me a total lack of seriousness, which is what the Gulf Arabs and the Israelis have seen at the beginning of the process. The president is simply not serious and the Iranians know it as well.

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