Krauthammer: Perry lied about being lobbied by young woman over HPV

During an interview with BillO, Krauthammer pointed out that Perry lied last night when countering Bachmann that he enacted the EO because of lobbyists. Perry claimed that he had been lobbied by a 31-year-old woman which the K-man says was a powerful anecdote. However, it turns out he didn’t meet her until after he had already issued the EO and therefore couldn’t have been lobbied by her.

Here’s the full interview:

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85 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Perry lied about being lobbied by young woman over HPV

  1. Are you absolutely sure that you know everything about Perry. It seems strange that you are almost histerically supporting Romny who is not really so pure. I live in MA. He changes his position all the time according to what he is running for. Do you trust him. Perhaps we need someone who knows the ropes. We have to beat Obama and Perry has a great deal of experience.

  2. Are you absolutely sure you know everything about Perry. You seem to be histerically opposed to a three term border govenor who created all kinds of jobs. Romney is really not that pure. I live in MA. He has changed his position many times. Perhaps we need someone who really knows the system to beat Obama which is a dire necessity.

  3. So, in Krauthammer’s opinion, should Perry fade, his support will most likely go to Santorum or Bachmann… Er, what about Cain? What about Newt? Both of them had good debate performances — Cain’s was exceptionally good…

  4. This fact was all over the blogs Friday morning. So Charles was right that Perry’s best moment turned out to be based on a lie. A fib at best.

    What I find interesting about the reaction to Perry’s poor debate performances, and he’s had three poor performances in a row, is the contrast to how Sarah Palin has been treated since day one. And I don’t mean by the obvious establishment shills like Bill Kristol and Charles, but by the Beta Male Bloggers who get so defensive when Palin is given even slight praise by anybody. Palin has never done so poorly in any debate as Perry has. That’s not my opinion. There’s proof on YouTube:

    The following clip shows excerpts of different debates. At 1:44 in this video there is a clip of the debate I watched back in 2008 that first weekend after Palin was named as VP. I gave up trying to find the whole debate video that I watched back then, but she was impressive:

    There were quite a few blogs I read yesterday that compared Perry’s bad performance to Palin. What are we gonna do? If we defend Palin against such incorrect comparisons we’re labeled think skinned Palinbots. But they’re wrong. Palin is excellent in debates and always has been. But the Beta Males don’t want to hear that. Tough.

    1. I would say the Palin fans don’t want to hear that she polarizes the electorate as much as Hillary Clinton, although for different reasons obviously. Of course, the situation being so different from 2008, it may not matter. Her perky-ness might yet win the day.

  5. Perry must make Kraut really angry, along with other elite GOP ghouls.

    Regarding HPV, what part of opt-out don’t parents and Bachmann understand? Does Obamacare have an Opt-out? Gee, uh, I can’t find it…

    1. “Regarding HPV, what part of opt-out don’t parents… understand?”

      That was a particularly condescending comment by Gov. Perry. I thought my wife was going to throw the remote at the TV when he said it.

      In response to your strawman argument… what is it about personal responsibility that you and Gov. Perry don’t understand? What is it about personal liberty do you and Gov. Perry don’t understand? What is it about circumventing the debative legislative process in order to enforce your will that you and Gov. Perry don’t understand?

      1. He makes me feel uneasy too~ I do not know what it is exactly but I think it has to do with “I know what the people want before I speak to them, so I will pass my bill by Executive Order if needed, but if it fails, I can say I erred on the side of life. I am convinced of that fact, the people better understand MY point. No apologies, I know better!” That’s the type of vibe I get from him and if you do not agree with him well, you do not have a heart!

  6. Romney lied about taking that passage out of his paperback and Perry lied about this. Both lied for expedience sake. And we want to trust these guys when they say, “The first thing I’ll do is issue an executive order repealing Obamacare?” I don’t think so.

    1. the question for mittens is why are you gonna issue waivers if you are gonna repeal o’care? and perry why were parents not informed of the opt-out on gardasil?

    2. Big difference between an absolute lie and suggesting that Romneycare is something that SOME others states MIGHT want to adopt, and then taking it out so as not to give the impressioin that he wants to force it on other states.

      The writing is on the wall. Romney will be our next president. He has been the plodding, steady hand for the last four years. Panic and fear by ignorant persons will not be his undoing. Instead the panic and fear will cause fragmentation among his opponents which will cause the nomination to be decided even earlier.

      When it’s all talk, yes he has not been the most conservative. But when it came down to issues that would affect people’s lives, he has always come down on the side of conservative principles. In the case of Romneycare, yes he signed that legislation although it contained many provisions that he tried to veto. But the people of Massachusetts wanted it, and they still like it. I can’t fault him for that.

      In the general election, he will skewer Obama on healthcare and he is the perfect person to do it.

  7. So I guess the former Liberal Democrat turned RINO won’t be supporting the former Liberal Democrat turned RINO because he supports the lifelong RINO instead?


  8. Krauthammer is correct: Perry certainly lied. Frankly, I am more than a little disappointed in Perry. I had thought that he would be a possible second choice if Palin decided not to run, but he comes across as a typical politician. Yes, he is conservative on most issues. But he likes big business and big money, and he will say anything to get elected. Surely we can do better.

    1. Let’s all take another look at Mr. Johnson. Athlete, handyman and business owner, 2 time governor, and self deprecating humor…


    2. Palin has less than a week to file her paperwork as a candidate before that window closes. It’s pretty obvious she’s not running, so don’t hold your breath. How about supporting the only other genuine, anti-establishment conservative running on “common sense solutions”?? For the life of me, I have no idea how people can ignore such a qualified, genuine, charismatic candidate like Herman Cain who understands how jobs are created and will end the Democrat’s ability to call you racist for voting against Obama! Wake up!

  9. The young lady asked to speak to Gov. Perry when the Legislature was debating whether to overturn the EO. I don’t know enough details to know if this somehow helped or not – one way or the other.

    The k man needs to do more research – as do I.

    1. A candidate has to be strong enough and media-saavy enough to fight off these allegations… voters will not do research to find the truth, they will listen to many liberal media channels thousands of times before November 2012.

    2. As large as my distaste for Perry is, I find it interesting that the establishment punditry (which Krauthammer personifies) is now piling on to push his campaign into an early grave, especially considering what were told our only “alternative” is.

      1. The media is at it (once again!!) dictating to the electorate who their favorite is. Gary Johnson is the new comer but he is not being pounded by questions like Perry and Romney. If they have something going for them it’s that Perry is condescending when responding to attacks and he places his personal convictions over what the people of Texas would have wanted. In that, he is much alike to Romney. While Romneycare is the biggest blunder for its state, Romney is cautiously keeping it low when answering questions. He defends his positions by taking a more affable position. True to himself, he does not show much passion and has the talent of shrugging things off. Of the two, Romney is a socialist while Perry is a RINO. None of the two is Conservative!

        1. ” The media is at it (once again!!)”

          When are they not? What should people expect from these clowns who tell us that the only acceptable spectrum of opinion is between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

            1. Yes, and I think they’ll stay there. The only time any of Barry’s impeachable offenses will matter is if he wins reelection. Until then the GOP’s keeping its powder dry.

  10. I’ve been depressed today. I was so hoping to see Perry perform well last night. But it was not to be.

    For all his weaknesses as a debater, and they are many, I still think Perry is the best choice. The reason is that I can trust him. His stance on in state tuition for children of illegal immigrants is unpopular. But at least he didn’t take the easy way out and change his position.

    They have a YouTube video on Redstate showing Romney during the 2002 gubernatorial election in 2002 when he was defending the right to have an abortion, even fir girls under 18 without parental consent. It doesn’t surprise me. Listening to Romney last night try and deny that he didn’t change a part of his book between the hardcover and paperback editions didn’t surprise me. The debates aren’t just about performance. They also help reveal the character of the candidates On this point, Romney did not do well.

    Lord forgive me, but I cannot vote for Romney. He’s a weasel I’ll vote for Obama first.

      1. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life, but I can’t vote for Romney. Seeing him defend abortions in 2002 was the last straw. He sounds so convincing and convicted when he speaks, no matter what he says. He will hurt the conservative cause. Better to have Obama take all the blame. With a Republican congress his hands will be tied anyway. The Supreme Court will rule on Obamacare. It is the best path for the long run.

        Out of principle, I will not vote for a weasel.

          1. Perhaps I’ll just vote a straight Republican ticket and leave the top of the ticket blank. That way my hands are clean either way.

                1. I changed my position on abortion when I was around 20,what was the reason for his (Romney) changing opinion?

                2. I don’t know why Romney changed his position on abortion. I think he will say anything to get elected. The video is on Redstate, or you can do a search on YouTube for “Romney on Abortion – 2002” Let me know what you think.

                3. No, I don’t. But this is the best vetting ‘season’, I’ve ever witnessed. Look at all the candidates, all their flaws and bad judgments exposed! This is exceptional in the sense that we can separate the RINOs from the Conservatives (which Alas! are very few). After all is said and done, only one will stand up, proven by fire! God help us that that person is a freedom-loving, fiscally responsible, small government person. Hope and change did not make it. We are now left with faith!

                4. I think you are right. They say that RUNNING for president is the hardest job in the world, because it is needed to steel the candidate for the rigors of the office.

                5. It sure is! You know though I am a fan, I sure love the fact that Sarah Palin has not yet entered the race! That waiting time gives us an excellent opportunity to scrutinize, observe and compare each of the candidates. Each one of them is being driven up under the spotlight, then set aside by the electorate. We now are able to say what we like or dislike about each candidate. Because as soon as Sarah Palin jumps in, the media hoopla will begin and they will focus on her so much that they could shadow other last minute candidates like they did when Hillary was running and at the last minute from nowhere pushed Obama to the finish line. Palin learned her lesson from Hillary: If you’re that polarizing, be the last one to get in!

        1. That is probably one reason Obama was elected in the first place… People could not hold their noses long enough to pull the handle for Mr. McCain.


          1. I held my nose and voted for McCain in the last election. But if Romney gets the nomination not only will I not vote for him, I’ll campaign against him.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but this is not a two person race, despite how hard the media is trying to push that meme. Both Perry and Romney are flip floppers, liars, and weasels. How about voting for the only genuine conservative candidate who can lead with real executive experience and a track record of understanding how jobs are created. How about voting for the only candidate that robs the left of their two most powerful weapons: class warfare and the race card? How about nominating the candidate that will keep the Democrats from being able to call 2012 “the most racist election ever”? Herman Cain anyone? I’m sick of the media hand picking loser big government sell outs that ultimately lose in the general. Anyone else want to break that cycle?

      1. I think Cain is great, and will campaign for him enthusiastically if he secures the nomination. I am concerned about his lack of governing experience, however. It might have been better if he had started at a lower position than nominee for president. But he is very intelligent and affable. He answers every question directly and hasn’t had a bad debate performance yet.

    2. You honestly want four more years of Obama compared to Romney? Really? I would vote for Mickey Mouse over Obama! Give me 5 reasons why you would want to put Obama back in the white house!

      1. I definitely do not want 4 more years of Obama, and will enthusiastically vote for any Republican nominee over Obama, except Romney.

        I’ll repeat what I said last night. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life, but I can’t vote for Romney. Seeing him defend abortions in 2002, even for those under 18 without parental consent, was the last straw (see the video link down below). He sounds so convincing and convicted when he speaks, no matter what he says. He will hurt the conservative cause. Better to have Obama take all the blame. With a Republican congress his hands will be tied anyway. The Supreme Court will rule on Obamacare. It is the best path for the long run.

        Out of principle, I will not vote for a weasel.

        1. “Out of principle, I will not vote for a weasel.”

          Then I’m afraid your short list of candidates just got shorter. You’re 100% right about Romney though. As I’ve mused elsewhere, if the Republican establishment puts its weight behind somebody like Romney it could be because they want to throw the election, having a better candidate (a young man from FL perhaps?) to run in 2016.

          1. I agree. If Romney wins the presidency we are stuck with him in 2016 as well, which means true conservatives like Rubio won’t be able to take center stage.

            1. I don’t know if I’d call Rubio a “true conservative”, being a protege of Jeb Bush. Rubio certainly has a Kennedy-esque flair about him style-wise, which is why he’s got the golden boy auroa now.

              1. From what I know about Rubio he seems to be able to articulate conservative positions very effectively. I saw him give a speech on the Senate floor a couple of months ago which was terrific, and I thought he did a wonderful job during his senate campaign. He still needs to prove himself over time, but so far I have been impressed.

                1. I saw Rubio give a 20 minute speech in person about a month ago. He outlined how he thinks govt should work and didn’t mention the constitution once. That was troubling to me.

                2. Well I am sure I’ve heard Rubio before mention it… but that’s hardly an accurate guide to judge him by. Does he have to mention it in every speech?

                  Listen Jack… I watched your videos, thx… Hunter made some valid points, but these points are made by other conservatives, not just Paulites. I even accept the analysis of Hunter on Reagan’s foreign policy. It seems Hunter’s key beef is Neo Cons… and he sees all criticism of Paul as coming from Neo Cons… or he gives that appearance.

                  Here’s the thing with Pauline analysis of foreign policy issues, (and I like Rand Paul’s realistic engagement idea)… all Paulites never examine Islam. This is their key weakness. If he understood it, Hunter would have mentioned it. The paradigm has shifted since 911… the paradigm is authoritative and doctrinaire Islam which pre-dates US foreign policy. Paul confuses this paradigm with “they hate us because we are in their land”. I won’t go into this at this point. That’s another discussion.

                  But do me the favour of reading this following three part article. Print it out and sit with it. It has nothing to do with Paul and everything to do with Islam. It’s by a guy named Venster who comments regularly on Gates of Vienna… ( ) a blog you would do well to follow… as well as Atlas Shrugs ( )

                  Here it is:

                  Part 1
                  Part 2
                  Part 3

                  When you understand the issues of Islam and the West you will begin to see that Paul’s view IS hopelessly naive… a charge that Hunter detests, but a charge that sticks until Paul opens his eyes to the true nature of Islam.

                3. P.S. This article is actually rather good. It illustrates that even the layman can become quite knowledgeable and incisive on the issue.

                4. I think I get the gist of Islam vs the West already, but as you’ve been fair in considering the material I’ve linked to you it would be unfair of me not to do likewise. I’ll get back to you.

                5. Thanks… On Islam lies most of the crux of the issue. If you understand Islam’s threat to the West, it would be impossible to buy one hundred percent or even eighty of Paulite doctrine. If one does not understand Islam… then Paulite doctrine is attractive. Therein lies the danger of Paul. On this will hang future discussion.

  11. I am tired of Krauthammer’s nonsense.

    I am tired of Romney’s nonsense.

    I am tired of Perry’s nonsense.

    Could I give examples? Yeah, too many to count in fact (and you know them anyway,) but I just don’t feel like it.

    I am tired of their nonsense.

  12. Romney will not get my vote, period. I’m tired of Krautlamer spinning for empty suits like Romney or Mitch Daniels who he couldn’t talk enough about 6 months ago. Save “Buckley rule” guff too. Let the people decide.

  13. um… why would someone be lobbying someone over something that already happened? someone doesn’t have their facts straight here.

    This would be like Obama saying someone lobbied him today to pass Obamacare… um… that wouldn’t make any sense, I think the Perry haters are wrong.

    1. This was the same mantra they used about the failings of Obama. Please Chris, I know where your heart is, but please use your brain. There are too many similarities between Obama & Perry.
      1. using an executive order to override his legislature
      2. using a story for that emotional punch, but not having it right.
      3. basically endorsing the Dream act for the illegals
      4. numerous scenarios where it looks like crony capitalism
      5. too many to mention
      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. – It is a duck

    2. She was lobbying to have the mandate upheld once opposition to the mandate and the use of the EO started to build. It has been pretty well documented that Gov. Perry did not met her until after he’d signed the EO establishing the mandate. Gov. Perry’s anecdote, while emotionally powerful, was factually misleading.

  14. It’s like boxing, you have to definitivly beat the reigning champ to win!!!!! Please candidates, beat the reigning regime !!!

  15. He’s wrong. You have to give people a clear reason not to vote for the incumbent; and Romney does not give a clear reason…too much like Obama.

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