Marco Rubio reacts to Obama’s SOTU

There are few like Marco Rubio that can articulate so well how Obama’s class warfare isn’t a part of America’s heritage. I never tire of listening to Rubio speak so passionately about what has made America great and why that isn’t what Obama is preaching:

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39 thoughts on “Marco Rubio reacts to Obama’s SOTU

  1. Hannity has a man crush with Rubio. Just why isn’t the GOP and the Tea Party pushing people like Rubio and Allen West and promote them?

  2. I meant Mitch not Rubio had a bad makeover ..feminised haha . but Rubio has lost me in his attack on Gingrich.. not impressed, he just cannot communicate like Newt, he needs still needs time to get his game together , he doesn’t have it yet.

  3. For a promising politician, Rubio should be careful in his endorsement. He’s already racking negative points by sponsoring SOPA/PIPA in the beginning, then now endorsing a candidate exhibiting a hard time articulating and defending conservatism. Although one can’t blame him fully in endorsing someone he owed a past endorsement and help, he should be very careful with how he phrase them. Owing money is preferable compared to owing a favor. With money, one can pay them back with interests (with no additional strings attached); while owing a favor is a debt one carries for life.

    Politicians please take heed, do not sell your country in payment to those favors.

  4. Probably the most important job in the world… Probably? I’m not American and POTUS is the most important job in the world…

  5. when you look up the definition of “weakness” you will see mitch daniels face w/ no explanation.

  6. Rubio is helping Mitt Romney. Norm Coleman who’s helping Romney with his campaign said today, Mitt Romney won’t repeal Obamacare, he’ll just tweak it. Marco Rubio is helping a socialist?

  7. I am not responding to anything now. I am using my iPad & am receiving duplicate emails. I have to figure this out. Bye for now.

  8. Hannity said that he “got his budgets passed.” There’s not been a budget passed for over 1000 days!

    1. We really have to lower our economic IQ to understand Obama. For Obama an application for an increase in the Debt ceiling is considered a Budget in his books. How many times has he already applied for a debt ceiling increase, is how much budgeting he has done already. Got it?

      1. My comment was aimed at Hannity’s inaccurate depiction of Barry getting his budgets passed. But you’re probably right – he thinks that a debt ceiling increase = budget. Sheesh. Just amazing that this is the kind of leadership we’re seeing in this country – even more amazing that it’s not a slam-dunk that he’ll get replaced.

        1. The American people might surprise us. Who knows our misplaced fears may just be a byproduct of MisInformation Stream Media’s day in and day out Obama promotion and GOP bashing.

  9. Um… why isn’t Allen West the Speaker of the House and why isn’t Marco Rubio giving the SOTU rebuttal? BOTH of these heroes are working live without a teleprompter.

    I respect the decisions that both these brilliant men have made to not run for President until they are seasoned. But Maobama wasn’t even close to being ready and he made it. I wish these giants among men ran NOW. There may not be an America when they feel they are ready. Principles, faith, character, Tea Party values… these men are 1000 times more ready for the big chair then the current divider-and-chief.

    Maobama is an absolute embarassment and woefully inadequate for his undeserved position. What a joke… and no one is laughing.

    1. Not if he’s calling Romney a Conservative…this better get it cleared up or he’s lost my and my wife’ support.

  10. I’m not impressed with him, either, any more than Daniels. First thing out of his mouth is “how are we going to sustain unfunded liabilities”? Instead, what he should’ve been saying is “how are we going to divest the federal government of these un-Constitutional, unfunded liabilities, and put them where they belong: in the hands of the States, the People and Private Sector”. Complaining that Obama’s saying we can only progress by stealing it from people more affluent than we are is no different from social engineering social programs, like Social Security (which takes money from others to pay for other peoples’ retirement, leaving some with no money, even though they paid into it, because they’re too “rich”), Medicare & Medicaid (again, making everyone else pay for others’ substandard medical care), etc.

    I just don’t see him as being the big Conservative that people claim he is.

    1. Right on, especially when he’s defending Romney as “Conservative”.

      Another phony like Haley in SC

      1. I’m not sure if I’m ready to give him the phony stamp, but he’s got to be either a Conservative, or a RINO. He can’t be both. People complain about the systems are to well established, can’t be dismantled, etc. People said the same thing about the British dictatorship, too, and that talk of independence was foolish. I want independence from national debt and deficit spending, and independence from government social programming through unfunded liabilities. He’s got to realize that if he wants an America that lives up to it’s original ideals, those aren’t part of that program.

        1. I’ve been saying all along that Rubio is not really a Tea Party guy as much as he is an old-school Republican. Here’s what I wrote five months ago, and it’s still operative, as far as I’m concerned:

          I’m still kind of wary about Rubio. He gives a great speech, but doesn’t ever seem to be with the groups of folks who are really active “restoration” (ie, in the sorts of areas that concern Tea Party types, and folks like me who want to see a return to originalist ideas on the Constitution).

          He reminds more of Orrin Hatch than he does Jim DeMint.

          I wanted to be more informed on what he’s done since becoming a Senator, and found an interesting website to help with it. GovTrack has an interesting chart that sort of confirms my thinking on the man.

          I still have high hopes for Sen. Rubio, but I’m worried he’s aiming more for heading a centrist, administrative-style leadership, rather than a focused, philosophically grounded, Conservative-libertarian style of leadership.

          Maybe I feel we’ve been burned by great speech-givers once too often.

          I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

          (EDIT: That govtrack link is still interesting, BTW.)

          1. I hope you’re wrong too my friend. If Rubio gets absorped and hypnotized by the establishment… then hell, we might as well all go home. I’m so sick of people coming down with the sickness.

            1. In his favor, he could be playing it careful for the reason that he wants to honor his family and “heritage,” by not blowing all his political capital on hard-line issues, and settle more into a “general leadership” position.

              Instead of using the riskier path to long-term success (the “shock jock” technique), he’s taken on the veneer of a Jeffersonian-style “statesman.”

              But this is definitely a time for people more like the firebrands Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry. And men of dependable, immovable resolution like George Washington.

              I’m not sure where Rubio fits on that scale.

      2. If he supports or endorses Romney… like Haley’s ridiculous faux pas, then that’s a HUGE red flag. However, we don’t have a single, solid Tea Party candidate in this race. I hate to say it but Ron Paul is actually the closest one to that high standard… so, if these heroes want to endorse someone, I advise them to resist. Especially, please don’t step in it and endorse a rat like Mittens.

  11. NOW THIS is one of my greatest HOPEs and this man has brains, dignity, and can simply answer the friggin’ questions that are put to him……with genuinely intellectual/constitutional responses. His citizen status is not an issue.

    There’s a multi-faceted Rubio in our future!!!

    Always listen to the intellectual content from this man….not just talking points. God Love him.

      1. Reading the Rubio missives today, it seems to me he is trying to steer Romney and Gingrich toward an embrace of Hispanic voting block that he and his Hispanic republican congressional coalition is courting.

        What exactly sets Rubio and his hispanic base apart from the rest of Americans? What is that obliges the Nation to give them special rights? Is it that someone somewhere in their family tree spoke Spanish? That would cover over 30 countries, on 4 continents. Races and ethnicities covered under “Hispanic” include Creole, Spanish, Mayan, White, Mestizo, Spanish, Nordic, Black, Amerindian, Quechua, Asian, Mulatto, Mapuche,

        It was Richard Nixon who created the term “Hispanic”, inventing his own disaffected group for the Republicans, just like LBJ had done with the blacks for the Democrats? How’d that all work out for the elephants?

        This is why illegal immigration is encouraged, tolerated and has never been fixed – it the club they use to whack us with.

        Maybe instead of maintaining the fictitious “hispanic” class as a privileged protected minority group , the Republicans should be working on getting us back to the concept of equal rights for all, not special rights for some.

        I am first generation American and I am damn glad my family decided to simply be Americans. Period, no hyphens.

        This is just more divisive, class-based, appeasement politics and I am tired of it. The Republicans can never out maneuver the race baiting entitlement professionals on the left.

        1. It seems to me he is kissing Romney’s ass as Romney campaigned for him. Instead of staying out of the issue all together, he is calling Romney “Conservative” when everyone knows he is not. Everyone also knows Romney’s self-deportation plan is laughable at best.

          1. Or that 🙂

            Romney’s “self deportation” is a head fake, just like Gingrich’s “local immigration boards” – either one of them will carry on like Presidents before them, unless we demand more.

            Illegals will start to go home (they do have homes, families and citizenship somewhere!) if we deny them rights of US citizenship, entitlements, benefits and special protection under the law. Without sanctuary, drivers licenses, bank accounts, jobs and free healthcare, it is nearly impossible to stay in a foreign country. Emigration rates will further increase if they know that immigration laws will be enforced if they still chose to stay. For those left, we have INS and local law enforcement do their jobs.

            All of the above would stop colonization, move us out of national suicide, up into the ranks of pretty much every self preserving country in the world.

            1. Now that is one of the most logical, brilliant and well-thought out commentaries on one of our nation’s worst issues, that I’ve ever heard. I am literally standing up and applauding you right now! Thank God some common sense for once. 🙂

              Now go take a victory lap! Awesome!

        2. Asian and Nordic? I am curious just when did either of those cultures come to fall under the category of “Hispanic”?

    1. Yep, Marco Rubio is one to watch for the future for sure – what do they put in the water in Florida which produces such great orators?

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