Levin responds to Krauthammer: He missed Reagan all three times and now he’s missing Cruz

Tonight Mark Levin was featured on Special Report where he talked about how Krauthammer and George Will both supported other candidates instead of Reagan and are now dissing Ted Cruz:

Mark Levin played the above on his show tonight and responded to Krauthammer’s points, mainly emphasizing that his overarching point was, and still is, that Krauthammer missed Reagan, including all three times he ran competitively in the primaries and now he’s missing Cruz.


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150 thoughts on “Levin responds to Krauthammer: He missed Reagan all three times and now he’s missing Cruz

  1. We put Republicans in charge of the House the very next election to end the disaster that is Obamacare. Close the purse. If Dems close the government, so be it. Fund it an you own it. Lies about “voting” to defund don’t full the informed.
    The Republican party was formed to free the slaves. Time to start a new party to free us from our government masters.

  2. In Charles defense…he consistently excoriates Obama and his actions every chance he gets. The TV talking head pundits like Charles look at this as some political game that they have to figure out…but they end up loosing site of the ball. They stick to the same old strategies and can’t except thinking out of the box.

    To me Cruz is throwing a Hail Mary pass..that is brilliant. Instead of doing nothing but capitulating like the rest of the Conservatives he is actually taking a chance for the right reasons! Hail Mary passes actually win games…it would HELP if we had a full team to help it succeed. As usual the great one…is great.

  3. It’s so frightening to see that the most horrid political fighting is now between Conservative Repubs and a bunch of old, leather-skinned Rinos. Anything for their OWN personal welfare and screw the rest of us!
    Sickening to watch and listen to!

  4. Cruz is leading a movement. His staunch support for defunding Obama care along with all the town meetings by Demint and Heritage Action were to energize the conservative base and others who understood the debacle that is Obamacare. His unfaltering and continual voice is what caused the voters to rise up and demand the House defund, while the leadership was trying to put forward a phoney bill. One person can make a difference and Cruz is proving that. It’s called leadership, something Kraut and Will don’t have a clue about just like they don’t have a clue why so many of us out in the real world supported Curz’s efforts.

      1. It’s like the guy in the insane asylum who kept banging his head on the wall.

        Somebody asked him, “Why you doin’ that?”

        He said, “Because it feels so good when I stop!”

  5. Krauthammer is another RINO, establishment mouthpiece. It’s been extremely obvious since Obama’s been president. Just the fact that he tries to paint McLame as some sort of conservative hero is pathetic.

    Hey Krauthammer, where were all your “fighting” Republicans yesterday? Attacking Obama and the Democrats or instead going on liberal media to attack one of their own?

    Thought so, you Beltway tool.

  6. Charles of the Hammer Kraut is only conservative on some issues, so he wouldn’t have been attracted to a Leader like Reagan … and this explains his aversion to both Cruz and Palin also I think


    ole Harry Reid must have been shocked to go to Capitol Hill *the day AFTER* the CruzMissile began to launch from the Senate Floor, and SEE THAT HE WAS STILL LAUNCHING, and striking the tyrannical Obamacare target, MORE THAN 21 HOURS LATER!

    Senator Cruz did not voluntarily vacate his Senate Floor position. Dingy Harry intervened and his speech was stopped.

    Senator Cruz had said he would speak until he was no longer able to stand … he was *still* able to stand .. easily …. he had hardly broken a sweat … his tie was loosened a little, but he wasn’t even dis-shevilled! ….. He had been launching and striking the foul anti-liberty Obamacare target, REPEATEDLY, ACCURATELY, for nearly a whole day, but he retained his fluency, his clarity of thought and expression …. his intellectual armory is FORMIDABLE …. perhaps *the most formidable* in all of DC … there had not been a single ‘uh’ or ‘aah’ … for more than 21 hours! …. and not a Teleprompter in sight …

    Multitudes of citizens were tuning in to CSPAN2 …… Dingy Harry was compelled to stop this devastating attack on the CORRUPT and TYRANNICAL, America-killing, DC, Status Quo, Bastion …

    These WEASELS in the DC Permanent Political Class are in HUGE TROUBLE.

    The Palin/Cruz JUGGERNAUT is building larger and larger …

    *WE The People* will STORM DC in the 2014 Midterms, led by Madame Steel Spine and The Cruz Missile

    Get out of the way of the Palin/Cruz JUGGERNAUT you Corruptocrat WEASELS lest you be STEAMROLLED into Ruling Class ROAD PIZZA

    #BeClingers ————————> #AmericaRISING

    #WAR ————————> #CrushROVE (in the 2014 Primary Patriots!)

    #MakeDCListen ————> #DefundObamacare

  7. Please run for the next presidency Mark. If for no other reason than to put the others running in their place. You know more than all of them put together. I would vote for you in a heart beat. We need people like you to get rid of the sycophantic status quo.

  8. KRAUGTHAMMER can not bear to think that we might have a “HISPANIC” President, Well, get over it, because I’m going to predict that Mr. Cruz WILL be our NEXT PRESIDENT.. Don’t think you people (LIBERALS) know that Cruz has gotten the ATTENTION of a WHOLE LOT OF AMERICANS, including the POOR PEOPLE..

  9. KRAUTHAMMER is a LIBERAL, and anyone that does not know that has “BLINDERS” on, and he does not like the fact that CRUZ is HISPANIC…

  10. What I think is that they are all cowards. They take the opportunity to say nasty things about SENATOR TED CRUZ… and yet none of them were to be found anywhere to ask their questions. The next day after our courageous Senator Ted Cruz was finished they all began bashing him. It is always nice to know who is backing you from your team and who is doing a ton of butt kissing. We all found that out didn’t we. Obviously, they can not handled the truth… we found our few good men the other night. The rest leave yet to be desired. The only ones who deserve the title SENATOR..are the ones who backed SENATOR TED CRUZ…I am proud he is our TX Senator.

  11. This is why I can barely stand to watch Fox any longer. It’s become nothing but shilling for the republican party establishment. They have nothing but liberals and republican shills on any longer.

  12. What bothers me most about all this is the intense focus on ‘tactics’. Is it possible that Sen. Cruz was simply acting out of a passion of sorts, not calculating this and that, but having only the ‘tactic’ of trying to do the right thing?

  13. Cornyn is toast here in Texas. I suggest he update his resume because he has served his last term as Senator from Texas. He was elected to represent us. Not to kiss Harry Reids butt.

  14. It is so refreshing to hear someone with intelligence use common sense and speak truisms. Levin addressed what I was ‘thinking’ during kraut hammers dialog.

  15. How about some LEADERSHIP for a change GOP?! Oh wait….Cruz is doing just that!….and look what he gets for his efforts!…Why-O-Why do we eat our own and give the Left fuel to use for talking points? All I’m hearing now on the left is: “Look, how can we negotiate with the Republicans when they can’t even agree within their own party?!)….Thanks, Krauthammer, McCain, Cornyn, etc…..way to go……way to go….

  16. Oh’ so I see, with Claw-Hammer it’s all about the “pecking order” ! Cruz….., I don’t know where he was or what he was doing during so and so time but ‘ ‘ ‘ how dare Cruz come along and steal the thunder away from McCain and his cowardice cohort’s “Rino buttkisser’s” who were fighting very little to defeat Obama care. !FACT! and everyone on here know’s that to be true.

    Sorry Claw-Hammer it was the “Tea Party” down in the trenches back in those day’s, and telling Sarah to sit down and shut-up, and now once again it begin’s with Cruz.

    Elitists and their attitudes always behind the curve….’

  17. Re: Krauthammer. If McCain was fighting tooth-and-nail against the imposition of ObamaCare in 2009, why the capitulation now? Why not stand behind Cruz?

  18. How many Reagans can come along though and beat both the Democrats and the Republicans ?
    I’d love Cruz to do it, but I’m not holding my breath, Republicans are likely to elect
    John Mitt Gerald Bob RINO again.

    1. Don’t you remember that the people did not push for Romney in the primary. Fox news and the Liberal meeting guided the sheeple to Romney.

        1. And once they got rid of Herman they were satisfied ..And we must not stand idly by while the left try to destroy any one who speaks out about Obama care or about Obama.. Obama speaks for himself he has destroyed everything our country has worked for over centuries counting our Constitution .He has ruined race relations til they are worse than they had been in the time before L.B.J. .He has made Christianity a Dirty word.. Obama has brought the Muslim Brotherhood right into our white House, right into our State dept. Obama is sending Arms to Syria , without congressional approval. Obama is supporting the rebels , who are made up of Islamic terrorists including muslim brotherhood And who dares to speak out less they be destroyed.They can’t destroy our Republicans if we stick together..However If they are Rinos we need to replace them…. .

  19. Cruz was just elected, so he was not a Senator in 2009-2010. And there is something at the end of a cul-de-sac, it’s usually a home. Ted Cruz is FIGHTING for the American people and is standing on principles!

  20. The Kraut is a lifelong Dem who is now a converted RINO . He was Mondale speech writer with Beckle as his campaign manager. They won 1 state barely. Now both are experts in Politics and strageties? Least Beckle is not trying to pass himself off as a conservative. The Kraut just wants t be an insider in the beltway and keep his invatitions to the cocktail parties coming ?

    1. Sadly he cannot hold a cocktail, or his cock and will never get any tail, so he should just shut up and observe…

  21. And another thing! LOL.
    Charles asks where was Cruz. Well, Cruz was fighting tirelessly and passionately for our liberty. Cruz was one of the lead attorneys in the DC gun case (Heller). Cruz was in the Supreme Court time and time again going toe to toe with the statists without ever backing down.
    Where were YOU Charles?

  22. Dr. K is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Those who are in the know realize what that is all about!

  23. I know of at least two people other than my wife and I, who when watching Krauthammer’s disgusting performance on Fox News had to turn the TV off before he was done speaking due to a highly saturated disgust quotient.

    Appeasers such as this are why we lose to fools, fascists, and freaks, who run roughshod over the truth daily. Krauthammer rolled roughshod over victory, snatching from it instead, defeat. He’s like a General who displays his white flag round the clock while slapping his finest soldiers. Stupid.

    Fortunately he is neither General nor Private. Much more like a cold bowl of oatmeal which has morphed into a rubber-like substance that isn’t palatable.

      1. same with karl doughboy rove. the only ones that think he is so smart are himself and those who have him on. the rest of us know he has nothing but hot air between his ears. i wouldn’t want him as an investor – the rate of return on his choices is less than one percent. now sarah palin with lot less dollars has nearly 80% return on the money.

      2. He is a very smart intelligent man; however, many smart intelligent people have a profound disconnect between mouth and brain.

    1. **Pulls out my notebook and scribbles down “disgust quotient”.

      Would you mind if I used this sparingly in the future, or will their be royalties owed? 🙂

  24. It’s only a cul-de-sac if you are going around in circles. When you are at the corner of socialized medicine and political safety a patriot knows which way to turn.

  25. Sen. Cruz is what those that make this country work, demand. He is an employee of Texas doing what he was employed to do. On the talking heads; I have a drawer full of socks. If I have a desire to listen to noise I can slip one on my hand and make my own sock puppet.

  26. Sounds like Krauthammer is on the wrong side of history again. All these RINOs need to go away if they don’t have the guts to do what is needed to be done.

  27. Mark. God bless u buddy. Ty for educating us on whats really going on. Be bold buddy. Dont hide in ur comfy corner. Step up ur game and expand.. we need u to continue to be a voice for the exceptional conservatives in this country who are wondering wtf happened.

  28. Well if someone trying and failing to fight Obamacare should
    be honored then why do we still honor them after they give up? That’s a quitter
    in my book. What is honorable about going
    home after the first round’s bell? The Republicans quit fighting even with
    millions of TEA party supporters standing behind them. Obama-care is a train-wreak, they all say that but let’s let it take effect? Let it destroy a bunch of lives,
    costs a bunch of jobs, wreak the insurance industry, bankrupt families trying
    to pick up another monthly bill bigger than their current house payment, undermine our healthcare not just the insurance industry. We can let it take effect. Then we
    will fix it? I will think that’s a great idea the day after you show me the
    first government program that was ever ended on its own. Facts are fact live with
    it if you can’t stand to hear it put your fingers in your ears. If McCain can’t take criticism what the hell is he doing in politics he needs to get out.

    Why should we concern ourselves with the honesty and sincerity
    of dishonest people simply because they have an R by their name? The Republicans keep trying to trick us with phony floor votes to repeal, stupid and clumsy plans to send easy to remove amendments on their legislation, telling lies and lies and more lies. I got sick of all the RINOs claiming Conservatism at FOX so I stopped watching. I will do my very best to never vote for another RINO, but certainly will not vote for them twice. The Republican Party can no longer count on my support, they have no leadership they are cowards and lazy and only concern themselves with their jobs, not ours so they should lose theirs. Instead I plan to put my energy into getting a State Convention to return the Constitution to its original brilliance, for Mark is right Washington cannot and will not fix its self, adding only this if I have nowhere to go on election day I will join the millions who stayed home last round.

      1. That’s a fact!

        That’s why it is so irritating that the supposedly conservative FOX News reports “unintended consequences” of the law.
        1. Look at Obama’s speech to a union group stating they would have to destroy the employer-based system to socialize medicine, and
        2. Look at the news reports and see employer-based insurance.

        Unintended? This is a truth, few in the news media dare to speak or won’t because they are willing accomplices to statism.

  29. what is important is now, today, and Cruz was standing, while others were passively sitting or actively throwing darts at Cruz instead of joining him in the fight.

  30. I think Dr. Krauthammer missed the point of Sen. Cruz’ speech. And I’m not going to argue the point of whether it was a filibuster or not. But what is the point of having an “opposition” party if all the structural leadership of said opposition party is in agreement with the ideas they are supposed to be opposing? If backward-thinking Republicans like McLame and McConehead keep acting like the leaders but going against their party, then why are they worthy of support? Both of them are more worthy of the We Opposed Obama Before We Didn’t category of useless so-called defenders of America. The Country Class is being keelhauled at every turn by these opportunistic politicians. And that goes for both wings of the Demopublican Party, otherwise known as the Political Class. For this nation to have a future, we the people need to do as much as possible to separate the hanky-panky that happens in Washington from affecting and destroying the lives of the people in fly-over country. The states that are least in bed with the regime will be the ones that can survive on their own when it comes to SHTF time.

    1. At the end of the day, Cruz is still just one soldier in a party that is marching leftward, and I don’t see him turning them around. He has a choice to continue to be a vocal but ineffective minority, or break away and become the leader of an official threat to both parties. That goes for Louis Gohmert, too. It’s put up or shut up time.

  31. How do you people continue to watch all the fools on FOXY NEWS? Do yourself a favor and pull the plug. Cancel your cable subscription ASAP!

    1. I don’t watch Fox. I get the impression that there a some good shows that seem to be on our side: Hannnity; Cavuto; Kelly; and Van Susteren. Maybe there are some others too.

  32. Well, I love Mark Levin and regard all those who try to denigrate him like those little rugrat dogs why are always trying to pee on an adult’s leg …

  33. Yes Mr. Krauthammer , there were republicans who tried to fight Obamacare but for whatever reason they FAILED !!!!!!! Now is the time for those with a little more passion and energy who will get the job done . Cruz and the rest in the Tea Party will excite Americans to do what it right and who will demand their representatives to repeal Obamacare !!!

    1. And did they really “fight?” Or did they just vote against it. And didn’t those two dingbats from Maine cast some votes that allowed the debate to continue before Franken was sworn in, thus before the Dems had the 60 necessary to break a filibuster?

  34. Krauthammer was totally off on this one and I refuse to support his patent support of the elites in Washington. Too bad.

  35. Whether you like Levin or not, Levin’s point was spot on. It wasn’t personal. This is so dumb and Levin should ignore this non-sense.

  36. Go to the sell-outs Facebook pages and read the comments. America is pouring out their hearts in masses trying to make these people do the right thing. It is amazing that they turning their noses to the thousands upon thousands of comments. Totally amazing!

    I guess I am just not smart enough to see the big picture…

  37. After hearing Levin’s devastating response, itemizing the duplicity of McConnell and Boehner, which eviscerated Kraut’s contention that RINO’s are honest – you see why Levin is never on these shows. Your average talking head would rather go three minutes against Vladimir Kiitchko than three minutes with Mark Levin.

  38. It didn’t matter where Cruz was in 2009. The fact is the train to repeal or defund ObamaCare is in the station NOW. It will soon be pulling out.

    People can say Cruz lead the Congress to a “cul de sac” but whether this is a way out or not, a political stance has to be made as the ObamaCare train pulls out of the station.

    Further down the track when the train derails, noses must be counted about who is responsible. Republicans don’t want to be near this wreck when the train engine topples off the track.

  39. FOX is hardly a right wing channel…..look at their regulars…..O’Reilly, Rove, Krauthammer, Hume, Sheppy Smith……moderates all of them. And PMSNBC has Joe Scabface as their sacrificial conservative……pretty much exemplifies how far left our society has moved.

    1. Because channels like MSNBC are so hard left FOX has the appearance of looking conservative when in fact it really is center left.

    2. But at least Fox doesn’t shut out conservatives and often gives guys like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh air time which is more than most news outlets. I agree that there are lots of RINOs/centrists but at least they are better than the rest of the media.

      1. I agree Ben. But what has happened in all of this is that the MSM and liberals have somewhat successfully painted FOX as extreme, and therefore has moved the entire discussion even further left. Indeed, there are a few true iron clad conservatives out there, but they are painted as kooks, extremists, and anarchists. If the conservative movement and the conservative media outlets continue these small slides to the center, eventually true conservative ideas will be nowhere to be heard. This eventually drives those who believe in these ideas to go “underground”. It rarely goes well when that happens.

        1. I don’t think they were ever ‘conservative’ per se, they just didn’t shut out the conservative viewpoint and didn’t cover for Democrats like the rest of the media did. Like Benghazi, which isn’t really a conservative issue but has become one since the liberal media wouldn’t initially report the facts on it. I disagree with your premise that we will ‘go underground’ and it will be a bad thing. Fox News started off as ‘underground’. Fox got the viewership they have because of us and if they head to the left more then we will simply abandon them for another network like The Blaze and make them #1. That is how the free market works. They should be scared of losing us and not us losing them.

          1. That’s kind of my point though…..they are not worried about losing us because currently we have nowhere else to go. AND…as far as another “Network” with ultra conservative viewpoints getting a license from our FCC to broadcast those opinions and viewpoints is probably not realistic (Glen Beck sure is having fun getting on more cable and satellite providers with his little network). Underground in itself is certainly not bad……the odds stacked against such groups are extremely low. It is hard to unite and organize under such burdens, and especially now with our NSA having unchecked power to monitor any and all communications. I do not doubt our resolve….I am just concerned for the future and how many must be hurt to regain our Republic as founded.

            1. I honestly haven’t seen much difference in Fox over the years and I have been watching since 1999, they’ve always been moderate. I think it is us as viewers who have become more conservative especially because of this President. I think we have outgrown them to a certain extent. They may decide to become more liberal but it would be stupid to piss off your viewers when you are blowing all the other networks out of the water and raking in the ad revenue. As a business move it wouldn’t make sense.

  40. So, in a 21 hour filibuster, Kraut pulls out one “implication” from Cruz’s speech to use as a club. How noble.

    And Kraut, we don’t care who “fought” and lost in 2009 and who was putting on a show. We care about who doesn’t want to fight, now.

  41. Krauthammer is like so many other Rino Repubics who think we are all stupid. We understand about Cloture from all the underhanded stuff the Senate has done for years. I am with Levin and Cruz. At least they recognize that the Conservatives and Libertarians in this country are not stupid. We know what is going on and we know that Mitch McConnell and John McCain and that bunch are not for the American people they are all about their power. So shut up Charles, a supporter of Mondale is all I need to know about you.

  42. Hey did y’all know that I am a conservative from Texas!!! Much was done thank you Cruz! Lets get this country back!

  43. They have a narrative they want to push and we the people have had enough of the stay in line don’t talk bak and follow my lead. we are the Rulers of this country, they work for us when they don’t they need to go and 2014 will be the beginning of a new era where we take back our country and get some new blood in Washington doing the will of the people and not there to get rich and have a titile.
    Cruz is a leader and a real American.

  44. look Kraut and the rest of the GOPe have one thing in mind., It’s not Obamacare and it isn’t spending or even winning the next election. they are hell bent on stopping the base from winning. they will destroy the Tea party if its the last thing they do because they would rather be ruled by socialists then have the American people live in freedom.

  45. So wait, we’re sitting here defending McCain, who hung Palin out to dry and Called Tea partyists “Hobbits”. Give me a break.

    1. I am also from Canada as our beloved Americanduckie and Las and others here on Scoop and we have some relevant things to say. Kraut loves your country as do I, I think he is wrong on this issue but has been right on many others..take him as a whole.

    2. After Obama’s and the Syrian Russian fiasco, now McCain, Reid, think America can use all the help we can get.

  46. Krauthammer has always rubbed me the wrong way. He is just another spineless inside-the-Beltway troll who slinks away when it comes to standing for conservatism and especially non-establishment conservatives like Cruz and Rand Paul.

  47. 2009? That was then, this is now, today, when all this mess is upon us. don’t speak that jive that you ought to respect those who tried (and failed or gave up!). Other republicans have given up on the American people. Support Ted Cruz! He’s a real man!

  48. Like I listen to what Sour Kraut says? I’ve known that he’s nothing, but a typical talking head! Talk, talk, talk and does nothing.

    1. You sir – and I use that term in the loosest possible sense – are an asshole and are part of the problem in my party. Take a long hike off a short cliff.

    2. Never wanting to follow a democrat example; remember this disgraceful call by J.Biden to a wounded war vet. who had lost both legs, Mr Graham.

  49. Hey Charles Ted came onto the scene well after the RINOS sold out to ObamaCare. His promise to his constituents was the first thing he would do was to fight to repeal the ACA.

  50. What Krauthammer and his ilk don’t understand is that this is a battle of life and death for liberty. We’re just not fighting it in the conventional way. There’s no time, Mr. Krauthammer for delicate and time consuming strategies.
    We have to pounce with everything and be un-relentless!

  51. Krauthammer’s arrogance is wrong footing him again. Look I know the man is smart but he is not infallible. He gets stuff wrong all of the time especially on domestic issues…and listening to him he just got McCain and the rest of them wrong yet again on Obamacare. Yeah they opposed but now they are capitulating to it when the American people don’t want this. Why is it everyone out here in the hinterland knows that once implemented we are stuck…BUT THEY CAN’T SEEM TO GET THAT?! Hell Republicans are already talking replace…so what does that tell you? It tells me that they have capitulated in one form or another. For once Americans would like someone that we elected to listen to us and what we think is in our own best interest. Why is that so hard to grasp? What is it about the swamp known as DC that turns everyone’s brain to oatmeal?!

    This country is flat broke despite the magic math games DC plays. another entitlement with a gigantic overblown bureaucracy that cannot be efficient no matter is not what this country needs. And we all know as this implemented politicians will tell you in order to fix it we must throw more money at it. In the mean time government will be determining YOUR quality of life from conception to death.

    As to George Will…he rarely gets anything right. He will come up with an occasional zinger but he is a dinosaur that didn’t get the Ice Age memo.

    1. The biggest problem at the moment is that crusty RINO dinosaurs will not get out of the way to step aside for those with fresh ideas independent of special interests and thinking dominated by political process as opposed to bold conservative ideas.

      1. Because they can hide behind the process and baffle you with BS. It’s a political caste system. they are more worried about the pecking order than what the people of this country want or doing the right thing.

  52. Dr Krauthammer is a very wise man but he is often to wedded to the ‘inside the beltway’ crowd and misses what the average American is experiencing.

    1. Wise? I would suggest cunning. Oh, he is very intelligent don’t misunderstand.

      “We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish.” Friedrich Hayek.

    2. He is spineless. He only stands for conservatism when it is deigned appropriate by others in the establishment. He’s not as bad as Bill Kristol but not by much. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the Fox News pundits as a whole have become RINOs on a lot of issues. Bill O’Reilly has become intolerable and even those I normally agree with like Brit Hume and Greg Gutfeld have taken a lot of RINO positions on Obamacare.

  53. Krauthammer’s sustenance lies at the whim of the DC establishment.

    Keep that in mind no matter what he says. In the beltway Kabuki theater, Krauthammer is but a jester.

  54. The good Dr. Krauthammer fails to acknowledge that this broken Congress is filled with senators and representatives who simply go through the motions, making it appear that they are doing something, but in essence just shuffling papers. McCain and the rest of the RINO ilk may have appeared to have fought 0bamacare; however, bottom line, they failed to stop this disaster from happening, and now as today’s events have shown, are evidently collaborating with the other side of the aisle.

    1. I just can’t get out of my head the fact that these putative Republicans screamed and yelled and banged their fists on the table back in 2010 that Obamacare was DOA… they were going to defeat it. Their dying breath would be- “Kill Obamacare”. Hell! I was impressed by their determination.

      Now for these same Senate Republicans… their dying breath is “Kill Cruz”. And these Democrats! They have every reason to sit back and laugh. And they didn’t even have to fight for their victory. The RINOs delivered victory to them on a silver platter.

  55. Glitch… I commented below…I have a WHOLE NEW DISRESPECT for CK. Reprehensible! I will never EVER
    accord his opinions the notice I once did. How dare he scorn Levin as a
    conspiracist mockingly referring to himself as a crypto Alger HIss.
    Utterly disgraceful from CK. A brand new low for putative

  56. I have a WHOLE NEW DISRESPECT for CK. Reprehensible! I will never EVER accord his opinions the notice I once did. How dare he scorn Levin as a conspiracist mockingly referring to himself as a crypto Alger HIss. Utterly disgraceful from CK. A brand new low for putative conservatives.

    1. Didn’t CK work for Mondale? He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s never been a Conservative. I also think that jealousy plays into his snide remarks.

  57. Krauthhammer and Tucker Carlson were talking about Cruz and how he’s not eligible to run for President instead of talking about Obamacare. Professor Jacobson from Legalinsurrection tweeted them and linked the research he did proving that Cruz WAS eligible. He also admonished them for talking about that rather than Obamacare. IMO they are Beltway elitist members who have done the Conservatives harm by their snide comments and by shoving candidates like McCain and Romney down our throats. I trust them just about as far as I can throw them.

    1. Professor Jacobson is one of the smartedt people on the web. I read his stuff but never comment because some places are just best absorbed…maybe one day. I do send him pics to put up though.

      1. I also visit legalinsurrection, and daily, two or three times. Glad to know you’re a fan too! And now I know where some of those car-bumper sticker photos come from: you and Rosalie 🙂 I post there, from time to time.

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