Larry O’Donnell: Palin speech was blaming Giffords

I’m almost dumbfounded at what I just heard. Larry O’Donnell claims that Sarah Palin’s speech today was aimed at Congresswoman Giffords, simply because of Giffords’ March 25 interview where she claimed that there were consequences to putting crosshairs over her district. Huh????? Has LarryO not been paying attention this week to even those on his own network obsessing about Sarah Palin and her map of crosshaired districts that supposedly created the environment that caused this guy to pull the trigger?

She even qualified that her ‘blood libel’ statement was to journalists and pundits. Is this pundit so damn sensitive to criticism that he must stoop to the level of a malicious smear job pitting Palin against a woman in the hospital fighting for her life? How disgraceful. In fact I honestly still can’t believe that he said that. Talk about beyond the pale.

Palin leveled a cold eyed outrage at “people attempting to apportion blame for this terrible event.” Palin’s self-defense seems aimed at [Congresswoman Giffords]. On Saturday, [Giffords] fell into the crosshairs of a gun that sent a 22 cent bullet into the back of her head exiting over her left eye. She is therefore unable to respond to Sarah Palin tonight.

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