Levin slams Trump over dumping on Paul Ryan Plan

Yesterday Trump said in an interview that he’s against doing anything to Medicare, and that Paul Ryan is “too far out front with this issue” and that he should “sit back and relax”. But then in answering the question of what to do with entitlements he starts talking about oil. Huh?

Levin can’t let this one go by without pointing out the absurdity of Trump’s statements.

Also worth noting is Trump’s interview with John Stossel a few years ago, where Trump defends his decision to try and take Vera Coking’s house from her saying that condemnation, or rather Eminent Domain, is a necessary evil. When asked to defend that assertion he used a Democrat tactic and started to demagogue the issue by suggesting that we have to be able to build schools. Huh? Since when is a limousine parking lot a school?

Trump is a crony capitalist and a big government type. He’s not a conservative.

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41 thoughts on “Levin slams Trump over dumping on Paul Ryan Plan

  1. Ryan goes too far? Shut up, Donald. Calm down. And, by the way, by not supporting Ryan you just lost all of your Tea Party support. Buh-Bye!

  2. I must say, I am not a Trump supporter…. I wouldn’t want to see a “reality” star whose story is completely disconnected from the average American have a shot at the presidency.

    However, I got to respect his opinion here. It’s nice to see politicians/reality stars not follow their party with every single issue. Whatever happened to moderates?

  3. About Donald Trump…John Gibson actually said it pretty good. His big platform on the issue of China is that he wants to impose a 25% tariff on Chinese goods…meaning that he wants to raise the cost of almost everything that people buy. Yeah. That’s going to get him elected. Haha.

  4. Donald thinks that Ryan is far too out front with his budget cutting proposals, huh? Like I’ve been saying to my friends who ask, don’t fall for the Trump card. Go with your gut instincts. He’s not the one!

  5. One of the few happy ending stories. I am so glad the lady got to keep her house.
    I hate eminent domain.

  6. Oh, yeah, maybe Chump should be told what an anachro-fascist is:

    “Fascism is a system in which the government leaves nominal ownership of the means of production in the hands of private individuals but exercises control by means of regulatory legislation and reaps most of the profit by means of heavy taxation. In effect, fascism is simply a more subtle form of government ownership than is socialism.” — The Market for Liberty

    …then he should look in a mirror.

  7. Trump is a punk. Plain-and-simple. He’s a false Christian, he’s a phony Conservative. He’s a worse flip-flopper than Lurch (John Kerry): first he loves abortion, then he’s pro-life. First he loves taking away other peoples’ property for selfish, stupid reasons, then he’s all for protecting peoples’ personal property. First he hates personal freedom and wants to impose Canadian-style fascist health care, then he’s suddenly a free market guy. First he’s never heard uttering the word “Christ” unless he’s being profane, then, all of a sudden, he reports to CBN he tries to be in church as much as possible. First he’s giving all kinds of money to the liberal worst-of-the-worst, then, all of a sudden, he’s a Republican. Go back to your penthouse in the Ivory Tower and tease your fake hair, jackass. Leave the politics to the adults. Its amazing that somebody that’s rich has such a pathetically non-existent grasp on economics. Obviously, he takes the GOP voters as fools, because he knows only a fool would vote for him.

  8. Great for Vera, not so great for people in the armpit of the Country, Connecticut. They were ruled against in a similar law suit. Public domain my butt!

  9. I was surprised that Donald Trump was this uninformed. Maybe too deep in Democrat think yet? I hope he educates himself to Paul Ryan and his plan if he intends to run.

  10. You have to overlook far too many problems with Trump to even consider him as Presidential material. You almost have to overlook as many things as the media did with Obama. That should kill off any “tingles” people get about Trump, right there.

    But overlooking the fact–FACT–that our financial mess is all about entitlements and Obamacare, means Trump can’t do anything about our economic mess. Zero. Sweet Eff-Ay. Nullsville.

    He could be the single most effective business and economic genius in the history of man, but if he doesn’t deal with entitlements, he doesn’t help one.stinking.bit.

    On the VA website home page http://www.va.gov , under ‘hot topics’ the VA is seeking the public’s views on how to improve regulations. One regulation: 38 CFR 1.218(a)(13); the veteran’s administration has in place a ban on the carrying of weapons on VA property. i submitted that the ban on firearms,knives,and other tools for defense of self and country should be repealed except for instances of an individual’s inability to have direct control(as in having an operation performed etc…)of said tool. we all know that a police force is more of an investigative after the fact agency than an on the spot preventative of aggression or attack. the idea that we veterans can defend our Country or ourselves only under the precepts and control of the government is ludicrous, as is the stated reason for such a ban i have heard from VA employees. I am an independent,sovereign individual citizen and as such it is my responsibility to be the first line of defense of self and to be an active contributor in the immediate need of defense of our fellow citizens and Country if and when a situation arises in any place that i have a right to be. the ban in place denies us each the natural right of defense that is recognized(not given to us by our government) by our federal and state Constitutions. I have to question what part of ‘shall not infringe’ is not understood? We Vets have faithfully served our Country but I question also whether our Country is faithfully serving us in this instance

  12. It’s sort of funny, but Trump’s entry into presidential politics prompted me to finally watch Celebrity Apprentice. I’d never seen any of his shows before. I never had any reason to bother. But I checked Hulu and there is was, so I started watching it.

    I have to say that the biggest anti-Trump thing out there is that show. Yeah, I know it’s just a reality show and is all “trumped” up drama and fake story telling just like ever other reality show on TV, but Donald Trump comes across so poorly on this show that it’s bizarre that he would want people to watch it if he really was going to run for president.

    The Donald Trump that is on that show is so dense and stupid, is such a poor judge of character, and so out of touch, that he comes across as an empty suit. It’s really, really bizarre to watch him in the boardroom. He doesn’t have the first clue what he’s doing.

    1. The show was really good when it first started with normal people. I think its run its course.

  13. The argument over Eminent Domain needs to be put in the right context:

    ED is supposed to be for when govt. wants to build a highway or school, dam a river to create a reservoir, etc. for a PUBLIC purpose. Says so right in the 5th Amendment’s “takings” clause.

    Where they went off track was letting people like Trump use ED to get private property for a PRIVATE purpose. His argument is dishonest because it treats opposition to these private-purpose takings as if it were opposition to all takings. Just like the anti-TEA-party slur of “Oh, you’re ANTI-GOVERNMENT!”. No, we want government to do it’s job. AND NOTHING ELSE.

    1. Just to throw this in here, It’s more complicated than that.

      There are actually ED uses that are necessary, even when not for things typically thought of as “public.” For example, if a community has voted a millage for a renewal project, say the clearing of vacant homes and cleaning up the garbage, “to attract investors and builders.” Now, “Attracting investors and builders,” is rarely thought of in the same vein as reservoirs, commons, and bridges. It has the tinge of “commerce” but it can be what the community actually wants.

      Benefits to the community are whatever reason they voted for it. But one property owner (especially an absent owner) can try to hold up the process for a whole slew of reasons. Would you want the renewal of a decayed neighborhood near yours delayed by some enviro nutjob who’s worried about a family of squirrels (or whatever)?

      It’s not always about taking Granny’s house so you can build a casino. That’s what Kennedy voted for, and that’s garbage. He split hairs by treating something like my example as being logically equivalent to the City Council voting to raze your neighborhood to build a mall. He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box.

      1. Attracting people who will presumably pay higher property taxes is not a “public” use under the Takings clause. And then they usually turn around and abate those taxes for 20 years or something, so the government doesn’t even collect more tax money.

        1. I could see it being “public” if it’s what the community votes to do. We who prefer small government aren’t into anarchy (mostly). At some point, you do have local governance. Like neighbors deciding to build a one-room schoolhouse and hire a teacher (if only we could still do that). The community has to be involved, and that should obviously mean “property owners” and not just “students,” people living in the projects, and transients.

          If it’s just some out-of-control city council deciding your neighborhood has to go “for the common good” then you have unchecked tyranny.

          1. If “what the community votes to do” is the standard, then there’s nothing wrong with Trump trying to get “the community” to vote to push Granny out of her house so he can expand his casino.

            If the community wants to do something, they can damn well negotiate with property owners like anyone else does. Giving government special powers to force someone to sell their property for a favored developer to take over is not what the plain language of the Fifth Amendment says.

    1. Wow. This is some good stuff Tom. Let me say that one more time.

      Wow. This is some good stuff Tom. It makes a lot of sense. The cajones on this liar. If this stuff is true, the guy should most definitely be in prison.

      Where do we go to get back our trillions? Where does our country go to get back it’s reputation? The rest of this year is going to be very, very interesting.

        1. I can’t believe it only has something like 2,000 or so hits. Indeed it is excellent and explains everything nicely. Call me whatever you want, something is not right and has never been right w/this whole situation, instinct or intuition it doesn’t matter, it has reeked from the get go. I never believed he was at Columbia and it was nice to hear that. I distinctly remembering reading numerous articles about the Saudi’s donating millions to Harvard, it was written in the context of the Middle East buying up and investing in America. I also remember stories of the diploma scams.

          All I know is I want the truth to come out, and I want this man out of the White House. I don’t really care about the chaos it will cause, bring it on and expose this fraud. Thanks for the link!

  14. Mark Levin is someone to be respected; he’s got the battle scars and knows his way around the Constitution….

      1. Sure, you can tell by the words he included that said “that’s all it takes for me.”

        That is you could tell if he wrote that. Me, I usually take a man at his word.

      2. Have YOU read any of Mark Levin’s books ? Have you EVER listened to his broadcasts ? Did you know that he was with RUSH for years as a Constitutional scholar ? Do you know that he was in Reagan’s WH ? Something tells me, NO…..

  15. I have seen the light – about Trump.

    Until recently, I was enjoying the plain talk of the Donald, with reserved skepticism about his bona fides. The reason is that the birth certificate issue has substance, and I was enjoying seeing someone to continue moving forward despite the mainstream media attempt to paint everyone who asks a question about it as nut. On the other hand, the issue is potentially a waste of political energy.

    But Trump is just glomming on to populist issues and has no ideological moorings. He’s unbelievably erratic on issues, makes weak excuses for donating to abject scum like Schumer and Wiener, has advocated for single-payer socialized healthcare, voted for O in 2008, is fatally joined to unions, who he can never cross or he’ll never get another lightbulb screwed in at any of his buildings. So, yes, on closer inspection he’s a buffoon. But I was reluctant to have the MSM vermin tell me that.

    I don’t see an emergent person on the field as of now. The dream ticket would be Rubio/West, but they both say they won’t run.

    1. …Oh! and the Eminent Domain tactic he tried to exploit is fundamentally unAmerican.

  16. This is why I love Mark Levin. He has slammed Christie and O’Reilly too, showing the other side of these so-called conservatives. He doesn’t like Beck, which I don’t understand, but I like Beck anyway. I can make up my own mind about people, but I like that Levin presents the facts and doesn’t cover up for anyone, no matter how popular they are. I trust his judgment, and I trust him.

    1. I BET YOU’DE HATE having him over for thanksgiving dinner.
      the turkey is dry


      1. I cant even listen to that loud-mouth, shameless, self-promoter.

        louder and louder he goes, where he stops…
        when its time for a commercial

  17. Trump is doing what all good Republicans need to be doing awaking OUR BASE putting questions out there to be answered , making important points and letting the Lib-A-Tards know WE are on to them and will not BACK DOWN Keep on Mr.Trump and thank you

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