Krauthammer slams Obama G20 presser: He’s so weak that nobody gives a damn what he says

Krauthammer was on with BillO tonight to discuss Obama’s press conference on Syria and the K-man was very critical of Obama’s conciliatory response to Russia thumbing America in the eye. In fact at one point Krauthammer says this:

[Obama] had something else to say about the Russians where he said “I’m not quite prepared that they are signing on to our idea of a transition where Assad steps down.”

What in God’s name is he talking about?

The Russians are opposing that. The Russians are blocking that. The Russians are supporting Assad. They block all resolutions to bring him down. They have blocked all resolutions for an arms embargo. They are sending helicopter gunships. They’ve announce that they are going to send anti-aircraft equipment so the Syrians can shoot down anybody in the future who might want to do a rescue or some kind of support for the Syrian people from the air. And we’ve just had the news that the Russians are preparing to send three ships from their Black Sea port to the Syria port of Tartus where the Russians have a base, naval facilities that Putin has revived for the first time since the Cold War. And we have a president who says ‘I’m not sure they’re signing on to our program.’

This is a challenge to the United States and to the West. This is a thumb in the eye to the United States. And this is the Russians planting their flag saying ‘Syria is our property, our client, our state and we’re gonna do as we wish’ and the United States has a president who not only says anything to oppose that or to critique it but says ‘we’re working with them because I’m confident they don’t condone the massacres.’

He also noted that Obama is so weak on behalf of America that nobody cares what he says in these press conferences:

This is a president who speaks for the United States so weakly that nobody cares what he says. The Europeans care what Angela Merkel says about Greece, Spain, and Italy. They don’t give a damn what the United States says because it is irrelevant.

Wow. Kruathammer really didn’t hold back. Watch below:

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