Lil’ Trump Jr. triggered the internet with this ‘Skittles’ meme, and the candy responded

Following in the fool-steps of his father, lil’Trumpy Jr. showed that his Ph.D in social media trolling from Trump University can pay some yuge dividends.

Here’s what he tweeted that made the internet burn down:

So, the morons who actually made “Mitt Romney wants to kill Big Bird” a thing in 2012 want us to believe that they’re horrified Trumpy Jr. would analogize Syrian refugees to candy.

Here’s how they imploded:

Such language!! I wonder how many Syrian refugees these people have taken into their homes? A lot of them claimed that this was a racist dog whistle to Trayvon’s shooting:

Good question! One intrepid “reporter” knew that the online mob would love to hear the Skittles company slap down Trumpy Jr., so he got this statement out of them:

This is, without a doubt, the stupidest election in the history of America.

Here’s a video about it.. in case you’re into that sort of thing:

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