Marco Rubio: Beware of Bernie, because Democratic Socialism is NOT benign…

Marco Rubio responded to Bernie’s rise in the Democratic primary with a warning that people on that side need to wake up and smell the Marxism.


Here’s a transcript of his comments:

The bottom line is that unless the Democratic establishment steals it from him, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialism, is going to be the Democratic nominee for president.

And that’s a really big deal because Democratic Socialism sounds benign, but at the core of Democratic Socialism is Marxism. And at the core of Marxism is this fake offer that if you turn over more of your individual freedom, we’re going to provide you security. We’re going to provide you healthcare. We’re going to provide you free education.

But the problem is that when they can’t deliver on it or when you’re not happy with it, you don’t get your freedoms back. And by freedoms I don’t just mean elections. I’m talking about the right to choose your own doctor, the right to make health care decisions for yourself, what your kids learn in schools, what schools they go to. All that stuff you lose control over and you don’t get it back just because the security the promised you didn’t happen.

So that’s what we’re on the verge of having to decide here in this country. There’s a reason why people flee countries that have this stuff. It’s a big deal for America and I hope people start waking up to that reality.

That’s a really succinct way of describing the core of socialism. It’s a promise of utopia just to steal your freedom away from you and you can’t get it back except through war and bloodshed.

Rubio also hit Bernie for his mischaracterizations of Castro and his opposition:

He also added this nugget:

Another Cuban-American woman made a great point about those ‘literacy programs’ that Bernie was praising last night:

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