LEAKED! Obama will let IRAN enrich uranium with 6,500 or more centrifuges!

It’s being reported that the rift between Obama and Israel is being worsened by leaks of the deal being sought with Iran, including this very alarming tidbit:

The decision to reduce the exchange of sensitive information about the Iran talks was prompted by concerns that Netanyahu’s office had given Israeli journalists sensitive details of the U.S. position, including a U.S. offer to allow Iran to enrich uranium with 6,500 or more centrifuges as part of a final deal.

Here’s the White House response:

Obama administration officials believed these reports were misleading because the centrifuge numbers are part of a package that includes the size of the Iranian nuclear stockpile and the type of centrifuges that are allowed to operate. A deal that allowed 500 advanced centrifuges and a large stockpile of enriched uranium might put Iran closer to making a bomb than one that permitted 10,000 older machines and a small stockpile, the administration argues.

This is a typical argument from the Obama administration, and it’s kind of a bait and switch. Anyone can argue that they can make a much worse deal, but that’s no reason for making a bad deal. It would be like saying they could have also let Iran have nukes and bomb Israel, but they didn’t let them bomb Israel, so it’s a good deal to let them have nukes.

Obama has already said he considers this Iran deal to be his “obamacare” of the second term, a signature “accomplishment,” so it’s not hard to see why he’s willing to give up everything else just to get it done.

I think we’re screwed.

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