LISTEN: Mark Levin reveals the scandal that he says everyone is MISSING

Mark Levin explained on his show tonight that in the midst of all the hubbub about Jeff Sessions today, that there’s a scandal right there and black and white that everyone is missing:

This is crucially important. Everybody’s missing the point. The incredible scandal here is the Obama administration was investigating top officials in the Trump campaign, maybe even Trump himself during the course of the election!

Listen to this from the WSJ today. ‘U.S. investigators have examined contacts Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with Russian officials during the time he was advising Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.’

They were investigating a sitting United States Senator who hadn’t done anything? They’re investigating a sitting Attorney General who hasn’t done anything? Based on what premise? The fact that he was advising Donald Trump? Is this not appalling and shocking to you?

That’s just part of the first minute. Listen to the entire segment below:

In the next segment, Levin went on to tie this Obama investigation of Sessions in with the Michael Walsh piece from a few days ago that showed how the NSA was given expanded powers by Obama to share all of this information with more agencies; and then tied it all in with the NY Times piece that exposed how the Obama administration was rushing to spread this information all over the administration before they got out.


So the Obama administration coordinated all of this to undermine the Trump administration. They investigate a sitting Senator and possibly even Trump, they give the NSA broader powers to share this information around to other agencies, and then rush to make sure it gets spread everywhere before they get out.

And of course today we learn that Valerie Jarrett just moved into Obama’s DC bungalow in order to mount an insurgency against Trump to try and get him out of office.

And yet all the media can talk about is Jeff Sessions, Trump and Russia.

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