UPDATE: MORE AUDIO — Mark Levin DEFENDS Michelle Fields against Trump campaign manager

Mark Levin opened his show weighing in on Trump’s campaign manager being arrested for simple battery against Michelle Fields, pointing out that what he’s expected to do is trash Michelle Fields like so many others.

But Levin refuses to do that. Instead he backs Michelle Fields up on this and argues that the tape clearly shows Lewandowski grabbing her, suggesting that Lewandowski appears to have angry temper issues.


I like how Levin points out that Lewandowski is only a campaign manager, not a security official or Secret Service agent. And yet no Secret Service agent or other security official even made a move toward Fields, Levin notes. It was only Lewandowski, the campaign manager.

Levin said you have to be a baffoon to buy these arguments the Trump campaign is putting out.

UPDATE: Levin became even more animated on this issue in his 2nd big segment, saying “is this what the hell you want in the White House?!”

You’ll like this segment even better than the first:

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