MARK LEVIN: Carly Fiorina should CONDEMN activist SCOTUS, not tell KY Clerk to issue gay licenses or quit

Mark Levin weighed in on Carly Fiorina’s comments that the Kentucky Clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses should bend to the government’s will and do her job or quit.

Levin suggested that Carly should condemn the activist Supreme Court that is forcing the entire country to accept same-sex marriage and not condemn the Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, who happens to be an elected Democrat.

Levin points out that if this were about race, would we be saying the clerk should do her job or quit or would we rally around her?

There’s much more on this as well as Levin’s comments on Trump and his tariffs idea.


As a side note, since she is elected to her position she cannot be fired and as NBC notes, impeachment is very unlikely.

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