Levin BURNS Obama: Is he going to sit down with ISIS NEXT?

After reading a couple of headlines indicating that the US and Iran are discussing a ‘nuclear compromise’ and that Iran is now boasting about sending ‘rocket aid’ to both Hezbollah and the Palestinians, Levin remarks that Obama is selling out the United States of America to an Islamo-Nazis in Tehran! He continues:

I am telling you ladies and gentlemen, there is something really wrong with this man and his administration and everybody who serves under him and goose steps along with him…! Shame on these people! We’re now going to cut a deal with the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran? And he’s giving the Taliban their genocidal maniac generals back – five of them – out of GITMO?

What’s next? Is he going to sit down with ISIS?


Listen to the full clip below:

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