Krauthammer on protests in Kiev: Where is Obama? The stakes could not be higher…

Tonight on Special Report, Krauthammer described the situation in Ukraine as Putin trying to reconstitute the old Soviet empire and asked repeatedly why Obama isn’t involving himself in this. As Krauthammer points out, the stakes couldn’t be higher for that part of Eastern Europe and says it’s terrible mistake for the US to be so quiet on this:

… I have a question. Why is it Biden on the phone [with the president of Ukraine] and not Obama? The stakes could not be higher on the fate of that part of Eastern Europe.

Where is Obama? Ten years ago during the Orange Revolution, a similar one, the United States spoke out unequivocally on behalf of those in the street. The United States today is equivocal and quiet and timid. It’s a terrible mistake.

Watch Krauthammer’s full comments below:

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39 thoughts on “Krauthammer on protests in Kiev: Where is Obama? The stakes could not be higher…

  1. Obama doesn’t want to appear as a hypocrite (I crack myself up). He’ll likely employ similar tactics here if he can.

  2. It is appalling beyond belief that the number one enemy of America, Obama, has not been tried for treason or impeached by now, despite the irrefutable evidence. Horn dog, Bill Clinton was impeached for sexual deviance. Obama is a verifiable criminal and nothing is being done to arrest him.

  3. Charles didn’t you know Obama was BSing about new fuel standards that will protect Americans and the auto-industry from the horrors of AGW? And give the man a break, he was to busy playing golf to get involved in the Ukraine protests.

    Recall Barack was playing cards with Reggie Love and was not in the Situation Room during the mission to get bin Laden. Our president is too busy with fighting income inequality, protecting illegal immigrants and destroying America’s economy while indoctrinating are children with educational programs like Common Core.

    REGGIE LOVE BOMBSHELL: Obama Was Playing Cards With Me During Bin Laden Raid (SHOCK VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

  4. The people of the Ukraine are fighting for their freedom. Obama wants no part of that. Now, if they were fighting to become part of a tyrannical dictatorship Obama would probably issue a sternly written letter.

  5. People have been yelling about the USA being in everyone;s business for years. Now we are not there. What has happened to the World?? Look from Egypt to Libya, Venezuela to Ukraine. Everyone now has the chance to see what the World looks like without us in it.

    Now about the Ukraine. Wait until the Olympics is over. Putin is going to rain on them like no tomorrow. Putin’s KGB Demeanor is going to come out, and the hero status he is given by some in the USA will fade. This man wants the USSR of the past.

    This is not good what is about to happen. PRAY PRAY PRAY

    Where is Obama??? DOING WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO – Transforming the USA, and it is working out great. Obama knows what he is doing. Foreign Policy is a big deal to us.

  6. Barry’s single-minded focus is on one thing: Destroy America within the time frame he was allotted. That pesky Ukraine thingy will work itself out.

  7. And you want an autocratic government structure here, eh America? This is what happens when those who have been oppressed under atheistic marxism and communism get a taste of Western-style freedoms; it’s difficult to allow yourself to become a slave to it again.


  8. What can we expect from someone who clearly hates America, and making us weak in the eyes of the world is our punishment! After all, he is King Barack Hussein Obama, and he can do anything he wants. The sad thing is no one will stop him!

  9. Send Obammie, Biden and Holder over there, hold a U S Soap-dropping contest for the Ukraine bunch……Our boys will come back with smiles on their faces and walking funny……..

  10. Krauthammer is DemoncRat at heart. Because the present Government/demonic promotions gives him pause to object is not cause to misperceive his Demons pogroms or excuse his DemoncRat foundation. Thus he fled the DemonicRat Party and where else could he go but the R Party of deceiving hypocrites.

  11. As the world burns Obamao is talking jibber jabber about global warming. He probably thinks Kiev is a chicken dish.

  12. Obama did tell Medvedev that he “…could do more after the election.” Here is it, he steps back and allows Russia to retake Ukraine.

  13. Where is Obama? Too busy destroying America…the latest…another bogus global warming scare tactic. Barry doesn’t have the skills nor the desire to deal with situations like Kiev. And he was supposed to change the world LOL. He’s changing it alright, by doing zilch, zero, nada. Spineless wimp..

  14. “The United States today is equivocal and quiet and timid. It’s a terrible mistake.”

    Having him as president is a terrible mistake. Is anyone talking about him waiving the law to provide arms to known terrorists?

  15. Where is Obama?

    Where he usually is…siding with tyranny.

    Where was he in 2009 when Iranians took to the streets in their attempt to overthrow the rule of the Mullahs? He was issuing statements on how he could negotiate the Ahmadinejad. A direct betrayal of the courageous Iranian people seeking freedom from the yoke of tyranny.

    One of Obama’s first foreign policy acts as President was in support of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. Zelaya was seeking to usurp the Honduran Constitution by illegally amending it, allowing him to remain President past the proscribed term limit. As an aside, Zelaya originally ran as a Conservative, but once in office, did a 180 degree turn and became a Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro disciple.

    Where was he during the “Arab Spring”? Siding with the tyrannical Muslim Brotherhood.

    The list goes on…..

  16. Things such as this decide the real men from the spineless, cowardly, and the neutered. Someone please go tell Obama we’ll let him know when it’s safe enough to crawl out from under his bed. And tell him to clean up the urine and feces from his underwear.

  17. Those on the “Paul Doctrine” of foreign policy bandwagon, take note.

    By indifference or incompetence, this is what “non-interventionism” yields in practice. See: Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, etc. etc. etc.

    You have two choices in geopolitical reality, project power and influence, or someone else will. Be the windshield, or be the bug.

    1. ? The US/Obuma was and is directly involved and was and is in all of their ‘restructuring’. the exception being Egypt taking back what was theirs. Obuma always takes the side of the tyrants. Remember Honduras.

  18. Obama’s watching movies and golfing.
    He has no time to actually FIX anything.
    All he knows is playful destruction.

    1. You call it “playful destruction” I call it deliberate destruction….of the worst kind. Coming from a president of this nation who has become very comfortable flaunting power. This is dangerous!

  19. “Where is Obama?” Same place he was when the people of Iran were rising up, or for that matter when Senator Stevens was under attack! Absent! He does not believe in freedom, he does everything he can to strip others of freedom under false pretenses.

  20. Are these people in the streets protesting ill treatment of homosexuals? Are they screaming about global warming? No?
    Well, you have our answer as to why the con man is silent.

    1. Brilliant analysis…. If it doesn’t fit evil the Obuma has gone to bed hanging a do not disturb sign on the doorknob.

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