Liberals say Trump told ‘racist’ joke about Maxine Waters – here’s why they’re stupid [Updated]

Maxine Waters is losing it on Twitter because it was reported that Trump made a joke about her at Mar-A-Lago, and some dimwits say it was “racist.”

Notice, she’s slamming him for being dumb – that’s because his joke was specifically hitting her on her IQ.

So the joke was that she has a low IQ? That’s not racist unless he specifically says it’s because she’s black. If he just happens to think she’s dumb because he dislikes her, that’s called a regular joke.


What these idiots are ignoring is that Trump uses the insult often – not just against blacks:


Anyway crazy Maxine kept going on her attacks against Trump:

Well OK… to be fair, she’s got a point.

Frankly, I’m more disturbed that Trump called Nancy Pelosi a “fine woman.” What the Trump!??!


Nutty Maxine took her low IQ on MSNBC to test out her twitter punchlines on air:

She also called his remarks racist:

What do you expect from a low IQ Democrat.

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