Levin to Obama: Where are your spending cuts? Who do you think you are, Mussolini?

Levin rips into Obama for demanding Congress to have an outline of deal ready by Friday without even a peep about the specific spending cuts in his own plan:

I have a challenge for the President tonight. Make public your proposed spending cuts. We want to see them. We would like to see your proposed spending cuts. You’ve talked about 2 trillion, you’ve talked about 4 trillion. Ladies and gentlemen, why will not this President reveal to the American people his supposed spending cuts? Where are they?

He demands today before he walks out in his temper tantrum from the meeting that he wants to have from the Republicans the outline of a deal by Friday. Who does he think he is, Mussolini? Who does he think he is, Hugo Chavez, ordering everybody around? NO I DON’T THINK SO! We the American people, we’re your boss dammit! And we want to see your list of cuts!

Awesome! And it’s even better when he says it:

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