Mark Levin breaks down House impeachment scandal and the Constitution

On last Thursday’s show Mark Levin had a great first hour where he broke down impeachment and the Constitution, with respect to the House’s demands and Trump’s response, in a very scholastic and educational way. Listen below:

Levin addresses the constitutionality of the House’s demands and Trump’s duty to participate, if there is such a duty.

Here’s what Levin’s scribe writes about the clip:

The Constitution is clear that solely the House of Representatives has authority over impeachment. The intent here is to avoid a ‘mob rule’ attack on the President. Moreover, the Constitution does not say that the president must acquiesce to a skeptical impeachment process that prevents the President from his duty to defend the office of the Presidency. Denying any sitting President to face their accuser, or having the ability to have counsel and call witnesses is a process that is antithetical to justice, and endangers the office. Railroading this President potentially jeopardizes all future presidents and the oath and duty to defend the office of the Presidency and the Constitution rest on the shoulders of the President of the United States.

It’s a fairly long clip of about 30 minutes but it’s well worth a listen.

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