Liberal Laughs At Col. Allen West For Being A Black Conservative; West Cleans His Clock

In part three of the Megyn Kelly segment discussing Chuck Schumer’s recent tea party hissy fit, Col. Allen West responds to both Schumer and liberal panelist and former Schumer aide Christopher Hahn, awesomely calling out Hahn on his childishness.

Hahn laughs as soon as West cites himself as an example of how the tea party is not racist. Because as we’ve learned from folks like Melissa Harris-Perry, conservatives are racist by definition, so therefore black conservatives are merely Uncle Toms. It is typical of lily-white elitist east coast liberals like Hahn to look down their noses at Col. West. They care nothing for his military service, his civilian record of service, his having been elected to office, his cogent representation of conservative philosophy, or any part of Colonel West, the human being. All they see is a black man who has failed to act in the way Democrats have outlined as permissible.

Col. West doesn’t take the bait and instead proceeds to calmly dismantle Hahn’s “argument” like the nonsensical talking points screed that it is.

KELLY: When you say they have a fear of changing America, that sounds like a veiled reference to people of color, that they’re afraid of minorities, which is what was suggested, and that’s been suggested before about the tea party. I’ll give that one to you, Colonel West, as a tea party politician yourself.

WEST: Well, I think it’s quite laughable to say that the tea party is racist when people say that I’m quote unquote a darling of the party. But let’s talk about the constitutionality behinds this, and Chris, you can laugh all you want. That just shows your immaturity. First of all, let’s talk about the first amendment right that the American citizens have to petition their government for redress of grievances. Now, when Senator Obama was running for election he was railing against George W. Bush, calling him un-American, unpatriotic over a nine trillion dollar debt. Now Americans who show concern about a 17.3 almost $17.4 trillion debt are now demonized and attacked when this is a serious concern. And when you look at a poll at a poll that just came out back in December, 72% of Americans are more so concerned about big government than they are about big business or even big labor, so I think that is a very valid point.

Immaturity is right. And I love how Hahn trots out the same lame argument every ill-informed lefty college student in America spews about “government builds roads.” What a toothless, non-responsive red herring of a non-point. It would be funny if it weren’t hilarious.

Liberals are biting off more than they can chew with this renewed attack on the Tea Party. They’ll find that out at the ballot box.

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