Mark Levin DESTROYS Wall St. Journal as “Delusional. Unprincipled. Cronies.”

Mark Levin laid waste this morning to WSJ author and GOP establishment hawk Bret Stevens who wrote an editorial called “Let’s Elect Hillary Now“. In that editorial he attacks Levin as a conservative purist who is paving the way for a Hillary Clinton victory.

Levin dismantles him below:

Funny. Last week I posted that Fox’s attacks on conservatives are going to elect Hillary. Next thing you know, a WSJ editorial page staffer, paid by Murdoch who also owns Fox, accuses me of the same thing. Bret Stephens is a mouthpiece for amnesty, like the rest of the amnesty ideologues at the WSJ. And he’s a jester for big government Republicans and corporatists. He’s part of the same lame crowd that trashed the Tea Party over the debt. That would be the Tea Party that delivered the GOP both houses of Congress and record state legislative and gubernatorial victories. Conversely, Stephens and his ilk backed Boehner to the end as they back McConnell and Ryan now. Even Ryan is criticizing the Boehner budget process. And the WSJ helped deliver us two terms of Obama with their early and constant propaganda for McCain and Romney.

Meanwhile, the GOP and Stephens celebrate one of the lousiest budgets in modern times and, of course, attack conservative critics as purest hellbent on electing Hillary. Does it get any dumber than these guys?

Delusional. Unprincipled. Cronies.

I’ll have more to say upon my return to the airwaves early next year.

And that’s how it’s done.

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