MAKE IT VIRAL: Black Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory explains why he became a Republican

This has to be one of the most powerful ‘ads’ I’ve ever seen on what it means to be a Republican. But even more than that, Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory explains why, as a black man, leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican was absolutely the right choice and not nearly as tough as some have suggested.

I am deeming this a MUST WATCH because it’s fantastic:

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306 thoughts on “MAKE IT VIRAL: Black Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory explains why he became a Republican

  1. Up until 2007, Guillory had been a registered Republican and served on the He became a Democrat in 2007 when he first ran for the state House in the heavily District 40. During the 2013 of the, Guillory switched his party affiliation back to Republican.

    This guy is a flip flopper extraordinaire.  He was a Republican, then a Democrat and then now again a Republican. All in the space of 6 years. Oy vey.

    1. How does this change anything about the truthfulness of his video?
      John Craven – New Orleans

  2. Smart man;  too bad there isn’t more like him. has nothing to do with being black or white, or any other color of your skin. It’s about what right for all our fellow men, women and children…we’re all Americans first…
    To bad we don’t have American Congressmen and women, and American Sentor’s, that know they still work for the people of America, the clown’s that are running this country in to the ground,, ALL need to be replaced …

  3. That is why I do not understand the Catholic Church ban on birth control. I feel birth control should be free as a possible means of reducing the number of abortions. I am very much pro-life except to save the life of the mother. It is a proven fact that children raised in a two parent home (man and woman) grew up to be happier and more productive than children raised by a single parent. That being said, is it not better to be a single parent than to have an abortion?

    1. CarolinaLover I am Catholic and my family never was against birth control and going to a catholic school we were never counceled against its use. Yes, we were told no sex before marrage but we did. The abortion thing is a different thing . It is a life but again I agree that in the case of the mother’s life or if rape or done before a certain time, like quickly i see nothing against it. I see many of those that have the abortions did little or nothing to prevent the pregnacy and have very lame excuses like “my bf does not to use them” stupid. I see many are actually numerous repeat abortioners and all at the government expenses. I thing they use excuses over board and expect the government to pay for it. Not all the time does the birth control work is another excuse used too much. Whyen a “girl” is there for the 3rd time or more that excuse gets old!! I also see certain birth controls as a disease preventative. In schools today the students are taught that they are not responsible and that they will always be forgiven or there are not consequenses for their actions.

      1. JoeLeBlanc CarolinaLover  
        Well, guess we will just have to agree to disagree. I believe that life begins at conception and an abortion at any time except to save the life of the mother is murder of a innocent baby. If you do much reading on the issue of abortion you read about the women who later regret that they had an abortion and are having a hard time dealing with it. I have a friend like that. I do totally agree with you about all the excuses that are used. At what point do we start holding people responsible for their own actions?  Schools do a very poor job of teaching any morals these days and they certainly fail to teach that there will be consequences for their actions.

  4. The farm bill is a mess! As you state much of the subsidy money goes to people who merely own the land. Many live in places such as New York City. Why do we have subsidies being paid to peanut farmers? Why do we have subsidies being paid to sugar cane growers? Why are there controls on how much milk can be produced? “They” are saying that without price controls the price of milk will sky rocket. Well, just take away the controls and let the free market work. Do away with all farm subsidies! There was a time we needed them but no more!

  5. There is a lot of talk about welfare and the amount of that money that goes to blacks and what they do with the funds and so forth. I believe in a simple saying, and I don’t remember who said it, but it goes like this, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he could live for a life time”. Welfare is not the answer for people who need to be upwardly mobile and self sufficient…I’m not saying what I heard but what I know…my family was on welfare in Louisiana when I was young…and it was an ugly thing.  Thank God we broke out of the cycle through education and hard work.
    Now, lets look at this welfare fiasco, which is made up of at least two (2) groups of people…poor people and blacks, and farmers (in northeast LA large tracks of agricultural land is owned by large oil and multinational companies) who receive the farm subsidies. My understanding is that out of every, lets say, ten dollar spent seven ($7) of those dollars go to farmers and three ($3) go to the poor and blacks. So we need to expand our view of who is receiving all this welfare money and take a look at cutting these farm subsidies too…and make a real impact! Love to hear thoughts on this sore spot.

  6. It is 2013! As for that crap it is Democrats and Republicans that are killing our country.
    Dr. King was not a Republican!

    1. KenStarr If you would research that question further you would find that… if he wasn’t a Republican his party must have been the Democratic (Dixiecrats) Party, at a time during the 60’s when Dixiecrats were standing in schoolhouse doors, loosing dogs on marchers, putting people in jail, and turning the water hoses on black people. Surely, you remember that….
      Oh by the way, his family members say that he was a Republican…and he wasn’t the first Republican in his family.

    2. KenStarr, as I understand what Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, of the Silent No More Awareness campaign, and I believe her father was also murdered, Dr. Martin Luther King was indeed a Republican.  Now, I could have misunderstood what she has said about her uncle and you could be right and so could but until I hear otherwise from her publicly I’ll continue to say Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican as were most blacks following the War Between The States for many, many, many decades.
      John Craven – New Orleans

    3. KenStarr Dr. King was quoting the author of a hymn whose chorus was “Free at last…..” Dr. King wouldn’t have to be a Republican in order to quote a hymn.

      1. Well, that is a good assessment but are you talking to me? I believe in the video, if you watched it, Elbert’s words were “A great Republican leader.” So if you are correcting me I’m not sure what for and you must not have watched the video. Elbert was the one talking about King being the great Republican leader. LOL

  7. itis out that even though a close race the scandels and vote fraud were in his game. He actually out campaigned Mitt. Hurricane Sandy saved him to make more false promises and lies he was not intending to do. People with knowledge and integretey are not going to be so fluid with their speeches as they are aware of the situations and limits they have. OB on the other hand felt free to say whatever he knew the people wanted to hear. I was disapointed in one debate where OB called Mitt a liar in that he was not governor while Mass had the highest education in the country. truth was Mitt was the governor! and he had the chance to show the country the BS OB was trowing! Why he did not respond I just cannot understand.

    1. That certainly is not. Why mittens lost. It was how the party marginalized the vote. First mittens with his 48% bs. Then we have all the legitimate rape spew. OMG, it’s so obvious I’m not going to waste my time.

  8. What a sellout. He’s just trying to stay employed because Democrats in the South have a hard time keeping their jobs, and most of the ones down there who do have a job are a bunch of pansies (see Mark Pryor).

    1. mustachechuck As a proud T Party member all I can  say is I live near shreveport and I want to see and hear this man speak!! He has my vote. Would like to see him run for governor sometime soon please!! A man that knows his history and speaks from the Bible.

  9. just like many here, tears also fell from my eyes upon hearing mr. guillory’s  short discourse. whenever truth, justice, and righteousness are spoken of and upheld every man whose conscience is not yet seared into callousness and apathy cannot help but acknowledge and yearn for these eternal verities. the spirit longs for that day when these will reign supreme all over the land. and yes indeed that day will come when our lord jesus christ returns to establish God’s kingdom on earth and of the increase of his government there shall be no end (Isaiah 9:6-8).

    1. Just too bad he had to go back to the 1800s
      Ever heard of Trent Lott and his buddy Stromm?
      People like you make my die crying from laughing so hard. Like all the clowns that paraphrase the bible.

      1. KenStarralluding to trent lott and  stromm
        non-issue (it was in the spirit and occasion of honoring one of the longest
        serving senator of America if not the longest and a thinking person would cut
        some slack with lott’s 
        hyperbole thus get down on your high horses and desist from being obnoxiously
         fastidious) but ignoring the whole shameful
         history of the democrat party which is  the main opposition of  emancipation  that cozyed up with the klu klux clan
        is likened to straining a gnat to swallow a camel. The last phrase for your information
        is another biblical quote, which would be better for  you to take it to heart, learn and grow up.

  10. i seen with my own eyes how corrupt the republican party was delegating for Ron Paul. Both of  these party’s need to be   investigated and they need to allow 3rd and 4th party’s in to the game!!!

  11. From Indian Resevations down to Obamacare; this shit doesn’t work!  I know many immigrants from the USSR, they can’t believe what they see happening in their adopted country.

  12. Brilliant… I cannot wrap my head around how people can vote Democrat. One needs to be a special breed to inhale the oxygen of denial.

    1. paw That’s so funny, I can’t wrap my head around how anyone can vote Republican for the same reason.  To stand there and say you believe in pre-1960 Republican ideals, as if they are STILL Republican ideals, despite the voting record to the contrary… well THAT is denial.

      1. mal138 paw there voting record, well let us look at those that faced impeachments for a chance, lets see they were democrates. Now tell me sir how old were you in the pre 1960″s? I can only guess not even a fond memory. Denial ? the democrates are the biggest denial party on the market and only willing to make truth from whatever makes their cause. You are the one in denial.

        1. JoeLeBlanc paw mal138 You come across as one of those who is very proud of that jumped up coolie who sits in the oval office. Why not tell it to the family of the US Ambassador who raped, tortured and killed in Benghazi? Most decent people would have resigned. Ouuuuch
          Now, if you are still a proud democrat, a sympathy card is on it’s way for you. 
          Not all Republicans get it right but you can’t be what you’ve now got in the oval office.

        2. paw JoeLeBlanc mal138 your are one twisted dude! Now you speak of terrorist and then on one hand jab the president and then support him. You as he are nothing more that one who plays riddles to make you sound like the hero with the sword to defend. Now tell me where have you done your combat service? Why to you sympathize with the ambassador and then cheer the democrate?? drugs, forget your meds??

      2. mal138 paw  
        So you think it is right to burden your children and grandchildren with debt! We have got to stop spending money we do not have or this county is going down the tubes. Why are sending millions/billions to countries that hate us? Why did we send weapons to Egypt for them to perhaps use against us one day? It is time we stayed out of other countries business and brought our troops home. It does no good to get in the middle of a religious civil war. McCain is wrong on supporting the rebels in Syria. We did not win in Iraq. We will not win the war we are currently in and we do not need to get involved in Syria. As Colin Powell said you have to have an exit plan.

      3. If these clowns adopted what Ike did I might be Republican. Thing is Ike, consider the tax rate of the time, was too liberal for what the clowns of the age now spew.
        It is so reprehensible to listen to people on this page. It just shows that they can be moved around like sheep.
        Fear and bs from the past. Anyone accepting what Elbert said just means they don’t research past what they are told.

  13. I am not an emotional person, but this man made me cry. This man speaks from his heart, that is what makes him so great and that is why i would vote for this man if I lived in Louisiana. Thank you Sen, Elbert Guillory, Many of the young and uninformed these days believe that the Republicans that you speak of is gone and that somehow we have become racist when that isn’t the truth at all. What is the truth is that we are fighting a different kind of slavery. We want to free people from big government, from failed liberal programs and from school systems that do nothing for them.

    1. Ditto! DarkKnight2016. Ditto!
      What Sen. Guillory said so well should bring a tear to anyone’s eyes who loves our country.
      I hope Governor Jindal will look around to see if there are any businesses either here or elsewhere who would be interested in opening up new businesses in Senator Guillory’s district and hopefully show the Borg collective that is the Democrat Party how to actually create jobs instead of talk about them.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      1. As for Jindal, he wants to stop being the party of stupid. Get a clue before you start the party.

    2. DarkKnight2016 You nailed it in your comments. The young people today do not realize that it has been Republicans who pushed for civil rights, who opened the schools for blacks, who changed the military. It was Democrats who stood in the school doorway to prevent blacks from entering. We have a black friend who says the Democrats only want to give Blacks a hand-out and not a hand-up. This country cannot continue on the tax and spend road it is only. How can Democrats think that handing down a ton of debt to their children and grandchildren is the right thing to do!

      1. Do you mean like how the Republican Party marginalized the vote by exteriorizing their hate? OMG, can you even listen to yourself or just barf on everything?
        The GOP is the party of a few. Mostly white and if anyone goes into it it’s for money and kickbacks. The dems are the same but much more diverse.
        The only people that I know that become Republican are because they hate paying taxes.
        So don’t get all squishy inside because someone is tellin you how to feel. It’s sort of like Beck making people all emotional but he is bringing out the crazy!

        1. KenStarr  
          I guess you must have been absent in History classes! Just take a look at the maps showing the states that Romney won as opposed to the states that Obama won. The red states do not have high murder rates, the blue states do. The red states do not have high welfare numbers, the blue states do. The red states do not have high crime rates, the blue states do. The red states do not have high public debt, the blue states do. It just goes on and on. Republicans do not support late term murder of unborn babies nor do they support murder of the baby born alive after an abortion as does Obama. You must watch the main-stream media and therefore do not get a balanced report of what is going on in the world.

        2. CarolinaLover KenStarr Really? Look at the states? Did it have anything to do with the population? and electoral votes? What about popular vote? The victory is a hard mandate just BO is a wimp.
          As for welfare and red states. Welfare is the highest in red states as is food stamps.

          More populated places mean there is a bigger possibility of crime. Simple deduction takes care of that.  As for abortion, you best stay away from an area that you do not understand.  I am in the medical field and work in surgery.
          As for main street media or the left wing conspiracy.  Hahahahah, I don’t watch it.  I get my news from everywhere.  I see that it is you citing unfounded BS that you must have gotten from Drudge and Faux.  At least it’s two sources.

        3. KenStarr
          16 comments and not one with any useful information. The link above to is nothing but a talking point to use against “smarmy teabaggers” as they put it. It gives unsubstantiated information (that means it doesn’t support its claims), and it makes accusations against Limbaugh and Bachmann and links to their bios, not anything they have said that they are trying to disprove. The thing is starrbaby, the article suggests that you “kindly point them to the evidence that shows it is GOP states, not
          Democrat states, who are Welfare Queens. It is GOP states who spend more
          than they collect in taxes.” They don’t want you to link this article to them. It’s not evidence, its a hit piece, or should I say a White House talking point. Learn the difference. You expose yourself as a low information commenter.
          So you claim to work in surgery and being in the medical field makes you an authority on abortion so everybody else should mind their own business on the subject of abortion? So with those credentials you can decide who lives and dies? You arrogant, petulant child! Washing down blood stained floors and tables doesn’t give your opinion any more credence than the surgeon. But you can take solace in the fact that you are just as much a fool as any other leftist and you don’t know anything but the bile and hatred that your leftist masters want you to know.

          I’ll tell you what starrbaby. Learn your facts, you have absolutely no integrity, no sense, and you surely have no idea what you are talking about. You will be bounced out of here if you continue your adolescent name calling and ignorance. I guarantee.

  14. A  couple of weeks ago the flag-draped coffin of a young Louisiana soldier was returned here from Afghanistan where he had been killed by a rocket-propelled grenade.
    The young soldier was black and he went into the service because it would be a way for him to pay for his future education since his mother would not be able to afford it.  He came from the small town of Tickfaw, which is near Denham Springs on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.
    Well, when the mother of the young soldier came to the airport in Slidell to receive her son’s coffin, she was greeted by hundreds upon hundreds of people who also came to pay their respects and also a group of motorcyclists who came for the express purpose of escorting her son home to his final resting place.  It seemed that they weren’t expecting anyone to show up other than themselves and they were stunned.  What’s more it appeared on tv that the vast majority of the people who showed up to pay their respects were ordinary whites with children in tow who probably are glued to the tv set like me when Duck Dynasty comes on and they saluted when the hearse passed on by for a true hero and a fallen soldier.  And this happened within days of the shootings in New Orleans which left 20 people wounded at a Mother’s Day parade. God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t HE.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  15. MLK COMES ALIVE…. Sorry racebaiters … im white and i was for MLK long before you became a plantation democrat

  16. “The idea that blacks–or anyone–need a government program to lift them up…”
    Poor people (some of whom are lazy–such as the Obamaphone people) don’t have money. If they didn’t get money from the government, where would they get it??? Welfare helps poor people. Welfare is wrong precisely because it wastes money. It’s not wrong because it hurts poor people–it does precisely the opposite–without it poor people would have LESS money.

    (The idea that the government shouldn’t be gathering intelligence from phones.)
    The idea that the government should gather intelligence–including from phone records–to fight terrorism is a very Republican idea. It originated–in its most recent iteration–from George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Of course, Bush doesn’t deserve all the praise for it. Presidents throughout history have been using various means to gather intelligence, including Roosevelt. Lincoln (another great Republican) didn’t have phones to tap back then, but he did do a number of things that Confederates were opposed to and that libertarians still are.

    One last note: Guillory spends most of the video talking about historical things–basically saying the same lines a lot of white Republicans say about race, even down to the “plantation” reference. The history lesson doesn’t address the question, Which party is better today? and the reference to the plantation trivializes the horrors of slavery and also is a “civil”–and I use the word sarcastically–attack on Democrats.

    1. notpilgrims “Welfare helps poor people. Welfare is wrong precisely because it wastes money. It’s not wrong because it hurts poor people–it does precisely the opposite–without it poor people would have LESS money.”
      Taking money from person A and giving to person B on the condition that person B stay poor, helps neither.  Even suppose your ridiculous assertion were true and that so-called “poor” people would have less – so what?  You certainly don’t seem to mind making those who are plundered to pay for welfare have less.  What are you?  Some kind of racist?
      And of course the history question addresses the question of today.  Since the Republican Party staked out the claim of trying to uphold the “created equal” founding principle, it simple left the Democrats nowhere else to get voters from, except racist politics.  For 130 years the Democrats stood for laws that gave advantage to whites over blacks.  For the next 40 years, they stood for laws that give blacks advantage over whites.  The lesson is the Democrats are just as evil today as ever.

      1. CalCoolidge notpilgrims Poor people don’t lose their money if they earn more money. They get MORE money. If poor people find a job, they will earn money from their job. If they don’t have a job, then they are poor. So its in their benefit to find a good job.

        1. notpilgrims CalCoolidge  
          One BIG problem is that so many can make more money on welfare than they can by going to work. They continue to have babies and get a check for each one, they get food stamps, they get free phones that they can turn around and sell, the list just goes on and on. How do we stop it or is this country just lost as so many great countries in the past.

        2. Thanks for voting Sanford back in if from that state. Then you think you have the right to complain about any wasted money?

        3. As for the phones it stared with Ronnie. Bush made it cells.
          Awe, the facts. “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers” Romney campaign

        4. KenStarr 
          I do not like the way Sanford lead his private life, puts him right in there with LBJ, Kennedy and Clinton but I admire his take on cutting the cost of government. Remember his two pigs, Pork and Barrell! Yes, he had to pay ethics fines but at least he is not obligated to the labor unions as his opponent that he soundly defeated.

        5. notpilgrims CalCoolidge OK, but when you say “we” should “give welfare,” do you mean we as a society, as individuals; or do you mean forced redistribution backed by the power of government?

        6. CalCoolidge notpilgrims  
          There are those who are really unable to work but it really bothers me that our government continues to pay for women having baby after baby just to get a check. Believe me, it happens. We need a rule that says any baby born to a welfare person after 10 months from now will not increase your income. But then, are we going to just let these babies starve? It is a moral question with no simple answer.

      2. CalCoolidge notpilgrims UPDATE: You attacked me by saying that people shouldn’t have to pay for poor people to have extra money, proving that you can’t read. Let me copy and paste something I wrote: “Welfare is wrong precisely because it wastes money.”
        Additionally, you randomly said I was racist. Racist? Are you Jessica Jackson? I can’t even begin to fathom what you grabbed onto to pretend I was racist.
        Also, you said Democrats support racist anti-black laws, but currently, the government is not so racist as you and your friend Jackson think it is. There are few laws that are institutionally racist towards minorities. Moreover, most laws addressing race or social issues explicitly go out of their way to pander to the concerns of racial and social interest groups.

        1. notpilgrims CalCoolidge  
          I don’t know the context of the comment you pasted. Are you ok with them pandering to racial and social interests? Because that mentality leaves out groups of people which is just as wrong.

      3. So if you believe what you think can you tell me why Republicans pushed for, you need to research the dates, only white male land owners can vote. If you believe bs you will continue to believe bs.

    2. notpilgrims  
      Welfare is meant to be a hand up,not a hand out. If the Adminstration, obamacare, other government entities and the unions weren’t killing businesses and by extension jobs the hand up would be short. Not a way of life.
      I guess I’m not understanding you. Are you saying it is ok to gather information on citizens without a warrent? Its ok because you claim its a Republican thing? Its ok because Bush and other presidents did it? Maybe all of the above? Or maybe Obama can do it because he…..well, because he’s the Won?
      The answer to your question is, neither party is better, Republicans have become Democrats and Democrats have become Communists. Democrats are who they are, the party of Jim Crow, the KKK, and death. And that’s not an attack, its their history.

      1. toongoon notpilgrims Something that is okay doesn’t become not okay simply because a Democrat is doing it. I have the feeling that, just like with protecting this great republic, you would oppose Obama cutting taxes or cutting spending if he somehow wanted to do that, just because he’s a Democrat.

        When radical Islamic terrorists attack America, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye, bury our heads in the sand, and ignore the problem. Even Bill Maher says that radical Islam is a problem. 

        You even seem to think that Communism isn’t quite the problem history has proven it to be. Republicans are Democrats, and Democrats are just as good as Communists? I’m sorry, sir, but, while Democrats support socialist policies like Obamacare, they have not tried to kill millions or starve millions like Communists have. Yet, you said that comparing Democrats and Communists, neither is better. It is clear that the Democrats are better. (Although, you did say that the Democrats have become the Communists, which would mean that the Democrats didn’t support Obamacare–the Communists did, in your view–leaving in question what exactly the Democrats are. If you think that yesterday’s Democrats are less radical than today’s Democrats, that would make the Democrats’ superiority over the Communists even more obvious. However, that assertation in and of itself, is debatable, considering the Democrats supported the New Deal and, as this politicians’ history lesson notes, also supported Jim Crow laws. Since you also mentioned the Republicans, I would say that voting to repeal Obamacare makes the Republicans much better than the party that voted to pass Obamacare, but that’s just me. Maybe you like Obamacare.)

        1. notpilgrims
          By what measure is this Republic being protected?
          “…they have not tried
          to kill millions or starve millions like Communists have. Yet,”
          I like the way you put that, but I like the way I edited it
          better. A lot of that paragraph is circular and difficult to comprehend but I
          think I get the gist.
          Communist’s don’t come to power by killing people, that’s an
          historical fact. They gain power by offering government services and handouts, they
          give away resources to the poor (who can argue with that?) Then, they eliminate
          the ability of people to earn an income. The IRS taxes factories out of
          business or out of the country, the EPA regulates employers out of business or
          out of the country. The businesses that remain open and stay in the country
          must find a way to reduce costs to pay for those taxes and regulations. Politicians
          are always willing to create a fix, and they do for that too, either by
          legislation or lack of enforcement (porous borders, our immigration system isn’t
          broken, it is ignored by politicians with a goal), they will eventually correct
          every problem with more legislation on top of bad legislation, which will
          inevitably render the Constitution untenable. Open borders bring in cheap labor,
          and of course, not all of them work but employers have a pool of laborers to
          choose from. Even higher wage jobs will be given to illegal’s as their work
          experience increases. The jobs dry up for Americans and go to lower paid non
          citizen employees.
          Now raise the minimum wage, a double bladed sword. First,
          the minimum wage will barely help those who receive it, due to other reasons that
          I will explain. Then you have to consider that in an effort to control costs
          some people will have to fired. That puts more people on the government dole. Then, prices of products and services will necessarily
          rise because businesses will have to raise their prices. Those who got that
          little bit more of a raise through a min. wage increase will still struggle to
          survive having to use that increase to buy the same products at the higher
          prices. They will need to be subsidized by the government and those who lost
          their job will be completely dependent on government for sustenance. The
          businesses don’t need to make a profit you might say. That will make the
          businesses owner dependent on the government as well. The government naturally will need to make
          sure that those under their care are taken care of. Enter OSHA, EPA, public
          unions, family services, we can’t forget
          obamacare, and other services who dictate that everything is done under the
          government all seeing eye. We are building government dependency.
          Throw in a compliant media who omits important news,
          replaces it with entertainment , attack news outlets that don’t adhere to the
          talking points and you have full blown propaganda as an information source.
          Destroy any political opposition with false accusations that
          they have to respond to to save their reputations and blame all problems
          on that opposition; accept no responsibility for your own mistakes. Refuse to
          engage in reasonable debate and claim that your opposition is radical or out of
          touch. Refuse to offer any defense on your own corruption and accuse your
          questioners of being on a witch hunt with the compliant media not reporting
          facts but opinion and the Democrats are
          seen as a victim of politics just trying to be good servants of the people.
          Now, what will our government leaders do when most Americans
          are out of work and on the public dole and revenue resources are low due to a
          smaller workforce that is paid less? Continue to borrow money to feed and make
          sure everyone is in great health? Not likely. I don’t know what their plans
          are. They don’t offer any predictions and most people are uninterested in the
          future because right now they have their subsidies and their obamaphones.
          Politics has become a spectator sport and people are rooting for their team, not
          realizing that they are the ball.
          Everything I have just said is true. If this is not a lead
          in to Communism then what is it?
          Now, what I think is going to happen. Obamacare, HR. 3962 is
          1990 pages long with its rules being another 13,000 pages, how can anything so
          huge have anything to do solely with healthcare? It doesn’t. But we already
          know that it pries itself into parts of our lives that have nothing to do with
          care. “We have to pass it to find out
          what’s in it” as Nancy Pelosi stated. Why? Why were the details so
          unimportant and health care was in such dire straits that we had to hurry and
          pass it before reading it? The bill is written in a way that is twisted in more
          ways than a normal House Bill is written, with sections of it referring to
          bills that are seemingly unrelated. The Affordable Health Care Act is an all
          encompassing top down legislation that is designed to replace the US
          Constitution for all intents and purposes. The attacks on all of the amendments
          of the Constitution late have been designed to prepare us for the elimination of
          it. Fortunately they have failed.
          “Death panels” are not a semantic part of obamacare, I get
          that. But doesn’t an advisory panel decide who gets treatment? By process of
          elimination those who don’t get treatment for serious illness is going to….what?
          Die. That means they are death panels.
          Now, we will have a heck of a lot of people who do not work,
          they will get sick, and an obamacare advisory panel decides whether they will get
          care or be left to die. (People will die, it is murder in a sense).
          Let’s look at abortion. In 1973, the Supreme Court made a
          law that well more than most of the population rejected. Since then, almost 20%
          of our population has been wiped out before birth, and some after birth that
          they won’t tell us about, but the Gosnell case has exposed. Sure, murder is legal, through political
          maneuvers, and whether you believe it or not due to personal opinion, it is
          murder. (Democrats and some Republicans are responsible for the murder of 55
          million people.) Maybe we can justify it by saying they have been replaced by
          “undocumented workers” eh?
          Let’s take recent news that has slipped out even though there
          is a whitewash media as our main source of entertainment…er, I mean news. FBI
          agents were seen at a target range practicing shooting with AK-47’s, amazingly,
          the same weapon that the left wants to ban from the population? Forget the
          AK-47, why do these agents need to practice shooting when their job is
          investigation, clerical, or is it?
          Homeland Security bought 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point
          bullets. Almost enough rounds to put six bullets into each and every American man,
          woman, and child.
          Government agencies like education department, we have
          learned has their own SWAT teams.
          How many have to die before we can say they are Communists’
          and they need to be stopped?
          Of course, we can all draw our own conclusions, but
          everything the Democrats have been doing points to Communism.

        2. toongoon notpilgrims  
          Hey, I agree with you! But welfare does not help people! It needs to be reformed as it was once time before Obama changed the rules. Why should people get out and work when they can make more money on welfare what with the check, plus housing, plus food stamps, plus free phones they can sell to buy drugs with.

        3. CarolinaLover toongoon notpilgrims  
          There are people who are unable to work and raising children and do not have other resources, therefore some welfare is required. I prefer it be done through the church, as it used to be. You get no argument from me. We have no po no mo.

        4. toongoon notpilgrims I like you! are you T Part? You are by your thoughts and so am I. SWad is the libs cannot see farther than what pleases them. Hey, go watch the video Agenda: the grinding down of America    it is very good , I saw it twice and it sinks in.

        5. toongoon CarolinaLover notpilgrims  
          I totally agree with you. What is going to happen when THE government takes away the tax deduction for charity contributions to churches? Our local city government just agreed not to tax churches and hospitals but I see it coming down the road. I do have big problem with people who are really unable to work but still have baby after baby. Not sure what the solution to that is.

        6. CarolinaLover toongoon notpilgrims 
          I know. I have the same concerns. They have dug a big hole to dig ourselves out of. We have to work on inspiring people to take care of their own responsibilities. Those who can work need to have jobs and pay their own way. It will be painful for them and the country as a whole but it can be done.
          Seeing the benefits of independence will be a great motivator, the hard part is getting them to open their eyes and cleaning their hearts of the hatred that they have nurtured for the last decade. The race baiters need to be quieted and the worst protagonists and criminals have to go to prison.

        7. Yes, welfare should be reformed and I also don’t see Republicans working their butts off to do it. Pass your judgement but it looks just as dumb.

        8. KenStarr kinda difficult considering who is in charge!! A lame duck pushing his tyranical leadership. Dumb is as dumb goes.

        9. CarolinaLover toongoon notpilgrims easy, if you want the answer ask kenstarr! he will know what to do!! lol. after all that individual is probably a republican, NOT!!!

        10. toongoon JoeLeBlanc just went there sounds like my kind of people. They are just like the T Party.

      2. Ever heard of the Patriot Act? Yes Obama renewed it but it was written by Bushs Justice Dept. all the while I’m sure the Republicans on this page didn’t address their congressperson about how bad it was.
        To all of you who didn’t get off your butts, shut up.
        Do us all a favor. Participate in at least your basic civil responsibilities.

        1. KenStarr different situation Ken, it was after 911 and we were in a state of war. This administration has taken it to a different level for its own agenda. So look at the times and the situation at had before you open your pie hole. I am sure during WW 2 the investigations were high as well, wonder why?? think , you can do this yes??

        2. KenStarr  
          The Patriot Act has prevented around 50 terrorist attacks. The are matching phone numbers, not listening to your calls unless they decide to go to a judge and get permission.

        3. CarolinaLover KenStarr Carolina, ignore the ignorant! Ken is not worth the time of day to try to show the facts to. He will believe whatever makes him happy. he would rather see the enslavment actions as he is probably one that benefits from it. Any how let him go. not worth it. The guy probably never did a day of service to our country and never had a thought to do so as long as he is on the recieving side. Your words are true. he is a fool.

    3. notpilgrims
      As for “The idea that the government should gather intelligence–including from phone records–to fight terrorism is a very Republican idea. It originated–[qualifier] in its most recent iteration–from … Republican Party,” etc. through Lincoln…
      Are you suggesting that excuses such behavior on the part of the current administration? I think the other thing to remember is that as our technology gets better it is that much easier to get that much more information about people… the difference in that vs. Lincoln’s day, or even a decade ago, makes that argument almost laughable. Regardless of the intent to gain information, the opportunity to do so is MUCH greater today. All the more reason to protect our interests from such behavior… NOT try to EXCUSE it, just because you want to excuse any misbehavior by your preferred party/person(s).
      Regardless of what may have happened in the past, doesn’t excuse the present. On the other hand, I would like to think that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. But the IRS behavior certainly proves that is not the case! So we DO need to be diligent in being sure we are not being targeted for our beliefs… while at the same time not protecting those who want to use that as an excuse (with ulterior motives)
      In my opinion, you are very much mistaken about the “plantation” reference. And anyone who wants to see equality for all, would not want to encourage the welfare mentality–for anyone. Certainly, most of us want to help those who need help, but as many have said here, it is meant to be a help UP, not a (permanent) hand out. Unfortunately, far too many seem to think it’s OK to just keep feeding money to those who need help, rather than helping them learn to take care of themselves. I’d far rather see programs to help the poor by training them to work, helping them get additional education, or whatever.. so they can learn to take care of themselves, and thus impact their children and their future generations, rather than making them dependent on the government (through welfare, etc.)… and then their children see that as the example, and few learn the skills to move beyond that. THAT is the cycle we must break if we really want to help them. 
      The current system is “ENABLING” that lifestyle and mentality and while people worry about the children, they should be MORE worried about the permanent effect on those children from living in that kind of environment. They don’t see any example of work, or education… HOW do they have a chance of moving beyond that level of poverty? Very few of the children of these adults we are enabling will ever be able to “rise above” their circumstances. THIS is the chain we must break, and it doesn’t start with more handouts. It starts with education, and work ethic… “None of us are entitled to anything–you must give to get”… same as the rest of us. For all of us, some have it easier than others. That’s life. But we all must make the best of what we have. Many of us had ancestors who made sacrifices to improve the lives of their families, and subsequent generations are the benefactors of that. And that is what we need to encourage in more poor families who haven’t had that.. they need to be that person. Instead of helping them stay poor, I would rather see programs that help them learn to stand on their own two feet. “Teach the to fish.” Handing out money will never teach that. 
      Providing temporary assistance to someone who has come under hard times for whatever reason, is one thing. But permanently enabling people in such a way that they are not encouraged to lead productive lives and make the most of themselves and provide a good example for their children, is not in ANY of our best interests. And expecting all of us to FUND such behavior is really the most objectionable thing. If you want to fund it, let it be a voluntary fund for people to donate to on their taxes and see how people really feel about it!!

      1. JL97 notpilgrims As far as technological advances go, I was particularly referring to Bush as well as Lincoln and FDR and others. I mean, Bush was the genesis of the wiretapping program, and technology hasn’t advanced enough in 8 years to make a material difference between the extent of the moral questions associated with the practice. I think that we form governments to protect ourselves. The US government didn’t form to rule us–the government is a tool formed by the public. So I think it is right to use that tool to protect us in terms of gathering intelligence. The government doesn’t care if I called my friend on a Saturday night.

    4. notpilgrims When Lyndon Johnson passed the “no more poverty in our time” bill his statment was “we (the Democrats) will have the N—— vote forever. How many of you remember this. Please excuse my use of the word that President Johnson used just in order to make my point.

      1. CarolinaLover notpilgrims And of course you have a source.  I mean for all of the crap you spew.

        1. KenStarr CarolinaLover notpilgrims so now we must educate you on how to do research do we?? School was fun for you, pass is the only option.

        2. JoeLeBlanc KenStarr CarolinaLover notpilgrims  
          What research do I need to do? All you have to do is look at the crime rate in big cities and then look to see how they vote. Take a good look at Detroit for instance.

        3. toongoon KenStarr CarolinaLover notpilgrims  Good job toongoon, maybe kenstarr can now sit back and read, maybe he needs for someone to help him with this as well! Or is it he is trying to do the lib thing and make us his slave. Hope he is seeing this and what to see his reply! lol.

        4. toongoon KenStarr CarolinaLover notpilgrims It is interesting to know that it was LBJ was the great (lib)erator for civil rights and he was the one that was directly instrumental in the MLK support. Sad is the libs will never accept this fact, too painful as it is easier for them to just call it a lie, a damn out right lie!!

  17. I was born in 1944 on a cotton plantation in Tensas Parish, Louisiana and for most of my adult life I have been a registered and voting Republican (in a sea of Democrats without a clue) for the very same reasons, you, Statesman Guillory, have switched his party affiliation. I realized that the Democratic Party is not a place for black people who are concerned about their own progress and will being. The Democrats have over the years been at the root of all things concocted (even the KKK) to stop the upward mobility and self reliance of black people, period. And this elaborate Democratic plantation that exist today has taken the place of the one I was raised on in Tensas Parish, La., where, today, blacks are almost totally dependent upon the government for their livelihood. They do not connect the dots between their present day reality and their political reality of today. Most are low information voters with no real knowledge of the history or the factors that control their lives… It reminds me of how the lemmings follow each other over the cliff without hesitation or forethought. GOD BLESS YOU FOR SETTING YOUR MIND, THOUGHTS AND VALUES FREE.  FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST…THANK GOD ALMIGHTY YOU’RE FREE AT LAST!!!!! AMEN!

    1. Watsongator  
      This nation is changing once again Watson.  Maybe because of this great man.  Cross your fingers.

    2. Watsongator Well said! Welcome to RS, hope to read more of your insights on the subjects posted. 🙂

    3. Watsongator  
      And God bless you my friend. May this great land finally see freedom for all men equally.

    4. Are blacks in 2013 America not able to read history? Can they not see for themselves the roots of their impoverished surroundings? Are they not able to improve themselves as millions of others have over the past 150 years, immigrant and native-born? These ignortant, Obama-voting  thieves-on-welfare need a good kick in the a$$. We need to stop coddling them and making excuses for past sins and tell them to grow a pair and start acting like grown men and women. Until they wake up and start taking responsibility for their own actions (ie STOP BLAMING WHITEY),  blacks will continue to live in their own self-made squalor.

  18. I just got here.  I haven’t read any of your comments.  Just watched the video.  I have tears in my eyes right now.  Such a moving speech.  What I have been saying all along.  Most Black Americans are still on the Plantation, thanks to the Democrat Party.  Thank God for this man!  He gets it!  Freedom is not something that is handed to you on a silver platter.  It has to be earned.  If not earned, at least appreciated.

    1. white531 I had the same reaction as you.  When he responded to the woman claiming Repubs were racists, I posted on Scoop that I thought this man was more of a a Repub, even tweeted him saying as much.

  19. For the first time ever in my years – and there are lots of them – a politician has brought me to tears of joy.
    No, this man is not a politician, he is a statesman of the same type as Jefferson and Lincoln.

    This is the kind of man we need in the White House, a man with dignity, wisdom, experience, and humility, who sees the individual as more important than the state and who sees the Author of Life as our source of liberty, freedom, and life.

    The Democrats, in their collectivist nightmare, have made slaves of black people again. In their zeal, they have now brought white people, Hispanics, and Asians into that slavery, into the plantation, both those who labour and those who receive government “support”.
    My prayer is that Mr. Guillory will be the catalyst to freeing all of today’s American slaves, be they black, white, Hispanic, or Asian.

  20. Dignity, grace, insightful Poetic truth! I wish ALL Americans would think like this man! We’d have a much better and stronger America!

    1. Fast start   
      You had me at,  “Dignity and Grace.”  Both lacking in our current Political Climate.

  21. I live in Louisiana and I am a proud T Bagger! i tell you Mr Guilloy YOU will have my vote!!! You are so refreshing to listen to.

  22. it is so wonderful to see a black American! that sees the truth. i live in Louisiana and was born in the northeast. I am a T bagger as well, I am NOT a racist as so many of the libs say we are. I am above all a Christian. The libs are so blind stupid and have little education to see. The GOP started as the abotion party , a party that was anti slavery and for human rights!! The democratic party on the other side were not! The KKK was 100% democratic as are the Balck Panthers, as was the NAZI, The Facist and so on which advocated government control and not juman rights. He is right to say that “they” cannot see that there is a new kind of slavery and that is the government welfare program that enslaves the ones who cannot think. A person tht is self dependent, independent that is and not working or sitting as a surf on some kingdoms fields will vote as he feels free and not because he must to survive.

    1. JoeLeBlanc The Republican party of today is nothing like the pre-1964 Republican party.

      1. mal138 JoeLeBlanc There has been a breadth of opinion on governments role in our lives among democrats and republicans alike over the years, but republicans views on racial issues has never changed.  I know that is a painful fact for democrats to swallow, but it is true. 
        I had never heard of this gentleman before today but he has articulated the history of the republican and democrats policy on racial issues very well.  I’m glad his eyes are now open.  I hope he is able to open up the minds of others.

        1. Unionville mal138 JoeLeBlanc He is not alone amontg the black Americans. The problem is the libs are not going to admit whatever shows their cards. History is the last thing they are concerned with and this is a scarry thought as it means it will again repeat itself. If the lies are going to benefit the lib cause then that will be accepted as a fact! it is just the way they think or should i say not think.

      2. mal138JoeLeBlanc 
        From your link, “So how did the 1860s Republicans become the 2010s Democrats?”
        They were called racists. It has a bad connotation for people who are not racist at all. But the opportunity to vote for the first black president and avoid being called a racist put Obama in the oval office.
        “President Obama began his second term with a stirring speech before a
        diverse throng. He called for an inclusive America, pushing immigration
        reform and specifically endorsing gay rights.”
        President Obama has been giving speeches that sound good his whole career. Big deal. He calls for diversity while he divides us by color, gender, religion, sexual preference, or anything other wedge he can drive between us. He is not calling for immigration reform. Immigration consists of people coming to America legally and follow her laws. No, what he is pushing is colonization. The very thing he was appalled about in his autobiography, written by Bill Ayres. He didn’t push homosexual rights until he realized he wasn’t getting donations so he made a speech to get the donations flowing.
        The Republican party has changed, they have become too much like Democrats. The Democrats haven’t changed at all, they are still the party of Jim Crow, the KKK, and now they are making slaves of us all.
        Many conservatives are rejecting Republicans as well. Too many from both parties have rejected their oath.

        1. toongoon mal138 JoeLeBlanc very good I like what you are saying. I for one am T Party even if ignorance of it scares people and draws their hate. Its formate is what America is about.

        2. JoeLeBlanc I think, as in the past, what people don’t know or understand, they fear. And that fear perpetuates the ignorance. The hate comes from their assumed knowledge (while actually ignorant).

        3. toongoon mal138 JoeLeBlanc  
          Right on! Remember Bryd from W. Virginia was a member of the KKK. Obama is a really doing all he can to divide us. Poor fellow he can’t even give a speech, that someone else wrote, without his tela-prompter.

      3. mal138 JoeLeBlanc Is anything like it was in 1964? so tell me where were you and how old were you in 1964??

      4. mal138 JoeLeBlanc I’m not sure it matters what label you apply to which group at what point in time. Right now, I think it really gets down to values. Big government or not? balanced budget or not? self-reliance or not? personal responsibility or not? Big brother taking care of us instead of taking care of ourselves or not? More taxes and more hand outs, or not? Teach people to fish or set up fish hand out lines?

      5. mal138 JoeLeBlanc 
        One thing so many do not realize is that until the war was over only the slaves in the south were freed. Lincoln did not free the slaves in the north and yes there were many of them. Who do you think brought the slaves over here from Africa? Who do you think captured the people in Africa and sold them to the slave buyers? The north needs to share the blame for this terrible time in our history. We have a black friend who says he is glad there was slavery because if there had not been he would not be an American. That is certainly another way of looking at it!

    1. WolfieUSA Oh how shocking. The two bonehead, stupid, women senators my state has voted “nay”.  They are so lockstep communist and anti America it’s down right revolting! The hags they are………..

      1. badbadlibs Dare I guess you live in CA? I cannot believe people keep voting for those women. As a woman, I have no issue with women in the position… just NOT those (2 or 3)!!!! And let me take this opportunity to state (again): PELOSI is NO WOMAN’s friend! Our interests are NOT WELL SERVED BY HER!!! I wish more women would understand that!!

        1. JL97 You’ll have to drive north to find two more anti women as bad as the anti women who keep getting elected in CA.

        2. JL97 badbadlibs  
          Pelosi is Catholic. Wonder if she is able to take communion? I disagree with the Catholic stand on birth control but if you say you are a Catholic then you need to follow what your church teaches.

    2. WolfieUSA Thanks Wolfie. Keep reminding MNs that our Senators don’t give a rip about American citizens.

  23. Obviously he’s become a…(wait for it)…..RACIST Not a Real Black man, you know like Rev. Al.

        1. white531 K-Bob Fast start  Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t always work as expected online!

  24. I am proud to say Senator Guillory is from my home state
    True eloquence has so rarely been spoken in our times lately as he did here in this awesome video.
    My God Bless him and my state and the United States of America for producing such a leader for such a time as this.
    John Craven – New Orleans

    1. JohnCraven If you attend any of his events, please let him know he has support around this country!

      1. I would be more than happy to Orangeone!
        There is a good conservative already running for the US Senate Seat which Mary “Stop the Buck Here” Landrieu now occupies like Occupy Wall Street.  His name is Rep. Dr. Bill Cassidy.  He supports Ted Cruz’ plan to abolish the IRS and I have no doubt he is conservative on both fiscal and social issues, as well as, defense.
        Now if Elbert Guillory were to run also we’d have two great choices and right now I wouldn’t be able to predict who would win.  This video which Senator Guillory put out is genuinely a thing of beauty to watch and hear and it’s just him with some graphics but it is just him and speaks so well to our future if we don’t change the course we’re on.
        The knuckleheads running the GOP need to sit at his feet and take a lot of lessons on how to tell our side of the story.  I can’t sing Senator Guillory’s praises enough for putting out this video.
        John Craven – New Orleans

        1. JohnCraven Thank you John!  His video is viral, I blogged on him tonight and it was sent blasting through Twitterville.  Please keep us apprised of Dr. Bill Cassidy.  Reply with some links if you’d like.  We are covering solid candidates at to help spread the word!

  25. Refreshing to see and hear this, with republican turncoats the norm this is way cool!  Take a lesson RUBIO, RYAN, MCCAIN, ROMNEY and the like…

  26. Elbert- Thank you for your inspiring words. Every night I pray that God will open the eyes of people of all backgrounds to the evil that is the marxist democrat party. One only needs to look at the cities in America that are under democrat control to see that blacks in America still live in a form of slavery, and that most of the abortion factories are located in black areas of these cities, and that planned parenthood was founded by a racist eugenicist whose stated goal was to ‘breed blacks out of existence’,  and that the kkk was founded as an enforcement arm of the democrat party, etc. I hope that you will be that voice crying in the wilderness. May God keep the wind at your back.

  27. I wonder if he knows that David Duke could only get elected in
    Louisiana after switching parties and becoming a Republican. He will
    have a hard time winning elections. In Louisiana and throughout the
    South, the Democrats are the more diverse and liberal on racial issues.
    Prior to the 60s, the Republicans were the more liberal party.

    1. Woodrow Wilson, the founder of the modern Democrat Party, resegregated the armed forces of the United States before WWI and was a member of the Klan who detested our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence and the first film ever shown in The White House was “Birth of a Nation” about the Klan and was shown and applauded by Woodrow Wilson.
      Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the baby butcher of Philedelphia, who was recently convicted of three counts of murder targeted black Americans for extermination by legal abortion in the most horrible of ways in keeping with the eugenicist philosophy of Planned Parenthood’s founder, the “father of modern society”, Margaret Sanger who hated minorities and poor whites and who created “The Negroe Project” for the espress purpose of exterminating the black race which, sadly, is succeeding in many big cities where the abortion rate amongst blacks is around 75%. 
      Now maybe they were Republicans but all the conservatives who I know support none of this – not “The Negroe Project” of Margaret Sanger or the Klan of Woodrow Wilson.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      1. JohnCraven thank you John. Nice to read people that know these things and something the libs are so much trying to change. If only these libs knew there roots.

      2. JohnCraven  
        I have a friend who work with a women’s center that provides counseling and she says that the blacks they see would rather have an abortion than let their baby be adopted. What a shame!

        1. Mega-ditto! CardinaLover.  Mega-ditto!
          Sadly, that’s what is being taught to everyone, especially the poor, of all races, in schools these days, that it is better to have a child killed than to give it up for adoption to a married man and woman who are unable to conceive a child but who would desperately welcome the opportunity to be adoptive parents of any child of any race or of mixed races.
          It’s the sad tragic legacy of the “father of modern society” Margaret Sanger’s Negroe Project and so is Nero Obama who has absolutely no problem with anything that the Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s of this world have done.  You could even say Nero Obama is the Dr. Gosnell of politics.
          John Craven – New Orleans

        2. CarolinaLover JohnCraven 
          Sadly, many of the children they do save from abortion end up in permanent foster care anyway because the parents for various reasons have no idea how to raise them.

        3. toongoon CarolinaLover JohnCraven 
          You are so right! Instead of so much talking about how everybody needs a college education maybe Obama should be talking about parenting classes!

        4. toongoon CarolinaLover JohnCraven sad , so i guess it is best just to have sex without preventives and enjoy the minute of thrill . After that if pregnant just kill the baby and bill it to the people. Too easy!

    2. infowarrior and so one who knows has not a clue! Duke was soundly defeated here. maybe you need to look further north , say Chicago, Maybe NJ for political corruption. Stay out of Louisiana if you do not have a clue. In the words of R Reagan, “I never left the democratic party; they left me”

  28. It takes a lot of back bone to stand up for your beliefs and to be a man of principal
    May God be with in your new journey. You will need him.
    God Bless
    Semper Fi

  29. This should be on TV, perhaps in the afternoon so MORE people can see it.  We never will with that pesky job and all!

    1. DebbyX
      ‘We never will with that pesky job and all!’  Ah, but that’s why we Scoop.  Spread the word!

    2. DebbyX  
      Wonder if the main stream media has shown this man’s speech. Does anybody know?

  30. Wonderful to hear this rep. testifies, I think it’s a good move when one shift off from point origin to point growth in to freedom and American dream( if there’s one exist , lol ) But I am swept off my feet with his boldness, I admire his choice of belief to where he ends up today. I’m glad, period.

  31. has anyone seen a Black politician who is currently on the right, change his party to the left ??? especially in such a public Way,

    That tells me that within the next 10 years the repubs might get a nice cut of the black vote, No ?

    1. phil123 It’d be difficult. Blacks tend to shut out other blacks who don’t tow the Party line. There needs to be critical mass before the numbers start to shift. At around 15%, you’re making progress with a possible shift 10 years down the road. At 20%, you have more options. The tipping point is usually around 35%. But if just 20% of blacks were to vote Republicans, Democrats will never win another national election. This is why this ad is spot on, the Democrats absolutely require blacks to be dependent on them. Otherwise, their Party is doomed to disappear forever.

      People don’t seem to realize why Democrats voted for Obama and why Obama is doing such radical things. It’s because they know this may be the last time a Democrat goes to the White House so they need to “change” things as much as they can to try and advance their agenda. They will get more bold as time goes on. Yes, Obama won big in 2008. However, the truth is that the Democrat Party is on the brink of annihilation. They can never let up on the attacks and demonization of Republicans. It’s also why Democrats are targetting Hispanics. They’ll eventually matter more than the black vote.

      1. vorlath I’m not sure I would say Obama won “big” in 2008, but it was certainly bigger than 2012. He certain got more electoral votes. But… although the electoral votes are the deciding factor, I think the popular vote REALLY shows where people’s heads and hearts are, and I think the way the electoral votes work can sometimes skew the real story of what a huge proportion of the people think and want.

      2. vorlath phil123  
        I hope you are right that this is the last time there will be a Democrat in the White House but watch out for Hillary. She sheds trouble like water off a duck’s back. Many will vote for her just because she is a woman just as many voted for Obama just because he is a black man. He really is not a black man, he is half white, one quarter Arabic and one quarter black. How many have heard the young black woman talking about how the Democrats have put blacks back on the plantation? This is true. They get hand-outs just as their masters used to give them. The problem is that so many do not realized that they are now enslaved to the Democratic Party.

    2. phil123  
      I could easily vote for Ben Carson. Have any of you read his books? He is brilliant. It is too bad our first black president could not have been someone like Ben Carson. By the way Obama did NOT win by a landslide and just look at the problems in the big cities where he did win.

    1. MarkWendt Please explain why you think so,
      Here is the picture im seeing, 
      decades of poverty/welfare programs that suppose to reduce poverty, but in fact keeps people in poverty,
      100’s of thousands of killings in the black community through abortion thanks to the libs & street crime thanks to the wonderful gun free zones,
      and many more liberal policies that truly destroy the black community, but the libs always get their vote, because they “buy” their votes with all the welfare Programs,

      1. I was being sarcastic. I find this guy awesome. We need to send him to Washington. He speaks so greatly about our values, I’m surprised he was ever a Dem.

        1. MarkWendt Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t always come across clearly as such online… Thanks for clarifying!

      2. phil123 MarkWendt  
        You are so right! Now the problem is, how do we turn it around!

  32. Poignant and inspirational.Beware Senator!The Demonrat long knives will be out in full force!They can’t stand independent,clear thinking “people of color” so they will try to destroy you!Good luck and God speed!

    1. RickeyGlover Unfortunately, I’m afraid you may be right. I hope not. I wish him all the best…

  33. O/T but important: “”
    (Do not reply to this comment)

  34. Thank you sir for being a man of and by and for the people . Stay the course , god is watching as well as the American people . We need men like you now more than ever . All of us do. ! Do not let the wealthy crooks in d.c. Sway your sincerity of mind and purpose , we are counting on you sir . Thank you !

    1. Laurel A drovner91 nice intelligent rebuttal! Couldn’t have expected much more now though, could I?

      1. drovner91 Laurel A You don’t deserve any more than what you were given. Quite frankly you are lucky your stupidity got that much.

      2. Laurel A drovner91 So you debase yourself to respond to me? Doesn’t really make much sense to me. If I was being stupid I do not really see how. Can you please explain this to me? I was just voicing my opinion on the video. I did not lie in my response and was not not overtly rude in it. What about my response do you disagree with?

      3. drovner91 Laurel A The fact you call yourself an independent is suspect when you spout such drivel as climate change and espouse tenets of agnostic belief. In a nut shell…your entire post was to elicit backlash and verbal chaos; which is, of course, the very definition of internet Troll… I will not further comment on anything else you regurgitate.

      4. drovner91 Laurel A Yes you did. You lied in every single aspect of your post and you only registered here to spam that Senator because by God! he had the complete and utter nerve to switch parties and cite irrefutable history in the process. In answer to your question…all of it.

        You fool no one.

      5. JohnQueue drovner91 Laurel A I mean climate change is a fact if you just google the research by yourself you will find out. If anything protecting our planet should be a conservative value not a liberal one. I can assure I was not trying to elicit any backlash or verbal chaos, just calm and intelligent conversation.

      6. Laurel A drovner91 If you claim I lied in every single aspect of my post I would be willing to go over it with you line by line so I can be able to show you I did no such thing.

      7. Laurel A JohnQueue drovner91 That is pretty mean! And to be honest that displays another problem we have in America. As people with obviously differing views on probably quite a few topics, lol, we should be able to have a normal conversation about our beliefs without one person deleting another persons comment on website. It use to be that people in America could have an intelligent political debate without resorting to underhanded tactics or name calling.

      8. drovner91 Laurel A JohnQueue Get a clue, you are the one doing the namecalling, typical liberalism when they have no facts, which is darn near always.

      9. Orangeone drovner91 Laurel A JohnQueue What name did I call anyone? Please tell me! And what would you like facts about? I will do my best to try to give them to you!

      10. CalCoolidge drovner91 I’m not a democrat! I am a registered independent! Both major parties are pretty disappointing! Under that rule a republican that believes in climate change, evolution, and abortion but maintained all other basic conservative values would be liberal which is ridiculous!

      11. drovner91 JohnQueue Laurel A  Climate change is a fact, but it is not a fact that it is man-made.  There was a period of global warming from 950AD to 1350AD… I suppose that was caused by emissions?  The earth has cycles and it is incredibly arrogant for mankind to think they can effect that – and contrary to leftist propaganda, the majority of climate scientists do not agree that the science is settled and I refer you to Brian Sussman’s books, since that is his area of expertise.  Climate change is nothing more than a ploy for the redistribution of wealth that has put billions of dollars into the hands of scientists through grants (many based on fraudulent models) and elites like Al Gore.  If climate change is your measurement for intellect, you should become more informed.  As for black Republicans, I think you will see that Tim Scott is in the Senate as a Republican… and the vast majority of Democrats in the Senate are white.  As a matter of fact, the Republicans have the greater history of supporting and promoting civil rights, while the Democrats stood in the way for many years and only made the adjustment when LBJ saw what was happening and realized that this could be an effective voting block – but they prefer to keep them on welfare and perpetuate a victim mentality making their poverty more comfortable rather than making a way for them to lift themselves out of poverty by promoting self-reliance and opportunity.  Many of the Republicans are no more conservative than Democrats, so don’t be fooled.  But conservatism is true Americanism and serves all Americans well despite their race!

      12. DeborahClemence drovner91 JohnQueue Laurel A Yeah I’m going to have to disagree with you on climate change because it is one of my areas of expertise. It is settled! although I do agree that the earth has cycles because that is undeniable. If you study the levels of greenhouse gases on Venus it is obvious that they are directly correlated to the temperature on Venus which is hot enough to melt solid lead on its surface. What you have been fed is propaganda. The effects of climate change are there to physically see throughout the world. A perfect example is seen in Florence which experiences flooding 100 days out of the 365 in a year due to rising water levels. And like I said you cannot compare the Republican party of the past or the the Democratic Party of the past to their present states. They have both experienced fundamental changes in the last 30 years.

      13. drovner91 DeborahClemence JohnQueue Laurel A
        “It is settled!”
        The hubris, it burns.
        If, my good man, it were settled, then you could refer to proof, but since there is no proof, only an assumption, we get the weasel word, “consensus” thrown about.
        Consensus is a “majority opinion” at best and does not constitute proof.

        Venus indeed has an atmosphere composed of some 97% ( the magical number) of Carbon Dioxide.
        Y’all call me when CO2 reaches .1 %  ‘mkay ?
        Further the atmospheric pressure on your example planet Venus is 100 atmospheres.
        Have you heard of the “pressure cooker ” ?

        Warmers are pathetic creatures.

      14. DeborahClemence drovner91 JohnQueue Laurel A  
        Hey, Deborah, you sure hit the nail on the head with all your comments! Great post! Keep up the good work. Somebody has to try and educate so many that climate change has been going on for thousands of years!

  35. Eloquence in action. Americans are shedding the yolk of government deceit and walking from the plantation’s evil spell. I am hopeful … hopeful that many more will emulate this distinguished gentleman’s words and actions and come to know the truth, for God (through Jesus) will peel the wool from the eyes of oppressed…That would be the American people, of course…and yes, even the world over.

  36. Not to diminish the power of this video and his speech, but if these are his true ideals how was he ever a Democrat to begin with?  Because it sounds like he is solid on knowing which party is oppressive to blacks and has known that for a long time. Was he a Democrat because that’s what blacks are supposed to be?
    I don’t get it.  Fantastic video and speech, though.

    1. kong1967 I thought the same things as you, kong…but I must not look for any underlying deceit here because I happen to think what he did took a great amount of courage. I am certain he is contemplating his tenure for having done what he did. It will take men and women of strength to toss the oppressive nature of the liberal lunatics who would break out their “whips” and snap would-be dissension back in its place. I suppose what I am saying is… I believe Senator Guillory was previously afraid of what such a revelation would have done to him and probably his family. Only my opinion, of course..

      1. JohnQueue kong1967 I have to disagree with you JohnQueue. I don’t think posting a video a video on the internet displaying beliefs that you have a already displayed before while running takes much courage at all. It seems to me that the Senator is being quite an opportunist here and sees a half open door into the the U.S. Senate where in lies an almost completely white Republican Party that is looking for a fresh face to connect to African American voters.

        1. drovner91 Since I am unfamiliar with him,  it’s difficult to judge his motives.  I guess time will tell.

        2. kong1967 drovner91 Isn’t it every politician’s motive to further their own career? Whether it be for personal reasons or so that they can make a bigger difference.

        3. drovner91 JohnQueue kong1967  
          so, I ‘m curios about your ideas of other black politicians like West, Scott, Love from Utah to name a few among the Republicans that are  black skin derivatives, raised Democrats policies & styles but managed to grow a different direction end up in conservative belief !
          He sound sincere to me, I only hope he’s sincere and truthful, but I won’t dwell in prejudice. If he’s not honest, this won’t be the first time we are lied to .

        4. crosshr drovner91 JohnQueue kong1967 I’m not questioning the sincerity of his beliefs at all and whether or not he is sincere is irrelevant to what I said. I don’t really have an opinion on those politicians. As people we all grow and sometimes our beliefs change and sometimes they only grow stronger. Although my opinion about politicians in general is that they are mostly untrustworthy and self-interested which has sadly been proven many times over not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.

      2. JohnQueue That’s possible.  He sounded sincere, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…until I hear something that contradicts his statements (such as voting liberal).

    2. kong1967 I see what you are saying but consider what the treatment is of those that are Black conservative.  And maybe he didn’t really know that history for a long time. I also think he had made a commitment to Democrat Party and was eschewing all possibilities, kind of like divorce, before dumping them. Heck look at the Republicans that refuse to wake up on that score!

      1. Laurel A kong1967 I think you are correct Laurel.  The Freddrick Douglas Republicans are educating black communities.  I you haven’t seen Rev CL Bryant’s documentary Runaway Slave, I suggest renting it.  I believe he is a huge part of the awakening going on.

      2. Laurel A  That’s true.  He sounds very sincere, too, unlike that jackass Republican that switched parties twice only based on his reelection chances.  You know who I’m talking about, but I forget his name.

        1. Laurel A Ha ha, now I don’t feel so bad for forgetting.  I am real bad with remembering names, lol.

        2. crosshr The guy I’m thinking about lost his election, but I think he’s still alive.  Got it.  Arlen Specter.

    3. kong1967 Very Simple,
      any child born in the Minority communities is indoctrinated that the white people hate you, 
      and that only the government has to take care of everything for you, so that automatically paints anyone opposing welfare programs as rascist,

      so its a real miracle that someone growing up listening to So called civil rights leaders, and living off the government, should come to their senses and realize what is really going on, and be so brave to come out publicly

      1. phil123  That’s true.  Smart black kids get beat up because being smart is “trying to be white”.  I don’t know how often that happens any more, though.

        1. kong1967 phil123  
          Young black boys wanting to do well in school are still accused of trying to be “whitey” and made fun of. It is very difficult for them to go against the tide. We have given two young blacks money for making the honor roll. The young girl still comes and shows us her report card but the young man is now in jail. Too much peer pressure. It is a shame and until the likes of Jesse Jackson start preaching get an education and stay out of trouble instead of blaming the white race for everything it will continue.

        2. CarolinaLover  It’s sad.  It really pi**es me off to watch the Democrat party intentionally stir up racial division and try to keep the black man down.  If they cross parties they are called traitors and need to “get back where they belong” like obedient slaves.  It’s beyond disgusting, and they have the nerve to call us racist.  Jesse Jackson is nothing but a race pimp and strives off keeping the black man “where he belongs” instead of pushing for independence from government.

    4. kong1967 I think he was an old school Democrat, just like the Reagan Democrats.  The Democrat Party has been hijacked by the radical left.  This is not the Democrat Party of JFK… he would be a Republican today!

      1. DeborahClemence  That’s exactly what my boss tells me, lol.  He’s a Vietnam vet.  Yeah, Democrats are turning downright communist now.

  37. That was a very inspiring clip. I think State Senator Guillory should consider running against Mary Landrieu next year for the U.S. Senate

    1. LouisLaGuardiaIII  
      Wonderful idea. How do we encourage him to run against Landrieu!

  38. It’s nice to see someone speak the truth for once…how any decent American can follow the Democrat party is far beyond me. But I was a democrat too, so I don’t have much room to talk but anyone after Clintons first term that did not see that Democrat party take an ugly turn to the left is blind the Clintons invited a lot of far left loons into politics that were only laughed at before as Leftwing extremist. Now that’s who is running this country..The Democrat party no longer exists as your parents knew it back in the 60’s and 70’s ….

    1. DHardy  
      You are so right! My Dad would not want to be called a Democrat if he were still alive today. I remember watching my mother cry when FDR died. The Democratic Party has become the party of tax and spend with no regard for the debt they are running up that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will never be able to pay back as long as this country continue on the path it is on. We have got to go back to producing goods to sell to other countries. Reduce the tax rate on corporations and bring the jobs back home. When you go shopping look to see where that product is made and buy American, if you can find it!

  39. Gentlemen like State Senator Guillory and former Congressmen Allan West along with our other conservative black leaders will be the reason that the Republican party can redeem itself. As long as they are not co-opted like Senator Rubio then our country has a chance to live as the republic we were meant to be, guided by our constitution.
    I will not support the GOP, but I would support a gentlemen such as Senator Guillory for Senator of Louisiana or Congress, but not the Republican Party. 
    I  hope and pray the GOP will wake up real soon.

    1. Fireplug52  I’m not optimistic on the Republican party waking up.  We kicked them in the head a thousand times during the 2010 mid-term elections by electing Tea Party candidates.  They didn’t get the message then and they won’t get it now.  They’re no different than the Democrats.  They will take whatever position they can get away with that keeps them from getting voted out.  Illegal immigration to them isn’t about doing what’s right for the country, but rather about trying to appease the Hispanic community so they get more votes.  They just try to find a balance so they don’t lose every single one of us in the process.

      1. kong1967 Fireplug52 You make a very valid point and even approaching the idea of garnering more of the Hispanic vote is totally without merit as espoused by the Pew study of all the elections going back to Reagan. The Republicans will never get a majority of the Hispanic vote. 
        All they are out to do is limit our ability to exercise that God given right in pursuing happenstance and they will do it with as much smoke screen to keep our focus off their shenanigans. 
        They chip away that which is so deeply cherished, our freedom to properly determine the course in which we as a free people go and not where they think we should go. 
        It is my firm belief that we must treat the government as our servant, but as we now see they treat us as vassals and serfs and this video strikes a cord that could help sweep more people into the arena that will help us take it back. Time will tell.

        1. Fireplug52 I hope so, but every other black conservative I have ever seen gets marginalized and called “House Ni**er” or “House Slave” by the Democrats.  Blacks look at “conservative” blacks as being traitors.  Good luck on changing that.

        2. kong1967 Fireplug52  
          You are right. They get called “Uncle Toms” or the like.

  40. If only people like Al Sharpten, Jesse Jackson and others thought like you.  This country would be a much better place.

    1. supergirl333 Sorry… But then no one would know who they are, and they wouldnt have anyposition in the black community,
      the way they had their way till now is, Victimize the community, and then present themselves as their defender, and if there is no real civil rights issue in the news then you create one, Like anyone advocating against welfare is basically a racist, 
      Unbelievable !!!

    2. supergirl333  
      Years ago, in Ohio, Jessee Jackson talked to high school students about the need to get an education, stay off drugs and the like. Why did he change when he could do so much good to help his fellow blacks. He joined the likes of Al Sharpton.

    1. Laurel A We are seeing the awakening of the black communities.  Because of social media we are able to spread the truth.

      1. Orangeone Laurel A I think that is some of it but I also think things are so bad that a few Black conservatives screwed up their courage and more and more are doing so. That plantation sweater is unraveling.

        1. Laurel A Orangeone Love it “plantation sweater is unraveling”.  And we are using social media to spread that unraveling, not responsible for it but helping to raise awareness of it 🙂

  41. A glimmer of hope for all America. Almost moved me to tears. Watched it twice now. About to watch it again. Third time lucky, I think I will tear up.
    @orangeone, if you’re reading this, sincerest apologies for not having delievered to you the second piece. By the reason of this great clip from TRS, I am inspired. Part 2 to be completed by tonight’s end, UK time.

    1. pushtheredbutton Hi friend!  Like you, I watched this twice and am nearly ready for a 3rd one.  Have you listened to the candidate for VA Lt. Gov Scoop posted a few days back?  He too is amazing!

  42. We
    need this man out in front before the elections in 2014 and 2016 TO
    EDUCATE the American people… ALL of the American people!

  43. Ok, now I’m getting angry. All this BS about white, black, yellow, red, brown is driving me up a wall.
    First off, every single person on this planet is the same color, BROWN. Oh, there are differing shades and tints, but, we’re all brown. 
    You think you’re black?
    Put your arm next to a black shoe, they are NOT the same color, not even close.
    You think you’re white?
    Put your arm next to a sheet of white paper, THEY’RE not the same, not even close.
    Try it with anything that IS black or white. No luck?
    Until we the people wake up and realize that the powers that be do not care a whit about you wether you’re black, white, brown, or any other hue, we will never save this country.

    1. MacWell you are absolutely right,
      However this is how the vast majority of minorities think, thanks to their so called civil rights leaders

    2. MacWell When I was in a pastoral intern program one summer with another guy.  He was from Nigeria.  He was dark as midnight and me, I’m as white as snow.  We were complaining to each other one time about how we wish we could be less dark and less white.  We laughed about it and agreed that God created us for a purpose and we should just accept each other not for our outward appearence but for what’s inside.  That’s how God looks at us.

    3. MacWell Did you notice what he said at the end:  “So my brothers and sisters of the American community, please join with me today in abandoning the government plantation and the party of disappointment so that we may all echo the words….”  He gets it and is sending a message to black Americans that they are part of the American community in the Republican party.

  44. Of course a well spoken, obviously educated black man and United States Senator, will get the usual from the left, uncle tom, oreo, blah, blah, blah.

  45. “To be truly free means to be reliant on no one, other than the Author”
    -Elbert Gullory
    Well said, Senator. Thank you.

  46. That was great.  He gets more than our so-called leaders in DC (McConnell, Boehner, McCain and Rubio).

  47. I must be getting old and sentimental, that actually made me shed a tear.  Welcome aboard Senator Guillory!  Now let’s get to work!

  48. Wow, there’s a man that speaks clearly and precisely about what it means to be a Republican.  When I was still working, on occasion I would talk with Black co-workers/friends and make some of the same points made by Senator Guillory about the Democrat party, but they would have none of that.  They refused to accept any positive facts about the Republican party, so I gave up trying to convince them that the Democrat party was holding them hostage on the government “plantation.”  They didn’t get it then, and I doubt if they get it now.  Too bad really.

    1. Army_Pilot1967  
      A few do get it. We spoke with a young black women and asked her why she was a Republican and her answer was, “Democrats just want to give you a hand-out and not a hand-up.”

      1. A person? How many more? As for what a person gets from anyone it is what a person chooses to do with it!
        As for anything, Republicans want to cut it so when it comes to hand ups, you can cross Republicans off. Intellectual dishonesty is their main game so don’t play half ass semantics with me.

        1. KenStarr so another fool is born!! lol go ahead and be another slave to the system as many other fools have become. Notice that their way of life has improved so much since the OB reign has it not?? simple observations, very simple. As we all see the OB and his following are just so honest aren’t they?? lol “I did not mean what i said ; Uh , what I ment to say was” right!!

        2. Slave to the system? Hahahaha! I vote Dem or Rep based on the person. As for being a slave to the system anyone saying they are tea party and not knowing who the Koch Bros are is a slave to the system. Following Bush for eight years and agreeing torture is needed is a slave to the system. More like sheeple. Thinking Iraq was the problem when it was proven, before we went in, it was not. Sheeple or North Korea would have been toppled a long time ago. As for improved life, the way Wall Street f****ed us it will go on for a long time. What is funny is some moron that thinks tax cuts is the answer. We had years of that. It was supply and demand that made the jobs. If money created jobs we would be overwhelmed with them. Simple observation is that the republican controlled house made it a point to defeat BO instead of doing their jobs. They have the purse strings. Simple civics demographics and common sense seem to hard for many on this board.

  49. as long there are people in the Black Community who derive their power and prominence from Civil rights and no other reason, then their will “always” be a civil rights issue, if not they will “create” one, just like the official  agenda of the NAACP is now Food Stamps and welfare, can anyone explain to me how this has anything to do with civil Rights ????

  50. Say it loud and say it often sir!! There is zero value when these very same words are spoken verbatim by a white Republican. These words carry weight when spoken by Black Republicans so the more we hear from this gentleman and Black Republicans across this country the better for the Black race and the White, Brown, Yellow and Purple races in this country. Well said sir, well said.

  51. Passing it along to everyone I know. Better late than never. 
    I think the conservative republicans do believe this, it’s the Rhinos that are the problem.

  52. If only the Republicans in Washington believed what this good man just said… our country might have a fighting chance.

  53. Why do blacks who reject the Democratic party get treated like  some sort of hero when they finally ‘get it’?

    1. Lee0521 It takes a lot of courage to “buck the trend”, especially when you know you will be demonized.  He is a hero to me!

      1. Conservative_Hippie Lee0521 Exactly right. It’s a big deal for a black person to openly say they are a Republican. What usually happens is that they get shunned and shut out of their community. Ironically, same thing happens with gays who say they are Republicans.

  54. I am skeptical…simply because he switched so we should give him time to create a voting record and see how well he plays with us conservtives

    1. AlexanderIllig  What he said in the video was so spot on that I have no skepticism at all, het gets it!

  55. Carson/Guillory 2016 – this is the change that was needed.

    The other change is for republicans to come back to the republican party.

  56. Just when I was planning on leaving the republican party, someone comes along and reminds me of why I AM a republican.  Amen, Senator, you’re got it right! God bless you for speaking the truth in love.

  57. Well…wonder what took him so long.  [To be clear, any convert is welcome any time; but the question is at the heart of our woes today.]
    Now we need to work on converts to the ‘conservative party.’

  58. This is how we take back the Republican party. What message would he have had to impart to blacks if he’d become an Independent?

  59. A great speech but what he is referring to is conservativisn, not the GOP which today is as liberal as the Democrats. If we could rid ourselves of the establishment we might have the “right” Republican party.

  60. Nice to hear some sanity from another black congressman (vs. Sheila Jackson Lee, Watters, and so many other racists).
    However, the GOP is almost as bad as the democraps.
    Wish he had gone Independent. Regardless, this is encouraging and for the most part, his words ring true.

    1. The Sentinel  You said for the most part.  I couldn’t find anything he said to disagree with.  Did I miss something?

      1. Conservative_Hippie The Sentinel  
        My only qualm/hesitation is his move to being a Republican. Maybe he needs to wean himself off of the democrap mindset and settle for democrap lite in the GOP. I would have liked Independent status… but this may have been his only option. That’s my only qualm. He seems like a good guy.
        His voting record will tell the tale.

        1. The Sentinel Conservative_HippieAgreed, his voting record here on out will be where the rubber meets the road.

    1. strangernfiction Which in today’s political landscape means Republican.  Hopefully he becomes part of the trend to bring back conservatism to the GOP!

  61. What a powerful testimony!  This should be required watching for all blacks before they vote.

    1. jhomes55 And all whites and all hispanics, etc.  I like at the end where he appealed to all “brothers and sisters of our Amercian commnity!”

  62. Sadly, the Republican party has squandered the last40 years trying to be lite democrats.
    It still remains our best hope – but the window is closing. America is being flooded with foreign subversives – enough to subsume even  the black vote.

    It is now time for all freemen to rise up – we will have to take control of the local party, the candidate screening and the primaries. All must be based on Constitutional principle and limited government. We will have  to take  the streets – to reject the politcal class.

      1. strangernfiction sDee  
         It’s still damn hard to get an independent candidate on the ballot. 
        I beleive DC is lost – the parties pick the candidates. So, I’ve been focused lately on the local level. With growing numbers of Tea Party and Libertarians now participating, there is opportunity to create momentum to promote limited-government conservatives and Constitutionalists in the GOP.

  63. That was beautiful. Democrats have won converts by revising much American history. They have ignored much of it too. Some of it they have grossly distorted and outright lied about. They’ve taken advantage of gullibility, fraud, friendly accessories in the Press, lax border security, and by fighting manufactured racism with real racism. 
    Replacing Fathers with Government hammocks has zapped spirits, families, the work ethic, individual freedom and responsibility. They’ve turned what should be a proud race of people into a dependent one, dependent on them. They’ve convinced many of them that they cannot compete with their non-black countrymen and women. That they need extra help, extra points, special consideration. They do not. They were made by the same God who fashioned Adam.
    This man and the truth he speaks does indeed need to go viral. The black community has been used and abused by democrats for well over a century. The democrats are unworthy of their loyalty. Unworthy of their votes. I hope that heads will turn, along with the hands of time, towards truth. Towards that original American promise. The ideal. Supplanting overused, dishonest excuses with inherent God-given motivation. Fertilizing, watering, and cultivating those seeds of greatness, implanted in every human.
    Thanks Elbert.

  64. I had to listen to him quote MLK a few times in a row, it was so powerful.  Truth to word.  This gentleman gets it and is an eloquent speaker.  This should run as a ad campaign for the 2016 presidential campaign.

  65. …the TRUTH shall set us all FREE ,
    Keep On Keeping On LA Senator Elbert Guillory Keep On Keeping On with the spoken TRUTH .”
    Glory and Praise to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 04 / 28 /13

  66. EXCELLENT! Another Black man that ‘gets it’. By the way folks, there are far more Black conservatives than the ‘media’ or the President, would have you believe. 😉

  67. I have to be honest, I’m misting a little. Please elect this man, LA! We need warrior-poets, and this guy is definitely one!

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