Marco Rubio: I don’t want any state adopting the Arizona illegal immigration law

Rubio and Cavuto spent a fair amount of time discussing the new Arizona illegal immigration law, allowing Rubio to clarify where he stands on the new law. I don’t think he stands in a place that will give most of his voters any problem, which is that he supports Arizona’s 10th amendment right to protect their state. He made a great distinction in that he sees the law as a public safety law and not an anti-immigrant law which is how it is being cast in the MSM. And that’s exactly what it is, and public safety is exactly why it was drafted.

He puts a very heavy emphasis on not wanting any other state to adopt that type of law though, saying that it should be the Federal governments job to enforce it. He recognizes Arizona’s special situation with a war just on the other side of the border, but stands firm in his commitment that only the Federal government should handle illegal immigration. I mostly agree with him on his position, but would add that if Texas wanted to adopt the law I wouldn’t have a problem with it because I feel we have a Federal government not interested in protecting the border. If they indeed were doing their job and doing it well, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion at all.

Great interview all the way around. They also touch on his campaign and his position on entitlement reforms.


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