Liberal Logic: Mika says employers should just pay their employees more money

This is a perfect example of how liberals think. Mika says that employers should just pay people more, as if setting the pay rate of employees is just arbitrary and based on fairness (via Newsbusters):

First of all people do pay their employees more all the time, but it’s based on merit and it’s called getting a raise or a promotion. It’s not based on the Marxist notion of ‘fairness’. Secondly, let’s not forget that when someone agrees to a job they are agreeing to work for that wage. If the wage isn’t enough that’s not the fault of the employer. If $14/hr (which I think is pretty awesome) can’t pay the bills, the person can either get a 2nd job or find a new higher paying job.

Also, labor is an expensive part of what’s called the ‘cost of goods sold’, but it’s not the only cost in that matrix nor is it set arbitrarily. It’s often set by a number of factors including a competitive price for the product being made.

In any event, it’s clear none of this matters to Mika because she thinks the world is made up of teddy bears and big marshmallows and that everyone is singing a big happy song while holding hands or something.

Utopia vs reality.

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