Krauthammer: Obama Siding With Mullahs Over Congress

“He’s arguing with the Mullahs against the Congress and that shows to me a total lack of seriousness.”
– Charles Krauthammer, speaking about President Obama

Appearing on Fox News’ Special Report Friday, Charles Krauthammer answered the question about Obama’s Iran policy by saying that Iran is confident about how “supine” Obama is, called the agreement a farce, and said Obama was siding with the Mullahs over Congress.

The only surprising thing here is that the Iranians are so confident about how supine Obama is on this. They stick a finger in his eye and announce it publicly. There is nothing in the agreement that stops the Iranians from enriching more uranium and produce the machines that enrich the uranium. That was the problem at the beginning. That’s what made the agreement a farce at the start. Unless you go after the uranium enrichment, unless you curtail or destroy the machines that enrich the uranium, you have done nothing to stop the progress of Iran. So, at the same time there are reports of Iran using loopholes in the agreement to get all kinds of new commerce going. We know there are Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Russian and even European concerns that are now talking with Iran about a wide range of relations. They know that the sanctions have been weakened. And Obama speaks as if he can turn them on at will. He can’t.

And for Obama to take the side of the Mullahs against the Congress. If he was really serious about this, then why wouldn’t he use the fact that Congress is being tough and say Congress is the bad cop? You go to the Iranians and say, ‘Look, I’m trying to be reasonable but the Congress is out of control and they want to wreck your economy unless you shut down your program. I can’t hold them back. So are you going to negotiate seriously or not?’ But instead of doing that, he’s arguing with the Mullahs against the Congress and that shows to me a total lack of seriousness, which is what the Gulf Arabs and the Israelis have seen at the beginning of the process. The president is simply not serious and the Iranians know it as well.

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32 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Obama Siding With Mullahs Over Congress

  1. Wake up, Krauthammer. obama IS “serious about this”. He’s serious about forcing what was America to became part of dar al islam, that is, a muslim nation. He wants to be the 12th imam. Maybe he thinks he already is. He wants to be worshipped, and Christianity is too slow to urge people to worship him. There’s always that annoying Jehovah in the background, diluting the adoration that obama thinks is rightfully his.

  2. Again, Obama knows what is right and what is good for US. A community organizer even raised in Chicago politics is no match for Mullahs. Again Barry Hussein has Muslim blood so let us not pretend he will change.

  3. The soft-peddling of 0’s malignance by Fox’s talking heads is becoming quite tiresome. I used to admire Krauthammer’s insight but he acts more and more like an establishment hack every day.

  4. IMPEACH this impostor who calls himself president! He swore to uphold our Constitution, but he has done anything but….lies….lies…and more lies! He does not follow the Rule of Law! Three more years under his tyranny and we will be looking more like we did before the revolution!

  5. Its amazing to me how anyone could not see him as a Muslim. Considering how many Nations he has made Sharia law compliant. His hatred for America’s allies. Honouring only Muslim holidays. The obvious hatred for Israel. Its surreal that people are still blind to it.
    Its like a Nation blinkered to reality by a bambozzling Media that make nothing but excuses for him.
    I won’t even start on what he’s done economically to the US or socially.
    Including using the IRS, NSA, EPA, TSA, now heath care against the American people. The degrading of its military. Its a none stop grinding machine, crushing a Nation from within by corruption.

  6. I am sure he waited to get confirmation from AP before coming out with that brilliant piece of commentary…pfft. As if we didn’t already know the only serious things for this sham potus is golf and the encroachment of radical slime across the globe.

  7. Pretty brilliant Charles… we knew this years ago. Why is it that the Tea Party is pretty much the only group who are wide awake and seeing these things… Rhetorical… well, sorta.

  8. I KNOW Krauthammer isn’t that stupid. Why do they pretend Obama is just ignorant or too trusting or whatever, instead of the fact that he’s evil? He wants the US to fail. He WANTS the Muslim world to attack Israel. Why can’t they just speak the truth!

  9. The most dangerous man, clueless by design. With millions of minions churned out every year by the education system. We are at the most dangerous time in the history of this country. I fear there are no heros left.

  10. Obama is inept and Kerry is stupid and Congress needs 2/3 to override his veto. So, for now Iran is winning.

  11. The problem with Krauthammer and so much of the inside the beltway opinion crowd is that they refuse to accept Obama is such a radical. I was channel surfing the other night and caught a FOX special where Bret Baier interviewed Charles on his book. He met Obama at a DC cocktail party before the 2008 election and like Peggy Noonan claimed after he spoke with Obama he was still trying to “figure him out” and thought he was a centrist. Really Charles? Obama is a radical hard left Muslim. Why did he ignore the Green Revolution in Iran?. Why was he so mad at the Egyptian Army for overthrowning the Muslim brotherhood before the military brass was all replaced and killed? The man is an appeaser and wants to empower radical Arab nations. He hates Israel and wants to bring the USA down a notch. Until you except this reality you end up arguing policy tactics when you ignore what Obama’s plans actually are for the world.

    1. You’re darn right Obama is a radical and the fact that Charles still has some liberalism in his bloodstream is why he and Noonan and others can’t figure him out.. Charles is no William F. Buckley.

    2. You have it! The question is, why don’t they see what Obama really is? I can only think that it’s biblical. God has closed their eyes! I read John 8:42+ the other day and it answered this question for me. See what you think!

  12. Supine? Well yeah Charles. Other than his adoring fans in the media and the dunce voters who put him in office, the whole world knows BHO is supine. And the legions of enemies to the USA know better than anyone.

  13. Wait… Obama has a POLICY??!! …an actual POLICY? Nah, I refuse to believe it, he’s been flying by the seat of the pants — the same pants he diaper trained in — and just making it up as he goes along. Whatever Deep Thoughts come out of the pot-and-beer fueled bull sessions he has with his “advisors” becomes the “policy of the day.” Until it’s changed the next day, and the next, and then the next….. “Policy”! Ha, that’s a GOOD one!!

  14. Obama doesn’t have the slightest clue or any intelligence to debate or negotiate with Congress. That’s why he avoids them or does all the talking if he is forced to meet to them Otherwise he hides in the west wing and plays video games.
    The Mullahs and dictators don’t care if knows what he is talking about, all they care about is getting what they want from him. They know that they can get anything they want from him and it builds his ego to be liked by somebody and buy their love, even if it is the worst dredges of any society.

  15. I’m disgusted by the inadequacy of this administration to do anything productive, especially when it comes to the security of our nation as it relates to foreign affairs. BHO’s foreign policy has set us back light years and has put us and our allies in a poor position to negotiate. What a “precarious predicament POTUS Pinocchio put our posteriors in indeed”! Now say that ten times as fast as you can!

  16. Uh…I think many of us know where obama’s interests lay and it sure isn’t with anything having to do with democracy in the Middle East or what’s in the best interest of the United States, Israel or our allies in the Middle East.

  17. This aberration of an American sitting President is denying history and defying our Constitutional rule of law. These actions are as incendiary as those preceding WW 2

      1. Removing Obama will not result in removing existing policies, his political base and the agenda, already in place. They’ll be a lot of resistance trying to remove an enamored first black President out of office. They’ll demonize those who will lead and support the effort. The net result ? the same political base, Joe Biden and more Obama sympathizers. I’m afraid that this will have to be a generational fix. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t have a second opportunity of appointing another supreme court justice.

        1. I say IMPEACH! Our country is at risk. If Joe doesn’t get the message-then do it again!
          Hey Fox channel–we need to see some really good psychiatrists do evaluations of Obama, starting with his young days. He is one really screwed up person, and I feel sorry for him, but he should have never held ANY type of office!

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