Local NBC news in Fla uncovers over 100 non-citizens voting

This story by NBC 2 in Florida aired on Feb 2 of this year and underscores the magnitude of the problem of voter fraud and why we need voter-ID laws:

Here is Part 2 from NBC’s website that goes into more detail as to how they found these fraudulent voters:

Incidentally, Pajamas Media did an undercover investigation of the Democrat groups who oppose voter-ID laws, and found out some very interesting information:

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41 thoughts on “Local NBC news in Fla uncovers over 100 non-citizens voting

  1. Nah, this is a bunch of lies. Debbie Wausserman (spelling?) assured us that we don’t have a problem with voter fraud.


    1. Because it wouldn’t look good for liberals. Have you ever noticed that when they are forced to cover corruption on the left they leave off the party tag? When its a conservative they say it constantly and put the big R next to his name.

  2. Holder is a criminal. How he remains in his position is beyond me. He should be jailed for all the corrupt garbage he’s pulled.

    1. No, it’s not beyond you. You know why. Because Obama is a bigger criminal than Holder is.

  3. Nation-wide, make it a $10,000.00 fine when an illegal voter gets through the system and that will help reduce this insanity. Fine the voter agency for letting the illegal through the system.

    1. No no no no. At least not while the liberals are stopping states from enacting laws to prevent those votes. That would be like fining a fire fighter for allowing a house to burn down but you wouldn’t let him have any water to fight it with.

      Lol, don’t worry… I got your intent and I’m with you.

  4. I’d be interested to see which party these illegals voted for. When you combine this insanity with the crap SEIU and ACORN have been pulling, it’s no wonder a charismatic and horribly unqualified poser gets elected to the presidency.

    1. I doubt very highly that an illegal would vote Republican, which is why they didn’t tell us. They wouldn’t vote for the party that’s trying to shut them out. Do you have any doubts in your mind that if the majority of them voted Republican that the media would be screaming it at the top of their lungs?

  5. dear cousins, i heard this week on the “Roger Hedgecock Show” that the dept of U.S. Citizenship has posted onto the Federal Register plans to make it easier for our undocumented friends to apply for what is called, get this, “Unlawful Presence Waivers”. just maybe the OWS at our White House will apply?

  6. Time for Voter ID laws and to strike Obama’s name from the ballot as he’s NOT eligible. He never showed in court in GA and as such, should not be on the ballot in that state…

    1. There were multiple states in the first election where he didn’t provide the documents normally required and they let him on the ballot anyway. He’s a black liberal, and he could present his Kenyan birth certificate and they would still put him on the ballot.

  7. hello…………..this was going on in 08. Why didn’t they do something about it then? Why didn’t the AG and Bush pass a universal voter ID law then? Now it is too late!

  8. Voter ID laws is one problem, another that no one is paying ANY attention to is the early voting scam. Early voting is supported by the left who want plenty of time to bus in voters and plenty of time to gather fake absentee ballots, and by the establishment on the right who want people to vote for the “inevitable” candidate before the debate is over. (I saw a pole from Florida saying 38% of early Republican voters wished they voted for someone else).

    Here in Florida they give so many days for early voting, the candidates are barely even campaigning in the state when it starts!

    The problem is that a lot of people like not feeling “pressured” to vote, hence it’s a losing proposition trying to stop it once it’s law. But isn’t that the point? You WANT people to have an ID, to have some reverence for the one day of voting, and to seriously consider who they vote for right down to the big day.

    The only thing early voting does is help the left’s fraudulent attempts to steal elections and the right’s pushing of establishment candidates.

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  10. I swear! I’m not on the list! Good grief, I never thought I’d see the day where my hometown news made Scoop. It doesn’t surprise me one bit though, there are a LOT of hispanics and immigrants from the Islands over here. I got asked I don’t know how many times to register whenever I went to the post office, and they ask at the DMV all the time too. We definitly need voter ID. It’s too easy for non citizens to use the “I didn’t know” excuse.

    PS- I think I would make an excellent volunteer if I am allowed to ask at the polling places whether one is allowed to or not.

    1. I dare you to go with Minnie Mouse costume and take a photo at the local CVS and put in on your passport

      $50.00 Cash

      dare you!

      1. Our local news in Detroit isn’t fair and balanced. I will watch the 1st 5 minutes on local Fox to see what’s going on and the turn it off.

  11. We need a NATIONAL REGISTERED VOTER PHOTO ID on computer with fingerprint recognition.

    We could use some of the money Obama uses for phony crony green business scams, lawsuits against states, Muslim brotherhood and Hamas, the war in Afghanistan and promoting high AIDS-risk behaviors programs in public schools to fund it.

    1. Don’t worry. Between now and November SEIU and ACORN are busily printing absentee ballets for those “voter”. They’ll “rise” just before voting stations close across the country in nice big mail bags at back doors everywhere.

      1. Sounds like a good plan

        This is unbelievable

        It is ironic that the most imporant right we have

        is the most abused


        1. There’s only one solution for that. Everyone has smartphones and can video such events. We all must be on alert or we will get robbed again and lose it all.

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