Louie Gohmert: We would be caving on amnesty right now if we hadn’t changed the focus to Obamacare

Louie Gohmert made an interesting point tonight when asked about the argument to just let Obamacare fall apart and implode on its own. He responded that they knew earlier this year that immigration reform would be the focus and had they not made Obamacare the argument, the whole discussion right now would have been amnesty and that’s what we’d be caving on instead of Obamacare.

Now that’s something I haven’t heard anyone mention until now and it makes me wonder if perhaps that’s the real purpose behind this heavy focus on Obamacare.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting the focus on Obamacare hasn’t been principled by conservatives. I think it had to be pushed out into the forefront because it’s been clear for several years that Republican leadership sure wasn’t going to do it. And with elections coming up it was absolutely the right thing to do to push the party back to where it should have been this entire time on Obamacare and let the American people know that there still is one party who wants to kill Obamacare.

But that said, Gohmert is exactly right that we heard earlier this year from Boehner that his top priority was to focus on immigration reform, suggesting we’d have it done by the end of the year. So yeah, had they not made Obamacare the central focus of these debates, we’d probably be negotiating the finer points of comprehensive immigration reform right now.

As it stands now, even if we lose the argument and Obamacare continues full steam ahead as it was going to do anyway, nothing has really changed and we haven’t ceded any ground to the Democrats on immigration reform during this ‘crisis’.

I gotta say if that’s what they were thinking, that’s freaking awesome.

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