Krauthammer: Obama’s Syria address “one of the most odd presidential speeches ever delivered”

Krauthammer says that Obama urgently addressed the nation tonight, only to call for a pause in military action that the American people don’t even want to do in the first place. He said this was one of the most odd presidential speeches ever delivered.


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36 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Obama’s Syria address “one of the most odd presidential speeches ever delivered”

  1. applepie101, I am like you.  I don’t trust either one of them.  To me they are both fellow travellers along the totalitarian Marxist/Islamist tyrannical road.
    Quite frankly, I see this as akin to something like Putin and Nero Obama playing “Good Commisar/Bad Commisar” with the entire world where for Nero Obama is the Bad Commisar and Putin is the Good Commisar.
    I think we are all being played by them with Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry as the fall guy for when it goes really bad for Nero Obama.
    Rush was right about Obama all along.  He is purposefully trying to hurt us in every way he can because he hates our nation.  No sane leader of our nation would do anything that Nero Obama and Lurch are doing unless they were doing it on purpose to hurt the United States.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  2. I’d rather have Obama’s idiocy on full public display and his policies thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the world. There’s something larger than America’s reputation at stake here. It’s the struggle between the idea of a constitutional, individual-liberties-centered republic versus an arbitrary, top-down-governed dictatorship. Obama is a living example of how dictatorships lead to disaster.

  3. I’m going to be Debbie Downer today.  Always look at what the other hand is doing.  How do you convince a country full of people to go to war?  Initiate a reason.  Gun control push = Sandy Hook.  Another attack on an American installation or boat perhaps…=attack Syria.  Just sayin…

  4. It just wasn’t odd – it was an embarrassment for all Americans to witness such a weak incompetent president attempt to weasel out of his own braggadocious threats to take military action.
    Desjardins just posted a comment which references “Saul Alinsky.” Yet his book – Rules for Radicals – and the advice to all leftists won’t save our Community organizer in Chief. It’s Obama’s own words on Syria that put him in this place. BTW, it’s a place that most Democrats couldn’t and won’t defend either.
    I watched the president’s speech and the commentary that followed. With the exception of Sen. Joe Manchin, Democrats were missing in action after the speech. His base failed to support him last night like the majority of all Americans.
    Lastly, is Pelosi still ranting about Obama’s tiny military strike was what brought Putin and Assad to the negotiating table? – – good grief, it took less than 5 years for Obama to make America another banana republic.

  5. What’s this, a man steeped in communism from birth, mentored by card carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis, and committed Saul Alinskyite is deferring to KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin?  I’m shocked, shocked…

  6. “Let me be clear”, I’ll give Obama a definite maybe on everything he said last night and I vote 100% ‘present’ on everything he’s done, so far. 😉 😉

  7. notebene You’re not alone. Putin is pro-Russia, regardless of their style of government. The United States pres/administration, and a number of the gov bureaucracy care nothing for America…

  8. Obama again looked like a fool. Even his ‘community organizer’ background couldn’t save him.
    Nice going poser.

  9. notebene  Oh man, I was thinking the same thing!   I now have more trust and respect for a former KGB officer and head of Russia, than I do for our own president.  Yes….that IS saying something.  We live in interesting times.  We live in PERILOUS times.

  10. It was a desperate and whiney speech from the Imposter in Chief!  It’s saying something when for the first time in my life I trust the Russian president more than my own!  What a pathetic administration!  We have gone off the deep end when Russia has more diplomacy and common sense than we do!

  11. From an article I read that is totally appropriate: This guy is “a small-minded man, with neither the temperament nor the intellect to handle his job”.  A sad day for us all.

  12. JohnCraven Exactly. And people need to understand the difference between authoritarian regimes and totalitarian. Obama’s enabling of the Arab Spring furthered the agenda of radical Islam, bringing intolerance and persecution to countries that had kept the radicals like MB under control.

  13. Odd, yes, but certainly in sync with his jive talk, as he feigns to care about America’s exceptionalism, even as he does everything in his power to destroy America’s edifice! 

  14. Yawn….Putin has MASTERLY RAISED HIS STATURE and OFRAUD may use SMOKE AND MIRRORS as some here say…PROBLEM is NOT WORKING…I think the WHOLE WORLD witnessed the last 2 weeks and OFRAUD can claim nothing.  The only way he could was if ANY OTHER COUNTRY SUPPORTED IS “TOUGH STANCE”…which they did not…HE WAS ALONE and all AMERICANS SAW THAT and they SAW HIS SUPPORT PLUMMETING IN CONGRESS….He was ALL ALONE…and if anyone has come out on top it is PUTIN who made OFRAUD look sooo small in front of the world…THE LUSTER IS OFF OFRAUD…throughout the world they write about his utter incompetence……tomorrow the TOAST OF THE WORLD will be PUTIN….sorry OFRAUD….and nothing our MSM can do about it….and you and Lurch just looked SOO SMALL….how pathetic…

  15. Mark my words I do not support a war but the house of cards is about to fall; if there is no WAR,  be ready for the economy to take a slow death spiral as a crippled airplane crashing into Wall Street

  16. As fast as B.O. is Spinnin` DC, I hope Our Biker Brothers don`t get dizzy tomorrow during their cruise thru town ….

  17. Actually we do need to care and, as I understand it, Bush actually wanted to go into Syria several years ago but was stopped by lack of support in the Democrat-controlled Congress.  I don’t know if it would have succeeded had he gotten approval.  I don’t support Nero Obama’s “Operation Shuck and Jive” as Rush calls it.
    But I believe we do need to care that the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda do not get control of Syria.
    For anyone who has been following the cycle of events in Syria and Egypt and elsewhere where the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda affiliated regimes have taken over countries, the result is not pretty and is extremely dangerous for the existence of the extremely persecuted Christians in these countries and for Israel’s existence as well.
    Anyone who ever watches EWTN, especially “The World Over with Raymond Arroyo” and EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, knows the dire circumstances that the Christian communities are facing all over the Middle East from Nigeria to the Sudan to Egypt to Syria and just about everywhere else.  In Egypt alone, hundreds of churches have been burned to the ground, and Coptic Christians have been subjected to innumerable atrocities.  So have the ancient Christian communities in and around Damascus and throughout Syria – all at the hands of Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood psycopaths and Islamo-Nazis.  And there ultimate targets are Israel and US.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  18. Rush dubbed Nero Obama’s plan of inaction in Syria as “Operation Shuck and Jive!” as opposed to Bush’s “Operation Shock and Awe”.
    Rush is absolutely correct about Nero Obama’s plan of inaction – it is Shuck and Jive to the max.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  19. And again Obama slithers away like a snake from the fire by his use of smoke,mirrors and his trademark, “The Lie”.  Putin is passing around the vodka & toasting another notch in his gun over the West.

  20. PNWShanAnd Iran gets to keep it’s proxy. Obama has managed to achieve even less than his “unbelievably small” strike would have done.

  21. In short, let’s hope that what goes on in Syria stays in Syria. Syria needs to deal with Syria’s problem. I could care less about which potential enemy is gassing which potential enemy.

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