Leno’s Politician Montage Featuring The Anthony Weiner Dance That Will Have You Gouging Your Eyes Out

Too good to pass up. A collection of some of the funniest bits from over the years as Leno and crew have fun at the expense of politicians.

This is the most good President Obama has done for the world in his entire time in office. Now pardon me, whilst I brain bleach.

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45 thoughts on “Leno’s Politician Montage Featuring The Anthony Weiner Dance That Will Have You Gouging Your Eyes Out

  1. This is funny, but I really love the one where Boehner bops pelosi with the gavel. Way too funny. Wish he would REALLY do that.

  2. I think they have the wrong guy… NBC really meant that it would be Bob Costas who was going to quit right? Right???

  3. Fair and balanced Fox news hires the worst politcal scum it could find.

    James Carville joining Fox News as contributorhttp://www.myfoxdc.com/story/24661741/james-carville-joining-fox-news-as-contributor

    1. Let’s not forget Howie Kurtz too. I think it goes deeper. I believe Fox News has made a deliberate marketing decision to attract a larger audience among lefty democrats by adding numerous liberals to their staff.

      They’re going after CNN and MSNBC’s viewers without fear of losing conservative watchers. Where can we go to get news on cable or public TV nationally? – no where cause Fox will still cover stories ignored by the lefty MSM.

        1. Of course they need a larger audience. Every network needs a larger audience. That’s like saying that Alabama is recruiting too many offensive linemen.

        2. They DO need a larger audience… more of those bots that only watch MSM! They get only ONE sided news all the time, rarely even know there IS a different viewpoint let alone hear any kind of debate concerning it (what ever issue ‘it’ is). I can’t stand Carville, Geraldo, Juan Williams, etc. but they DO offer a counter balance to the conservative, libertarian viewpoint. Hopefully these EXTREMELY annoying ‘provocateurs’ will help draw a much larger audience from the left thus helping their minds be truly opened up to the TRUTH! If that IS the end result then it’s WORTH putting up with the liberal drivel… but it’s STILL hard to do!

    2. Yes carville is a scum, but then so is geraldo. but FOX News unlike all the other BIASED networks, does hire both sides of the aisle and comments – so people do get to hear both sides. Most of the demo commentators are very left sided liberal – but they do get to have their say so people can really hear both sides. No other network allows this. but some of the left sided are really left sided and I don’t agree with them but that is my choice and their choice. But people like geraldo, juan williams, jehmu ????? and a few others are so far left they don’t even have any idea of what they are talking about.

  4. While this is initially funny, I have completely lost my sense of humor when it comes to these demons. They have inflicted way too much pain on the citizenry and I find their smiles offensive. I will say I’d like to use that gavel not only on Pelosi’s head, but also during the impeachment trials of every official abusing their power! All of them should be serving hard time in Leavenworth!

    1. Me neither, but I did pick up an archaic device known as an “antenna” which I’m told will pick up this crap. Oh, provided I stayed up that late.

    1. I would love to know how many people paused and hit replay right where Pelosi gets hit with that gavel.

      I know I did at least three or four times.

      1. Yep I just kept hitting the replay right where she is getting smacked in the head….I watched it a few dozen times…

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