Liz Warren is leading the Democrats into A TRAP! – Chris Stirewalt

One of the better political analysts on Fox News, Chris Stirewalt, says that Liz Warren is leading the Democrats into a trap!!

Watch him explain how:

Stirewalt finishes up saying, “They’re running as the party of anti-racism. Americans hate racism but they hate being poor more than they do addressing vestigial racism in American culture.” Dang, that’s a good point.

This explains why they’re so invested in “microaggressions” and “institutionalized racism” – they feel the need to convince people that racism is all around them, when we see obviously that America has vastly improved on the issue of race in the last 50 years. And as Stirewalt says, if they keep pursuing this, they’ll keep losing.

That’s why I think Mitch McConnell, whether he intended it or not, might have brilliantly set up the Democrats for failure when he told Chief Loudmouth Liz to shut up and sit down. He’s made her a huge star for the far left, and forced a party that needs to run to the middle into handing over more power to a crazed far leftist!! I love it…

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