Mark Levin and Glenn Beck on the radio together discuss the Republican Party and more…

Glenn Beck was on the Mark Levin Show tonight discussing his new book, Miracles and Massacres, when the interview turned to Boehner and the Republican Party. One question from Levin about it and Beck was off to the races, as both feel deeply that the Republican Party is part of the problem and needs to be replaced.

You can listen to the politics portion of the interview below. If you want to listen to Beck talk about his book, which as Levin said was quite compelling, you can download Mark’s podcast at his website.

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95 thoughts on “Mark Levin and Glenn Beck on the radio together discuss the Republican Party and more…

  1. Mark Levin had been bad mouthing Glenn for years yet I don’t think I’ve ever heard Glenn bad mouth Mark. It was Glenn who reached out to Mark to get him on the show to talk about his book The Liberty Amendments.

    I used to listen to Levin but because of his opinions about people like Glenn, Ron Paul, and other Libertarians, I stopped. I think Glenn is the bigger man for not stooping to the level Levin sometimes goes to to people he disagrees with.

    Anyway, glad to see they’re finally somewhat on the same page.

  2. It would be great if every state had a state’s constitutional convention to approve the liberty ammendments which Mark Levin proposes and some he doesn’t propose such as one abolishing the IRS and instituting either a fair or flat tax to replace the reams of Federal Income Tax laws and regulations we now have.

    Mark Levin thinks we need a new Republican Party to do this but in truth all we really need is a new party based on our nation’s founding principles, which the Republicans have abandoned, and one that is dedicated specifically to proposing and passing the Liberty Ammendments.

    If we can figure out how to convene a States’ Constitutional Convention for the passage of the Liberty Ammendments we surely can put forth a new party to promote this and to challenge the status quo in Washington D. C. which the GOP big whigs will never do since they are paid off substantially and handsomely for taking dives instead of fighting the Marxists in the Demcrat Party.

    Like Glenn Beck said to Mark Levin I completely support the Liberty Ammendments and a States’ Constitutional Convention to pass them and I support the creation of a new party to accomplish this just as the Republican Party was created to end slavery.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  3. Great Great discussion with Glenn Beck.. With the two of you working together , We can get this done !! Thank you

  4. All true conservatives with a big microphone need to band together to get the word out. It’s way past time for an informed electorate. Years of our lack of attention have allowed the hacks in D.C. to run-a-muck.

  5. It’s kind of like how rivals in College Football come together to do a blood drive. Don’t expect them to stay buds or anything, just be glad they both agree on this issue.

        1. I will be interested in the footnotes as he has indicated that he is telling the stories and is forming the story around the facts, clearly identified therein. I doubt he is into changing facts but he does want history to be more engaging.
          I’m okay with that as long as the book makes clear distinction as to fact and story assumptions. I recall reading tons of books a youngster that put famous people in the historical setting.

          1. Sorry but it is not correct and we don’t get to change standards we apply to liberal historians or any historians because we like someone.

            1. I’m withholding opinion until I read the book to see whether or not the facts are correct, but I understand your point.
              At this time, I don’t think there is any intent on his part to deceive or change our true history. I am always happy to learn facts about history I’ve learned not knowing it had been tweaked. If I find out otherwise, I will be 100% disgusted.

              1. Oh I don’t think Beck does it to intentionally deceive. I just think he thinks he is right above all others and often sees a conspiracy where there isn’t one, especially with history. Yes Progressives have messed up education but Beck and I are close in age and I think he missed a lot of what was taught when we were kids then suddenly thinks it’s a new phenomenon or people were withholding when in reality he wasn’t paying attention. Education wasn’t that bad when I was a kid and conservatives did have a toe hold in it still.

                Education is bad now but I did manage to raise a really smart kid in that environment. The information is out there for those that are interested. and by the way…that kid is also a historian whose pet peeve in life is those that distort history.

                And be aware that a lot of historical interpretation is like that old saying about beauty being in the eye of the beholder as well. Events happen on a certain date and time but the impetus of the events or the details of it often get interpreted in varying ways. That is why there are so many history books on the same topics.

                1. All valid points, Laurel. I’m no historian, but I’ve always been interested in history. This book will be an interesting read especially if the basis for the stories is source documents.

        2. Beck listens to David Barton for a lot of his history. He also buys up historical documents. So I would reserve my opinion there.

          Barton is hated by the liberal professors of the world, and they claim his history is bogus every chance they get. I have Barton’s book on Jefferson, and the army of “debunkers” came out hard against that. It’s possible he’s a sloppy historian, but when you read his critics closely, they seem far more interested in guarding the narrative than seeking truth.

          So Beck may have access to materials that go against the narrative. I’d take a wait-and-see attitude toward his research. (He has a team helping him with all of his books**, so I’m guessing they know how to fact check.)

          (**He explained that on his radio program: he doesn’t “author” them so much as “executive direct” them.)

          1. I know he does and Barton is pretty good but this book is not completely factual nor is much of it all that new. Most of it I knew of as well.

  6. The whole show was fantastic. I never miss downloading his show to my ipod….well, except the ones with a guest host while Mark is away.

  7. Glenn, be careful when you suggest that women don’t act. AmericanDuckie has a site [thought it was on my favorites but can’t find it this morning…Duckie?].
    Also, (and review their resources page).

    1. I agree. There are some great women on the right who are shaking things up. In my state of Indiana we have Daisy and Mockarena with a radio show on WIBC and at Check them out sometime.

    2. I think he was both being facetious, and also stating it’s OK for women to talk, but it’s not OK for men to do nothing but talk. (Although understanding Beck is a difficult thing under any circumstance.) Probably best to ignore the sexist parts of it.

      I think his larger point is, we have a LOT of strong, ACTIVE conservative women, but where the heck are all of the men? If men were actual MEN, they wouldn’t need to dragged/shamed into action by the women.

      Of course, we do have some great, active men, but the numbers aren’t right. Not compared to The Greatest Generation. And look at the pushback we’ve seen on Article Five from so many harrumphing, smart, men—who have done nothing, and are trying to stop us from engaging the left directly. What are they waiting for?

      1. I agree with you, K-Bob. Glenn doesn’t hold himself up as a manly man. He has made serious efforts to learn things he knows he is lacking in and pokes a lot of fun of himself. From time to time he does let his tongue get wrapped around his eyeteeth til he can’t see what he is saying.
        The way men have been dismissed, disrespected and even used has created a sad state of affairs for our society. As a woman, I admire a man who can do things I can’t do well and I’d like to think that men still appreciate a woman who makes the most of her God given abilities.
        I’m buying the “manly man” book glenn has been talking about for my son for Christmas; his Dad was a manly man and I don’t want him to forget it. I wish there was a female edition for his wife 🙂

        1. I think Dr. Laura wrote something like that for Women once. (First time I heard her I thought she was mean and clung far too tightly to old traditions. But eventually I realized she made a lot of sense.)

          1. The older I get the more I realize that the reason old traditions hang on is because they do make sense. 🙂

  8. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.
    Matthew 18:20
    What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?
    Romans 8:31
    I guess we all have our marching orders. I have Mark’s book, I’ll read it today and I’ll lead the charge in Ohio. Who’s with me?

    1. K-Bob is also leading the charge
      Last Sunday I sent 90 emails to my state reps and senators and am filling out the map as I receive their responses. This serves to put them on notice that we are engaged in the battle and putting pressure on them to be informed and act.

        1. 10,000 ‘likes’ for that, K-Bob! It goes straight to the top of our tree.
          I’m directing all my state legislators to your site so they can update their own profiles.


      The reason the GOP gets blamed for everything is because they don’t fight back against the media narratives.

      The only one who has “lost all credibility” is the Speaker. He would not be the Speaker if it were not for conservatives. They need us a heck of a lot more than we need them.

      The GOP is also in for a rude awakening next year. They think they are poised to make gains in the House and Senate, but I’ve got news for them. Crap like this will give them a repeat of the Romney turn out.

      I was one that voted for Romney and have believed in working within he party and supporting the candidate. No more. Never again.

      You want my vote GOP, you earn it with a conservative candidate that has a spine. No more weak cowards.

      1. Darrell, the key is all of the Primaries this spring and summer. We must Fumigate the RINO Scum from this party first.

        1. Fumigate the RINOs first, last and always. The answer is NOT to leave the GOP, because that only dilutes the conservative vote. We must re-take it and install a candidate that Libertarians will vote for (Ted Cruz is one).

          1. After almost 2 decades of using that approach, I am done.

            No more being a “loyal” party activist. They want my vote and efforts, they have to earn it.

            No more “go along, get along” types. Period.

      2. You are right, the RINO/GOP is in for a big surprise. Levin, Rush both no the answer is a OPPOSITION Party but they will not support it until it happens. Why, it is their business to complain about the RINOS/GOP and that currently is what keeps their listeners. Bitch all you want but do something about it and the answer is not the GOP being taken over by TP Conservatives. Will never happen because they (conservatives) cannot get their message out their because of the RINO/GOP leadership and the Media loves the RINO/GOP because they know it is part of the One party system we currently have. . With a OPPOSITION party if not covered by the media the media of the local folks that elected them is the starting point. It will get bigger and bigger as more people Pubs, conservatives, libertarians, independents and Dems realize their is an opposition party out their. It will grow much faster than most think but really the pundits including the conservative pundits except Beck want it. That is why you keep hearing we the conservatives have to take over the RINO/GOP. Rush and Levin both need material !!!!!!

    2. Let’s take it back! Last night I told my Congressman Greg Walden [who voted FOR the wimpy 2-year budget yesterday] that I’m on a RINO hunt and won’t quit until every one is replaced with the ELEPHANT that belongs on our emblem.

  9. This was heartening for sure. A coalescence around constitutional conservative principles. Conservation of conservatism. Conservatism enshrined in that sacred document. The Article Five solution contained in the document itself. The diagnosis plain to see. The healing prescription to the prognosis, right there.

    Is it more Founder brilliance? Yes. Are we brilliant enough to recognize it and put it into action? Yes. Is there a need to rally behind it, and on each side of it? Oh, yes. Can we hoist it up on our shoulders and carry it in, out, and about? Well, that’s the test isn’t it? We certainly have the recipe. It’s laid out in that document. It’s just that the document has been buried under lots of schtuff and fluff for so many years.

    We must be like the gold miner who understands that in order to find gold, he must move away tons and tons of dirt…but he doesn’t go in looking for the dirt…he looks for the gold to take out of the dirt, and when folks look for the gold, that’s exactly what they’ll find.

    Lots of gold-labeled lessons to be found in History. Lots of gold-label solutions to be found in Our Constitution. Levin dug a solution up. That solution was buried in plain sight. It’s like George Washington and Paul Revere’s warhorse all rolled into one beautiful, message-bringing beast.

    Look at that magnificent animal, rearing up on it’s hind legs and pawing the air! Look at that tall-in-the-saddle Patriot astride that incredible creation, bedecked in 1776 street clothes. Uh huh, jeans and a sport shirt/blouse.

    The rider looks just like you! He looks like me too.

    Our trusty steed has hoarfrost about his flaring nostrils. Why, that Pegasus could jump the Delaware without a single spur.

    Yah! We ride! Into the fray!


        1. got me there. but the point stands. what are you trying to say? and please put in hillbilly terms so I can fathom it. like that word, fathom? I was thinking of a different story about an ad. check further down for my post a few hours ago. no need for any more explanation.

  10. And we need to get behind Good Republican candidatei like Carl De Maio! If Republicans can not get beyond this social conservatoare bull sh*t and anti – Gay marriage, LET IT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A San Diego city council member, a graduate from Sandra Fluke’s liberal so called Catholic Univ. Get behind him for what exactly? A reach around?

      1. Well I was thinking about getting behind Carl De Maio for his ideas on financial restraint, but if you want to play with his rear, that is between you two and I donțt need to know about it.

    2. Well said!
      There are Social Conservatives and Fiscal Conservatives that make up the right end of the political spectrum. And it is the Social Conservatives, (Anti, Gay, Abortion,) that are screwing it up for all.

      They all are hamstrung on the secondary issues while the sole main issue, financial is ignored

        1. They are not! That is the point you obviously missed completely! They are not because they are stuck on this social conservatism bullsh*t! This is why younger voters under 35 hate the GOP and see it as being full of BIGOTS! They know they are not Democrats, but Republicans are making it clear they donțt like the new kids either!

          1. the Republican Party brought in Reagan Democrats when there was a Reagan. Now, with no leader, the Republican Party is infested with Just Democrats.
            There is NO conservative party. America has no representation.

          2. damn, just when I thought I was done with you. Obama’s numbers are down with the under thirty crowd. Scores of young people are joining the conservative movement. We are the new anti-establishment. And as far your disdain for social issues go, young and old do care about them. When anything goes, everything will go.

      1. Shortsighted conventional Beltway claptrap.

        Social issues left unchecked are VERY expensive. Fatherless kids, single mothers, etc., are the NUMBER ONE expensive government program.

        Think. it. through.

  11. Anybody standing in there way – WILL BE PAID OFF — simple as that – Unthinkable wealth by just RELAXING and STANDING DOWN.

  12. I’m very happy that more and more conservatives are starting to unite behind this approach… it could bear fruit some day (I fully support it). Unlike the Republican party where Boehner and others are doing all they can to minimalize or destroy conservatism, this has a chance to bypass that quagmire, that non-united party, and affect positive change.
    It’s kind of funny… Boehner (and McConnell, McLame, Graham, Cantor, etc.) really bug me. This approach and conservatism in general is like a big can of RAID bug spray… cockroaches fear it because it will end their political lives. If we can’t step on them in the elections… then spray RAID in their dark corners and defeat them that way.

  13. We have got to get rid of Cantor and McCarthy.

    JD Winteregg is Running against John Boehner. If you haven’t yet start now. the Primary is in May. He needs our help desperately.

    On Facebook

    Twitter @JDWinteregg

    Help Matt Bevin against Mitch McConnell.

    On twitter @MattBevin

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    Matt Bevin on Issues:

  14. No doubt these guys are clued in to every scheme the liberals pull. They’re also very aware of the wimpish GOP.

  15. Revolt! Vote out all the Republicrats and form the New Republican Party. NO Rinos allowed! Find new young blood, energized, not old and stale like these establishment old farts! McLame and girlfriend Lindsey, Boehner, McConnell, all must go! It’s like mark said, as soon as Boehner took over the job it was all down hill! Enough with this cry baby. Ohio, make sure you primary him!

  16. Split it down the middle. send all the bed wetters to the left and let’s get back to basics. nobody has the reserve currency

    1. He needs to learn not to call it a “Constitutional Convention,” though. It’s obvious he hasn’t read Levin’s book.

      But we’ll take whatever support we can get.

  17. This is a positive sign. We all need to fight together against the liberals and liberal republicans and forget about things that divide us.

  18. “I have a radical idea. The door swings both ways, we could reverse the polarity flow through the gate.”
    “We cross the streams.”
    “There’s definitely a very slim chance we’ll survive.”

      1. It’s mostly been on Levin’s part but he and Beck haven’t always been the best of friends over the years. Levin used to refer to Beck as “the Morning Dreck.”

          1. Before, during, and after. Levin’s “feud’ with Beck wasn’t anywhere near as rancorous as the one he still has with Michael Savage but it’s still a little surprising (though good) to hear them making nice with each other.

            1. Michael Savage, who I also like, is the black sheep of the conservative talk show hosts. He criticizes everyone. He even turned against a few he had on his show. But it’s great that Beck has joined the clique of Levine, Hannity, and Rush after all they do agree on most things. Hope Savage buries the hatchet also.

    1. When Mark was on Glenn’s show a month ago Glenn was not even sure they ever meet. Any feud was just the normal competition feud as Glenn is the 3rd most listened to and Mark is number 4.

      1. And one hosts criticization of another isn’t necessarily a fued, or is evidence that they don’t like each other.

      2. They are both tied for fourth, just behind Ric Edelman, who is only a little bit ahead of them. Hannity totally owns second place, and Rush is still way out in front.

  19. Honestly, that talk between perhaps my two biggest living role models was perhaps the most positive I listened to in a loooooong time. Here’s to a beautiful friendship!

  20. It’s a matter of direction. That’s why conservatives should put aside the small stuff and back each other on the big stuff we all agree on!

    1. But I don’t want to go in the direction that the current GOP crop, which includes Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, led us in from 2000 to 2006. That direction led directly to Barack Obama.

      1. Exactly! That’s why I said “Conservative.” I think all of us here pretty much understand by now that there’s nothing conservative about the GOP direction.

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