Lyin’ Bill Nelson CAUGHT ON TAPE admitting he MISLED voters on Russian interference

So this is kinda nuts. Senato Bill Nelson, Democrat, made yuge headlines when he said that the Russians were already interfering in the Florida election last week. Kind of a big deal right?

Libs were freaking out.

And frankly, had it been true, it should have gotten every American angry. BUT HERE’S THE PROBLEM.


In this video just released by the GOP, Bill Nelson admits that he didn’t confirm NOTHING. He got a letter that every other politician in Florida telling them the Russians *MIGHT* be interfering in elections there.

That’s it:

Now look, if the Russians meddle in any of our elections, I think we should take it seriously and punish them to prevent further interference. BUT if some Democrat is just lying about it, then that just makes people want to believe it LESS when it actually happens. Morans.

More from the Washington Examiner:

A similar disconnect appeared to exist between Mr. Nelson’s remarks to The Tampa Bay Times and his Tuesday talk. While Mr. Nelson told his Lake City audience what he said Tuesday was “exactly what the letter states,” the record appears to contradict that claim.

Instead, both the latter and the July 2 letter represented a sort of electoral BOLO, and neither of them correlated with or provided support for the accusation he leveled last week. Then, in an interview with The Tampa Bay Times, Mr. Nelson said Russians “had already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free reign to move about.”

Mr. Scott and other state officials stressed the specificity of Mr. Nelson’s allegations last week, and reiterated that Florida was unaware of any such penetration. For days, Mr. Scott’s campaign has demanded Mr. Nelson either offer proof or explain how he wasn’t revealing classified information.

Mr. Detzner took the additional step of writing the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI last Friday, asking for such information and assistance from federal officials by Monday. As of late Wednesday, the Florida Secretary of State’s Office said it had received no reply.

You don’t have to watch the whole tape, it’s actually quite a snoozer, but forward to the end where he freaks out after discovering he’s being recorded. It’s pretty funny.

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