Marco Rubio throws Bachmann and other GOP under the bus over letter about Huma Abedin -UPDATE: Audio Added


It seems to me that Rubio hasn’t even read the letter based on his comments, yet he is completely disassociating himself from it in an interview with NPR:

THE HILL – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) expressed disagreement with a letter authored by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Fla.) and a number of other House Republicans claiming that a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is an infiltrator in the U.S. government for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The letter claimed that Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Clinton and wife of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), is connected to the Brotherhood.

“I am not a signatory to that letter,” Rubio said in an interview on “The Diane Rehm Show” on Thursday. “I didn’t even know the letter had gone out, to be honest with you, and I don’t share the feelings that are in that letter. Obviously, every member of Congress has a right to express their opinion and every member of Congress is held accountable for those opinions, if they’re right or if they’re wrong.

“I can tell you that I don’t share the feelings that are in that letter from anything I’ve seen and heard,” Rubio continued. “And in fact, I’m very very careful and cautious about ever making accusations like that about anybody.”

First of all Bachmann’s letter NEVER suggested “is an infiltrator in the U.S. government for the Muslim Brotherhood”. That’s a false characterization made by The Hill. The letter merely noted the connections Abedin’s family has to the Muslim Brotherhood which goes exactly to the point of potential divided loyalties. In other words, could her family members or others sway her to do something that she wouldn’t normally do?

As far as Rubio my guess is that he has fallen prey to a typical media tactic of trying to pit Republicans against one another and has found himself taking a side without knowing all the facts. He should be corrected for this.

But if it turns out he knows all the facts then what he said is just ridiculous and he should be called out for it.

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358 thoughts on “Marco Rubio throws Bachmann and other GOP under the bus over letter about Huma Abedin -UPDATE: Audio Added

  1. Bachmann’s letter merely asked a question about the level tro which members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been invited by the Obama Administration to work in highly sensitive areas of government and the military.

    Huma Abedin “has three family members — her late father, her mother and her brother — connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” It turns out, however, that Abedin herself is directly connected to Abdullah Omar Naseef, a major Muslim Brotherhood figure involved in the financing of al-Qaeda.

    Abedin worked for a number of years at the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs as assistant editor of its journal. The IMMA was founded by Naseef, who remained active in it for decades, overlapping for several years with Abedin. Naseef was also secretary general of the Muslim World League in Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most significant Muslim Brotherhood organization in the world.

    In that connection, he founded the Rabita Trust, which is formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization under American law due to its support of al-Qaeda.

    Naseef became the secretary general of the Muslim World League, the Saudi-financed global propagation enterprise by which the Muslim Brotherhood’s virulently anti-Western brand of Islamist ideology is seeded throughout the world, very much including in the United States.

    There are few positions more critical than secretary general of the Muslim World League. In fact, one of the MWL’s founders was Sa’id Ramadan, the right-hand and son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna, the Brotherhood’s legendary founder.

    The MWL manages the “civilization jihad” — the Brotherhood’s commitment to destroy the West from within, and to “conquer” it by sharia proselytism (or dawa), as Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the Brotherhood’s top sharia jurist, puts it.

    Nevertheless, the MWL has a long history of deep involvement in violent jihad as well.

    A month after the 9/11 attacks, Naseef’s Rabitah Trust was formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the United States government. Ultimately, branches of the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation and the International Islamic Relief Organization – other “charities” with roots in the MWL — were also designated as foreign terrorist organizations under federal law. This, too, should have not been a surprise. In 2003, in connection with a terrorism prosecution in Chicago, the Justice Department proffered that Osama bin Laden had told his aide Jamal al-Fadl that the Muslim World League was one of al-Qaeda’s three top funding sources. (Fadl later renounced al-Qaeda and cooperated with federal prosecutors.)

    A person is not required to have done anything wrong to be denied a high-ranking government position, or more immediately, the security clearance allowing access to classified information that is necessary to function in such a job. There simply need be associations, allegiances, or interests that establish a potential conflict of interest.

    Government jobs and access to the nation’s secrets are privileges, not rights. That is why the potential conflict needn’t stem from one’s own associations with hostile foreign countries, organizations, or persons. Vicarious associations, such as one’s parents’ connections to troublesome persons and organizations, are sufficient to create a potential conflict.

    Abedin’s parents were recruited by Naseef to head up the IMMA; her mother is an active member of Muslim Brotherhood organizations — including the Muslim Sisterhood and two entities that are part of Sheikh Qaradawi’s Union of Good, another designated terrorist organization; there is persuasive evidence that her father was a member of the Brotherhood — e.g., the intimate tie to Naseef and his widow’s membership in the Muslim Sisterhood (which is substantially comprised of wives and female relatives of prominent Muslim Brothers); her mother is a tireless advocate of sharia law as preached by Qaradawi and the Brotherhood; and her brother, who is also affiliated with the IMMA’s journal, was a fellow at an Islamist institute (the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies) on whose board sat both Naseef and Qaradawi.

    These family ties to the Brotherhood only further underscore what is already patently obvious: Huma Abedin’s connection to Abdullah Omar Naseef, by itself, would have been more than enough justification to deny her a security clearance.

    The association between the far-Left in the country with people who would long to cut their throats is an enigma. Criticizing those who get it – who see this dangerous love affair taking place are blowing the whistle, and being hammered by members of their own political party.

    The Muslim Brotherhood are not Boy Scouts. They were formed contemporaneously with Nazi Germany and their leader, Amin el-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was Hitler’s buddy who helped him organize the Holocaust. Their decision to split off a diplomatic faction – terrorists with neckties -has succeeded in suckering the ultra-gullible liberal media and public to believe they want to make nice with us.

  2. More and more I am beginning to believe that Romney should not pick a high profile “conservative” like Rubio who speaks well but is untested and does not have
    an established and solid voting record to go on. Maybe boring but solid, safe, and steady with character with an established record like Portman or Pawlenty is the way to go this time around.

  3. Bachmann’s letter contents were distorted. Why? Because she has the people behind her and she could ruin Hillary’s hopes for the Presidency. Hillary flunked her bar until she took it in Arkansas with Bill as Gov. She has nothing but scandal and corruption in her past. If we have a female VP or President some day, surely it should be a person who actually is an exceptional woman and mom. That rules Hillary out.

  4. FYI, Andrea Mitchell of NBC is former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan’s wife. He is part of the new world order plan and she says what Obama’s admin tells NBC to say. NBC received 40 Million of our tax dollars in the STIM-U-LESS. The news is regulated by Obama’s admin and the FCC. Anyone that tells the truth, is forced out. Beck’s network will put them out of business and that is why Obama signed the Ex. Order to control the net. People must remember that as soon as Obama took office, he audited Bill O’Reilly, Sean, Beck, Romney’s donors and tried to get Fox out of the White House Press corp. We HAVE A DICTATOR RIGHT NOW. Obama is our Castro. NEVER forget what the corrupt Left and silent Right did to America and our freedoms.

  5. When Colonel Sellin, Lt. General Boykin, LTC Lakin, Major General Vallely and LTC. West and Beck ALL say the same thing, we have been breached on every level–media, military, gov, intelligence departments, education system-the Left’s attack is telling. These people are patriots and democRATS are the enemy within. Remove the by the ballot box for the safety and future of America. Bachmann was right. Hillary’s aide is Anthony Wiener’s wife and connected to Hamas through family members. This congressman was sent to Mecca by CAIR. We are nation built on Christian/Judea law and values NOT MUSLILM. Why was this Congressman sworn in on a Qu’ran? He is supposed to uphold the Constitution NOT Sharia law.

  6. Well, I hope Rubio doesn’t get the VP nod…poor guy, I actually started liking him but I surely like Bachmann better for her fortitude, honesty, and integrity…can’t say that about this guy…I will be sending another check to her campaign, and change my affiliation from Republican to Independent…oh wait, I already did that after that moron Mccain in 2008

  7. The Hill does what it does best–distort the truth to get a Republican in trouble trying then to answer the distortion of the truth. Here, Rubio doesn’t have a chance to get it right but does a decent job of deflecting the Hill’s distortion. As to “The Right Scoop’s” headline on this post: It is blatently worse than distortion, it is an outright lie. Shame on “The Right Scoop.”

    1. Rubio is impressive, a very accomplished politician and likeable. He is young. Once we are sure that Cuba won’t be allowing Iran to build bases there LIKE THEY ARE IN CHAVEZ’S country—and Cuba is free, he can run for President. Rubio just happened to be delivered here while his Cuban parents were visiting. Article II Section I is clear about foreign ties and born here to US citizens. His measured comment indicates a politician –not a patriot. Bachmann was right. This congressman was sent to Mecca by CAIR. He is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. TELL THE TRUTH and follow the law— to hell with the consequences.


  8. I was for Rubio as VP but not now. He isn’t dry behind the ears yet. Maybe in 2020 he will be ready.

  9. Rubio, you are as spineless as the rest of Congress, you can’t even call a spade, a spade. We know that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House. People like you who want to be PC and not rock the boat, would let our country fall to these evil terrorist organizations, just so you can stay in office. Shame on you and the rest of the Congress who bends to this evil. Here I thought you were one of the few who had a backbone and wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of truth! Boy was I wrong! I hope that the rest of America wises up and votes all the spineless members of congress out who want to play the PC game, and the tolerant at all cost game. Makes me sick!!!

  10. Marco is just trying to be a good guy and walk that thin line between guts and no guts!


  11. How can he comment on something he hasn’t even seen? Huma’s mother belonged/belongs to the women’s arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. How could Rubio not know that? He is a poseur and should not be taken seriously as a Republican. He will turn out also to be a RINO. He will trade his integrity to push for amnesty of illegal immigration. It will be a nightmare if Romney selects him as VP. The Tea Party members will not support Rubio as VP.

  12. Don’t buy into the Conservative hype about this Rubio character, you have to listen very closely to what he says. He’s a squish…

  13. I always find it interesting how for security clearances that I have gotten you have to list relatives that live outside the US, any connections to foreign governments, foreign friends whom you routinely talk with, your foreign travel, etc etc. So I have to list all this out so the government can check it out and make sure I’m ok yet people at the top of the political food chain somehow are exempt from this yet have access to a lot more sensitive information than I am.

    Rubio should have just said, “I’m not sure what’s in the letter so I’m not going to comment on it, however having someone with family connections to the MB is interesting and should be looked into.” Again, anyone who applies for a security clearance has to put all this information down and has their background looked into it would only make sense for this to happen to top political officials and aides.

    On a side note, I was watching ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls’ last night and there is a line that the communist russian chick says that got me thinking. She says something to the effect of “We will infiltrate you from the inside and you will become just like us. And the best part is, you won’t even know it’s happening.” Something like that, but communist, socialist, islamic, it all sounds eerily true.

  14. But, But, whats Hannity going to do now, his golden boy Rooooobio has been outed, well lets see, Hannity could have another primetime interview with Rooooobio for an hour and do a do over, yeah thats the ticket.

    1. Hannity is much bigger than a mistake he might have made with Rubio. Would you like to live in a world without Sean Hannity? Think about it.

      1. Hannity points to the train wreck but never cuts to the core – to the root cause of it. He cannot becuse the Murdochs too are globlaists.

        Hannity heavily uses a propaganda technique called card stacking. He is quite good and entertaining at it. The sin of omission is as great as the act perpetrated.

        1. Okay, I think I see your point. As for O’Reilly, I already gave up on him a long time ago.

        2. Great point, sDee! I heard Rush say that Andrew McCarthy was on Hannity tonight! So I assume he’s going to talk about the investigation that Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gomer are calling for!

    2. Hannity, like many people, likes Rubio. Rubio is articulate, impressive, conservative and likable. So what if Hannity likes him.. Hannity just wants Obama gone like the rest of us. Not everybody comes to the same conclusion at the same time. People “evolve”.

      1. Hannity is another fraud who is terrified of the word “eligibility.” Trump brought it up in an interview the other day regarding the forged birth certificate and Hannity kept trying to get him away from the subject. None of them, including Beck or Limbaugh will touch it. Please go to the following link and read the lawsuit I have filed in OH to challenge Obama’s right to be on the ballot:

      2. yup and Hannity considers Bob Beckel a “great friend”.

        Fox is not telling America the truth. It is entertainment with some very serious consequences.

        1. I have learned over the years to reserve judgement when endorsed by him! I think he is loyal, especially when is comes to Beckal and Juan Williams, to a fault! But, that what happens when you have liberals and RINOs for friends, you get burned everytime.

    3. I know, blueniner! That whole biographical interview on Hannity was waaaaaaaaaaaay over kill! It was just to much! I am so sick of seeing Marco Rubio and I would never buy his book because we really don’t know a lot about his record or positions given his stance on illegal immigration and now the position against Michelle Bachmann. We know who the true Conservatives are and Rubio is not one of them!

  15. Regarding the topic, America has been invaded for a long time now by people who could only be considered enemies to our government, to our way of life and the Freedom that it represents. That some of them have been able to infiltrate high positions in our government should come as no surprise. If you were the enemy, what would you try to do? I will probably take some heat and lose what little credibility I have here, but your current President is one of them. At my age, my vision of America and what it means is pretty much set. I know who our enemies are on the world stage and I don’t suffer from the delusions of the twenty-somethings who seem to want to control our future. Maybe they will. Time will tell. My best guess would be, “I don’t think so.” America’s best days are not yet over. I think they are just beginning. America just needs to wake up. I think it is doing that right now. Your job and mine, is to help it do just that. The measure of our effectiveness in doing so, will become apparent this coming November. Let us try not to disappoint The Founders.

  16. Please excuse me if I offend anyone, but we don’t have enough experience with Hispanic Politicians in this country to put our total faith in them. The ones who have risen to positions of power in our government so far, have been a disappointment to the Conservative Cause. When I begin to see a large majority of them voting in a manner consistent with our Conservative ideals, I will join the celebration and welcome them with open arms. Until that happens, I will reserve judgement. That includes Marco Rubio. Hispanics are no different than Blacks, actually, in their view of America and what it means to them. Blacks and Hispanics are not White. Keep the Red Flags behind you for a moment and bear with me. That was not meant to be a criticism of their color, or their race, or what country gave them birth. It was just meant to state the obvious. If you are Black in this country, then you are Black in this country. If you are Hispanic in this country, then you are Hispanic in this country. Nothing will change that. But, if you are in this country and you were born here, then you are an American. Please don’t try to change America to suit the color of your skin. Instead, why not join all of us in celebrating the ideals put forth by our Founders who got together and wrote a Boy Scout Handbook on Freedom called, The Constitution. It has served us for over two hundred years. Why do you now want to ignore it and say that it no longer serves us? I’m sixty-eight years old. I have children and grandchildren. It breaks my heart to see people following Obama like lap dogs, when I know they aren’t using even half their brain. I don’t really care if you are Black or Hispanic. You can still continue to support the idea of Freedom our Founders left us as a legacy. That is, if you really believe in men living free from Tyranny.

    For all you out there who would call my comments racist, be careful. It is well known here on this site, that my first choice for President is Colonel Allen West. Last time I checked, Colonel Allen West was Black.

  17. This is what we would call a rookie mistake. Now just imagine if this false idol of the GOP made such a mistake as Romney’s running mate.

    1. It is not a mistake. It only takes a pot of coffee and a morning with Google to figure all of this out and MORE! The tentacles of islam and the money and power it wields have bought many a soul and many a vote. Do not underestimate this – its tentacles run deep.

      But at least we now see Rubio’s true colors.

    2. I hate to disagree, Mr.L. This is not a rookie mistake but a RINO characteristic! OK ask yourself, why would McCain go on the Senate floor and Rubio go on NPR to put Michlelle Backmann on blast? I don’t think they even mentioned the others who also asked for the investigation. It was calculated and overt and I hope they both pay for this! The democrat would never ever do this to anyone in their own party about something like this! I mean most of then were in lock step for Eric Holder! I just hope there is more of us than them so we can root out these wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  18. Rubio is a great story teller and in general a strong conservative speaker but he has his weak spots too. I want Allen West over this guy every time.

  19. I held a top secret clearance in the military for over 20 years. If I had had her connections I would never have even gotten a secret clearance. Scary that the people in control can’t pass a security clearance required by a basic training recruit.

    Rubio is not a natural born citizen who sympathizes with other nations. When are the people going to wake up and realize our founders wrote the constitutional requirements for presidents and VP’s for just this reason.

    1. McCain and Hussein – both ineligible under Article 2 Section 1. Coincidence? Both covered up by Congress, the press and the judicial. Now we hear talk of Rubio and Jindal – both ineligible. Coincidence?

      Rubio has carefully and intentionally obscured and avoided his eligibility. It belies his lack of integrity. America has suffered greatly under this usurper. As you say they put the POTUS requirement in for a damn important reason. This dangerous and unchallenged precedent leaves us wide open to anyone occupying the White House. Anyone.

      America is under siege from within. While Bachmann fights the enemy, Rubio and McCain comfort them

  20. I posted a while ago that Rubio will wind up just another establishment GOP member. His dream act said it all for me. And is anyone else sick and tired of Sean Hannity’s love affair with Marco Rubio? Rubio sounds just like a wimp ass liberal in that interview.

  21. How can Rubio be VP if his parents aren’t citizens of the US? If something happens to Romney that would make him President. What am I missing here?

    1. I guess you’re missing the argument we have here almost every day as to the definition of ‘natural born citizen’. 🙂

      Actually, Rubio’s parents became naturalized citizens, but four years after he was born.

  22. Maybe finally Scoop and the rest who have been been under the cloud of self-deception realize that Ryan, Rubio and some other conservatives are too compromised by their Establishment handlers to act on principle. I am NOT saying they are bad men. But lines in this war are drawn sharply between the DeMint’s, Bachmann’s, Gingrich’s, Toomey’s and all others who are too afraid to realize we are in an ideological war that can not be compromised away.

    Rubio clearly lined up with Romney long ago, when he still had a choice to demonstrate he was a Tea Party patriot instead choosing a the 2006 Top Ten RINO (Human Events) and habitual liar who implemented the most onerous Cap & Trade, Socialized Medicine and Gay Marriage programs of ANY state. The fact Rubio STILL will not come out and admit he is not a natural born citizen also shows you that he is driven by politics rather than principle.

    Sure, we’ll vote for Romney to stop the Obamanation, but I pray those of you who keep thinking you can “bargain” or reason on the issues of pure criminal fraud by this administration will finally realize that there is a difference between Republicans, conservatives and constitutional, fiscal conservative, tea party patriots.

    1. As much as I dislike Obama, I love the truth even more. Those aren’t ‘leaked plans’. They are presumptions made on generalities and his past actions. Should the House and Senate be controlled by Republicans, his plans would be difficult at best.

      That’s assuming he made it to another term, which many of us are betting against. But, none the less, it should be interesting reading, at any rate.

  23. This shows the lack of discernment and experience of the young fellow. He is not Vice Presidential material as of yet.

  24. David Rockefeller Quote”We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”

    “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    by:David Rockefeller(1915- ) Internationalist billionaire, CFR kingpin, founder of the Trilateralist Commission, World Order Godfather
    Date: June 1991 Baden, Germany
    Source: Bilderberger Meeting, Baden, Germany

  25. How is it Senator Rubio can look so promising as a VP candidate when he comes down so hard on the wrong side of illegal immigration and the so called “democracy movement” in the several Muslim countries? The Muslim Brotherhood is only concerned about one moment of Democracy, that moment when they achieve permanent governance in each country they have a presence. One moment of democracy laid waste to Cuba and Venezuela. The presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, in the State Department, should be cause of concern to Senator Rubio. What country will his family flee to next?

  26. Rubio is a first term senator who has drawn Tea Party support for VP. He is taking sides with RINOs who are attacking Bachman because she is questioning, NOT ACCUSING, someone who is at the top of the State Department because three members of her immediate family have had and continue to have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization whose goal is the destruction of our country. What Rubio and the RINOS must try to comprehend that without the Tea Party, they are just spitting into the wind.

  27. Americans should be polled to see if they are happy with any such questionable plant as Huma Abedin. Of the ones who even know about this, thanks largely to Bachmann raising a red flag on it, there should be eighty percent wanting a staff change to be made. We Americans do not need evidence of wrongdoing to merely reject out of hand the sort of message we have seen in her selection.

  28. Rubio is a Trojan Horse for the GOP and seems to be another RINO in conservative clothing. Just read his Dream Act and silence on Border issues. Let’s not forget “natural born citizen” which he would not quality for as intended by the founders but in today’s progressive USA anything is possible.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. He’s the latest model of RINO. Rubio had me fooled for awhile especially with a Levin approval.

      He’s now exposed.

      1. Add Hannity to the Rubio Lovefest…They need to vet this guy instead of listening to rhetoric. That’s what elected Obamaladen. Also, Mark Levin needs to start todays show with a full expose on Grover Norquist and squashing Robert Spencer Friday night. RINOs are just as culpable (see McCain/Graham Ripping Bachmann over Muslim Brotherhood) as the Demonic-Rats with their love affair of Islamists.

  29. This was response on a prompt by an NPR interviewer. Not an effusively dhimmi rant that John McBane gratuitously launched at Bachmann. There is still a vast difference between the usually loose cannon McCain (and his ditzy daughter) and Rubio.

  30. I remember awhile back Rubio was blamed for alleged favoritism of Romney over a less RINO candidate in the FL primary. Turns out he was not doing that at all, and none of his statements pointed to it. I gave him kudos for staying out of the melee.

  31. Do not see Bachmann under the bus in this simple boilerplate response of Rubio’s. All I see is a commentator trying to dissemble an adversary being interviewed, and a legalese weasel answer to slide past it into different territory of the ill chosen interview. Or quite possibly Rubio admitting he has paid too little due diligence to the State Department. As a Senator they should be monitoring that Executive branch activity known for subversives and questionably driven policy since Joe McCarthy blew the whistle on them fifty years ago.

  32. as Archie Bunker would caution: “Give them an inch and they take a yard”….back to Cuba with you!

    1. Taqiyya. In islam, it is considered a virtue to lie, especially if it advances islam.

  33. Every conservative here should take the iniative of writing to senator rubio and remind him that he was elected because of all of us and remind him that being on the wrong side of the issue is going to be very costly for him come election time.

    1. The people of FL should remind in his re-election bid that his services are no longer desired.

  34. I am not sure…but it is possible that Marco Rubio is just trying to be fair, maybe “politically correct” when it comes to this sensitive subject. Many of us are “sick & tired” of political correctness when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam posing a real threat to America so we’re apt to be more critical of these connections in our government. However…we do need to be careful and have the facts straight or run the risk of repeating that dangerous trend of the 1950’s…McCarthyism.

    1. either your a conservative or not, this is not the first time rubio has shown his rino ways, political correctness gave us the ft hood shooting also,. because the FBI was being politically correct instead of sharing the news about the shooters ties.

      they wrote the letter because of a report, they were right in doing that.

    2. McCarthy WAS RIGHT. The Commies got into Hollywood and blackballed people AND threatened to throw acid on Reagan’s face if he exposed their violence and intimidation tactics. Sean Penn’s dad was the ring leader. Nancy met Reagan when she went to him for help when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild. She had been unjustly blacklisted. Even today, conservatives in Hollywood will not get hired so they keep their mouths shut.. THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA I GREW UP IN!! The Left has been eating us from the inside out for decades. It was what they meant when they said we will march America slowly towards Communism and come in the back door. This movie was produced with this former Congressman’s life savings. He came to our last Tea Party. He attended a Communist meeting while in grad school to observe. He thought their plans seemed far fetched. They have done what they said they would do. When he started talking about the Left’s plan, he lost his seat.

  35. Rubio is part of the Bush Romney crew that has destroyed the GOP and the conservative movement. Wake up folks. They planning amnesty as we speak and yet sean vannity slobbers over Rubio daily.

    1. Sean is allowed to like the guy. Rubio is an impressive guy but just not the right guy for the job –at least not while Cuba (his parents’ home country) is still Communist controlled.

        1. Can you imagine if JFK had relatives in Cuba instead of Ireland during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Would you want a President or VP to have ties to countries that were radical, despised America or willing to allow missile bases set up? Rubio is young, free Cuba first. His parents were not exiles. They went back and forth for years and then leisurely decided to get their citizenship when they saw that Cuba was not going to change. Rubio and his family LOVE America like most Cubans do. It is a matter of logic. Our Founders used natural born for criteria of VP and President which clearly was different than native born or naturalized. Rubio had Cuban parents that delivered him in US while visiting here. Article II Section I must be followed. No foreign allegiances or ties to America hating countries.

    1. well if him and boehner think this is all so wrong and “dangerous” hope they both leave congress.

  36. you have not realized that Rubio was sold to the GOP. But you would expect from a puppet of Jeb Bush.

  37. This is why I’ve dumped the GOP. I will only vote for pure Conservatives…Rubio is another one who rode the Tea Party wave until he got to Congress and then succumbed to the allure of the machine.

  38. I’ve been over Rubio for a while. He’s proving himself to be just another establishment politician and I can’t support him. I drank the Kool Aid for a while, but the more I see, the less I like.

  39. This is from retired Colonel and PHD author Sellin. The paid off media wont touch the subject so he had to go to Russia to get it out. That alone should be a wake up call. LTC./Dr. Lakin was thrown in jail for asking for Obama’s bona fides and now can’t get his new doctor license hmmmm Lt. General Boykin said the Muslim Bro. had infiltrated our military and gov and was defamed with “Islamaphobe label. Major General Vallely is no longer on Fox for his remarks on Obama’s eligibility. Thousands of people including myself have been harassed by this thug backed administration. DEMAND THE CONGRESS DOES THEIR JOB AND OPENS AN INVESTIGATION. Trusted military people have already told us that the military and gov are breached. We had a coup in 2008 not an election. It happened in Hondorus too and the guy who made it happen works for Obama. When they speak up, they are harassed. Will Americans allow this thug to stay in office? Contact your reps.

    1. That was not a coup in Honduras. They had term limits for the president and the sitting president was in the processing of trying to eliminate term limits for the president. The people of Honduras had him removed and held elections at the appointed time that fall. What the Hondurans did was UPHOLD THEIR CONSTITUTION.

  40. Marco’s ,, True Colors ,, are coming to the surface ,, Keep you eye on this one ,, just one too many miss Ques . Too bad ,, We thought he was a Keeper .

  41. What a dope! If you don’t know the facts, then don’t comment. Rubio will make a perfect go along Republican Senator. The only people in Washington that should fear Rubio are Conservatives and McConnell because Rubio wants his job.

  42. Rubio is just another GOP shill like so many we have encountered. IMO he is not the shining star many have made him to be. Terrible VP choice. Give me Allen West.

  43. I wouldn’t call this throwing other Republicans “under the bus.” All he did was not back the letter based on what he has heard and observed about Clinton’s aide. Seems to me that he is not really that interested in this whole ordeal.

      1. Pretty sure he brushed it off and based his conclusion on the fact that he may have past dealings with her. Besides, what is getting lost in all of this is that, the State Department would not give her any clearances with doing a background check, no matter WHO she is working for!

        1. you know this how? this whole administration is corrupt., why would the state dept be pure? This panel was correct in writing the letter. imo

          1. Are you a conspiracy nut? I know because I am lawyer that has clients that have had security clearances revoked for very trivial matters! Give it a rest! Security clearances are taken VERY seriously.

            1. Always the final rebuttal – “Are you a conspiracy nut?” That always settles the case, right, counselor?

              If there had been the proper vetting, Obama wouldn’t be in the White House today. So if it can fail with him, it can fail with anybody. Security clearances work better for lower levels, as the higher levels get waivers when top people ask for favors for their friends, especially in this administration.

              The letter asks a legitimate question of national security. What could possibly be wrong with that, even if it proves negative (which, in this case, is highly unlikely)?

              Let’s analyze the data. Do you, as a lawyer, deny that her father, mother, and brother are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, through various organizations? Would you, as a lawyer, give her clearance for top secret information in spite of that fact? Like you said, people get denied clearance for far lesser things.

              One wonders why it slipped past them this time (rhetorical).

            1. Don’t forget Homeland Security! Oh, and the White House. Shortly after 9-11 chatter was picked up in the ME that we’d have a muslim in the WH by 2008. Hussein IS a muslim name.

    1. Or was it simply because Huma Abedin is a personal friend of John McCain.. I mean, for Rubio to overlook documents and other facts and rely on mere opinion to come to his conclusion of Huma, that’s pretty shaky, in my opinion…

      1. its not just huma its ellison also, who is included in the letter. I don’t trust this admin either, like I trust them giving huma a security clearance, some of her family members are very questionable to say the least.

        1. True.. And add to that, how several Islamic groups convinced the government to purge information pertaining to terrorism., as Bachmann spoke of, there seems to be something odd going on in our government at high levels…

    2. He is going on NPR to show liberals how reasonable he is. He may join the Scott Brown,Susan Collins caucus.

      1. That is absurd. He most likely went on to sell some books. Give it a rest. Your hyperbole makes you a joke like Biden, Obama et al.

    3. Not interested in the fact that an organization that has said they are going to destroy us from within has infiltrated our government? Well, I thought the main job of the federal gov’t was to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. If Rubio’s not interested in this, than maybe he needs to hit the road and head back to Florida.

  44. I give you kudos Scoop, I know how much you like Rubio, but you don’t let that get in your way when he needs to be called out…and he did!

  45. Each man for himself alone decides what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn’t. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, but to yourself and to your country, let man label you as they will.

    ~Mark Twain~

    as for me, Rubio is to wet behind the ears. Not ready for prime time and he’s neither a friend or foe. At least not for true Conservatism. JMHO ,)

  46. Even West has made some mistakes (not relating to national security, though) that raise our collective eyebrows, so I don’t think this will play out so badly for Rubio. But I’ve written all along that Rubio is not strong on the issues that fire up the Tea Party. We’ve known this since before he was elected to his Senate seat.

    His record indicates a careful plan to remain in the Senate for as long as possible, like Ted Stevens or Orrin Hatch. This isn’t a personal slam against the man, but it is a reasonable conclusion from his record. Senators like that are often a problem on issues critical to the originalist view of the Constitution, even though they usually can be relied on for typical rank and file Republican votes. That way they get to act like “real” conservatives, while courting the press and maintaining “comity” in the Senate, which translates to lots of time on the news shows.

    That’s how he operates, so we have to treat him like we do the RINO faction, even if he isn’t a classic RINO.

    1. there is a difference between a mistake and being a rino, rubio has proven more then once he is a rino,. I have never seen that out of west. I can handle mistakes, we all make them. But your either conservative or not. Tired of these so called tea party believers being closet rino’s.

  47. Boy you see how much comes forth about a person the more they open their mouths. This man has done nothing But open his MOUTH. Amnesty and NOW BASHING TRUE CONSERVATIVES !! We will be in SERIOUS TROUBLE if he is the VP nod.

  48. Marco Rubio went to Libya with John McCain so his opposition should be no surprise! He is a RINO!

    1. Mmmm, I dunno… it seems pretty much like the “division” was an act to get elected. I’m beginning to doubt he has ever had any real loyalty to the US.

      And I really hate writing that. I used to think otherwise.

  49. Also Mr Rubio, one last recommendation: “Go read the letter before you speak. You answer is reminiscent of the type of excuses that Holder, Napolitano and Pelosi serve us all the time”. We thought you were above that type of excuse. Do the math! Then debate without trashing your colleagues and the people who put in power and want an inquiry into the matter!

  50. OOOPPSS!!

    Marco broke Reagan’s rule – Never attack another Republican

    BUT – I’m glad he showed how he really feels

    I never though he would make a good VP –

    He is still “wet behind the ears” – (No pun intended)

      1. I am more and more convince that he is a RINO! His comments are dangerous for the republican party and the country!

  51. It’s pretty obvious that Rubio did not read the letter. The letter asks for an inquiry into whether or not Department of State policies and activities have been compromised, specifically in regards to the Muslim Brotherhood. Rubio stated that he “did not share the feelings that are in the letter”.

    If that is so, I think Rubio owes the nation an explanation as to what his ‘feelings’ are toward the Muslim Brotherhood and whether he finds it disconcerting that Department of State policies may or may not have been compromised.

    That he would imply that he doesn’t care that the Muslim Brotherhood may have compromised our policies is very disconcerting to me.

  52. Rubio’s vigorous disagreement makes me believe that he has read part of the letter and drawn his own conclusions. Whether he is trying to be as chevalresque as McCain who came out from the deep end since ElBaradei is another question in itself. But Rubio knows better to read the facts before he comments and he should seek his constituents opinions before he talks. Whether he likes it or not, it is a know fact that Huma’s mother is the chair of the Muslim Sisterhood. That fact alone should make anybody shriek!

    1. And that he was on NPR and playing to the leftist point of view shows me that this bull has no pelotas.

      1. Exactly. It’s rino’s like him that are the distraction and splitting us up. Not Bachmann.

  53. I will say this though:

    I think Rubio will be the VP.

    As much as I didn’t like him before these stupid comments and even more so now, at least he’ll be serving his purpose by helping ROmney beat Maobama. Good chance Rubio helps Romney take Fla and pickup alot of hispanic votes due to his hispandering.

    I realize it’s an all RINO ticket but that’s still better than the socialists currently in charge!

    Rubio would still be better than the Bushie and boring guy in Portman. Rubio is also better than the boring and cap/tax clown in Pawlenty.

    I would still prefer Ryan, West, or Jindal. Of those three though it’s looking like only Jindal has a serious shot but who knows!

    1. “Hispandering” – I like that.

      I agree that Rubio has the best shot at VP. It would help Romney in Florida and Colorado, both swing states. However, Romney has been doing better in those two states and his very nature is to pick someone boring like Portman, who would help him in another swing state that is a ‘must have’ – Ohio.

      1. Great. Turn the campaign into a total snooze fest. But I agree that’s his typical inclination. OTOH, McCain picked Palin, and nobody saw that coming. Hoped for, yes, but expected? No way.

        Oh well, I got stuff to do anyway.

        1. I liked the fact McCain picked Palin. But I always suspected that his reasons were far different than mine. I believe that he only wanted to steal the ‘Hillary female’ vote that Obama had disgruntled. He never even saw what was coming with Palin and he bit off much more than he bargained for.

  54. OMG! Who cares??? LOL! Marco is a great patriot and will help Romney beat Obama! You all sound like IDIOTS! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax! Do you want Obama to win??? Just keep this foolishness up and you will see Obama back in the White House fools!!!

    1. See my post right above yours. I realize in the big picture that Rubio just very well help Romney beat Maobama.

      However the thing you’re failing to understand is that Rubio is supposed to be a conservative. He’s not supposed to be stabbing real conservatives in the back for merely asking legitimate questions and it’s inexcusable for Rubio to throw Bachmann and others under the bus without educating himself on the facts!

      Not saying I wouldn’t take Rubio and Romney over Maobama, just that I’m very upset with Rubio for being so stupid.

      1. He is not stupid – just toeing the line his patrons demand.

        I have long been deeply troubled by Rubio’s intentional deception over is natural born status.

        There are very few in Washington who are there to fight for the Republic and the Constituion.. The majority are bought and sold to move us to central government controlled State Capitalism. Makes no difference elephant or donkey. Issues like the separate them quite clearly.

    2. You are an example of everything that is wrong with the GOP, a “great patriot” (to use your words) would not go off “half-cocked” about a letter asking for legitimate Nation Security questions to be looked into, particularly a letter from a ranking member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, doing what they are supposed to be doing. Your obvious fan-boyism regarding a junior Senator has blinded you to his foolish rookie missteps. Step back and get some perspective, hack.

      1. On his facebook page he claims to be a “Republican Executive”. With people like this hack running the GOP no small wonder why I never joined the party.

        1. What exactly is a ‘Republican Executive’? Does he keep the coffee pots filled during the campaign meetings and organize the chairs?

          1. I have a theory, however the rules of decorum (and our own comments policy) prevent me from posting it here. (There are ladies present) 😉

    3. Fools to worry about people with terrorist ties in our government? The only fools are those who continue to ignore a threat that has been proven in Europestan, and those who bury the truth because they think anyone better than dear leader will be good for America. Wake up please, because while you might think we’re the fools, we won’t be the ones surprised when sharia is law of the land over the Constitution. Mittens says sharia will never enter our courts. I have news, it already has.
      If people elect someone who doesn’t care to read something which is posted all over the net, yet still gives an opinion, they are the foolish ones.

  55. As I have repeatedly stated – many times being rebuked by my fellow conservatives – Rubio is not all that great. I don’t understand the love affair with him. He’s okay. He’s fairly conservative. He’s also more moderate than anything else on issues that truly matter to me. Don’t hitch your horse to Rubio and expect anything that great. You won’t get it.

    1. It’s his Spanish surname. “Hispanic” to many people seems to mean some exotic race. It’s a very nebulous term anyway. Wasn’t it made up about 45 years ago?

    2. Rubio is a good speaker. He talks well. Remember, we conservatives only NOW are getting good talkers out there. I’m old enough to remember when we had no one. Liberals are great talkers.

      Anyway, that’s what I see as the great draw to Rubio. Or maybe lots of others take into account his spanish/cuban heritage…that part however is lost on me.

  56. Even though I’ve always said Rubio wasn’t eligible to be VP or POTUS because he’s not a “Natural Born Citizen”, I’ve always said he’s a pretty good Senator.. Lately, with his stance on Illegals and now this issue, I’m starting to question whether he’s even a good Senator… In my opinion, we’re electing far to many people with divided-allegiances into very high positions in this Country… I couldn’t care less about someone’s skin-color nor heritage, but those having allegiances to other Countries or Peoples, besides America, is very troubling…

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of wishing the Constitution had made it a requirement for all members of congress to have natural born status too.

    1. There were some really dark days back there in ’09 and ’10, Charlie Crist (R) hugging Obama, legged-locked and belly-rubbing. Then Ben Nelson and the anti-abortion lying SOS Congressman, potential holdouts against, Obamacare, going ass-end up for Obama. That nasty. blonde, Louisiana prostitute, smirking and pointing her stinking finger derisively into the face of Americans.

      And then there was pretty boy, primping Rubio, poofing his hair before the camera’s accidentally went on 5 seconds early, sucking up to FOX cocktail-o-crats like a kid just out of prison and the pin up boy, Scott Walker and his gaggle of photo sluts..

      Conservatives were clinging to any hope when we should have just been clinging onto our Bibles and our guns.

      We’ve learned our lesson now, have we not, fellow “Cling-Ons”?

  57. There is no muslim you can trust. Not one. If you do, you are eirther a fool or dead. This Muslim, Humo-bama-Weiner is a Democrack to boot.

    Why would any American defend a 911 bomber-cousin? Scrap her, her honor.her culture, her religion and her species. Rubio, exposed again, is toast.

  58. Anyone else having issues with this stupid box taking up most of the left side of the screen? Makes it hard to read/respond to comments?

    Can something be done about this??

  59. I was a big Rubio fan until I read his book. He is arrogant, cocky, full of himself, and the book did not paint a very positive view. He tried to get the negative stories out about himself, but the underlying feeling is that he is very ambitious and will walk where he needs to walk to get ahead. It’s all about him. There are also some excellent points about him, but I just did not like the overall feeling I got from reading about him – in his own words. This position on Bachmann’s letter of concern is very troubling – he obviously has not read the letter or have any information on the topic. He should have kept his mouth shut. I really don’t think he will be the Romney choice, and now I’m happy about that.

  60. According to the letter in question, more precisely this passage;

    For example, according to “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within”, a product of the Center for Security Policy (, the Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members-her late father, her mother and her brother-connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations. Her position affords her routine access to the Secretary and to policy-making.”

    The letter can be seen in its entirety here;

    Heck, it is not like the letter is a “State Secret”. Due diligence, Senator, before you open your mouth, is the hallmark of a wise man. That said, he seems to following the lead of Boehner and McCain, not a well thought out move IMO. Abedin is only mentioned in that one brief passage, and it does not accuse her of anything, however it raises a legitimate security question or more importantly raises questions about the Department of State’s screening procedures or apparently a lack thereof. Which seems to be a hallmark of this and some other recent administrations, I wouldn’t expect them to catch every potential mole, but come on people, at least address the ones in plain sight.

    1. Thanks for posting the link to Muslim Brotherhood in America. It is excellent. I spent an entire afternoon going through the 10 part series. For those that missed it, I would encourage you to review the series. Frank Gaffney goes through all of the people that have come into this administration with links to the MB and terrorist groups. It is truly frightening the positions they hold, with high level access. Abedin is just the very tip of a very large iceberg.

    2. “I wouldn’t expect them to catch every potential mole, but come on people, at least address the ones in plain sight.”

      Excellently said Ken. It’s not like they’d be searching for needles in a haystack.

    1. Glenn Beck (dot) com had a good interview the other day with Bachmann. That’s a good place to start.

  61. I think Marco Rubio is an excellent speaker with the ability to inspire, but I am beginning to have serious doubts about the positions he takes.

    I think in this situation, none of them should comment unless they have actually read Michelle Bachmann’s letter (and the 59 footnotes backing up her statements and justifying her concern.) And John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner appear to have reacted to Keith Ellison’s comments and misrepresentation rather than trying to discover the truth. They are clearly out of touch and too easily misled by those who lie, distort, and manipulate, which reveals a dangerous naivete.

    It appears to me that like far too many in Congress, Rubio is more interested in his political future and pandering to political correctness and the RINO leadership in the Senate and House, than doing what is right. I am sure he would like to be VP and so he doesn’t want to say anything that contradicts the GOP leadership.

    They are all intimidated by political correctness. Allen West and Newt Gingrich are among the very few who are courageous enough to speak the truth, whether people like it or not.

    This culture of political correctness must be eradicated because it is destroying our nation.

  62. I’ve never been a fan of Rubio. He came to my attention, about the same time LTC West did. I’m usually a pretty good judge of character, and there was always something about Rubio that I didn’t like; that never had the ‘ring of truth’, especially when it came to people crowing about how great a Conservative he was. Increasingly, from his froathing support for granting amnesty to illegal alien criminals, to his current failure to endorse common sense and prudent security measures, I’ve been proven right in my assertion that he is not, in fact, a Conservative, but just a garden variety RINO, in Conservative’s clothes, much like Romney WILLARD and Krispy Kream Christie. I’m going to continually laugh at the other little RINOs out there, and here on this page, that will continue to pump this loser up as being so great and Conservative, and how, in spite of his legal ineligibility, he should be VP.

    1. Well said.
      I don’t understand the folks on this board that continue to overlook his ineligibility for the office.

      1. His supposed “ineligibility” hinges totally on how Republicans handle Obama’s ineligibility. Until, and unless, something is done about Obama’s, Rubio’s situation will become moot, and he will remain eligible, period. End. of. story.

        Rubio is playing the middle, just like McCain. We have to watch him very carefully. If Romney chooses Rubio for VP, I will have to think long and hard about my vote in November, despite my urging folks to vote Obama out.

        1. No, it does not mean Rubio is eligible. All the more reason to not pick Rubio, so we can go after O. Technically everything O has signed is null and void as is his supreme court appointments.

          Just because the left broke the law doesn’t mean it’s ok for us to do the same.

          1. Big difference between an originalist’s view of eligibility and the court’s. The Obama-is-eligible crowd (which includes many Republicans) didn’t *break* the law, they “mooted” it; which is far worse. And you know Republicans will go along with that rendition.

            It will take some serious fight to ever “un-moot” this (if that’s a word). Possibly even an amendment fight. Meanwhile guys like Rubio will be on the inside track to the Presidency. I don’t like it, but that’s how it is. (And, while I’m being totally cold and blunt, that’s not Rubio’s fault, either.)

            1. Well, it’s time conservatives fought tooth and nail for the original intent. The court was never supposed to be the final arbiter on the constitution. Besides, I do believe there have been cases in the past where they ruled that natural born means being born to two US citizens.

  63. rino rubio.
    I do not care for bachman but what her and this panel of 4 other congressmen did is correct.

    1. Bachmann does have a titanium spine. She’s a real conservative who doesn’t bend on key issues. She also fought to try to save the incandescent light bulb.

      she’d make a great Speaker….. and should’ve been the nominee!

      1. Yeah, and minutes after Obama-NO-care was illegally deemed passed by the Senile One, Bachmann introduced legislation to overturn it.
        She has also gone into detail on why Frank-Dodd must be overturned.

      2. I agree about her making a great nominee for Speaker of the House. Anyone who can deal with all the kids she’s dealt with…

    2. You would care for her a great deal if you ever heard her speak in person. She is great and very well informed.

  64. I am very disappointed, it looks to me that this guy is letting washington change him and is falling in line with the other rinos, and falling into the trap that the media is throwing at us…….”SHAME ON YOU RUBIO”

    1. I say this day and age you can’t blame anyone but yourself for your spineless character if you love freedom/liberty. Rubio was the first rep I sent $25 to out-of-state…that is all I could spread around there were so many we needed to help in 2010, right. Even though my Mark and Rush say he’ll be pres one day(this may change their thoughts, though)… I say “PALIN/WEST 2012” NOW! Not 2016 – now.


      2. I would be knocking on doors right now for a Palin/West ticket…. only one problem though:

        Sarah dropped the ball last October by saying no!!

      3. Now see, that bothers me about Rush and Levin…they don’t seem to care that Rubio is ineligible.

  65. I dunno. I know they have their aides read stuff and give them the run down a lot too when they get swamped with stuff. Rubio’s really not failed us before. If he’s wrong and called out, he’ll make amends and right himself. I’m not worried in the least about him.

  66. Always knew this guy was a RINO. Shameful.

    When a person won’t even admit he’s not constitutionally eligible for the post of VP, you know he can’t be all that much of the constitutional conservative he’s touted as.

    This is absolutely shameful!!

    Bachmann is a true patriot. And this incident just goes to show why I hate RINOs more than I hate the other side. *cough Romn…* At least the other side is out in the open about their desire to see America fail. However, it is the cowardice of people like Rubio (who think that only talk about ‘the economy’ will solve America’s problems today; Newsflash: the failing economy is only a symptom, a minor one at that!) and others like him that continues to see the left succeed in dismantling America and her constitution.

    I’ve known about this woman working for Hillary for sometime, thanks to Frank Gaffney at the Centre for Security Policy. How Rubio (A US Senator!) can pretend not to be aware of the suspicions concerning her and the genuineness of those suspicions is beyond me!

    Happy Sunday and thanks TRS for bringing us this.

    1. Agreed! ….and yet so many folks, who call themselves conservatives, let that fact sail right over their heads and continue to push for him as the vp.

      He’s lacking in integrity. The first time he was asked about the vp slot he should have said, “I’m not eligible.” Period. If he gets the vp slot we’ll never be able to prosecute O for usurping the presidency. That is why the lamestream media keeps pushing him. Probably why Fox does too, since the Saudis tell them what to do much of the time.

  67. Once again a media source has distorted the truth in regards to a conservative woman and the lynch mob mentality of the left has worked itself into a frenzy. As the fervor races toward fever pitch, the RINOs pick up the scent and join in. McCain, Boehner, and now Rubio, among others, exploit why an inquiry into a person close to the top of the State Department should be questioned because she has three members of her immediate family with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization whose main goal is destroying our country. Un-freaking-believable. You can’t make this stuff up.

  68. To heck with this clown Rubio!!

    I didn’t like him before this and dislike him even more now! What’s he best known for? Hispandering for amnesty?? This is the best we can do??

    Other than that he’s been in the senate for now even 2 years with a very thin resume. He talks a big game but on two major issues he’s failed!!

    Don’t pick this clown as VP, pick a real conservative in Jindal, Ryan, or West!

      1. I would love to see West, too, but I know it’s a pipe dream. Paul Ryan is probably my next best choice but I’d hate to lose him in the House.

  69. Bachmann is fearless.

    Bachmann destroyed her campaign with the autism vaccination comment, but i actually agreed with her overall point. the gov’t should be very cautious about mandating anything.

    the more she takes it to the establishment as is the case here , the more i like her.

    1. Honestly her campaign never really took off period for whatever reason.

      I don’t know why MB took as much heat as Perry — he was the one who supported the [email protected]#$ mandate!

      1. Not true. She was in the lead when she first jumped in. Sadly, when Perry jumped in, it took the wind out of her campaign. I also think she had people around her that weren’t good handlers. They didn’t let her just talk with people and line up and ask questions. They screened the questions and I know Michele would have had no problem with people just lining up and asking questions.

        I met a few of her volunteers and contacted one thru email and said I wanted to help and I never heard back.

        1. I will say that I heard some really bad things about her NH and national staff — stuff like they just treated people like dirt.

          In one case in NH someone brought a homemade Bachmann sign to a rally and the campaign goons made them take it down b/c it wasn’t official and then chewed out the NH staff over it.

          1. It’s a real shame because she was the best candidate and they should have just let her be herself and talk one on one with the audience.

            That’s awful about them chewing people out. Bachmann would not have been happy about that.

    2. I don’t think that was what dismantled her campaign so much as the constant “Romney-is-frontrunner-and-that’s-that” campaign.

      But I agree, she is fearless!

      Pity the only people with balls on our side these days are the women. O how far we have fallen!

      PS I think I agreed with her generally on the vaccine issue too.

  70. Rubio is a falling angel in my eyes. He has most of it right (at least in his words, not necessarily in his deeds) and early on, I believed he’d make a great President. But he’s been on the wrong side of a few things lately and may be a RINO in the making.

    For a “rising star” in the GOP to go behind enemy lines (NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) and show division is bad. To make a statement on something and not know all the facts is reprehensible.

    I’ve liked Rubio in the past but lately, many of his alliances, comments, and positions (like on amnesty) are really turning my stomach. It’s nice to have other choices though… I’ll continue to stick with Allen West and hope he isn’t replaced with a pod (Body Snatchers) as he gets more involved in Washington.

    America is in dire straits and to not investigate Huma or other questionable links with terrorists is criminally negligent.

    1. Rubio’s parents weren’t US citizens at the time of his birth. He can’t be vp because he can’t be president.

  71. [Put the onus on Obama. Let McCain explain, if he wants to, why it doesn’t bother him that Morsi wants to spring the blind sheikh of the World Trade Center bombings. No-one will care what McCain says. As for Ms. Abedin: she might be a threat to national security in her State Department perch, but she’d have to take a number to do any harm. There are a couple of dozen Obama appointees at State who worry me a great deal more, not to mention a president.]

    Going after Abedin is nibbling around the edges. But I have a hunch Marco would disagree with going after the head of the snake as well.

  72. I’m assuming that Rubio wants to be loved by Hussein , just like his mentor Juan McShame ,
    and for that he will stoop down to any level .
    I wonder what he has been promised in return for being an ignorant a$$ towards a patriot.
    If he is the choice for VP , we will have a sharia sympathizer in Romney administration

  73. this sucks…..i hope Rubio acknowledges the mistake and apologizes publicly and swiftly.

    as Obamao likes to say, this is a teachable moment for him

    1. I don’t want him to apologize; its like asking a dog to apologize for barking.

      Similarly, Rubio is a RINO and has always been one! He’s only just showing his true colours. And one of the true colours of RINOs is cowardice! Simple as.

      (PS and please don’t anyone flag me for the dog analogy; I’M NOT CALLING RUBIO A DOG for pity’s sake!)

  74. I agree that Rubio is not ready for prime time, as VP. He takes a first stance on the wrong side too often, then later realizes his mistake and changes course. We don’t need Biden-lite. He needs time to really formalize his positions and study them more. He’ll be very good one day, but this is not it. He is a very promising young man, and he has time to get ready.

    1. Agree he isn’t ready, but re “He is a very promising young man, and he has time to get ready” the disappointment is that we thought he was ready. His speeches seemed to make that clear prior to his elction.
      Learning on the job at the expense of true and brave conservatives is not acceptable, at least to me. Apologies are not a substitute for being informed – once those words are out, he can’t unsay them, and the damage to others, as well as himself, is done.

  75. When are all the Rubio supporters going to realize he is not the fantastic Conservative he is being portrayed as.
    Some people are so desperate for that Conservative, being stuck with that wimp and life time Presidential candidate, Romney, that they forget Rubio’s own wimpy stances on some subjects…. i.e. his own Dream Act.
    I don’t trust the guy. I get this feeling he is like those preachers who smile and talk about all the good things (kind of like Huckabee) and then, just like some, go out and do it to hookers or young men at some motel… or can smile, shake your hand while sticking a knife in your gut.
    Sorry, that is what I get when I listen to him. Mr. Syrup.

  76. Rubio threw Gingrich under the bus at first opportunity, too. This isn’t a new streak in his biography.

  77. I’m trying to follow this whole mess best I can, so feel free to correct me if I’ve totally missed the point.

    Wasn’t the whole purpose of Bachman’s letter to call for an INQUIRY? What is the big deal in asking for an inquiry? If they have nothing to hide, they should welcome the opportunity to set the record straight.

    You would think our elected officials would be doing everything possible to investigate ANY potential threat to our national security; but that does not seem to be the case. How dare they turn a blind eye and not even bother to check the facts!

    1. What has tainted the issue is Keith Ellison’s letter to Michele accusing her of accusing Huma Abedin. Michele did not make any accusations; she asked for inspector general to investigate security clearance protocol. Rubio needs to know he’s trashing the wrong party here, and I intend to tell him. They darn well better find out where the leaks are coming from as our national security is jeopardized. I’m really pisssed about this.

      Elllison himself has ties to the MB and is clearly on record in that regard. This is what they do – obfuscate and project and outright lie.

      Someone at TRS linked an article by Patrick Poole which had two videos of Ellison showing his true colors:

    2. That’s right. Her point was that some people SHOULD have been subjected to the same rigorous security clearance check as anyone else and they were not. Her push for an INQUIRY is to point out that a serious inquiry was never made.

    1. Funny you said that. I have never gotten a good feeling about Rubio either. Even when it was great that he ousted Crist. The feeling was that he’s ambitious … in a certain kind of way that makes me uneasy.

  78. This is how the MSM gets us into internecine conflict among the right half of the aisle.
    Asking ambush questions framed in a certain way to unprepared pols.

    John McCain is especially susceptible: there is no fool like an old fool. He falls for this Jedi mind trick just like storm troopers nodding in agreement with Obi Wan.

    Same as when Politico floated that story about Palin not being invited to the convention.
    The goal is sowing conflict amongst their “bad guys”, their political enemy, us.
    The goal: Divide and conquer.

    1. Unlike Obama, our candidates will be vetted. Still sucks that we have Romney leading the charge though.

  79. And here I was at one time extolling the virtues of Marco Rubio. Well not any more jack. No Mas Rubio for me.

  80. This is becoming a pattern with him. He’s showing himself to be disingenuios. I no longer trust this man. He’s showing he has a lack of experience and good judgement. I’ll trust Andrew McCarthy on this.

  81. Rubio follows the lead of others. He is not a leader yet. He is young and remember that his mentor is Jeb Bush.

    He could learn from Gov. Palin and the way she answered the question surrounding SOS Rice as VP.

  82. There is big difference between listening to Marco Rubio and reading Andy McCarthy’s piece next to it on the Scoop. Marco would do himself some good to read it. And, then respond like he actually new what was in it.

    I can assure you that Congressman Allen West would be able to discuss the topic off the top of his head.

    1. Oh yeah, West is great with the islam thing.

      He can rattle off names from centuries ago. I remember him saying that Charles Martel repelled the muslims and then he said where. I forget exactly where the battle was, but West didn’t!

  83. I can tell you that Rubio is very shy to fight against any one specific issue. He never does never has.
    and when he does he goes against his on retoric, staying in the middle. ie Dream act

    1. I have nothing against Rubio; he’s just another politician like most. I really don’t want anyone who’s “shy to fight against any one specific issue though”. I’d rather have Bachmann, West, or Palin who’s not the least bit afraid to state the truth.

      1. Rubio= go along to get along/don’t rock the boat. Nice guy and great on some issues but on others, pretty wishywashy.

        Palin/West= scorched earth, no pandering, tell it like it is, what you see is what you get, pro-americian vs anti-americian, strong and decisive vs weak and passive…. and on and on we could go. This would be the team to follow into ANY fire!

  84. Wow — very disappointing Rubio!

    Can’t wait to see what Allen West has to say on the matter…. I’ll bet he won’t back down!

    1. West has already said that some dems in the House are communists. I believe that is what he said.

      1. Actually, I think he said either 70 or 80. And that’s no exaggeration either. He’s just telling the truth, which is almost unheard of in Washington. I have the utmost repsect for Bachmann. She’s the one who has fortitude because I read somewhere that she’s doubling down now. Good for her!

        1. I supported her in the primary as the best conservative we had while many mocked me for it.

          1. Same here. She was best on the issues. Heard her speak twice last year and her knowledge on what is going on was very impressive.

        2. The number cited by West was based on the number of congressmen in the progressive caucus… and when pressed by Soledad Obrien to give names, he referred her to the published list of Progressive caucus members.

    2. If I could just say this. Bachmann has a habit of going scorched earth on people.
      This may be a issue of timing with this stuff.
      I’m pretty sure Romney is going to win the WH , I dont think NOW is the time for these fights , when there is nothing that can be done at this moment to change things.

      It would be best to have this fight with Romneys Admin. (which you’d prob have to do just as well) then with the O admin and this congress.

      in other words Bachmann…………. HOLD YOUR FIRE.
      Stand down.
      Even though I believe in every word of her letter I dont think now is the time for this fight.
      It can wait 3 months

      Am I wrong?

      1. Spot on. The party needs to stay focused and on target.

        I am saddened though with the Rubio remark but perhaps more with the comments here that throw him under the bus and assaulting him with foul language the moment he makes a mistake. He’s human, yes?

      2. I would agree if Rubio is picked as VP…. and hopefully he’s NOT picked b/c of his INEXCUSABLE comments!

      3. We’re in this mess because we won’t go scorched earth. We try to play nice with evil and that is always a losing proposition.

        I disagree. I think the light needs to be shone on this before the election. It just might change the mind of the undecideds.

        1. Why can’t the Bachmann assertions stand, since they are legitimate and credible, and ought to be investigated in a normal way. Just because SHE made them (or Joe McCarthy a half century ago) does not require anyone not making them to say other than “let the proper authorities run this to ground” in the knowledge that without a special prosecutor they would not. Gingrich knew how to avoid letting the ambush media derail the messages he wanted discussed, and not their own. Of course the media will score one for splitting Rubio from his base in one silly soundbite, and that is their only purpose in soliciting the interview.

      4. You may have a point… this is yet another lovely distraction for Obama to exploit. And now, more than ever before is the time for everyone to unite.

        I will say, Bachmann is a warrior and I’m pleased she won’t let this pass. But as you point out, timing is everything. In my case, the timing and severity of this only works to fire me up even more. Obama and his cronies are associating and working with potential and known terrorists? Kick their treasonous butts out of office!

        1. The distraction are the blundering, raging rinos. They should be banding together in support of Bachmann. They should be shouting from the rooftops that there is MB infiltration in this administration and telling Americans every chance they get what the MB has planned for us.

          The raging rinos need to quit attacking Bachmann and go after O. I am sick of rinos always eating conservative women. They did it to Palin and Gov. Haley. I am sick of it.

          1. Spot on my friend!

            I’m totally sick of it too. The good old boys don’t like smart successful women – especially if they are conservatives.

            3rd party in 2016… the RINOs must go too.

        2. Just because media is frothing at the mouth because Bachmann uncovered a serious vulnerability is no reason for us to be embarrassed she made it. This is the perfect time to try to cut thru their fog of Kardashian Brangelina nonsense and the Obamakin legions of lockstep water carriers coordinated offense with such red meat on their obvious misdeed. There are only one percent goatschtuppers and their burqa burdened chattel in our population. That would be a silly fringe to pander even if they were a harmless voting block? (BTW, how is it we can determine the voting eligibility or even gender of a burqa anyway. They should be routinely defrocked at the door or be sent to the store for civilian attire).

      5. Quit telling conservatives to sit down and shut up. We know Etch-a-sketch is embarrassed of us but that is too flippin’ bad. What does it matter any way. The Tea Party isn’t going away and if Etch-a-sketch and the GOPe manage to eek out a win we are still going to have Tea Parties and protest against him because he doesn’t represent us, we intend to show the lamestream media that we aren’t racist, and we are setting the table to primary his butt in 2016. We are fed up with the GOPe. It isn’t going away. We aren’t waiting around to get hoodwinked in 2016 even if Etch-a-sketch loses to have another squish shoved down our throats.

        Etch-a-sketch better hit the ground running if he wins. He is selling himself as a businessman. His reason for running is that business is run more efficiently than government. When a new executive is hired if he doesn’t deliver he gets the axe. No excuses. Been there, done that.

        If he wins it’s one and done. The party is over!

        1. I doubt Mitt has any clue what is coming if he is elected. As the saying goes, careful what you wish for. The days where statist R presidents get a pass from conservatives are over.

      6. Personally I think this is just the time for scorched earth. It’ll give the voters a chance to hear what their reps think of muslims in high security posts, and decide whether they deserve to be voted for or not. If the timing was ever right, it would have been 10 years ago. I’m just glad someone is finally started, and not much better person to do it than Michelle. 🙂

      7. I’ve been concerned lately that with the fight for this very important election few were “minding the store” about the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamist threat to western civilization. (yes, I believe them when they say their goal is to destroy western civilization). Bachmann has done a favor, in my view. This election is vital. But as in every battle, one has to remember the whole picture.

  85. “I’m very very careful and cautious about ever making accusations…” While it’s a good quality to have, not making accusations, there is such a thing as being informed and base accusations on what is true. This finishes anything I might have respected Rubio for. To me, he’s as bad as the rest of the progressives and rinos who either don’t want to rock the boat- thereby allowing our country to sink, or bow down to pc politics. It’s a coward’s way out and I am sick and tired of cowards in our government.

    1. “He was going to be a post-partisan uniter to bring Americans together,” Rubio said. “And three-and-a-half years later, the president has become just like anybody else in Washington, D.C. And in his obsessive effort to win his reelection, he has lost himself and he has lost what makes him different.”

      These are not the words of a wise leader.

      1. If Rubio really believed that O planned on being post partisan, than he was truly uninformed on who Obambam was/is.

      2. McCain, Lindsey “Weasel” Graham and Marco Rubio- all taking money from Muz Bro’s.

        1. Do you know this for sure? I believe it, but need evidence as I want to start getting that out now so we can get him out of the senate. Oh, I am talking about Miss Lindsey.

          1. Short answer is No.

            For me, based on how they responded, it is the only hypothesis that explains their words and pro-muslim position.

            Why is it than any politician tries to soften the Senate’s approach to any controversy. That they have taken money is the simplest explanation of why they would make such statements in public and not simply torpedo somebody they don’t like, like Bachmann, in the dark like normal Senators.

            I believe these guys needed to send a message to their paymasters quickly indicating that everything is “cool’ and that they are still on board. Not one of them could believe that trashing Bachmann and favoring a pervert’s wife, a Commie-Clinton servant and a murderer’s daughter could get them votes.

            The constant, reliable influx of money, on the other hand, even money fingered by the stinking and blood-stained hands of Islam, can always generate votes.

            These three look like ducks to me. McCain, Graham and Rubio–they walk like ducks, they sound like ducks, ergo…

            1. Oh I agree with you Words! I just want to find some concrete proof so I can send the info to our Republican leaders in our state to lay the groundwork to get Miss Lindsey out. I want the SC Rep. party to officially endorse someone else in the primary and if I can get concrete proof, that just might do it.

              1. Is it possible to get the list of contributors to these three? I know that Dick Morris did a book on contributors to democrack politicians. Maybe we should try to fire up Dick M.

    2. Agreed.

      Let’s face it, the only reason people are so enamoured with him is because his parents came from Cuba and he has a Spanish surname. He’s a white guy with a Spanish surname, and yet too many people act like he is of a different race. I just don’t get it.

    3. Amen sister. Does this help America or hinder it? Rubio went on a lefty network (NPR) and basically supported the left’s position, while further dividing the GOP. Nice.

      Rubio seems to embrace the Grand Old Party (power hungry dinosaurs and RINOs), not the freshman class of Republicans from 2010. He has been saying/doing the wrong things quite a bit lately. What a shame. So much promise, so little effectiveness.

    1. Yeah, I think his Spanish surname seems to come before being an American. His support for amnesty ended any support I had for him.


    Put Your own dirty- appropriate words in the XXX place. Help Yourself

      1. Ummm, no. Sorry pal. We have the GOP full of spineless wimps.

        You either stand up for what is good, and Constitutional or you do not.

        Between his big brother internet bills, support for his own Dream Act, defending Romney during the primary as being “Conservative” Rubio is a phony and I bet if asked Levin would have regrets on him.

        We don’t need wafflers we need to identify people like Rubio and vote him out of office.

        1. Excellent post! I’m rapidly becoming disillusioned with Rubio… he’s well on his way to RINOville.

        2. Be interesting to see if Levin calls Rubio out as he has with everyone else.

          I”m sick of Hannity and Little DIck Morris pimping for Rubio all the time.

        3. I know how much you already have issues with Rubio…(and his receding hair!)this just cements it, doesn’t it?

      2. Again the easy way out would have been much simpler that, by stating he doesn’t have the details as in reading the letter for himself. Case closed, next!
        Unfortunately, he failed miserably by not reading the letter or telling them he hadn’t therefore won’t make a comment. The whino brothers already are complicit in failing to do just that, read a simple letter from a few in their own caucus. Both McCain and sissy boy Grahamesty should be shot for this and other betrayals of the constitution in years past.

        1. Rubio should have read the letter before doing this interview. I would bet he knew he’d be questioned about this.

    1. Rubio’s a RINO and has always been even though the Tea partiers supported him. He’s only following orders here. Boehner didn’t like it so he can’t like it either.

  87. Another reason Rubio should not be the VP. Do your research Rubio, they are Muslim Allah preaching radicals. Do you know where the security leaks are in the White House and Administration? Perhaps you need look no further than the Muslim Brotherhood!

    1. How unfortunate.

      It seems that all politicians eventually show their true colors. I can’t tell you all how angry I am at this mere “politician,” Marco Rubio.

      I hope that Lt. Col. West doesn’t let us down the same way.


      1. West won’t let us down.  He has fought for and defended the freedoms in this country.  As much as I would love to vote for West as President or on the ticket with Romney as VP, I truly hope that Romney appts West Secretary of Defense on Day 1 and tells us he will do this during the convention.

          1. After he returns from Israel.  The media has to focus on Romney visiting and O’Bambi avoiding.  Right before the convention will be a great punch.  Keep the media guessing as long as possible so they have less time to destroy the VP candidate by any means they choose to use.  I only wish they would vet O’Bambi nearly as much as they have been Romney and Romney has nothing to hide.

      2. I was angry at West for something but I can’t remember what. I do know that I have been skeptical about these two, though West has regained my respect. This is troubling – he’s not real – surreal.

        1. You probably were upset with West because he voted for the Pigford Claims. I was disappointed in that and he has since said he regrets it and that it was a mistake on his part.

          I do appreciate when they can admit they were wrong.

          1. West voted for: all the debt ceiling raises,Renewal of the Patriot Act, The NDAA,Banning off shore drilling in Florida, Pygford Reparations.

        2. West is pretty good since he has balls.

          In turns of letting us down, he voted to raise the debt ceiling last year, that was bad.

          1. Regarding the debt ceiling – I happened to listen to West talking to his Florida constituents about that vote. He explained himself quite well and I ended up agreeing with him. Don’t have the link, sorry. One thing stands out in my memory, which is his saying that conservatives don’t yet understand the power of incrementalism in a long term battle – and that liberals do understand it and do it very well….

        3. He got unnecessarily involved in the Herman Cain “scandals” and denounced Herman before any facts were ever in. Other than that & Pigford (agree w/keyesforpres), he’s been pretty consistent in his Conservative views & fights hard for them.

      3. I already have a feeling that this guy is another of those who is just good in talking. We already have that in Obama. I started questioning Rubio’s principles when he started pandering on ILLEGAL immigration, writing a book about himself aka Obama, and now this.

      4. LIRiight, You have seen enough of Lt. Colonel Allen West to know better than to make a statement like that. Please.

        1. My statement was more like a prayer, white531, not an accusation. Please!

          A month ago if you asked me if I thought Marco Rubio would turn into a “McCain light” I would have told you that you were nuts. Now we know for sure that Rubio is just another politician.

          My theory: Rubio may feel that he is close enough to the top of those being considered for the VP slot that either he was told, advised or he decided to make a “more moderate” statement with regards to Huma Abedin.

          Just what we like here at The Right Scoop………..moderation, safe statements, vanilla political policy positions and being a gutless politician. Allen West is none of those things.

    2. Bingo! This should be the nail in the coffin for him (we won’t go into the fact that his parents weren’t US citizens at the time of his birth..ahem).

      I sent Rubio money, even though he’s not in my state because I felt it was so important not to get Crist. Rubio is a little better than Crist, but now I realize, not that much better. He’s exactly the same on illegals.

      I sure hope this wakes up the Scoopers that are wanting him to be vp.

      1. Great comment!  I don’t know the law well but if he is not a natural born citizen, not sure he couldn’t be VP but would wonder if something happened to Romney if Speaker of the House wouldn’t become the next President.  God help us if that is whiny Boehner or even worse Pelosi.

        1. VP must meet the same qualifications for the same reasons as the president: NO dual loyalties. That is the main reason for this requirement. That and the vp is a heartbeat away from the presidency. No where does the Constitution say that the vp can be passed over if the pres. dies.

          1. Then Rubio should not even be on the list because he is not natural born citizen, but then again, neither is O’Bambi (daddy was a British national).

            1. That’s why the left stream media keeps giving Rubio so much press coverage…they want him to be our vp because then would couldn’t prosecute O for being ineligible.

              1. Exactly!  They already got us stuck with Romney, now they want to stick us with a VP who is not eligible and has thoughts more consistent with O’Bambi than the Tea Party.  Personally I like Bobby Jindahl for VP and Allen West for Secretary of Defense.

                1. I was a HUGE fan of Jindal (he was our Congress critter before he became gov) With some of the things happening in La now I’m not as big on him as I once was.

                2. Can you share with fellow bloggers the scoop on Jindahl?  I’m in MN so I have the scoop on Pawlenty.

                3. Schools are closing right and left, employees are losing their jobs–my sister kept A job but not the one she had. Medical benefits are all screwed up – since my Dad has state of LA retirement on top of his military retirement, the state forced retirees into Medicare Part D for medications, and took it upon themselves to implement that OVER Tricare for Life, which resulted in medications that were previously around $32 to $487…a MONTH! I’ll have to scrounge articles, I just know what’s affected my family personally.

                4. Yikes, that is terrible!  We have got to work together and grind Romney and his VP to turn this country around!

                5. if i were your dad, i’d DROP, his state retirement medical benefits…. he’s entitled to TRICARE for life, if he’s retired from the military… my husband is retired military, works for the govt (unfortunately); and had to go on medicare & TRICARE for life last year (turned 65)… i’ve read that IF u are in a medical plan u r supposed to use that b4 TRICARE for life; but why would it require u to retain that medical plan? your dad should check into that…

                6. Thank you, Monica. They are considering doing just that. He is retired military. They just have to make sure that Tricare for Life will pick up all that the state does now so that they don’t end up having to pay huge bills. Right now, the bills go to Medicare first, OGB (La state) 2nd, and Tricare last. We do have bases nearby, but when I called the pharmacy at one of them to see if we could get their prescriptions there, I was told that it was determined on a case by case basis. I guess I need to spend one of my days off next week trying to figure all this out. I appreciate your input.

                7. Here’s one. Granted, the school system does need an overhaul, but what some of this has done is put ghetto kids in the good school systems and instead of them getting a better education, it’s dragging down the quality of the schools, and the violence is unbelievable, even in the middle school where my sister works. It used to be a very good school in a middle class neighborhood and now it’s trash! They actually have to have cops on campus now.


                8. We have something similar in our school district, having the county’s housing project here because we are an “affordable” community.  We have had cops in our high school for over 15 years.  Parents petition to get their kids out of the elementary school which is overrun by violence.  And Pawlenty was  big push for open enrollment to send even more inner city kids out into the suburbs.  And with you our test scores have plummeted. But not in the wealthy cities who protected themselves.  Romney’s plan is no better, actually worse because it is an open ticket to any school the parent wants their kid to attend.  Fix the problem!  Get good teachers, bring back discipline, expel the trouble makers and eliminate the teachers unions.  That’s a start.

                9. The high school where my dad taught has also had cops for at least 15 yrs. It was another really good school in a middle-upper middle class neighborhood that was forced into taking ghetto kids and special ed kids in mainstream classes. Special ed kids who could NEVER get in the military were taking spots in ROTC and the instructors ended up with behavioral problems and were really babysitting more than teaching the kids who wanted to learn.

    3. Wow, you guys are very quick to condemn him!!!

      Admittedly this is a poorly worded response, he should have said ‘I haven’t seen it and can’t comment,’ but I think he was leaving himself a huge out with “from what I have read and seen.”

      I’m not going to condemn him as a traitor or squish until something actually happens and a pattern is established. So far, nothing has happened and he’s said very little.

      Even great people make mistakes from time to time, like Reagan’s INF treaty. That doesn’t mean they are a sellout.

      Having said that, he should hear from supporters and be given information, like McCarthy’s column, in the hopes he realizes and corrects his mistake.

      1. If what you say is true, then we should be expecting a comment from Rubio any moment now. I’ll be curious to see what he has to say. I’m not interested in any song and dance.

      2. This is not an isolated incident.  He has his own DREAM act and has stated he would have violated US law and entered our country illegally.  Laws are for all and above all else, our national security is #1.  These are 2 of his admissions related to national security that are absolutely unacceptable.  Maybe he should enlist in the military for a decade or so and see if his position “evolves”..

        1. What?!?!?!

          Hell, I’d enter the country illegally if I lived in most of the places I’ve visited outside the US and I didn’t think I could get in legally.

          I oppose the dream act and think anybody who arrived illegally should go to the back of the line, but I don’t fault them for wanting to be here.

          I don’t know the context of his remarks on entering illegally, but Rubio’s family is Cuban, and the rules are different.

          I still think sending Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba was a horrific crime, and he entered illegally. Do you fault Elian’s mother for wanting to escape Cuba, giving her life so her son could have a better life? I don’t, and I think her death was a tragedy.

          In any case, the immigration stuff is different. He’s been honest and up front about his opinion on it, even if we disagree. The issue is whether he’s gone squishy or RINO, and there is no pattern to that. I’d still take Rubio over 95% of the other folks in DC.

          Don’t make the good the enemy of the perfect.

          1. Glad Gonzolez was sent back, should have happened sooner along with the rest of the illegal Cubans.  I challenge you to enter another country illegally and see how they punish you.  Some countries will shoot you on site.  If you would come to this country illegally because it’s what you want, would you also take the wealth others have earned for the same reason?  Somehow I think so.
            Rubio is a RINO at best, rather think he is part of O’Bambi’s crew trying to slither inside the conservative party.

        2. orangeone, re his “enlisting in the military”: yeah, but from what i hear, at least 1/2 of the pentagon espouse the same “left” political policies that obama does (and that scares the hell out of me)… my husband is retired air force; and “far left” is NOT where our pentagon should be…

      3. i also “financially supported” rubio, from out of state (NC)… in 2010, i briefly lived in FL (and even started going thru the process of buying a house there), so would have been one of his constituents. fortunately, the sale fell thru (inspection), and we bought a house right across the border: same job, just live in different state…

        as far as rubio goes: check out his amnesty position… he’s moved too far to the center, right in line behind john mccain (and, i was a big supporter of mccain’s in 2008; until i saw what he did to sarah palin). rubio was responsible for my supporting scott brown; till i realized he wasn’t conservative after all either (and fell in line behind RINO mccain; tho he’s more a clone of snowe, collins & christie)… rubio is a RINO, pretending to be conservative when he ran for senate… and now is moving back to the center to move up…

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