LOL!! Trump spox says don’t worry about Trump launching nukes – no one will let him do it!!

Katrina Pierson took the top spot on the ongoing competition between Trump spokes-morons to say the absolutely stupidest thing possible.

Today she explained why it was dumb to worry about Trump having his finger on the nuclear button. It’s a doozy.

Pierson is responding to the comments by Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates saying he doesn’t trust Trump with nuclear weapons. Here’s what she said:

“This whole nuclear weapons statement I mean that’s just absurd on its face, I mean, this is something, that a president can’t just wake up one day and push the button – there are mechanisms and controls in place!”

I would think that if you wanted to reassure people that Trump isn’t a crazy crackhead who will run to launch nukes at every person who sends a mean tweet to him, you might explain that he’s a calm, rational, reasonable person. But she can’t say that, because he ISN’T. SO instead, she has to go with, “hey don’t worry, we won’t really let him near the nuke button, do you think we’re insane or something?!?” LOL!! I love it. Also it scares the hell out of me. Oh well.

How is this any different than Hillary saying, “don’t worry about the economy, I’ll put Bill in charge of that!” Katrina is saying, “we wouldn’t actually let this idiot make that decision, c’mon!!”

Here’s a bonus – after that statement she tries to bat down Gates’ criticism, she then tries to downplay the comments by saying, “that kind of rhetoric is just used to dissuade people!!” Uhm… yeah, either Katrina Pierson doesn’t know what the definition of the word “dissuade” is, or she believes a great rhetorical response is to say, “you’re just trying to convince people with those words!!!” LOL! Really at this point I could believe either option.

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