Lesbians are the ‘REAL EMBODIMENT of Catholic teaching’ – CNN host

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League was invited onto the Smerconish show on CNN in order to defend a decision by a private Catholic school to fire a teacher who had revealed herself to be gay and in a gay marriage. Halfway through the interview, Smerconish affirms the lesbians’ view that they are the “real embodiment” of Catholic teaching. Cuz that makes a lot of sense.

Watch below:

Of course, people who get their understanding of Christian doctrine from making fun of televangelists while smoking pot in college and from snarky criticisms on the Daily Show aren’t the best scholars when it comes to biblical theology. That’s why Smerconish starts whining about the “judge not lest ye be judged” text without any understanding of the context and intent of the quote. Apparently this is part of the CNN anchor idiot handbook. 

Now watch the portion with the lesbians – not once does he bring up biblical quotes:

The Catholic church makes it very clear that only a Catholic person can teach religious lessons in a Catholic institution of education, and if the lesbians were good adherents, they’d know that. I mean hell, I’m not even Catholic and I know that. 

Read Bill Donahue’s respond to crazy liberals here. 

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