Mark Levin blasts amnesty as Republican solution to immigration issue, says real problem is welfare

Mark Levin opened his radio show last night pushing back against the idea that Republicans should now embrace amnesty to fix the illegal immigration problem and thus convince Latinos to vote Republican. Republicans like Charles Krauthammer have said recently that they are willing to embrace amnesty, but not citizenship. But Levin argues that once we embrace amnesty the next logical step for Democrats is full citizenship and it will be argued for on the basis of amnesty being a sort of 2nd class citizenship.

Levin says the real problem with illegal immigration is welfare and that’s how we must attack the issue, not through amnesty.


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115 thoughts on “Mark Levin blasts amnesty as Republican solution to immigration issue, says real problem is welfare

  1. Yep, “Open Borders” is a red herring.  The real problem is “Open Wallets” or “Open Freebies” from taxpayers.  Close the wallet (which also includes closing the border baby loophole), and the Open Border problem will pretty much start to drift away.  If folks want to come here and work, fine — provide them a means to be legalized foreign workerbees.
      Enough with the notion that they’re taking jobs away from those on Funemployment, Food Stamps, NoDownHousing and Obamaphones.  That’s all another closely related “Open Wallets” issue of Obama’s and weak kneed LOSERship’s creation.

  2. Creating amnesty, A good way to build government. So we start with an Amnesty Czar and then form a new Amnesty department. I am sure they could handle a nice billion dollar budget to get started. What in the world are we thinking about. Amnesty is not the answer. I think our Constitution use to say something about protecting America and its citizens. Amnesty is not the way to accomplish that goal. It only weakens our country and certainly weakens our laws. Amnesty is a fast way to destroy America, I am sure the democrats will be for that.

  3. I’ve posted these numbers as comments on other articles, but wanted to post them again here to further drive home the foolishness of any GOP embrace of an illegal alien amnesty. The Hispanic population is 3% in Ohio, 5% in Virginia, 4% in Wisconsin, 6% in Pennsylvania, 3% in Michigan, and 2% in Iowa. In Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa, even if the entire Hispanic populations had voted for Romney, he would’ve lost. Additionally, the Republican high water mark with the Hispanic vote was George W. Bush’s 40% in 2004. Why would you greatly expand a constituency of which, historically, at least 60% will vote Democrat? Romney lost because he fared poorly with working class whites. Note that a 2% swing in the white vote is greater than a 7% swing in the Hispanic vote in terms of raw numbers. Romney only received 58% of the white vote. Reagan received 64 or 65% in 1984. The GOP needs to find a way to appeal to working class whites. Maybe moving away from free trade and globalization positions would help. Additionally, note that, although Romney lost Nevada, Dean Heller retained his Senate seat there with a larger Hispanic share than
    Romney. And Heller has earned an A+ grade on immigration limitation from Numbers USA.

  4. I’ve posted these numbers as comments on other articles, but wanted to post them again here to further drive home the foolishness of any GOP embrace of an illegal alien amnesty. The Hispanic population is 3% in Ohio, 5% in Virginia, 4% in Wisconsin, 6% in Pennsylvania, 3% in Michigan, and 2% in Iowa. In Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa, even if the entire Hispanic populations had voted for Romney, he would’ve lost. Additionally, the Republican high water mark with the Hispanic vote was George W. Bush’s 40% in 2004. Why would you greatly expand a constituency of which, historically, at least 60% will vote Democrat? Romney lost because he fared poorly with working class whites. Note that a 2% swing in the white vote is greater than a 7% swing in the Hispanic vote in terms of raw numbers. Romney only received 58% of the white vote. Reagan received 64 or 65% in 1984. The GOP needs to find a way to appeal to working class whites. Maybe moving away from free trade and globalization positions would help. Additionally, note that, although Romney lost Nevada, Dean Heller retained his Senate seat there with a larger Hispanic share than
    Romney. And Heller has earned an A+ grade on immigration limitation from Numbers USA.

  5. If the republicans embrace amnesty, just end the party and join hands with the democrats.

    Not sure if you’ve caught on yet, but that’s exactly the goal of those offering this amnesty crap. It has been their goal for some time now.

  6. It all comes down to us/Americans/the government….never putting our foot down.
    As soon as people began gaming the system, we should have put an immediate stop to it.
    We didn’t.
    We didn’t want to be racist….or ‘mean-spirited’.
    We let it get out-of-hand.

    And I’m tired of people saying our immigration system is ‘broken’.
    How can you describe a system as being broken when you’re completely bypassing that system????
    “We need new regulations!”
    We need to enforce the ones we have in place.
    Basically, what’s being said is: “Wellllll…..we didn’t enforce the original regulations…..but we promise we’ll enforce the new regulations!”
    No dice.
    Enforce what we have or look for a new job.

    And we can absolutely get back into the White House if use the same tactics as the Left.
    Employing minority conservatives (busloads) to protest the news centers that refer to the Republicans as racists.
    Demand air time, and apology….and make a HUGE stink about it e-v-e-r-y time they do it.
    Create bills/programs that relate to children, the environment, poor minorities….and give them names that would be too cruel for anyone to vote against.
    (Like ‘No Child Left Behind’….You’d have to be heartless to vote against it, right?)

    Above all, promise lots and lots of cool shiny stuff.
    We cannot forget that citizens traded in their votes for a goddamned ‘Obama-phone’.

    This is no time to stick our noses in the air and say that we’re above that type of campaigning.


  7. Hispanics vote 70% Democratic because they believe in democratic economic “give away” policies MORE than they are against Republican anti-illegal immigration ideas. Voting for amnesty, besides continuing the idea that it is no big deal that our country is filled with illegals, just means MORE democrat votes.

  8. Finally, a commentator who has it right. If amnesty is the way to attract more Hispanics to the Republican party, then I say the hell with it. I would sooner lose every election rather than cave in to the pro-amnesty crowd. There are surely other ways to convince Hispanic voters to become Republicans.

  9. If the republicans embrace amnesty, just end the party and join hands with the democrats. I won’t vote for any politician rewarding those who come to our country illegally. Why do hard-working, taxpaying citizens have to obey laws? Let’s just have a lawless society and everyone can come from all over the world and sponge off our once great nation.

  10. Latinos voted for Bush more because he was their Santa Claus.

    After Rush talked about the study that explained the real reason Latinos vote for Democrats, I decided to figure out why they voted for Bush at a higher %. Do a search of BUSH & WELFARE and you will find out that Bush opened up food stamps to illegal aliens in 2002 and also lowered the requirements getting food stamps.

      1. No. No. No. No…….
        We can always offer more free stuff, and we should!
        Wave lots and lost of free shiny stuff at them…..get them to our side.
        Make promises…..get their votes.

        And if we get back in, we privatize welfare, food stamps, head start, etc.
        Two years in, it all gets privatized.

        …..but we don’t mention any of this during the campaign.

        Fight dirty!
        Buy the damn election, but get back in!!!!!!!

  11. Build a fence. They will still come. Dig a moat. They will still come. Patrol with dogs and guards and drones…… If any of you were living in a cardboard box, sifting through the remnants of a dump hoping to find something edible or of any use, all of you would do anything to get here. After all I don’t see too many Canadians coming here illegally. Fix the problem don’t treat the symptom.

  12. Amnesty was not the reason Hispanics favored Obama. Ronald Reagan got 37% of the Hispanic vote. He then passed a bill that gave amnesty to 3 million illegals. Now his VP runs for president and gets only 30% of the Hispanic vote. Down 7% . Same Republican party that gave them amnesty and they still voted Democrat . So rethink that one

      1. So, basically, you didn’t even read what he wrote. Republicans GAVE THEM AMNESTY! The very next election, 70% of them voted for the Democrat.

  13. The immigration issue all comes down to enforcement.

    The fact is even if we passed an Immigration Reform Bill, the feds will just ignore the law, again.

    Does anybody really believe that any administration will start to enforce the law once it comes into place?

    If the CIR comes down the pike, we need to go over the law with a fine tooth comb.

    No more of this sanctuary city BS, no more turning a blind eye to those who flout the law, force foreigners to abide by their visas, put teeth in work place enforcement, force those foreigners who commit fraud to be persona non grata forever, make sure no foreigner is dependent on the welfare state, and no foreigner criminal ever gets a pathway to citizenship.

  14. “Yes, we do have a national responsibility for our borders. We need better immigration services, obviously. But if you subsidize something or give people incentives, you get more of it. So if you give easy road to citizenship, you’re going to have more illegals. If you have a weak economy, which is understandable and we should have prevented, that’s understandable. But mandating to the states that we have to provide free medical care and free education, that’s a great burden to all the border states. So I would say eliminate all these benefits and talk about eliminating the welfare state because it’s detrimental not only to here but the people that come because that’s the incentive to bring their families with them.”

    1. I expect the borders to be overwhelmed with more crossings now that they know it will pay off for them. Unfortunately, instead of bringing themselves up to a higher standard, they will turn us into Mexico -the entire country will look like Juarez!

  15. Illegals get government benefits. They express loyalty to the country they came from, refuse to assimilate and join La Raza. How are government dependents a group Republicans can get? When you have both parties promising amnesty, wouldn’t they go with the pro-government dependency party no matter what?

    1. Exactly! They don’t want to BE Americans, they want to TAKE OVER America because they think we stole it from them.

  16. Ingraham make this point really well on The Factor yesterday.
    So…we should go back to the failed Bush policies of which amnesty was one? Because they were SO popular huh? Now we have the Bush crowd saying listen to them even though their administration is very unpopular and getting tarred with them hurts us.

  17. I agree with Mark Levin, pandering to hispanics is the WRONG answer! I’m sick of these beltway pundits, encouraging conservatives to abandon their principles. #pathetic

    1. i doubt that will happen, some states set up committees back months ago to see the best way to implement it. states who have many on medicaid can not afford to not get help from the fed government, disabled people are on medicaid and states have already cut their care down to the basics.

    1. How is it populist? I mean, amnesty is a sacred cow of the elites and 90 percent of politicians, HOW would it be populist to sell Americans out for foreign nationals?

  18. the fact is the hispanics now outnumber white conservatives, nothing on either side has been done about illegal immigration,. except for barrys back door amnesty, we can not ignore the problem anymore, i dont want them getting free college educations, when others dont get that. they should not get free tax returns, get ss, get disability if they never worked here legally. both sides have to put in safety measures. 2016 2020 will be like 2012 if we don’t deal with the problem.

    its a huge problem, english needs to be our language, these 13 mill hispanics are not going away. time to deal with it, come up with a sensible plan. we don’t have to give amnesty, just come up with a program. we need border security, enforcement, were getting all sorts of trash in at our borders because of one group trying to appease another. this has to be logically worked out with both sides.

    1. If the House would end the borrowing and the money printing the left runs out of money to buy their votes.

      They need to enigneer an early start to fiscal crisis Reid and obama have set up. I see no other way out.

      1. sorry have no idea what you mean. myself have wanted enforced borders, security, it has not happened in decades, this is both sides doing this, now they have to come up with a solution.. unless everyone wants barry presidents for ever and ever,. you can work on immigration reform deal with the problem without giving amnesty.
        if it is not worked with barry will just give full amnesty. that is a fact. imo

        1. What I am saying is that it is too late for any of that. This election was pivotal – Obama’s political machine is now unstoppable

          Obama does not have to worry about re-election – he will give amnesty to 11 million illegals. Forget the borders, they are here now and the INS is bringing millions more muslims and hispanics in legally. That is a 10- 20 million vote advantage to the Democrats. The spread in this one was only a million or so.

          If the elephants do not stop amnesty America will be a one party system

          1. we need immigration reform, can not keep running from the problem, they are here and not leaving, both sides have to work out a agreement, only wise barry will grant full amnesty, we still need border enforcement, security. both sides need to work on it, they should have before 2012 and we maybe would not have gotten stuck with barry again.

            1. We have never needed “reform”. All we had to do was act like any sane sovereign nation and enforce our existing laws.

              The border fences and immigration “reform” was all a convenient distraction to keep us from seeing their other hand. The influx of illegals was intentional – neither political party ever intend to stop illegal immigration – both sides were looking to co-opt 10 million voters. Hussein won November 6th. It is moot now.

              It is far far too late. Obama and the democrats now have the power to instantly create 11 million democratic voters without any help or cooperation from republicans. Why compromise on immigration reform when they can crate permanent power for them selves.

              We committed national suicide on Nov 6th. The rats like Boehner in DC are scurrying for favor.

              1. this problem is decades old, barry took advantage of it, so what do you suggest, hate hannity and krauthammer for saying, hey we need to come to some agreement here? we need to rework immigration reform . the hispanics are here and they total 52 million., both sides need to work together.,

                1. The democrats do not care about stopping illegal immigration – it benefits them enormously. They do not need the Republicans for anything.

                  As we speak, the Obama machine is gearing up for amnesty. They have no intention of “working together” on anything. They will force it through just like they did with Obamacare.

                  Once they get 11 million amnesty voters, they will own the white house and both sides of Congress for 50 years to come. They will then of course start enforcing immigration laws because they will no longer need illegals.

                2. both sides need to work together and now, they can’t shove it aside anymore, we have 52 million hispanics in this country they came out and voted, and for barry. so the repubs need to work with the dems and lets have some reform.
                  its already happened.

                3. What is it republicans could to to stop Hussein from granting amnesty? And what would they have to give up, to get it?

                4. BOTH sides can compromise come up with something that works for the majority. barry already did grant amnesty to some in the fall. why ignore the problem, it has to be fixed, the hispanics voted , they will continue to vote.

                5. both sides need to work on something . 2016 , 2020 will be the same thing come voting time, hispanics in the US out weigh white conservatives. how hard is it to make some rules and follow them., the last 4 decades of doing nothing , helped get the fool reelected. do nothing and enjoy more of that.

                6. Looks like you are beating a dead horse. He does not understand what you’re saying. I do however. Mark Levin is right it may be too late. I’m not sure for 50 years but it may take a while. We have to wake people up. We only lost with 48%. It’s not hopeless. we just need to wake people up… they aren’t all zombies. If the Republicans that didn’t show up to stop the madness apparently have no idea what is really going on in their own country we need to educate them. Personally I don’t know how anyone could vote for someone that argued over whether or not to save a child that survived an abortion. However I ran into several people that didn’t intend to vote Tuesday. I told them a non-vote is as good as a vote for the side you definately don’t want.

                7. They will never enforce our immigration laws. Ever. Because they want America to become the third world, they want us to come to ruin. And they’d want their votes permanently.

  19. I think it may be time to start a constitutional party if the Republicans are going to sell us out.

  20. This was one of my top concerns for this election… now that the devil gets 4 more, I fully expect this to become a reality. And the current GOP leadership will fold like men without spines.

    And if the Lord delays His return… then we’ll get to undo this evil in 2016.

    Until then, hang tough and grin and bear it. This is gonna hurt.

  21. Nixon Invented the word HIspanic to co-opt his own group of “disaffected voters”.

    George Bush ignored illegal immigration and embraced the “Latino” vote.

    In both cases the Left then co-opted it all from them. Silly elephants, minority exploitation is for donkeys.

  22. He is spot on: it is the welfare state which ruins nations, not just the USA.

    The same, on the international scale, goes for ‘aid to the third world’, where billions have been spent and poverty is still there. Worse – Africans are pointing out how much it damaged their countries.

    “Too many old white males” – the first shot in the intergenerational war. Just you wait …

    Mark Levin is so right on all points. That’s why the progressives socialists are so against him.

  23. The socialists steal another presidential Election by voter/voter machine fraud, and all of a sudden it’s the conservative’s fault and the nominally conservative republicans have to eschew not only the Constitution, but basic common sense as well as the very principles that are supposed to differentiate them from the ‘rats? The reps may just as well merge with the rats and be done with it, while we get on with establishing a Constitutional or Conservative Party.

    One owns a nation of laws, or not. When the fraudulently elected head of state routinely ignores both the Constitution and the law, ruination is but a step away. Caving to lawlessness by rewarding it is not the answer. Proclaiming ‘democracy’ while eschewing the principles of a representative republic, as the US was founded, is leading us towards tyranny, as we see. So, no amnesty, no reward for breaking the law, closed borders, no ‘right of return’ as proclaimed by La Raza and Mecha, and a return of law breakers to their country of origin.

  24. How about reforming the immigration policies in this country? Tell the illegal immigrants in this country they can stay, but they still have to apply and be processed into legal citizens. The government would actually make money off of this. The illegal immigrants could work and would have to pay withholding taxes, but they would not be able to vote UNITL they became citizens. The government would make lots of money, but the illegal immigrants will not be able to vote. As for entitlements, there is an easy fix to that. If you’re not a citizen, you don’t qualify for any, ANY, benefits. The immigrants will be on their own. They will have to support themselves in exchange for the promise of eventually becoming a legal citizen. If they don’t like the deal, well, they can then go back to the country they came from if they think they can get a better deal from them. Nobody is stopping them from trying that.

  25. 1: Build the walls, monitor them and keep illegals OUT!

    2: Illegal aliens caught should be deported quickly.

    3: Get rid of the anchor baby scam. If a child is born of illegal aliens, even here. Because of the status of the mother, the child cannot be considered a US Citizen.

    4: Reform immigration to make it easier for LEGAL immigrants to immigrate here.

    5: Give illegal aliens “work status” cards PROVIDED they have NO serious criminal record (I don’t count parking tickets for example). This allows them to work legally, pay taxes etc.

    6: Any of these “work status aliens” who are caught being involved in serious crime, lose their “work status”, are reverted to their illegal alien status and deported.

    That’s my “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” platform.

  26. “…the best embodiments of truth are but bonds and fetters to him who cannot accept them as such…” (George MacDonald in his book “Wilfred Cumbermede”)

  27. Exactly right. If immigrants come here and have no option, but to work then we will be ok even if some of them are illegally in the country. However, if they load up on freebies, drop anchor babies and perpetuate a cycle of dependency then we are doomed.

    1. Deport them all. It’s the right thing and will give us more of a chance without them voting and sponging government funds.

  28. I am inclined to agree with Dr. K on this one.
    That wonderful African American Artur Davis stated that the GOP will never reach the blacks for support but they do have a path, if properly implememted with Hispanics. We have some wonderful Hispanic leaders, Rubio, Cruz, Martinez and others to lead the way.
    Not open door but something. They are here and we can not ship them all back.
    Four more years of Obama will ensure the GOP regaining control…maybe Senate in 2014. My Democrat senator is vulnerable for sure!

    1. Troting out the token “hispanics” will not work for the elephants.

      The “hispanic” community has within it, no real common bond – no common identity or suffering. It only has one true common denominator that they, or someone in their family spoke the Spanish language.

      Thanks to some highly refined social engineering, the left and the media is redefining that common bond and cultivating it – conditioning them as victims of exploitation,and victimization and oppression by “whites” and then, by direct association, by “republicans”.

      Where I am going with this is that Rubio, Cruz, Martinez will first be seen through this minority prism of victimization as the enemy. Just as Allen West is seen by black voters. Just as Jews still vote Obama.

      Identity politics turns off “hispanics” who embrace the founding Principles and conservatism. The “hispanics” whose votes the elephants want to co-opt with identity politics will always see the republicans as their oppressor. Speaking Spanish or having a z at the end of their name, cannot over come that mind shaping.

      1. I don’t think Cruz is a token, but I agree with your post. The Hispanics who embrace identity politics won’t vote for us NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. Bush gave them the moon and they still hated him. Hispanics who’ll vote for us and understand the founding Principles don’t go for identity politics. Rolling our rs, wearing sombreros and pandering to Hispanics makes us look like fools it doesn’t get us votes.

  29. What’s wrong with amnesty?

    One of the more popular amnesty plans is the “Family Reunification” plan where the illegals can bring their extended family members to America.

    With this scheme, there will be more than ever democratic voters and then the messy voter scams come to an end.

    The country is going down the drain. While the elitist rep’s would want to stay “above the fray”, the commies infiltrated America, got into the fray and converted the morons that are now the majority.

    Thanks obama and rep’s, thanks to all the ignoramus’ that voted for him. A special congrat’s go out to the idiot parents that had their heads buried up their butt’s, they never really taught their children about solid fiscal responsibilty. Nice going UAW, all those people losing their jobs won’t be in the market for a new car anytime soon.

    All the new citizens, and all the unemployed will then look for support where there is none.

  30. “I don’t always double down on failure, but when I do, I vote for Obama.”

    “Stay jobless my friends.”

    (Imaginary quote from the most interesting man in the world.)

  31. I am still refusing to listen to excuses for why we lost the election. To put it plainly, the people lost it or won it…however you see it. Republicans have allowed the liberal establishment to infiltrate the minds of our children unimpeded and are just as culpable in the corruption of our entire education system. Locally is where success begins and ends.

  32. The people that we elected to represent us have allowed Mexico, et al, to export their poorest most disgruntled constituency to the USA. Thus transferring their governments financial responsibility to provide for them to our governments financial responsibility to provide for them. Global redistribution of wealth from middle class American to poor Mexican. And the Mexican government who benefits from the remittance that they send home. It is, of course, all political, don’t like your constituents import some new ones.

  33. First Bill Whittle and now Mark Levin. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start the day. Thanks Scoop!

    I listened to this last night, and as I have when I’ve heard republicans talking about embracing amnesty, I yell at my computer. I understand that this has been an issue for longer than I’ve been alive, but does that mean we let it continue?! He!! no! Build the wall, lock the door. Get rid of the entitlements to law breakers. No more entitlements, and many will go back home. Get rid of the entitlements and less will be bothered with coming. Gt rid of the anchor baby status.

    These people will never vote republican even if you grant them full citizenship. They are here illegally and vote democrat, what the he!! do republicans think will make them ever change that? They’re brain dead if they think that.

    We are a nation of laws, and although enough already break the law just by coming here through the holes in the fence, is it the right thing to do by rewarding law breakers?! This is bull crap and I am SO sick of it. Anyone, no matter how good suggests amnesty for lawbreakers, and rewarding lawbreakers will never get my vote when I finally can vote.

    1. I will welcome the day you get your first vote ABC. You are 100% correct that we cannot give in the illegal amnesty crowd. Frankly, the whole immigration issue needs to be addressed, from who gets in to why. This group FAIR has some good ideas and information:

      We are cutting our own throats by allowing immigration rates to drastically exceed assimilation into American society. Already you can see the islands of culture that will never assimilate forming in Mexican border towns, or Muslim enclaves in inner cities like Detroit. This is the path that is causing France so much trouble. There are areas in France that the police can’t go. Is this what we want?

      1. The word going around is that CIS–a liberal think tank version of FAIR run by Mark Krikorian–is going to throw in with the pro-Amnesty crowd. We’re hoping this isn’t the case. I think FAIR and NumbersUSA will fight them rather than join them but I think you can forget about CIS being on the anti- side.

  34. Why would the GOP give up on the one issue that MOST Americans argee with Conservatives on?
    If Romney had taken a hard line on illegal immigration , he would have squeaked out a victory

      1. we can chalk up our loss in the Senate, in part, to Republican candidates making off the cuff comments about abortion to liberal friendly groups and publications / journalists. Indiana and Missouri should be ours

  35. The hispanic population will be the majority population in America within 10 yrs. Most of which come from south American socialist countries. They are very comfortable with a socialist America. Any amnesty would only speed up the time line and end any chance of conservatives to stop the socialist agenda.

    1. Well I don’t see them being majority in 10 years but eventually yes. the problem for me is that they are largely illiterate, unskilled, a drain on an already overburdened economy. They are also takers for the most part and that is a huge economic issue now and will only be exacerbated.

    2. 52.0 million
      The Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2011, making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority. Hispanics constituted 16.7 percent of the nation’s total population. In addition, there are 3.7 million residents of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory.
      Source: 2011 Population Estimates .

      1.3 million
      Number of Hispanics added to the nation’s population between July 1, 2010, and July 1, 2011. This number is more than half of the approximately 2.3 million added to the nation’s population during this period.
      Source: 2011 Population Estimates
      National Characteristics: Population by Sex, Race, and Hispanic origin

      Percentage increase in the Hispanic population between 2010 and 2011.

      1. The following report does not consider the probability of amnesty or a liberal comprehensive immigration reform that will likely accelerate these projections.

        according to projections released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

        Minorities, classified as those of any race other than non-Hispanic, single-race whites, currently constitute about a third of the U.S. population, according to Census figures. But by 2042, they are projected to become the majority, making up more than half the population. By 2050, 54 percent of the population will be minorities.

        Minority children are projected to reach that milestone even sooner. By 2023, the bureau said, more than half of all children will be minorities.

        1. “By 2050, 54 percent of the population will be minorities”

          Doesn’t that make the minorities the majority? And whites the minority? Or does it mean no matter how few whites there are, they will always be a racial majority by law and forced into subjugation by the minorities, who actually act as one to form the majority?

          We have really screwed the pooch America.

        2. That is why 1070 laws are so important and must be passed in as many states as possible. The Feds aren’t going to enforce the laws on the books. The Border is being overrun by a tsunami of Invaders as we speak and nothing’s being done about it. Time for another “Minuteman action” there?

    1. Mark spoke to this himself. He said people wouldn’t do it. Too much to risk. Risking their position on committees, losing the nice office location they currently have and even losing funding for elections potentially. Sounds squeamish to me but there ya go…

      1. Yeah I heard that too, depressing stuff. Only people who would do it would be Paul Ryan, who’s got the name recognition, or someone like Allen West who doesn’t seem to give a crap about that stuff.

        I meant take hold in the conservative media, if Rush and/or Beck started calling for it with him it might get some traction & congressional repubs might grow a set. It’s all a longshot, but I can hope.. Boehner’s been a disaster, & will be in the future

  36. Today’s immigrants are NOT the immigrants of the past.

    Today’s immigrants are also “takers” coming from countries that have ran out of money.

    Now they come here for the handouts. They are not hard workers. They are not filled with conservative values. They are not Republican voters

      1. I tring hard to not drawing any broad conclusions and there are many shining exceptions ;), but…… although the illegals are by definition here as takers , this socialistic entitlement and anti-capitalist immigrant attitude is also dominating legal immigration as well. This is intentional because, under the “diversity quotas”, the leftist bureaucrats are recruiting and targeting groups, like Somali Muslims and Latin American marxists, who will most certainly vote democratic, seek entitlements and vote democratic to keep them. There is now a very strong anti-white and anti-Christian distributionist demographic in America.
        Addey Munye, 67, a recent naturalized citizen from Somalia, proudly cast a ballot in her first U.S. election in Fargo, N.D

          1. I see what you are saying but there isn’t a lot of difference. More are takers than makers. It isn’t only this country that is melting down into a world of takers vs. makers. I’m surprised that in the history of the world we lasted as long as we did. Even those immigrating legally can be and are takers. People immigrate for a reason and the reason isn’t always pure.

            1. I don’t know. It’s been a long time since I had to go through the process, but even before I got started I had to prove that I had a sponsor. Sponsors who would help me in case of hardships so I wouldn’t be a burden of the state. Without a sponsor, I’d not have been able to come. I guess I’m just living in a fantasy world anymore if I ever believed people actually follow the rules and laws.

              Sorry Laurel, I’m not saying anything against you, in fact I get it. I’m just frustrated at this whole thing. It should have been settled 30 years ago or longer.

              1. I’m 50. This has been an issue my whole life. That is no exaggeration. I live in California. We don’t just have Hispanics immigrating illegally. Take a look at Cambodians, Vietnamese, Laotians, etc. The Asians for the most part self support but they don’t assimilate. Neither do Hispanics…AND THAT REALLY IS THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM. The Asians do get free high end educations though and easy peezy subsidized mortgages and other benefits of that nature. So they aren’t totally self sufficient.

                Sponsorship is for those that immigrate legally and the loopholes are numerous to that. But the true reality is we punish those that immigrate legally, like my nephew in law, and reward those that break the law. This is a result of letting the left take over the culture at every level. Moral relativism has taken root and I seriously doubt we will ever get rid of it. Now why is that? Because we have dumbed down the masses, we have weakened them. As a result that weakness has permeated every aspect of their life. It truly is the Seven Deadly Sins with Apathy being the most prominent. Apathy will always be easier. We spoke up too late.

                Can we reinvigorate this country? Yes but the climb is uphill. It starts with a list. Clean out and clean up the GOP. Has anyone been listening to the all too stupid rhetoric since the election? Stunning! Next is let the rope pave out. Let the weak experience a Depression. Elections do indeed have consequences. Stupid needs to start paying a penalty once again. Last, but not least. Get louder. Get even more vociferous. Take back the field of battle. Every punch counter punch harder. Don’t let them get away with ANYTHING! For example why aren’t we hammering sponsors of NBC over their BS?

                Do you want to be on top of the world again? GET BUSY! A good start is to write Reince Priebus and make your voice known as well as every single solitary GOP member in government.

                P.S. ABiC I know it is nothing against me but you need to realize that Just the Hispanics that immigrate here legally and illegally alone are not pure. If you cannot make it in Mexico with all of the industry, farming, tourism, hell even the drug trade, then you are indeed the weakest among the masses and will always seek a host. That is what parasites do. We should be immigrating TO Mexico because that is where industry is going.

                1. I’ve seen others say the same thing, laurel–“Clean the GOP of the RINOs” and I’ve advocated it for years till I was blue in the face. It will never happen because dumb Republican Conservatives and moderates keep electing and reelecting the likes of McCain, Graham, Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and in Indiana, old man Coates. Why? Because issues like this don’t matter to them. All they care about is the “R” by the jerks name.

                  The only way to “cleanse” the GOP is to bolt and take as many Conservative friends of yours with you! Make the act “loud”, let the GOP know “why” and become active either with The Constitution Party or other party or do as we have–don’t join any party.

                  Boehner will be reelected Speaker this week, leaving the House still in RINO hands. He can’t be stopped by 87 Congressmen; some of those will cave and support their boss.

                  The Senate Republicans are already caving save for Sen. Vitter. Not a word from Conservatives Lee, Paul and Sessions. But one or even four Senators can’t change the Senate Republicans to a Conservative body. As with Boehner, they’re following orders from the Chamber and BigAg.

                2. To an extent I agree but problem is it depends on where you live. I would love to dump the Republicans but in my state if I do I don’t get a vote in the primaries. I’m thinking a new party needs to form.

        1. While it’s true that European immigrants come from Socialist countries too, they do at least have more of a tradition against that and a higher chance of not being Socialists themselves (though we did nothing right letting Andrew Sullivan or Justin Bieber become residents).

  37. Yesterday legal immigrants could gain 40 acres and a mule. Today illegal immigrants can gain 40K, a house and food stamps. All they have to do is make it across the border. Easy prosperity. Just make it across the border and you’ll be coddled for life. Take one step into America, then retire.

  38. The RINOs want to build the party bass ackwards from the squishy middle down. It’ll never work, the party works when you build from the base up. Preibus and the likes have to go. It was moronic strategy to think the Republican nominee don’t have to motivate the base because the Dem will. Can’t keep refusing to learn from history and expect to win, its insanity to repeat the same thing over and over and expect different results – yet here we are with the RINOs and MSM saying ROmney just wasn’t moderate enough. BULLCHIT! Moderates didn’t stay home, grassroots conservatives did and its no wonder since the establishment hacks and RINOs dissed many of them at the convention. Never forget the Ann Coulters and please put Karl Rove and JEB Bushies in the dustbin of history.

    1. Most grassroots conservatives understood the stakes of this election and didn’t stay home.

      Now there’s no doubt: Obamacare will be around forever. People will get their free goodies and it won’t get repealed, we’ll just have our economy destroyed.

      1. I’m one of those “grass roots Conservatives” and so is my other half and WE stayed home! True, we’re Independents but we weren’t going to help put a liberal pushing Amnesty next year in office. It’s easier to fight an unconstitutional Amnesty via Obama than a constitutional one via Congress (Romney). It was that simple for us. Plus, we don’t ascribe to “the lesser of two evils” concept. As the late, great anti-Invasion talk show host Terry Anderson used to say, “the lesser of two evils is still evil!”

        1. “…but we weren’t going to help put a liberal pushing Amnesty next year in office.”

          By staying home, that’s EXACTLY what you did. Thanks a lot.

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